Saturday, December 26, 2009

Freaking hate my owner damn much.
Never hated anyone that much before.
Freaking unlucky to be born here.
He decides what I study.
He determines my future.
Cause I'm his pet a.k.a product.
He wants me to do what he wanna do.
I can't do what I want.
I can't want what I dream of.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sometimes life is just a funny thing.
People come and go.
Feelings rise and fade away.
But I'm pretty sure that this feeling for you will always stay =)
It's already 10.47 in the morning and you're still sleeping.

I still can't believe SPM is officially over x_X
I guess I'm a little se-low.
Just sitting and lazing around, thinking of my f.u.t.u.r.e @.@
It's somehow blurred.
No image, no picture.
When you walk on a road with no sight in front, what do you do?
The best way, just keep walking until you see something xD
Let's just keep on pacing through then.
Maybe in a few days I'll see something.
I can't wait, I repeat, can't wait for Christmas.
Cause, we'll be having family gathering =x
Though this year I will not be getting any presents =)
I'm still freaking excited bout Christmas.
I wanna drink mushroom soup with my beloved family ^^
Eventhough there's no Christmas tree this year but we'll still be celebrating Jesus' birthday.
Will we buy a cake again? Hehe...
So, there weren't any present hunting this year x_X
Relatives not coming down to KL, I guess @.@
No news from them till now =(
Usually after Christmas, all of us will be getting ourselves ready for school.
But now, there's no more school =(
So, what are we all getting ready for?
No idea.
Just have fun then =)

Miss your touch beri beri muchie =x

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days After SPM!

Quite fun I can say.
Pretty free from stress and also worries =)
So basically my days are filled with outings and friends =)
To be exact, guy friends.
Somehow all my girl friends disappeared minding their own business @.@
Anyway, my first time attending Senior Training Camp a.k.a Drill Camp 09 =.=
Collected a few pictures from there =)
In the sacrificial other phone, lazy to upload.
Next time bah.
First day we stayed in church.
Learnt basic camping.
A FEW knots.
And learnt to cook =)
Team mates were bk, nic and josh leng lui xD
A group filled with so dependent babies xD
Slept in army tent for the first time.
Had a difficult time trying to fall asleep and failed!
2nd day we went to KL for amazing race.
Went to KTM museum, Planetarium, Taman Hibiscus, Taman Orkid, Muzium Polis and FANTASY PARK a.k.a Dinosaur Land =x
We saw damn many different colours of hibiscus.
Saw different type of weapons.
And played different type of park games @.@ call what, I don't know.
Moving on, we missed the boat riding and the chance to count the number of deers in Taman Rusa x_X
Lastly, we went to Tugu Negara.
Didn't know it was so damn HUGE!
After reaching church, legs ached like hell. Seriously.
That night ALL girls slept in classroom =)
3rd day, off to Sungai Congkak =D
Legs were still aching, so we were the last group to walk.
It's okay =)
Basically, the rain accompanied us the whole time in Congkak x_X
We bathed in the rain, cooked in the rain, sang in the rain and even slept in the rain x_X
Guess what?
We sang songs for one hour xD
And played mafia for more than an hour IN SENIOR TRAINING CAMP xD
How fun is that?! xD
4th day, back to base.
Again in the rain..zzz
The whole schedule were pushed forward and everything was in a rush.
Had drill competition.
Say hello to our 2 new commanders : L/Cpl Melvin Lim and Pte Daniel Tam =)
After that everyone dismissed and went back home.
That's all for camp this year =)

On 20th.
Went to Midvalley with Cm, Tk, Mel, Jm and Kah Hoe =)
Konon go education fair =x
Konon watch Avatar. Tiket pun takde.
So we just walked around and waste our time xD
21st, went to cm's house with Mel.
Played ps2 and watch Mel play dota @.@
AND AND AND Blacky a.k.a cm's new puppy licked me xD
22nd, wake in the morning, bejeweled a while, bathe and off to UTAR HQ in PJ x_X
Without breakfast to be exact.
After being consulted by a chinese educated girl name Hazel which is not fluent in English about Actuarial Science and Accounting in UTAR, dad and I went to Brickfields Asia College in Brickfields, DUH~
Consulted by one of my small time friend, Vanessa @.@
Didn't expect to see her there though.
She consulted us on Law x_X
A level one year.
Continued by a 2+1 course.
2 years in Malaysia and one year in UK x_X
Suddenly je LAW @.@
After that dad sent me to LM.
Went and find Mel =)
Then went to Jusco for Avatar xD
That's all so far.
Free from WORRIES and STRESS =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Change for the better.
Life is not about fun and games.
Now that we're heading to adulthood, it's time for us to make our own decisions in everything, not depending on anyone, thinking positively and making our right choices.
Thanks for the idea.
Now I know I'm finally growing up.
Knowing that I cannot count on anyone anymore.
Although it's hard, real hard.
Which sea do not have waves, which part of the earth do not experience downpour of the rain.
So as me, okay, maybe as human, I'm guessing I'm nothing different compared to other people, have to face these challenges.

Well, hopefully ya'll will still recognize me as Felicia when..
I start to..
Make decisions myself.
Decide on what to eat and drink when we visit the restaurant.
Be an anti-spicy food person.
Always thinking positive and never negative.
Being able to cross the road myself.
Never ask anyone for help.
Never to cry myself to sleep.
Never complain about anything.
Just live life like there's no tomorrow.

Hmm, now, it's all the opposite of me, right?
Yea..everything of the opposite of the stated statements are my favourite and I'm famous for those.
So now, I'm gonna be humble and remove my fame.
No more "I dunno!! T.T"
No more "Anything larh"
No more "Eh help me order eh! I scared!"
No more "Help me do this, help me do that"

So long, my old me.
Hello, someone called felicia kok jing ping.
So what if I become a new person, it's for the better.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Kay, yesterday went Genting with CM.
Shop like crazy, but thank God had sale =)
Kinda cold up there.
And kabus kinda thick @.@
Nothing much I guess.
Thanks to his parents for paying for my foodsssss... @.@

Today went LM with B, F and M =)
None other than Brigs, Francesca and Mabel ^^
Got cut early morning, don't know how it happened though @.@
Watched Santau.
Too many things happened in the cinema.
The cinema was like, EMPTY xD
That's the fun part.
Before entering, my emotion was...Excited yet scared xD
Every scary scene I keep closing my eyes with my hands.
But after getting to know that the ghost was 2 old women I didn't wanna close my eyes anymore.
Cause old women are sweet =x
Anyway, the man sitting in front of us basically watched the movie more than 3 times according to Fracesca, before the funny scene happens, he was already laughing... =.=
Nice screwed up Malaysian horror movie xD
After that we went to Vietnam Kitchen 0.o correct?
Kay, there, they 3 stalked on guys in Fitness First =.=
Then mabel read salah the menu..
It wrote Eggplant, she go read ELEPHANT =.=''
Then they had a dish called payaya @.@
But brigs go read it as papaya xD
Ok, we think that's typo. Seriously.
And I said that in Malaysia betik is called papaya, but when you bring it to Vietnam, it becomes payaya xD
After that Mabel invited one of her friends to sit with us. His name was Yoon Ho @.@
After that jalan-jalan.
Back home at 6.45pm =)
The Sims 3 dvd not working. Sigh.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sometimes being transparent isn't that bad.
Ask a question and receive one reply.
The world just tries to escape from you like you're some kind of trouble.
Once important, not always important.
Maybe others meant more.
Just gotta be strong.
No I'm not alone.
The stars in the sky are by my side throughout the night.
Even when I cry, they were the witness and the comforter for the night.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm damn lazy to complete the experiment report.
Let the conclusion be a secret then =)
I have always wanted a PS1, 2 and 3 @.@
Played PS1 before.
I was a kid that time.
Played bomberman. Still remember =)
In Penang, with all my other cuzzies =)
We multiplayer-ed 5 people xD
Damn fun!
After that I have always told dad I wanted one just like that! *points at cousin gor's PS1
Too bad it never came true =(
The next time I played PS was at tk's house.
That's my 2nd time touching a PS controller =)
Thanks tk for letting me play xD
Eventhough your grandma scold =x
The 3rd time was still in tk's house.
We played that don't know what fighting game @.@
It was ok-but-not-very-fun @.@
All these years of wanting PS-es never came true.
Now I can't even imagine what PS3, wii-fi or any other electronic games look like @.@
What to do..orang miskin.
Orang miskin memang tak patut minta lebih-lebih.
Aku cukup gembira sekadar cukup makan setiap pagi, tengah hari dan malam =)
The first time I saw Francesca's phone, I was like "WOW!!".
It does not matter if none of my clothes cost more than RM20.
It's okay to own a closet filled with mostly clothes passed down from elder cousins =)
It's okay if it is all outdated =)
I'm super happy to own a shoe worth more than Rm30 =)
Keeping it like gold ^^
It will only leave my room for special events.
Whatever I'm having came from my parents who came from God ^^
I'm just thankful that I have everything I need and not anything more.
This computer is already something extra for me.
Even my phone, it is something to be thankful for..
I don't wish for plenty of wealth in the future,
I wish for happiness and health.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

One more day of experiment =)
Hopefully a different outcome will change my way of looking at things.
My perspective.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

As friends we often ask each other, "Eh, what if one day one of our girl friends came to us and say "eh, I'm pregnant?"?"
Have you ever thought if suddenly one day, one of your friends came to you and say "Eh! XXXX died! He/she commited suicide yesterday!"
Think about it...