Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Crap lai de. Want read, read. Don't want read, NEVERMIND!

Don't know why larh. Suddenly ter-think, well, normally I don't think in the beginning of the year. Too early jorh. Brain suppose to be on auto pilot marh xD

Anyway, you know, it's better to act dumb instead of acting smart and end up humiliating yourself right?
But do you know that acting dumb is actually a dumb thing? And you thought you were actually smart to act dumb? It's actually a dumb thing to act dumb but also a very dumb thing to act smart. So, conclusion?

Don't act! Just be yourself! If you're dumb, accept the fact (like me) and if you're smart, accept the fact and don't go twist and turn the whole fact cause that's just a dumb thing to do.

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