Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh, climbing up the mountain of socialization again :(

Here comes another weekly update.
Internship was still as awesome as always for the week :)
So I will be changing audit team again starting from tomorrow.
Third client already. YAY!
The good thing is that I will get to know more people.
And I can sense leng lui-ness in the next team :DD
There will be more girls compared to guys. *I checked :D

Anyway, I really feel like cutting my hair like super short again :(
My hair is super dry and frizzy.

Oh oh..
I realized that I am a kind of person that do not like to socialize zz
In a room filled with people, I would be the one that stands at a corner while everyone dance.
In a band, I would be the one standing at the back, backing up the others.
In a game, I would be the one that replaces the main players that get injured.
In a performance, I would be the backstage one that is never seen.
In the world, I would be the one that gives the world the least impact and just making sure nothing bad comes from me.

I don't know if it is my character that is dragging me back from approaching people or is it just the people that makes me feel so lazy to approach them.

Because of my weird and passive characteristic, I am really slow at getting close to people around me.
Therefore, I would prefer people to approach me rather than me approaching them.
& I know not many people would take the initiative to take the effort to suck me in in their team or group.
People nowadays are more like, "You're alone? Your problem lah.".
So, yeah.
I don't mind being alone anyway.

Blahh. Not being emo here.

Just blasting my mind and thoughts out :D

Anyway, time for some entertainment and motivation.
 Am currently having one of the worst face ever.
Pimples and break outs everywhere on my face.
Gonna stop spicy and fried food for the moment and drink more water.
*asifI'mgonnadothat pfft

& finally...
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." - Kelly Clarkson

"If you can endure the pain, you can one day reign." - feliciajpk

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Almost there!

Yeah, officially done with Advance Diploma Year 1 and also all ACCA fundamental papers!
Though results were not that good and I know it is average, all I want is a PASS!
& of course to maintain the current scholarship.
So, a pass is considered good enough for me.
So far, I can see that I am not really good at calculation and numbers :\
But I can do common sense papers :D

Now it has been 5 weeks of internship.
I can see that life as an auditor is very busy and most of the time lifeless.
But when I compare between an accountant and an auditor, I would prefer being an auditor.
An auditor gets to meet different clients and be in different team all the time.
Hmm.. :\
Well, one more year to go to decide.

In the meantime, will strive hard for the last 5 professional papers!

Hazy days ahead.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Norm.

4 weeks since internship started :)
Still surviving.
Am having the time of my life :D
The current team might not consist of daily jokes, teasing and funny people but like what I said, I will create the awesomeness out of it :)
Things might be bad at times but how happy you are depends on how you respond to the bad things.
On the first day I went back to office, basically I did scanning, photocopying and filling tasks and so I complained that the scanner and stapler was crappy.
But on the second day, I treat the task of scanning and stapling AT THE 14th FLOOR as an exercise and a way to get to know more people :DD
Well, at least having a task to do is better than having nothing to do because there are times that I literally SIT & STARE at the laptop screen :\
Oh oh, and I get to scan my employee card every time I need to enter the leave and the office :D
So I get to do it soooo many times because I have to go up and down :D
I also have this task of buying currypuffs :DD
I enjoy doing that a lot because it is like a race.
On Mondays and Thursdays, there is this uncle that will stop his car/van somewhere near the main entrance of the building and sell currypuffs.
And he comes at 10.30/10.45am and when he comes, the crowd goes wild!! will be there!
So sharp 10.30am, I need to make a move and head towards the lower ground floor in order to secure some currypuffs :)

Well, that's basically life of an intern IN THE OFFICE :)
Might not fully utilize my auditing knowledge but it is really relaxing and stress-free :)
Although not that awesome but still awesome!
Another awesome part is when I get to go for lunch with my secondary school friends!
That is freaking awesome!
It is like MASA REHAT all again.

First lesson learnt: 
Do not get overly close and comfortable with a certain group of people.
People come and people go.

Second lesson learnt: 
SMILE & you will be accepted :)
You don't need to try so hard to fit in.
Just be the YOU in you.

I <3 bum="" loyal="" p="" this="">

After so long, I finally went shopping again! :)
Andddd, I got my hair cut and wash at Kimarie Salons & Academy :)
It only cost me RM7!
The student from the academy cut for me. 
Simple and they don't really cut too much because they are afraid of getting it wrong, so forgivable :D

I can't really remember the prices but all i remember was:
Cut + wash + style : RM7
Treatment : RM13
They have hair colouring and perm too but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Anyway, here is their address and contact number:

Kimarie Salons & Academy
04-02 Wisma Bukit Bintang,
28, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100, Kuala Lumpur

So, I went shopping! :)
From like 2pm until 6pm.
From Times Square to the salon, to Lot 10, to Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion and then back to Times Square.
& I went alone.
Reasons why I prefer shopping alone...
Usually I walk a lot when I shop.
From the statement above, you can see that I can walk a lot.
So, my girl friends usually don't like to walk so I don't call them along.
On top of that, I shop very long!
I don't like people to wait for me especially if they are the ones that like to stand outside the shop and wait =.=
This goes to guys. I see a lot of girls that shop and their boyfriends stand outside the shop.
One, people waiting gives me pressure and two, if you wanna come along with me for shopping, you need to give me opinions instead of standing outside.
Third reason, I don't like to wait for people and ask for opinions on whether they wanna go here or there first.

When I am alone, I walk where ever I want, when ever I want and I don't need to tell or ask other people anything.
So yeah. 
So so, there is sales everywhere!

H&M is having Buy 1 Free 1 sales for certain items.
Cotton On is like having mad sales!
So, yeah, go grab! :D

Thursday, June 06, 2013


One word, AWESOME!

Internship has been nothing but AWESOME!

The current audit team is so awesome!
The environment is awesome.
The experience is awesome.

There is so much practicability in the theories learnt in college.
Okay, I am in audit and assurance department, therefore, I am talking about audit wise.
Basically, everything learnt in college is applicable in my internship.
Well, of course there is more in practice than in theory wise because every company practices different policy and procedures.

I am now in my second week of internship already.
Still with the same awesome audit team.
Next week might be my last with the current group.

I want to talk about my long working hours but I don't wanna disclose my working hours here.
Afraid of the consequences of disclosing my schedule :\
Anyway, it is long.
Quite long, compared to college days.

For the first few days, I really felt like dying because of the need to get up sooooooo early in the morning and sleep sooooo late at night.
But by the second week, my body adapted to the timings already :D

So anyway, audit team awesome.
What I've learnt so far?
1. Eat fast!
2. Eat a lot!
4. Don't vomit theories in exam paper and not suck them back :\
5. Talk more.
6. Adapt to situations quickly.

Yea, that's pretty much the general lessons :D

I still haven't have the time to really think of a comprehensive blog post regarding internship.
This is just a short summary of what is happening.
But in conclusion, audit team is AWESOME!! :D

Last but not least, have been meeting lotsa people that annoy the sh*t out of me.
So, I would like to emphasize on this.

"When I throw a fact at you aggressively it means I have done my research.

At times when I stop arguing with you about your facts, it does not mean you are right, it might simply mean you are behaving like a total childish crap and I don't wanna waste my freaking time arguing with a "nonsenseful" person.
Do your research and don't create your own fact out of crap."