Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Volkswagen Golf Car!

Today I'm here to talk about carssss!

Anyone interested in purchasing used cars or new cars?
Actually there are a lot of online websites where you can easily search for the cars you want to buy.
An example would be CarSifu.

Do you know that recently there is a new volkswagen golf car?
The one that is small and cute? :D

Let me show you the link to it..
The cute cars are for sale here.

If you have clicked into the website, you must have seen more than 20 people offering to sell their Volkswagen Golf car!
From that website, it is so much easier to find specific cars that you wish to buy rather than going to a used car dealer and browse and browse and browse.
Here you can see that the owner has already taken photograph of the cars they want to sell.
On top of that, you can personally call up the seller and arrange a meet up to check on the car depending on an agreed timing and venue.
Besides that, by having so many different cars from different sellers placed together in a website, you directly compare them without moving from one place to another and wasting petrol money to meet up outside.
Just with a few clicks, you can basically compare the price, condition and information regarding the car.

Not only that, with the website, you can roughly know what is the market price of a new or used car so that you will not get cheated easily if you were to purchase from the seller of the website or from sellers that are not from the website.

At least you can be aware of the price that sellers are offering and match it with the years the cars are being owned and the condition of the car.
Moreover, not many people have the time to visit the car dealer shop. So by having this website, it saves a lot of time for busy people!

As for this Volkswagen Golf car, I personally feel that the prices offered on the website is pretty reasonable as they are competing against each other to sell the same type of car.
Though some might have additional features, it is entirely up to the buyers to choose which model and sellers to buy from.

I have not gotten my driving license yet. But I am sure that after I gotten it, I might browse through Carsifu before going to a used car dealer to compare the prices. But I bet the prices on Carsifu would be cheaper compared to an ordinary used car dealer :\

As a conclusion, by browsing through carsifu is definitely more convenient and fast compared to walking around and browsing through a used car dealer shop.
With a few clicks, we can compare and acquire basic information regarding cars.
And of course, the most important one is the seller on the website is most probably a more trusted one compared to a random car dealer shop outside :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mentally and physically exhausted.
Don't know why but I am having constant headache :(

Saturday, November 24, 2012


24th November 2012
8.15am - 12.30pm
TARC College Hall
Convocation Day!

Let the picture speak shall we? :)

#1. Mum & I
 #2. Still mum & I
 #3. Dad, me & mum


 #5. Me & Yee Tong (the smarty pants!)
Caption: Good job Felicia! =x
 #6. From left: Yee Tong, Sook Mun, Siew Yoke & I
 #7. Jacky & I.
Thanks for keeping the class together during DAC :)
#8. The almost complete DAC 18 :)

#9. No, we're not throwing our mortar boards! 
We were trying to reach our limit which was the sky! :)

How far can you go?
ALL THE WAY of course!

Next convocation: 2014! 
2 more years to go!

ACCA all the way!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Some friends are meant to keep.
Some are meant to leave.

Yes, you are gone.
I don't care where you are or what you are anymore.

First Chinese song cover :)
Friends who are supportive of my singing, thank you very much!
Appreciate it a lot!

Some of my friends that are not supportive, I don't care.
I know you don't mind me not existing in your life.
I mind that you're not minding but I can't do anything but to try to not mind.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Can't think of a suitable topic for this post :\

Free gifts from Watsons, Shills, Aupres and Dove :)
& my fifth cover.

Just got to know today that other people make their song cover differently compared to me.
My steps are basically sing + record using a random camera, then post on Youtube.
Others have software which I don't even know exists that they can edit and create background vocals and musics and they got nice cameras :(
So now I need to get a mic! :P
In my dreams larh =.=
Macam lah pro sangat nak beli mic and all.

20 years from now, I shall own a studio! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fever has arrived.

Few days ago I posted this.
 So, after a few days, the fever has arrived.
But the fever I'm referring to is not the headache+heaty fever.
I am referring to the MOUSTACHE FEVER!!!!

Today I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to shop!
Yes, shop till I drop! =x
So I got myself some moustache series clothings from F Block Boutique!
One of my favourite boutiques!
They look so pretty kan?
I think I should frame them up and look at them the first thing in the morning =x
They are gorgeous!
And guess how much it is!

F Block have their own website too.
Now they are providing free postage service too.
But you really gotta try it on yourself to know if the colour suits your skin colour and if the size is right cause most of it are free size but some might be bigger and some smaller.
Super cool tees!

Btw, if you are unable to visit their physical shop then you can buy them online at
Since now they are having free delivery, so the price is the same as in the physical shop :)

But because of the high demand, a lot have run out of stock.
So grab them fast!
I went online and checked what else design they have and they have more online compared to in shop.
I am aiming for another 3 different types of design.
Will most probably buy it when I get my pay :\
Still waiting for my pay =.=
Hopefully it doesn't run out of stock soon.
Or hopefully F Block replenish their stock because the market DEMANDS for more!

Anyway, happy shopping for those interested! :)

Again, the website is :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Actions speak louder than words.

It's weird how when you post pictures up on Facebook and tag people.
Then their friends like the pictures you post rather than your own friends.
Then I would start thinking, "Wow, their friends are all so nice to give compliments and LIKES on their pictures".
Then I would look back on my pictures and realise that actually my friends are not that concerned about my life.
They don't give comments or any compliment.

I might stop communicating with some friends but I still visit their wall and all.

So, maybe the only solution is to move on and leave the rest behind.

I don't care if the ones I'm gonna lose are precious or whatsoever.
Since they are used to not having me in their life, so be it.

College is now the largest part of my life now and I'm not gonna cry over old friends.
They came and now are gone.
It doesn't matter anyway.

Life's full of surprises.
Let's see what happens in the future.

But for now, ACCA! :D

And definitely all As!