Monday, February 27, 2012

Shoes! :)

Recently I went to Bata Fair at Viva Mall :D
I heard that it started on the 25th February, so I went there on the first day itself!
Bought several shoes, it was a rather fun day!
Let me introduce my few dearies! :D

First, we have the pinkish sneakers!
I got this for RM10!
It's indeed a steal!
Serious comfort and style! :D
Next up we have the killer heels!
I got this for an incredible RM15!
Ehm, I can see your jaws opened wide!
Serious! RM15!
They are selling 2 pairs for RM30.
I shared the deal with a girl, so we both got it for RM15 each pair!
This next one is a shorter heels :)
But....also RM15!
Oh la la, finally I have my own running shoes!
NO! Not those school shoes I used to buy to replace running shoes!
I highly recommend you guys and girls out there to go for the fair!
It is really worth it and those shoes are seriously from Bata!
The place is Hall 1, Level 2 of Viva Mall :)

They have Happy Hour in the afternoon until evening I guess.
Every Happy Hour lasts for 10 minutes or less than that!
So, you gotta act fast when they shout HAPPY HOUR!! :D

When I was there, the happy hour that was held was; 3 pairs of slippers for RM5 for both girls and guys and also 2 (bag+shoe/shoe+shoe) for RM25!

Oh ya, if you purchase 3-4 pairs of shoes, you will get 10% off.
5 pairs and above is 15% off.
And if you have Public Bank debit/credit card, you will get additional 10% off :)

I regret not taking a slipper the other day to make it 5 pairs! :(
Don't repeat my mistake!

So, what are you waiting for??
Get your bum off the computer chair and head on over to Bata Fair!!! 
It ends this Sunday, 4th March!
Are you still reading this????

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentines Day EVE.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I simply feel disgusted by girls that like to touch a guy!
Even if they were giving an expression of "Yerrrr, don't like that larhhhh!" or "Yerr, bu yao larhh!".
It is just NOT RIGHT to do that =.=
When I see a scene like that, my physical face will be normal but in my heart, my face is like this!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cake with gift! :)

The new semester has begun!
Semester 6, 2nd last to obtain a diploma :)
Lifestyle had a huge change.
I'm currently staying in hostel and not travelling anymore.
The first night was rather tough for me.
Homesick gilerrrrr!
But eventually got used to it immediately on the 2nd day, thanks to the college for putting 3 classes on Thursday :)

Anyway, yesterday, which is Friday, after class, I took the bus(U46) and stopped right in front of dad's office :)
I put my bags into dad's car and walked to Bukit Bintang.
All by myself.
It was 4pm.
So I walked from dad's office to Sungei Wang then to Times Square, then back to Sungei Wang, then to Lot 10 and then to Pavilion xD
I bought an umbrella in Times Square! :)
Anyway, I bought a deal online, from
The deal is Valentine OR Birthday 1kg Jelly Cake @ Q Jelly, Pavilion for RM29.
The shop was quite easy to find :)
And I asked the worker there, how long has the shop been there.
It has been there for 3 years already!
Definitely trusted!
These are some choices of the jelly sold there.
Cute and adorable!
When I left the QJelly shop, it was only 5.15.
I had to wait until 5.40 to go over to Fahrenheit88 to redeem another voucher :D
So, I bought Chatime, sit, drink and wait for dad to come over.

I was too bored that I decided to go over to Fahrenheit88 to search for the shop first.
I went round and round on the 1st floor which was stated in the redemption voucher but could not find the outlet.
So, finally I asked the security.
Erm, he was a little blur and did not know where it is too.
He led me to a shop which uses recycled material to create a new product and the salesgirl in there told us that it was near the office.
Then I waited for my dad to arrive and went together with him.
It was an office, instead of a shop :)
In there, the staff introduced to us a few model for the Spin2mop that they are selling.
Here are 3 different mops.
The one on the most right is the one in the deal.
Spin 2 Mop with 1 Mop Head + FREE 3 Different Mop Heads @
Spin & Mop.
This is the name of the deal :)
The original price was RM159!!

As you can see, it is 57% off the original price.
The staff then recommended another 2 model of their mops.
On the left is a mop with better handle and for rinsing and drying of the mop, there's no pedal, we just need to use pressure and it spins by itself!
To get that, customers only need to top-up RM10.
The original price of that mop is RM170 if I'm not mistaken.
The middle one is the latest version, it has both pedal and also pressure spinning function.
Customers would need to top-up RM70 to get that.
After a long recommendation, dad decided to top-up RM10 and get the purple one :)
The staff was kind enough to offer us tutorial class on how to assemble the mop and the do's and don'ts of using the mop :)
Here's a picture of my dad and the friendly staff :)
I took the below pictures at home, showing the packaging.
After redeeming, we head home.

Time to eat the jelly cake!!! :D
The box! :D
The cake in the box!
Isn't it cute?

Mum posing with the cake!

Eventhough the cake is flat, but it is indeed heavy!!

The cake was superb!
I liked it.
Mum said that it wasn't sweet enough but the more you eat, the sweeter it gets!
I still have another voucher to redeem from QJelly! :D
The animal jelly.

The review for the mop will be posted after my mum uses the mop :)
So stay tune for it!

Here are the details for both outlet.

Q Jelly Bakery Sdn Bhd
Lot P1.03.00 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-8063 8859 (for reservation & enquiries)
Tel : 03-2144 1159


Spin & Mop
B6, 1st Floor, KL Plaza (Fahrenheit88),
179 Jalan bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2142 9909 / 016-690 1651 / 012-2910422

Friday, February 03, 2012

The present.

After so long.
Actually I have no idea what to blog about.
Just wanna appreciate the moment :D

Today I was clearing the grassy area in the garage and then I found this!
A butterfly that just came out of its cocoon! 
Like, omgosh! I have never in my life seen this before!
So I captured quite a number of picture trying to get a great picture of it :D
 Recently I have been eating a lot.
But I have also been going for jogging for a couple of times early in the morning x_X
Early means before the sun rise!
YES! 7am!
Still dark, no sun!
And that helped me lose some fat! :D
Aku sudah slim balik =x
Judge for yourself :)
Sing k session was fun with close friends!
Gonna miss having fun like this!
It's like, we just are able to be ourselves rather than pretending to be someone we're not :)
Close friends don't mind our weaknesses and appreciate our strengths.
 Smile while you can and while you have teeth! :D
Cause we all are growing older! NOOOO~

 Say "NO" to drugs, smoking and papparazzi! sharks' fin soup!!!

Had lots of fun.
Hope to gather again when we have the chance!

CNY was lots of fun.
College will be starting very soon.

I will be staying in hostel and might not be updating my blog so often.
So long! :D