Friday, February 22, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers!

 Hello people!
It has been some time since I last update.

So, life is so so.
Currently busy with college life, KPMG-ACCA-TARC softskill training programme and preparation for internship.

Anyway, I am still into being frugal and finding coupons and promotions!
Yesterday I came across this offer by Bulgogi Brother's.
A Korean restaurant.
It has 4 branches so far.
In Pavilion, Paradigm mall, e@curve and also Midvalley Megamall.

Since my class ended at 2pm today, I decided to print out the coupon of this.
You can get it from their Facebook page Bulgogi Brothers Malaysia.

So, I took the bus from my college to Pavilion.
Reached there around 3.30pm and immediately searched for Bulgogi Brothers in Pavilion.
I was told by the waitress that I need to purchase/order any one item on the menu in order to enjoy the free Janchi Guksu noodles.
So I ordered cause I would need a drink anyway.
So I sat down and ordered the Korean specialty, Korean Shik Hye which cost RM7.90.
At first I was thinking, the drinks are super expensive.
And it is probably only something ordinary like my everyday drink.

Before my drink arrived, the waiter brought over the tea of the day which is Oksusu Cha (Corn Tea) and also a welcome dish.
The welcome dish consist of corn, Japanese green peas and sweet potato.
At first I was thinking, shoots, I did not order these!
But then after reading the menu, it was stated that every main dish comes with a welcome dish, tea of the day and also 6 side dishes.
Seriously, 6 side dishes!
The Corn Tea is something like green tea, other than tasting like corn :)
It is not that sweet and good to cleanse the heavy taste of all the other food.
I loveeee the welcome dish!
Everything suits my level of sweetness!
Anyway, the welcome dish portion is more suitable for 2 people instead of one.
I went alone btw :D

After a while, my Korean Specialty drink arrived!
I took a sip and wow, it tasted really nice!
Sweet and niceee!
It is made of rice.
Superb drink!
 Then came the 6 side dishes.
On the left, bottom to top.
Lotus root, mashed sweet potato and spinach.
Right, bottom to top.
Kimchi, kangkung and radish.
Out of all 6, my favourite was the lotus root, mashed sweet potato and of course, Kimchi!
After that came the free noodle!
Huge portion I can say.
 Comparing the small bowl and the wok! xD
The taste is not bad.
Not too strong taste.
 I actually wanted to order desert which was ice-cream but they didn't have ice-cream scoops.
They only had popsicles :(
It is RM5.90 each.

Anyway, after 1 hour + of tasting the delicious food, it was finally time to pay the bill.
At first I thought that it would cost up to RM20.
Didn't know whether the welcome dish was free or not.
But then, tadaaaa..!
 Only RM8.70 in total for all the food and drinks above!

Oh and guess what.
I was offered a free membership card! :)
Seriously, Kamsahamida to Bulgogi Brothers!
 Every RM100 spent, 10 points will be given.
Which can be redeemed during the next time :)
Cute card!
Classic blueee!
It was actually supposed to be RM40 but I was told by the waiter there that currently they are giving it FREE to their customers :)
And on your birthday, you will get 30 points!
 Other than the good food served, the environment was cozy and nice.
The decorations there currently suit the Chinese New Year feel! :D

So that is it.
I ran through the menu but didn't take a picture of the content but the price range if I am not mistaken is around RM18 and above.
Depending on what dish you choose.

As a conclusion, great experience there.
Great food and customer service! :)
Thumbs up!

Bulgogi Brothers
Pavilion KL
Lot 6.01.03, Level 6, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
P: 603.2141.9620
F: 603.2141.9621