Sunday, January 25, 2009

At last,

it's Chinese New Year XD

promise not to eat too much mandarin orange =x



-萍果 =P

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to basic.
This skin is way better than any others right? =)
So yadaa yadaa yadaa. Chinese New Year coming dy. Can wear new clothes dy ^^
Happier reasons : ANG PAOssss!! =D
Too bad I'm not going my mama's house T.T Miss that old young lady damn much T.T
But I'll sure go with mum to her house a few days after CNY larh. Maybe will skip school for that ^^ Something I've never done during CNY before is..
I never get to wish my grandpa and ah gong "Gong Xi Fa Cai" before T.T
Hmm, no luck larh T.T Both grandpa pun sudah tadak T.T But I still have my Ah Ma and Mama. Will love them with all my heart ^^
And so, yesterday night was nice. Watched tv the whole night xD From the korean drama, "One mummy and 3 dads" =D Love that drama damn much ^^ till One in A Million, I Survived a Japanese Game Show, American Idol audition and also AGT.
Ended up sleeping around 2am xD Don't blame me. Blame the holidays! I'm in a mood for HOLIDAYS!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cute right? Haha. Cute lerh xD xD

Anyway, the whole 5 Alfa and Beta students are so into doing that test in counselling room. Today almost the whole Alfa class student ponteng-ed class cause of it -.- Okay larh, not ponteng, cause memang no teacher. Gosh, bm teacher don't know how to read the jadual bertugas -.- It's so damn 'cantik' yet she don't know how to appreciate -.- LOL Maths was kinda lame larh -.- I hate maths peroid -.- Not that we ever learn anything -.- She just come in and ask to do q -.- Sien dao..Lucky I finished homework in class. Then Chem. NO TEACHER! But still experiments were carried out with the help of the 'pembantu makmal' =D Today's experiment was VERY ORGANIZED! I mean really really organized! Nothing to blast in lab today -.- So not very interesting. Skip!
Recess, go canteen, habis food -.- Bodohs betul.
After recess, no phy teacher, me, Mana and Pavi went PS. Pavi wanted to see Cullen so badly -.- So we bawa her along larh. Pn Sakinah not there, we sneak into computer room =x
Then Pavi left us, she did my DEAR article thingy =x Not bully okay! She owe me cause I bawa her to see cullen xD
Then I was nicely typing all those names...
"Type type type type type"
Suddenly Mana said, "Eh, aku nak sandar larh"
So she push herself to the wall, AND...
shhoooottt..I stare at Mana. She look back at me and ask, "Kenapa?"
I answered, "Eh, dah hilang"..
Mana, "Apa?"
Me, "Oi, Mana, kau langgar APA?!!"
Mana, "Apa? Aku tak langgar apa-apa" Actually she langgar-ed the voltmeter thingy that supplies electric current to the comp. =.=''
The whole computer shut down just like that -.-ll
All my hardwork GONE! GONE I TELL YOU! T.T
Then I was screaming larh T.T Haiyo, so susah I type then all hilang just like that T.T But nvm larh, cause it was damn funny -.-
Then I malas type dy, ask her go home sendiri gao tim -.-
Then we kunci the room, want put back the key de, suddenly Pn Sakinah in room. Wth, how we gonna sneak in and put it back?? Mana and I outside room there keep thinking how to sneak in. Then finally I say, "xpe, just tell the truth".
I masuk ni, ask something else xD Then teacher tak perasan we put back the key xD xD
Then Mana and I go jalan the whole school again xD We saw the 3 quarter of Alfarians and half of Beta's in counselling room man! Pack like don't know what ni -.- So we continue jalan to our next journey larh. Then after sien dy, go back class. Don't know what happen, I was quarreling with BJ and he was like tham-ing me @.@ I em choi him cause he was memberontaking -.- Then he suddenly came to me and ask me to say "ping guo". He say after I say that then he won't memberontak. So I marh say lorh T.T But he tipu me T.T Then tk came blurr-ly -.- Damn swt larh. Kena bully in school T.T

Btw, today I wore my NEW specs during BM. One noticed, all noticed. One ask, all ask.
The most common question that they asked, "Eh felicia, you changed your specs arh?"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everyone's currently so into cullen -.- Not for me. To me, he's just a normal guy in SMK Perimbun -.- Main reason : Cause I've seen hotter guys, EXAMPLE : NIC NIC ^^
Today was kinda fun in school. 5 Alfa and Beta kena denda weii!! xD xD Didn't know that will happen xD But I just stood up there watching all of them larh =x
Then had some taklimat for the Majlis Perpisahan PK day -.- Sien, somehow we were there but we didn't even listen to what the teacher was telling @.@
Then finish dy, back to class. Chemistry, teacher terangkan bout tomorrow's peka. As usual, Angela and I will be doing the readings and pray hard that hasil will come out xD Carried on with sj, everyone wrote damn long answer for the essay but teacher gave the answer damn freaking short -.- Sj past real fast 0.o Kay then I can't remember what happen 0.o Owh yea, no teacher, so me and Mana went to PS to do some stuffs. Then rehat, I ate nasi lemak. Okay, bout the nasi lemak issue -.- Damn swt man. I pula kena marah -.- Nevermind, long time dy never kena, once in a while kena, SABAR je larh T.T
Then again I lupa bout the article thingy. Damn pelupa-ish larh me T.T Yesterday before go out, I told myself, I need to find that article thingy, but when came back home, ALL LUPA DY -.-
So then kena marah larh -.- LOL
So today moral and Bio no teacher -.-
The whole class was kinda SENYAP 0.o But somehow I don't know what happen, someone screamed. Like asking everyone to shut up. Erm, I think that time I was joking with Ti Jing and Wei Yeen, they practically think I'm a lesbian -.- Then Ti Jing ask me, which side are you on? Then I say, "I'm here, in the middle, eh, actually what's happening arh?" LOL Being blurr is so fun, you get to see people laugh xD

-------SCHOOL ENDED--------

Out to eat, then Angela noticed something =D Then go change for road run orientasi. Practice lambat dy cause teacher had meeting. All kena marah xD I didn't kena larh =x LOL After practice, wanted to faint -.- Go out buy Milo ^^ Thanks Pavi for keluar-ing some money for me. Desperate need! =D Then went back in, damn freaking hot sia -.- Warmed up and road run started xD Pavi and I were just waiting for Delta Force xD Damn chun, he pass us nia, Pavi ran to the side of him and say "I'm gonna run with you" xD Then all his friends laughed xD Then I chased after Pavi xD We were talking bout stupid stuffs all the way to school. Sampai school, take kehadiran then I puii her outside school wait. While walking out, pass him again xD Then she shouted, "Eh, you very slow larh" xD Then I just smiled =]
Then after that I waited for Shagee outside and walked back in with her. Again I saw him, he smiled at me ^^ I smiled back with my eyes xD Then finally Irfanah came back and gave me the keys -.- So I can balik rumah dy.

Pavi say she will disturb him more frequent xD Pavi also said that he disturbs her more than she disturbs him. SWT! Btw, today I passed 'something rong' then he said hi to me and I replied hi. Mana suddenly hugged me and Brigs went 'gah gah' -.-ll Damn swt man -.- They are just guys for goodness sake -.- But if Nic walks pass me, I'll go 'gah gah' for sure xD

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Close minded. Not blank, just don't wanna think too far. It just annoys and disturbs the peace and harmony of the mind of felicia aka the sabar and peace one ^^
Today class totally sucks. Feeling lonelier as each blardy day passes. Just being there, sitting like a puppet and somehow not even listening to a word that came out from all the teachers' mouth. The fun and excitement of going and just being around a bunch of monkey friends are gone. SO GONE T.T I'm just assuming that the class is just too blardy huge and the amount of students are blardy many. So here's where adaptation comes in again -.-

Okay, so one funny thing happened today. Who's involved? Mana ^^ Nowadays she really can brighten my days, other than that Shagee that can brighten my any minute xD So we kinda ran out of class during English lesson =x Then we went to the Koperasi to buy colour paper to do a card for Pn Haslina *credits to dear dear Lynn* and also kad koko. The kad koko green de -.- Sucks man. Then we basically jalan-ed the whole school xD Just trying to waste time. Then when walking back to class she gave me a sweet, she had 2. So I opened and tadaa, half ONLY! Then I was like, "Eh, mana, kau potong separuh ker?"
Then she reply,
"Eh, macam mane aku nak potong separuh, xkan aku potong den aku letak masuk balik -.-"
I was asking a damn blardy stupid question LOL
Then nevermind larh, I just ate that half sweet -.-
Then her turn to open hers, and TADAAA! She had ONE AND A HALF sweet inside -.-
Then she screamed, "Eh separuh kau kat cni xD xD"

As usual EST was super boring, Brigs was sleeping half of the class till someone called her for the Bilik Seri Pagi keys, then she went out. Left me alone. Real alone. Had no one to talk to. Turn behind, Angela and Lynn were discussing bout their EST group thingy. Then Hema and Pavi also talking bout something, Shagee urus-ing the EST thingy. After EST, I went to Mana's place, she straight ask me What happen xD I say nothing larh. But she can read straight from my face that I was blardy down and bored. Addmaths was okay I guess, blurr at first but then could eventually got it. Then balik time waited alone outside school, suddenly I wanted him to be there -.- I was daydreaming bout how it would be like if he was in our school -.- blardyhell -.-ll

Btw, my previous post is not an oath nor promise =x LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I promise to eat spicy food as less as possible until I'm recovered or I'll never eat ICE-CREAM again XD
By : Do!nk!
So days passed on whether you like it or not. People change, it's not that you've never experienced it before. It's something called adaptation. Yep. Experienced it a couple of times before. Somehow got used to it. Adaptation to a new environment and changes =)

I'm still the happy go lucky girl that you people knew since Form 1 or for some since young, I mean very young =]

Today's kinda tiring. Stayed back for like so many things? 0.o Suppose to but ended up only going for singing and latihan rumah sukan xD

So I reached school, selamba-ly, like what Lynn said, put my bag in class eventhough it wasn't allowed xD Then walk to the side and sat right next to Irfanah without a word, then she left me and I was there just sitting alone. After a while I was up at the staff room, I don't even know how and why I was there @.@ But then Pavi came running to Pn K to ask her to keep her handphone, so I did the same. Then classes continued. PJ wasn't really PJ cause we just lepak-ed in class and chat-ted. Then rehat Irfanah and I ate nasi lemak, she claimed that it was super duper spicy but I don't know why, I say no taste -.- Cause REALLY NO TASTE! I put damn much sambal also no taste -.- Then after that had moral. Teacher used red marker, I couldn't see a word she wrote -.-ll So I had to copy from someone else, and that person would be HEMA! =D Thanks lot! Then EST, bored to the max. Was feeling to damn restless, I nearly kick Brigs out of her chair xD I kept beating her like no one's bussiness =x LOL So then addmaths teacher forgot to bring whatever he was suppose to bring, so learn nothing -.- He was trying to talk bout the concept, but somehow he said, "I know some of you are thinking, what the hell is he saying". Then Pavi say, "Sir, this is call crap". Then Sir say, "Yes, this is crap" -.-ll Wth man -.-ll

When school ended, me, brig and pavi wanted to go take phone from Pn K. She in front of the whole staff room teachers, she go hand to us our phone -.- We 3 were like @.@ @.@ @.@ WTH man -.-ll Pn Siti Salmi from the other side were like staring at us..COOL!! xD xD

Me, brig, angela and pavi went and bought ECONOMY rice after that. I don't know why but I find it funny when we call 'chap fan' economy rice xD After eat, eh wait, I took 15 minutes to finish the whole box of rice! Argh! So proud of myself xD Then rush to PSS for singing practice -.- When I enter, I was like wth, it started and I don't know the tune of the lagu xD Then I simply sing, me and Mana were like giggling our heads off xD Then blahh, ended dy. Latihan rumah sukan started. Didn't pass lompat tinggi -.- Then I go try lompat jauh, for once I knew how to land xD Then lompat kijiang time don't know what happen to my leg. Don't want talk bout it -.- Then balik dy. =D Did my previous Eng essay xD

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just came back from school. I dare to say that today was a priceless day xD Why? Cause I merapatkan-ed my relationship with someone ^^ I got to know her a little better. And I laughed out loud today eventhough I had a headache. It didn't really bothered me when I laughed ^^

Class was as usual, BORING. Maths time was kinda fun cause teacher wasn't in class -.- Shagee, Kavi, Uthaya and myself were actually STUDYING xD Actually I was just completing my last week's Addmath's homework larh. Cause I was too noob to understand the question, so I needed some pro's to help me out. Okay, I admit, I suck in Addmaths eventhough it's my favourite subject. So yea, we all, the whole class got scolding from our class teacher for being so noisy. She was really hampa-ed xD Erm, that's what we Alfarians do larh. DUHHH!! It's the 21st century! You don't expect us to just sit at our places and read books okay! xD So then lecture lecture lecture, then it was finally over -.- Then Moral time like normal larh.
Pelancaran Nilam day got CHOIR, omgosh -.- I so don't wanna sing but it's our LAST YEAR in school so I shall volunteer myself ^^ I wanna sing that lamo Nilam song, no matter how lame it is!! ^^ And and and, we will be wearing VEST when we're singing ^^ So it will be KINDA cool. xD
Wee, I have decided to start tuition IF my dad allows ^^

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First choice,
Ignore it and walkaway, just act like nothing really happened.

Second choice,
Say it out, accept the truth (whether it is positive or negative) and just live my life.

Last choice,
I don't know what's my last choice! T.T

Do I have any other choices other than that two choices? It's so killing me -.- Jealousy! Shiat!
Hate it larrrrhhh...
Btw, NIC's super duper CUTE! xD But too bad he's not MY TYPE larrrrhh..thanks to Suzanne who ACCIDENTALY introduced him to me -.- LOL

Haiyo, haiyo, haiyo, I so want him/her to know -.- But wheres the courage?!

I ate ICE-CREAM today! Wee~
Handphone credit died. Yup, it officially died -.-

Final announcement...
THANKS to CM, HJ, Jian, Jes and Doink for attending my confirmation! =D
And to those who intended in coming but couldn't make it, it's okay, I know you were there to support me ^^ Thanks so much! =]

Head hurts like having a needle poking through my pitiful brain. Sucks but life still goes on. Tomorrow will be a long day for me since I'm staying back and parking my ass on the counter. Besides that, I have to stay back on Tuesday and Thursday too. I'm just freaking glad next week is HOLIDAY! At least I have a full week to rest and just lepak around not worrying bout homework and stuffs. Well, I'll miss him for sure. But who cares. My left hand muscle pain. Did I bang into something or someone today? Weird, I have no idea. It just hurts. Eh, I can't say I bang-ed into someone larh, cause it wouldn't hurt if I did -.- Unless that person is a hard-concrete-bricked-stoned-muscular human!

I don't wanna be different,
I wanna be special.
I don't wanna be abnormal,
I wanna be unique.
In other words,
I don't wanna be you,
I wanna be ME!

Signing out for a good night sleep beneath my xiang xiang blanky ^^
YESH! It's over!

No more cathecism, no more waking up early in the morning and no more long masses!
There won't be anymore time to stare at cute guys in class, no more time to hang out and blah everything to some people in class and no more time to bully some teachers T.T

But I'm still glad that most of us made it through. =D And we're stepping on to MINISTRIES!
So all of us chose YOUTHS. Yup yupidee yup! So meet ya'll there kay! Owh, I did not choose L&C =x So I will be down there listening to ya'll xD Good lucky my besties!

First of all, sorry Godma for not puii-ing you! T.T
Secondly, sorry dad for being such a freak and getting some shyt results.
Finally, I will try my best to get at least 7As in my midterm =)
and sorry to myself for not sticking to my original plan and resulting to MAYBE not going out tomorrow T.T

Friday, January 16, 2009

Second blog in a day? I'm addicted to blogging xP
Anyway, I have no idea why I am blogging. Just here to crap some crap larh, like what I usually do xD
Anyway, just got back. Not just only larh, quite a long time ago dy, cause I already bathe ady.
So, hmm, tiring larh. Netball time damn freaking HOT! And the sun was right above the head of an ANGEL (me) *ehem, perasan* Tau larh, x payah cakap!
Lepas netball then dad sent me to church for decoration? 0.o Erm, I help a lil bit nia larh T.T Sorry. Then went to badminton court sana. Actually I wanted to go alone de lorh T.T Cause then I can jalan balik myself marh. Want kip fit larrrrhhh!
And I wanna make myself really really really tired so tonight can sleep earlier =] I sot dy, x tau kenapa.
So after go tengok-tengok at the badminton court then Jian hantar me back. I wanted to sleep so badly lerrrrhhh T.T But, let's save it for tonight ^^
Btw, I remember writing a poem during last year's BI exam time. I even read it to Ginny during exam, wth man =.= Yep, during exam, I was reading it out loud to Miss Gin who were sitting right at the back of me ^^ The one who attracted the monkey and also called me monkey brain for I-don't-know-what reason xD So here it goes..

I found a rock at the side of the road
And I thought that rock was a toad
I approach the rock that I thought was a toad
And beside it was a toad that I thought was a rock
I remembered the well where wishes came true
So I brought the rock that I thought was a toad
To the well that I remembered was blue
I kissed the rock that I thought was a toad
Till I feela sore in my throat
As soon as I felt the sore in my throat,
I tried to scream as loud as I could
Croak, croak, croak..
The sound from my throut that was made by a toad
Out of a sudden I bang my head
For the fact that I fell from the bed
I thank God for being awake
And opps I'm kinda late..

Yea, it was left hanging there cause I didn't know what to write next and it was times up and had to hand in the paper dy. So it was left hanging! =D
I wonder why, why don't I get any inspiration anymore? Sigh. I wish it would come back. T.T I miss it so much. I use to lift up the pencil and there I go, writing all my hurts, feelings, emotions all in words that rhymed and sounded nice. Now, I lift up the pen-slash-pencil and it's just pure blank. I have a blank mind, a blank heart or maybe just a blank me?
I'm BACK!!

After all those no-blog-days, I'm finally back! =D
So now, all problems dikira SOLVED dy ^^
Today in school damn quiet. People thought I emo. Okay, not emo larh, just nothing to say and damn speechless. Teacher today say she won't change my addmaths' mark cause too ma fan -.- She say if in the slip want change marks can but in the computer profile record, she won't change. Shagee ask me to ask my parents to go see the teacher xD And that's what I'm gonna do cause Perimbun sucks -.- I'm not that dumb to get an E for addmaths -.-
So today was kinda a super boring day in school, last day of Physics lesson with Pn Haslina for me cause tomorrow I'm not going school T.T Sad larh T.T I wonder who will be our new Physics teacher..hmm..

17th! It's like tomorrow right?! =D I'm so glad it's here! =] Excited, glad, happy, anxious, everything mixed up! =D And the best part, I get to walk in with Francesca! =D

Today's English lesson must write essay. Suddenly thought of Sir Stuart xD Hehee..don't know why, but I feel like writing bout him ^^ But I got no book -.- Last year's teacher too busy to give us back the book @.@

I have no idea what to crap larh, going to school again later for netball ^^ Just for fun larh, no intention in joining the school team cause I won't have time -.- SPM COMING DY!! =x =x

Thursday, January 15, 2009


shud hav sek da pc and labby more >.<


-d0!nk =P

Sunday, January 11, 2009

17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th 17th!!!
I just can't wait! xp
See all you madus there kay! =D Till then ^^

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I can't wait!
I can't wait!
I can't wait!
I can't wait!
I can't wait!

I seriously can't wait! When will I be shifting?! I'm so damn EXCITED about it! ^^
My dad gonna pay more for my room's painting =x Haha. Cause I wanted a 3 colour painted room xD Can't wait to see the outcome!
Other than that, there will be 3 bathrooms there. That simply means, no more lines for toilet and waking up early to be first in line xD
There will even be a bar-like-cabinet as a divider in between the living and dining room!
Decorations and more decorations!
There's MORE! Remote controlled FAN!! (it's okay not to have aircond, cause I won't use it anyway)
Finally I'm gonna have a room with the paint that I choose. The kitchen also I use the tiles xD The bathroom, living room all also I choose punya xD Too bad gate bukan I choose -.- I wanted steel gate but dad say too expensive and not worth it so use normal-I-don't-know-what-gate -.-
I'm still gonna use my QUEEN sized bed but the mattress will tukar to a better one =D I need a big bed cause, as usual, I'm a roll-ers =x LOL
What else? Erm, I will have wall lights instead of the normal pendarflour light. It's kinda boring to look at. So I need to go and choose my light xD
PINk, PInk, Pink, pink!! xD
My room's gonna be pink xD Bro's gonna be purple 0.o LOL
And and and, I told mum I wanted that full length mirror, and I think I'm gonna get it xD Wee~
A few weeks more!! And I'm getting my own study table, like FINALLY larh!

Friday, January 09, 2009

It is possible to do the impossible.

We live to learn more especially from mistakes.

Looks familiar? Haha, it has been on my standby in my handphone since Jr camp =D
Motivations =D
By the way, yesterday i received an email from Nan Jun. Kinda motivating. Waking up with two choices, either to stay positive or look at the negative side. Okay, I won't be a pessimist larh. Not that i want to. Bored till the max. As usual, I have important stuffs to complete but here I am, wasting my bloody time at my bloody blog xD I wasted my whole freaking noon-evening just listening to one bloody song. Non-stop lerh! T.T It has been I think 3 hours+, listening to the same song. Well, you can call me crazy now xD Waa T.T I miss form 3 T.T Why don't I miss form 4? Heh? Weird larh. Form 4 passed real fast anyway. Now I'm form 5. Can you believe it? And I screwed nearly all of my exam papers last year xD Except for Bm, Bi and Moral xD
Let's have a review of what I did last year, since I did not do a review on the 31st of December 08.
Can't really remember much. Just that I got into a class filled with close friends and buddies =D Got really close to some people. Joined BB. Celebrated my birthday. Erm, did I? 0.o I think I did..sweet sixteen just doesn't work for me. Sigh, I remember I went and bought my own birthday cake. How shiatty is that? -.-
I remember attending Lynn's sleepover for twice last year xD =D COOL!
I still miss the year end holidays. Paling syok punya holiday ever! Today teacher suddenly say happy holidays, it was like the last day of school! I wished it was =]
Great, I feel like I'm getting a fever -.-

Btw, everytime we touch, slow version BEST!
Back from school! End of first week. Homeworks are like hills but at last I had fun in school =D
Thanks to a few people!
Today in line time, I beratur at the back, but I also don't know why, totally separated from my gang. So I just stand there alone like no one's bussiness, looking at the people that came late xD
First period was Bm, passed up my karangan =D For once Pn Melati puji-ed Ti Jing and Wei Yeen, grats to them ^^ Then had tatabahasa.
Then Maths @.@ Teacher was so totally picking on us -.- She write so damn small, if can't see sure tell right -.- Then she go write damn gila big and ask us whether can see or not -.- People cannot see the writings larh, not numbers -.-
Then I told her bout the slip thingy, she say she will ask the people that did it -.-
After that, FUN TIME! Experiment! Identification of cation and anion in salt. Actually the whole gang plan to do it together. Angela was the only one that read bout the experiment and understand it. So I was hoping on her larh. So tarik her go take all the apparatus all. Then Peep at Uthaya's group to find out what to do xD So we did a mistake in the beginning and Pn Sharifah say if this is Peka she will fail us T.T Instead of using distilled water, we used pipe water xD
Then don't care larh, continue using that pipe water + salt solution. So then Angela and I went to Uthaya's group again. Then suddenly PIANG! The test tube broke -.- So then Angela and I fast fast go take another test tube, don't wanna waste any time. So started all over again. Then ky broke the second one -.- Then take another one. This time only Angela, Ky and I do. Then the first one succeeded! Got white percipitate! =D Then add excess NaOH. Then teruskan till want finish dy, then Vanessa came our group =D Then the last one jadi, got brown ring thingy ^^ Wahh, Angela and I damn happy. Cause this is the only experiment that for us jadi! =D Damn happy sia. But damn many things broke -.-
Then clean up and went for recess. Before leaving the block, we visited En. Zafran T.T Man, I miss him damn much T.T
After recess had Physics. This time is Pn Haslina's class dy, no more Zafran T.T Today learn bout wave thingy. Quite interesting and easy to understand. Some more teacher let us play xD And teacher say she will take some video clips from Zafran for our next class so that we won't feel bored =D Nice!
After that had English. Erm, kinda boring larh. Literature -.- btw, thanks Lynn for the book! =D

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New year resolution..
No more emo. So why I want sigh? No need larh.

Sometimes it's wrong to walk away
Though you think it's over
Knowing theres so much more to say
Suddenly the moment's gone
And all your dreams are upside down
And you just wanna change the way the world goes round
Tell me
Have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wishing there's a chance to say I'm sorry
Can't you see....

The only song that motivates me when I'm down.

I don't know what to say bout today. Didn't really talked much in school today. Clouds were rather gloomy instead of shiny. Words were somehow stuck right up in my throat. Chemistry was somehow history for some of us cause we could barely fill in the blank paper. Tomorrow we'll be having an experiment. =D Great. Wth are we suppose to do? Lord, tell me T.T
Today we had seni during BM, wasted like half an hour for it xD But when the bell rang and BM was over, there weren't even one word of karangan in my book! I've LOST the contact to BM! T.T
What am I suppose to do for today?
Complete my Bm karangan -.-
Think and write a poem bout friends. Yup. Eh wait. Not one, is two. One for Shagee and one more for Kavi =D
Wow, I realise the only person I can joke with and not worry bout anything is Vanessa. Haha, I can bully her like no one's bussiness only =x LOL Wee, today I didn't use my specs in class =D I simply teka2 write xD I think correct gua all I write de xD xD

Knee hurts like gila AGAIN -.- I thought it ended? Now back on my knees -.- And next week is latihan rumah sukan. Argh, I'm so disapointed. Where the hell is my white blood cell??!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The silliest thing that happened today was..tat tada tat tada tat tada...
When we were walking out from school, there were these bunch of chinese girls waiting there don't know for what and they were talking about "MASYARAKAT AGUNG". Guess what's that? Not bout humans, it's a bout meetings. WTH man. It was actually MESYUARAT AGUNG -.-
I don't know how to say bout today but..She (HOAB) talked to me. Sigh, what did I do? Just ignore her =x =x wakaka. She told me something bout discipline, for me CRAP -.- Cause I don't like men-denda-ing other people. They teng wa then enough le ^^ This year want tarik more people come for meetings. Walao, the chinese gang didn't wanna come for all the meetings cause they say teacher don't let come if no uniform -.- False statement. Ti Jing got it right, LAZINESS xD
After pendaftaran for Unit Beruniform, here comes the boring but not boring part, Rumah Sukan -.- Went behind the blocks there, they took so long just to arrange the students. Plus, it was soooo disorganise lerh. Mana and I kept playing around and just joking. Walao, this year she my class, damn song jek xD Then they were choosing all those AJK stuff. I've been doing it for 4 years, wa mai liao. But don't know why no people nominate chinese student, so teacher say need one chinese student, so she pick me. First time in my history, no voting sessions, just simply tetapkan a jawatan -.- Wth man -.- I didn't even bother to see what the teachers and students were doing, just stood aside, but suddenly from far, Pn Sakinah shouted my name. Wth -.- She ask Pn Chong take me as Ajk Papan Kenyataan LOL Just to get marks but not do anything =D My professionalism! xD
Then mana and I go hantar the hayler thingy. Macam itu spell ka?
Then back to class, Melati already in class @.@ Just sit larh.
A while of BM then recess -.- Hema brought 2 huge tupperwares of sandwiches. Walao, damn freaking SEDAP man! Thanks Hem! I ate damn much today =x =x LOL
Then suddenly CM call me and say ZIP -.- I was like, WTH??!!
Then KY ask how CM know de. I say I also don't know xD Then Lynn also ask bout it, but I don't want tell cause, WHATEVER HAPPENS IN ROLLER, STAYS IN ROLLER!!! *our mouths are SEALED*
Then EST, I don't know why, but I was sleeping and was actually dreaming -.- Brigs also taught me how to sleep, but my way easier larh, cause really unnoticeable de xD Suddenly teacher call my name. I was like, Huh?? Then she ask for book -.- I thought she gonna marah me or something -.-
Then ADDMATHS! Owh yea, after rumah sukan pendaftaran thingy, I met up with Sir Remi, I told him bout the marks in the slip. He like so scared nia -.- Then say, "Bukan saya, bukan saya, bukan saya punya salah, saya dah bagi markah yang betul, so mesti pihak yang taip itu yang salah. Itu awak pergi cakap dgn guru kelas awak". LOL First time see him like so scared xD And it's REMI -.-
Addmaths time, Sir showed us a video of girls fighting and smokers. Then he say, "Eh, sebenarnya I'm not suppose to show you all these" -.- After he showed us the video of girls fighting, suddenly he ask us whether we got watch girls fighting before or not. Erm, dude, we just watched it! LOL
School ended nicely today =D YEAH! When reached home, I was freakingly tired, I have no idea why. Ate and straight went to sleep.
Homeworks flooding!
Btw, was it a nightmare? LOL I also don't know larh. But I was damn worried when I woke up xD Only hjon and Brigs know bout it T.T Dream only right??? LOL Brigs keep pushing me to say it out -.-
Hah! Btw, class arrangement of tables change AGAIN. Thanks to MAna xD Now 3 4 2. All focused to the middle. Wee~ I'm in the middle again and next to 2 big jie jie =D Happy and glad! Got 2 pro sitting next to me! But, aiyo, sure I damn dependant again this year. Since got 2 jie jie that always jaga me de sit beside me T.T

Owh yea, one more thing. We did manicure in class today. Girls and guys! Haha. All becoming gays dy xD And thanks to my itchy fingers, mine all kena scrap keluar xD Only left one perfect finger -.- Eh, Brigs only did for me on two fingers larh for goodness sake -.-

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Books left open
Papers ready to be filled up
But mind is just too stuck up
I see the papers
That's only filled with colours
Colours that bloom like the roses
I just can't imagine how blank-er can I be
With this thought that's in me
I still remember the toad at the side of the road
That made me ran up the hill just to give it a kiss
I thought that it was true
All the fairytales and clue
But it just turns out to be something untrue
Unreal and unbelieveable
Is just something I like to mumble
Like it or not
I'm something you're not
And I don't think you're hot!
You're cooler than hot but you're hotter than cool
So just admit that you're a fool
I would like to thank the people I met
And also the ducks that quek
I know I'm mad
But great, I'm not sad
Cause definately mad is way better than sad! =D
Crap lai de. Want read, read. Don't want read, NEVERMIND!

Don't know why larh. Suddenly ter-think, well, normally I don't think in the beginning of the year. Too early jorh. Brain suppose to be on auto pilot marh xD

Anyway, you know, it's better to act dumb instead of acting smart and end up humiliating yourself right?
But do you know that acting dumb is actually a dumb thing? And you thought you were actually smart to act dumb? It's actually a dumb thing to act dumb but also a very dumb thing to act smart. So, conclusion?

Don't act! Just be yourself! If you're dumb, accept the fact (like me) and if you're smart, accept the fact and don't go twist and turn the whole fact cause that's just a dumb thing to do.
2nd of day of school ended. Didn't begin like how I wanted it to. Woke up kinda early -.- 6.10am. Hate to wake up early. Was waiting for bus with mum, suddenly one aunty came and talk to me. I was like @.@ then she went and talk to mum xD
At the beginning of school, it was pathetic-ly BORING! I have no idea why, the whole gang (except Gurv) is in Alfa but its just so damn boring -.- NO FEEL at all.
And the class is so huge that when the teacher is teaching in front, we're like miles away from her whispering voice.
So it's kinda harder to pay attention in class this year, so I need a better solution for this problem. Another problem occuring, my eyes problem. If I don't have my specs on, I only see DOTS on the board T.T Today addmaths time I didn't wanna take out my specs cause lazy, I guessed everything I wrote xD Don't know whether I did the correct homework or not =x Wakaka. Brigs keep asking me to wear cause I kept bugging her xD
Anyway, got result slip today -.- WTH WTH WTH -.-ll
I got a FAKE E there -.- I got 58 for addmaths but there write 40 -.- 8E!! WTH man! Damn em song perimbun dy -.-
Blah, lazy write larh. Nothing interesting, lazy do hw =x

Monday, January 05, 2009

BLAH, school re-opened!
Bad day? Okay larh. Teacher sucks though -.-
One year plus dy, she still can't recognise my damn face and name -.-
She called Ginny and look at me -.-
Today's jawatan, damn swt -.-
Teacher choose, no voting session -.-
Some more choose me -.-
I say don't want, teacher say write dy cannot change -.-
But before she go out she ask me want or not, then sure I say don't want larh.
Then only she change.
Anyway, we got Pn. K back =D Happy for that, but English class I hard to pay attention, don't know why -.-
Reached school late today -.-
Whoosh, never been that late before. Assembly was already going on when I reached. Every human near ex 4Alfa-rians were looking at me. Blah!
Then I straight walk to the back. Whole time assembly I was erm, trying to sleep? Damn sleepy. Some more got two bloody speech -.- One from 'the womb' and one more from Penolong Kanan, pengetua still hilang x ke mana -.-
Kavi timed Penolong Kanan. 20 mins, wah quite short xD But I don't know what she say also, can't remember A THING -.-
Actually I can't remember the whole perhimpunan larh. Then when agih-ing class time, KAvi, Vanessa and I had some stupid jokes and laughed our lungs out at the back of the line xD With additional VITAMIN D -.-
Then masuk class, Blah, changed seat twice -.- Don't know who want change de, so ma fan. Then finally parked our butts at the same place back -.-
Moral had to go up to 4th floor, pre U jr there -.- Blah, no chair -.- Go pre U sr -.-
Then after 15 mins, come down go Beta. Damn noisy when Alfa+Beta, like zoo =x =x LOL

I can't believe we fell! Fell real deep. Fell real fast. But into the wrong place. And at the wrong time T.T We both fell together I guess. But to bad we can't both share the same. So one has to get out of it and that would be me =D Such a typical girl I am. Well, I am a girl ain't I? So I will, I will, I will, I will, I no need to know xD weehahaha!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

BLAH! School re-opening.
Life's misserably-ing.
Days becoming routined.
Hours online lesser-ing.
Handphone being thrown aside.
Books taken out for SPM preparation x_X

Wow, when I say bout school's starting, I tell out all the negative thing.

Kay, nevermind. Now let's think bout the good things..
Get to meet friends.
Get to meet those loveable teachers.
Get to sit bus @.@ WTH -.-

Wait, I can't think of any other things than GAMMA RAY!!!!!!!! xD xD xD xD xD xD
Kay, CHILL! =D
Btw, Tk's blog's song is so stuck in my head -.-ll

Main SCHOOL goal thise year..
1. Get as many A's as possible.
2. Get to know Gamma Ray =x =x (this should be my last goal )
3. Hand in less homeworks =x
4. Leg heal faster.
5. Take part in merentas desa and win something -.-
6. Take part in sukan tahunan and be better than last year.
7. Don't argue with teacher -.-
8. No more bad memories in school.
9. Graduate!
10. Graduate with STYLE xD
Just got back from cathecism. Guess what? I went there to re-sit an exam cause I failed by 1 pathetic-foolish-unfortunate-lame mark -.-ll
Even Francesca got off the hook with her -0.5 marks xD Me? Man, I'm just so patheticly-unfortunately-lamely-kesianly having a bad luck T.T Well, nevermind!
So yea, I reached exactly at 11am. Chat with Brig till Mabel "oit" me for exam xD Then went to the class, no place for me. PATHETIC!
So I was the only one joining the class which uncle Nelson was teaching, so I get to attend class and sit for exam! COOL huh? But eventually after that a few late-comers *ehem* came, so they joined me larh. Exam was, erm, how to say? Like a repeat larh. Something done before but doing agaian. Damn swt. I got separated from Mabel T.T I wanted to share table with her but Uncle just have to separate the lovebugs xD
So then write write write, isi-ed the blank tempat and pushed Christina to hand in my paper xD xD SORRY DUDE! Hehe..I didn't wanna be the last one xD
So then duduk back at same place with friends. Then just lepak, we talked and the teacher was like talking in front. Erm, we like didn't even give a damn what he/she was talking about. Wth. LOL
Then then then then then...Uncle called francesca to the front and chatt-ed with her? 0.o It's like omgosh? LOL Then he was talking bout the exam paper larh. And he asked her whether I am her very best friend! A ha oh yeah! Of course larh. I knew her since like std 3? We use to play at the playground together xD Okay then then then...MABEL GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!! Wee~ Okay, they so guessed I will post this. And OH YEAH I'M SO POSTING THIS!! xD xD
Haha, but I won't sms him larh. It's too risky xD Obsession's over anyway. So heck!
So, next week? Rehearsel for confirmation, and SHOPPING!! Erm..WHITE DRESS!! Man, no short skirts and no pants for those who always wear skirt T.T But who wanna wear pants when you can wear skirt??! LOL
Anyway, we learnt a new word today! BLUFFOLOGY!! wee~~

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yesterday! 2nd January...

Teck Kien gor's birthday =D Msged him so damn many birthday msg =D Hope he happy bah ^^

Today, 3rd January, Irfanah's birthday!

Called her and wished her happy birthday! =D She said thank you 3 times xD xD

Tomorrow who's birthday? Sigh, mine still 7 months more T.T Till my birthday, I can't sms -.- Unless my mum suddenly baik hati reload for me xD

Nothing much. Happy day.

Friday, January 02, 2009

He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands,
He's got the whole world in His hands! =D

I don't know why, but this song is so stuck in my brain! LOL
Don't stare in my eyes when you're talking to me, it hurts. I mean my eyes larh -.-
Don't look at me when I'm eating, it's annoying.
Don't look at me when I'm walking, it's malufying 0.o
Don't talk to me when I don't talk. I just wanna be alone.

Why am I expressionless now? La la la..
I'm okay.
What's the point in explaining when you're explaining to someone that just doesn't understand? So why don't you just let it be?
How to let it be?
It affects me. Seriously. I've never been hated like this before. When will it end? Till I'm gone? When will I be gone? December? Too long. How to wait? How will this suffering end? Sigh..
Wee~ I don't have enough money to top up. Mum gave me rm60 for 2 months but I finished it. Sigh. And I forgot where I put some of my money, so it's just too bad that I can't be smsing for 7 months T.T So if got anything wanna find me, just give me a call ya! Like always, I will be bringing the IKO biscuit to school like everyday T.T Sad but, what to do..It's only the beginning of the month and I'm pokai-ed. Cool huh -.- My brother gladly lectured me yesterday bout money income -.- Okay, so I spent more than I earn, so what dude? Sigh. No more spending money anymore. So please, people that owe me money, please please please pay back. I seriously need money now! T.T Please...hui min, son yeing. Leng luii, if you want pay then pay larh, don't want then nevermind larh.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'm late again to post. Always a day late. But it's okay. It's still memory =D So it's about 31st December.

Woke up at 8.29am. A minute before the alarm rang =D Hehe. That's me! Then I got ready and dad always being late, woke up late -.- He was suppose to send my bro, my bro's friend and me to Sg Wang. Bro start work at 11am. We left home at 10am to go all the way to Perimbun to fetch bro's friend then balik all the way home to take something -.- Damn swt larh. Then go Sg Wang. Reach there after 11 xD Bro late dy. Dad stop at road side, opposite Sg Wang. Macam mana I mau cross road??! Wow, big question mark in my head. I asked dad, he raised up his voice and said "felicia, think yourself larh" -.-ll Fine, bro get out of car, I fast fast get out of car, follow them cross. Then I wanted to ask wheres McD, all of a sudden I turn to look at them, they were gone! I was ALONE! Outside Sg Wang. WTH?!! I panic!! Straight call hjon T.T Apa larh, a form 4 girl and takut in Sg Wang alone -.- Penakut and coward I am! T.T
Then I suggest meet in McD cause that time I gila hungry. So all met up in McD. After eat go roller =D Haha. Roller till 5pm. Everything that happened in roller remains in roller. Don't want tell xD But really damn shuang. And I'm glad I taught another person how to roller xD
After roller we went over to TS. Then balik. Man, ky pushed me on the road T.T He pushed me T.T And we had a feast on the road -.- Damn lame! LOL Ky, hj, mel, jes, josh, hm and me took lrt and bus home =D Then in bus, wah, damn nice man xD Don't know how to say it here larh xD Bout the gay and les thingy, the guy sitting there also laugh xD Then that one hm say saw them talking bout lois xD Macam mana she saw people talking? 0.o LOL Then ky, hj and hm came my house =D I bathe and they chat with my mum @.@ Then we went 9th mile church for dinner and countdown. Dinner was, erm, not dinner? I only ate like 2 kuih and that was dinner @.@ So then during service I was freakingly hungry -.- And the prayers were very very long. Mm hmm, I thought their service was way nicer than mass. But now I realise mass is way better than service =D Countdown time. Then Ta ask me go hug her. Hehe. I was walking towards her and SUDDENLY ta pushed me to her!! =D I hugged her!! Haha, and she replied me, Happy New Year!! Ahhh!! =D Then most of us went to perimbun there geh mamak. Walao, that time I damn sleepy. The waiter there call Mel leng luii -.- Jian larh. Then went to hjon house, then kena paksa balik. Then slept at 4am -.- Then habis cerita. Then will continue story next time. The END -.-
I still have a few hours more till the lights goes off and no one will be wishing me Happy New Year anymore. Ever wonder why people only send wishes only on 1st January and 31st December? Aren't 2nd January a new year too?
Kay, let's not waste any of my precious time. I'm here to post bout Junior Camp since it's at a very high demand from all my blog viewers, well, I guess 0.o

Okay, like what officers said, it wasn't a well planned camp. In my point of view of course. I sucked big time in organising stuffs. But at least I learnt something out of this camp =D

The day before camp, hj, Jian, Mel, Yang, Jes and myself were hmm, how to say? Staying up very late? LOL Yep, we were at Jes' house having a little chat time and STAYING UP LATE. Okay then we were all suppose to be in church by 8am the next morning, that was what I thought larh. But that morning I woke up at 6.30am cause the FnB peeps (SY and myself) were suppose to go to the market to buy some FRESH ingredients, Lye tagged along with us. Here's where the fun really begun. We walked all the way to church to meet up with Lye then we walked all the way to market. A dog follow right behind us when we reached suntex. It followed us from Suntex to market. When we entered the wet market, some man shoo-ed it away and we were just thankful that it ran away. Lye was actually quite afraid of the dog. So we continued marketing and when we went out of market, here comes the dog AGAIN -.-ll It followed us till we reached church. Man, the dog loves us. xD So then registration counter for Junior Camp opened. I had my breakfast. Everything started right after fall in. Okay, since it has been 6 days ago, I think I forgotten everything that happened! Great! And I have to do a report about it. I'm in great shyt -.- How the heck am I suppose to recall everything? Okay nevermind. So we'll just forget what I forgot and remember what I remembered 0.o Is that even a sentence? LOL
At 10am something SY and I started on our work in the kitchen. He's familiar with the place so he kinda took all the 'stuffs' out. So we started. Yea, he cooked the spaghetti inside and I had to cook the sauce outside. Cooking took us a couple of hours. Phew, I've NEVER cooked so long before. My longest was only 2 hours. Then everything finished, juniors ate up and continued with their scheduled activities. I can't believe I rode the bike all the way home to take the paper and I did not pokai xD It has been quite a while since I rode a bike. Physical training exam was kinda tough for me. What you expect? Just recovered from fever, still having slight headache and sore throat. But I'm glad I passed it. Nothing to brag about cause it's just basic. Surprisingly my knee did not give me any difficulty on that particular time. But right after skipping rope, my leg muscle had to cramp -.- Humans, I DID NOT cry -.- Don't know from who you guys got the information that I cried -.- Physical training exam was really tiring. I was really exhausted at that time. But after pt exam, we had to start making dinner. Okay, I sat for a few minutes before starting work okay. I rested! =D Actually there's nothing for me to talk about in Junior Camp but for works in the kitchen. Nevermind, let's skip to the 2nd day..

2nd day of camp..
Woke up with an aching leg. You will never imagine how stiff my muscles were that morning. I can barely lift my legs. But luckily I woke up early, so by 6.30am, I can already lift my heavy like rocks legs =D So we washed up and got breakfast ready. 2nd day was a one day trip to Sg. Congkak. I don't know why but I felt that the trip was kinda fun. For dry games Yang and I kept walking around and visiting other stations xD Problematic day. Lunch bad, very bad. I know T.T Sorry guys. I told you, I suck in FnB stuffs. Man, I really suck. Anyway, for wet games, I took charge of tk's group. I love tk's group like soooo much! =D The main problem bout his group is some was too loud and some was just tooo soft. Some just shout when they want but some just never speak out at all. But overall they were kinda easy to take care off and I had fun being their mentor for like 3 hours? ^^ Brandon is so cute!!! On the way back from Congkak, we had this long walk to the bus stop. Lynn, Ta and I were the people at the back. Yep, we had fun! Real fun! =D I got crazy, Lynn followed me being crazy, Ta got caught between 2 crazy people and yep, she became crazy too =) Haha, tell me it was fun xD Especially when that guy in the car suddenly look at us and laugh LOL And then I continued laughing my lungs out like crazy. Not forgetting me tripping for like more than 5 times. Damn, I'm so clumsy -.- And me shouting "I got banana" instead of "I got umbrella". Whoosh, how lame was that? Remember the tongue twister I did? Not in words but action? LOL Memories babes! Better keep that in mind =x Haha, the video still with me xD So then we got on the bus. I was standing at the place 'she' was sitting, then suddenly Yang pushed me and asked me to sit there >.<
So I sat beside her xD I kept asking her whether she was tired or not in the bus. But eventually I slept off -.- Then when got back to base, I wanted to stand up, guess what? Leg muscles stiff again! -.- And I nearly fall -.- Then when get into church, saw Miss Lim cooking, yay, thanks a lot for the help!
Sy was sleeping LOL Then when I was washing the dishes, tk's group members keep coming to me and asking me to lead them in skect. Sigh, I'm so damn sorry I couldn't help, was busy, and tk was busy taking care of the toilet =x =x LOL So sorry sq2 T.T Then after that finally I had time to practice with sq2. Haha, lee yi is so so so so tired that time. And he was kinda mabuk xD But okay larh, the girls all kinda semangat =D Then when special activity was going on, I took over sq1 for a while xD I was kinda blurr cause I don't know who is who. But after a while all like kinda guai dy =D walao, the pizza they make damn nice sia. Tong yuen they mix colour, damn nice =D After that was supper, discussion, Sir Tan's mee hoon, i was tired, and Lynn and I slept at Daniel room.

3rd day of camp...
3rd day was kinda okay, woke up a lil too early, sorry Lynn xD I biasa dy, must be earlier than others =x So then got ready and prepared breakfast and all. Then I forgot what happened. Skip to lunch. Fried rice. Sy, Sir Tan, Hj, Seph and I cook. @.@ Lolx, 5 people cook xD After lunch had closing ceremony. Then last meeting. Then clean up, then balik. Nothing much on the last day. Well, nothing that I can really remember larh. Balik rumah dy then I online a while and off to sleep. I slept from 5pm to 9.30pm, woke up to bathe and eat and then continue sleeping from 11.30pm till 5am. Sadly I woke up cause I keep coughin, didn't wanna disturb my bro, I went to the living room and sms xD Then I went back to room to sleep and woke up at 10.30am the next morning. Wow, sleeping marathon xD

So that's my days in junior camp 08. Nothing much from me cause I was most of the time busy in the kitchen, I didn't have the time to spend with the juniors. Well, I wasn't assigned to. So hmm, that's all I guess. So now I have to recall everything so I can write the report. I have 2 reports to write. But I can't remember a thing. Wake me up!
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Okay, so now I have to list down 15 littlest fact and truth bout myself? Great. Let's see how much you and I know bout this little blogger.

1. I always doubt my ability.
Alamak, siapa x tau yang ni xD

2. I like being quiet and alone.
Bukan selalu larh. Just when I'm tired and nak rest.

Ngeh ngeh. Ice-cream is the best food/dessert ever created!

4. I thinks it's damn hard to fail BM and BI =x =x =x
Kk, don't belasah me xD But that's a fact =x

5. I seriously love my form 3 life =)
Hehe, form 3 life rocks to the max, for some particular reasons xD

6. I always have crush at first sight -.-
Swt, crush tu akan hilang larh. Yang kekal cuma muka2 beruk itu sahaja =x

7. I hate being tegur-ed 0.o
Yea, I hate being tegur-ed but I get it so much till it don't really bothers me la la

8. I hate BFs that lie behind a girl's back.
Buzz off unfaithful/unloyal guys! Note that I'm single and unavailable. LOL

9. I somehow regret not going to asrama. @.@
Yea, I regreted. Cause I think by going there I might not even get involved in any relationships/problems and I might even be smart, not like a dumdum now -.-

10. I love my friends A LOT.
This is an obvious fact, I THINK xD

11. It has been a while since I shouted and scream.
Wait, what's the difference between shout and scream? 0.o LOL Yea, it has been a while.

12. Loves planning thing last minute.
Ohhh, this is so me xD But normally all of it turns out perfect =D Just some a lil bit cacat..

13. I don't wanna graduate from high school T.T
If can, I wanna stay in high school forever T.T I'm so gonna miss the assembly 0.o LOL And also classes where teacher would get bullied by us xD xD xD

14. I still don't know my ambition, hopes and dreams..
Still blurr, never thought of wanting anything, never thought of being anyone. Just living a normal life and moving with the flow =D

15. Believe it or not, I love cards more than present for occasions =D
Alarh, but aku nak present jugak xD xD

Aku nak add more but they ask for 15 sahaja. So takpe larh =D Btw,

Happy New Year to all!!!!

Wish you ALL, semua yang tau aku, and aku kenal one, especially all the Form 5 students, gooooooooooodddddd luuuuuccccckkkkk in EVERYTHING!! =D