Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bye January.

So, 2013 started off very well as it was a whole month of sem break for me :)
And now it is ending, so is my sem break :(
I actually decided not to work part time this sem break because I figured out, I wanna just chillax at home before the real hell and no holiday times arrive.
Yes, no holiday!
Because there will not be anymore sem break until December arrives, I think.
Will be starting my new semester on 4th February until end of May and then will start internship from June till July and immediately start the new semester until December.
So, it is gonna be a very very long and tiring and maybe stressful days ahead, or shall I say year.
I know it won't be easy but I've got my mindset set that I shall be hardworking and not let any other matters distract me from being a very successful person in succeeding :)
For now, my vision is to ensure that I pass my Advance Diploma and ACCA.
Others can wait.

But of course I need some(very little amount) of entertainment, jokes, hanging out, catching up with friends, gossiping? and maybe yamcha session? :D
On the other hand, my hardwork shall include swimming and going to the gym :)
I don't wanna just be a nerd, I wanna be a healthy, fit and hot nerd. HAHAHA.

Well, as said, I didn't work at all this sem break.
All I did was just sit at home, watch old movies and A LOT of English series drama like Bones, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and of course Gossip Girls which ended already :(
Other than that, I did managed to hang out with secondary school friends to catch up and shopping! :)
Taught the dog a few other tricks.
And started bringing her upstairs!
She is super afraid of going down the stairs.
I have no idea why.
Even putting treats on each steps could not help her overcome her fear. LOL.
 There were treats on almost every step but she still doesn't wanna come down.

Okay, the previous AEON member's day in AEON Wangsa Maju, I bought Revlon hair dye.
The colour is burgundy.
Have not tried it out yet.
Most probably will be doing the dye by this week :)
Am really eager to try it out because it would be my first.
Hair condition would definitely deteriorate but heck, I wanna try!!
My hair is growing! :)
By the end of the year, it might actually reach my waist.
Well, hopefully :)
Was trying to snap the colour and length of my hair but unintentionally snapped a tiny moustache at the back of my tee!
So cute!
And there is no moustache there actually.

Ahhh, 3 more days till college reopens!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big red stuff

My acnes are back :(
Sad but what to do.
It just indicates that I am still young :DD

Anyway, spent too much on Chinese New Year clothes.
Or should I say one whole year supply of clothes =.=
So, the one most important target of 2013 is to not shop for clothes at all after the month of January!!
Yes, few more days to go.
But anyway, out of budget already.
So means no more shopping :(
Sad but the truth.
Had fun shopping.
Will have more fun next year :)

Now my mission is to sell of pre-loved clothes :)
Do visit at :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Typical Malaysian title :D
I would choose to embrace Minglish (Malaysian English) instead of eliminating it :)

Anyway, recently, the word "Listen" is so freaking famous!
It has been one week this is happening.
Well, guess what?
It is time for us (students) to stand up for our rights.
But, in the right way of course.

And adults are suppose to listen before they give answers or even try to avoid answering.
Respect are meant to be earned and not telling people that they should respect you.
Grabbing other people's mic is very RUDE.
If you wanna be a speaker, speak relevantly.

I guess everyone in Malaysia (unless those under the tempurung) knows very well what I am talking about :)

Anyway, listen to this too.

Listen listen listen.
You tak listen you rugi.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Step 2: Done!

Step 2 is of course Undang test! :D
And yes, I passed! :)

Yesterday I called up the agent and wanted to take the test on Sunday but she told me no one can send me to the test place on weekends.
So I say, okay, what about next Wednesday?
She say no one can also.
So she suggested to take the test on Friday.
I was like, "WHAT? Tomorrow is Friday. I haven't even study!".
Then she said, "Just read through and sure can pass".

So after the phone call, I spent almost the whole day doing the Undang book which consists of 500 questions which I doubt some of the answers given are even correct =.=
They have 2 almost similar questions but with different answer.
So anyway, by night time I got bored of it already.

And on top of that, I haven't touch or read books that are in Bahasa Melayu for like quite some time already.
I couldn't even differentiate the meaning of selekoh, simpang, liku and lencongan.
Aren't they like the same? 0.o

I couldn't sleep well last night.
Don't know due to pressure or what sort of reason.
Was super early today.
Reached there and waited for the door to open.
And I am NUMBER 3! :)
But because the computer hang while registration was going on.
The test was delayed till like 9+ =.=
After I came out from the examination room, the room felt a little pack.
No, not a little. Is very very very extremely pack!
Most of us had to stand in a line along corridors leading to the toilet.
Gosh, and some need to wait outside.
And the tension was kinda creepy cause I can feel everyone in the room so stressed out about the test @.@
Thank goodness students from my driving institution was the first 3.
So after, we're done, we can go back.

Anyway, watched The Roommate yesterday.
Why did I watch a horror/thriller movie at home?
Because my brother was home too :P
Ahhhh, Blair! :)
But here she was evil!
Mean as usual too, so doesn't matter :D
She is so pretty!


Monday, January 07, 2013

Don't let words bring you down.

Watched The Help today.
About the Whites and Non-whites.
Quite an inspiring movie.

"What do you feel that you're looking after a white child and you leave your child back there for others to take care?", a black woman was interviewed by a journalist.

It is the same as the Indonesian maids coming over to Malaysia to work.
They leave their children back in Indon and come over to work and take care of Malaysian babies.
Sad case, seriously.
Just because their economy is not able to feed every citizen.

There is a book about it too if I am not mistaken.
But anyway, sometimes there are quite a number of racism issues in Malaysia too which is quite saddening.
The 1Malaysia slogan sometimes mean nothing to some people.
Foreigners that come over to Malaysia to work are sometimes looked down at which is quite saddening too.
And I've witnessed it myself and even blogged about it, an incidence which happened not too long ago.
This is the post.

Not only to foreigners, some racist people in Malaysia just don't understand the meaning of HUMAN BEING.
Just because they are fair, they look down on darker skin people.
In reality, people like to look down on other people!
We all have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth!
Why can't everyone be equal?
You know why?
Cause some people are protected.
It is like back in the olden days, the Whites are protected by the government.
The law protects them.

So, that is why even in Malaysia, not everyone is equal.
Well, it doesn't matter anyway.
God treat everyone of us equally.
You do bad, you get bad.
You do good, you get good.
Maybe you go bad now and you don't get bad now. Maybe in the future your children or grandchildren will suffer.
Santa and everyone else is watching! :P

The first step!

Okay, I am 21 this year and finally gonna get my driving license.
Yes, I know I am kinda very slow :\
Well, I didn't see the need and necessity in taking the license back then.

So, anyway, what we actually learn during the first lesson on the law? (Undang-undang)
Went to the lesson yesterday morning.
Woke up at 5.30am to get ready!
And the worse thing was that that night, there was a mini rat in my room and it kept me up the whole night!
So at 5.30am, I was basically like a zombie.
I thought I can stand the sleepiness.
So at 6.20am, I went over to the agent's house.
We took off and went to Yu Lek to pick up another few people and off we go to Bangi.
We reached Bangi, the place where the lesson is held at around 7.30am.
Gosh, the lesson starts at 9am you know!
When we reached, the door is not even open yet. So we just stood at the door and waited for the workers till like 8am.
So after the doors were opened, we went in the classroom and took our seat.
And when we walked in, there was a cat walking in with us =.=
And so I took my seat right in the middle of the class.
Not too front, not too back and not too side :)
Like I like it to be especially in the cinema :)
So, the classroom was filled with chairdesks like this.
So, after I took my seat, the cat came close to me and walked past me.
And then it jumped on the chairdesk right behind me.
And it was smelling my back =.=
And then it started coming over to my chairdesk!
It climbed from the back and I bend forward and it ended up sitting right behind my butt!
DUDEEEE, this seat is taken!
So I had to carry the cat and put it away =.=
I don't wanna share my seat with a cat in Undang class okay.

Okay. Then our names were being called one by one to scan our thumbprint and get our own e-driving card!
Must be something new cause the last time when my brother took his driving license, he didn't have one :\
Then we had attire check and all.
Class started at 9.20am.
The so called "Cikgu" was funny. He was joking all the way but I was too sleepy to laugh or pay attention.
Dozed off a couple of times :\
Had a break at 11.30am.
The canteen sucks!
When it was my turn to take rice, there were nothing left.
As in no dishes anymore :(
Only left egg with yellow curry.
And that costed me RM2 =.=

Anyway, the good thing about having programmes with the Muslims is that we get a lot of break! :x
Cause they need to pray like 5 times a day right.
So at 1.30pm, we had another break :D
And the class like finally ended at 3pm!
But I only reached home at like 4.45pm?

Still thinking when to take the Undang test.

Well, at least ONE productive thing to do during the sembreak right? :)

Friday, January 04, 2013

Surprises postman brings!

Had vegetarian lunch today! :)
Thanks to Yee Tong's dad for cooking such delicious and nice-to-see-&-nice-to-eat food!

Ran in the rain today.
After so many years.

Any, the postman brought surprises to me.
Well, not really that surprised.
Was actually expecting them.

After being rejected for cashing out from Nuffnang the previous time, finally this time's cashout is successful! :)
 Next one is a moustache watch from FF!
Simply gorgeous!
Simple & gorgeous!

Have been really busy these few days after finals :)

Have been going out every single day!
Only tomorrow I get to rest, at least for a day.
And then Sunday I finally am attending classes on Undang-undang :)
I know I'm like super late and slow but well, at least I am starting.

Hope to finish lessons and get my P license by end of January :D

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1st January 2013!

I repeat, 2013! :D

So, 31st December 2012 was the last day of finals and the final day of 2012!

So, I'm here to tell story about 31 December 2012!
As said, had finals.
I totally screwed that paper =.=
Gahh, don't care :\
If fail, then resit again.
Yes, I will definitely be sad if I fail but life goes on.

After finals, it was around 12.30pm.
So we rushed to Canteen 1 and queued up for Snowflakes!
Snowflakes was giving out free bestseller.
Okay, it didn't taste that good =.=
Kinda bad quality :\
Not sure if it was because it was a free one.
The usual one I ate tasted so good, especially the taro balls but this one, the taro balls weren't even squishy =.=
It was just soft as in lam pek pek =.=

After eating for like more than one hour, we finally decided to go to KL area to sing k :D
So we took the bus from college to Bukit Bintang.
Friends paid RM1.
But the actual cost was supposed to be RM1.90.
Then when we were at Chow Kit, one of my friend suddenly were called to the front by the driver to check his ticket.
And because the ticket was a RM1 ticket, the driver asked him to pay another RM1.
Bad luck :\
Then when we wanted to get down at Pavilion, the driver didn't open the back door. He only opened the front door and wanted to check tickets.
So we decided not to get down first.
But when we got down at the next station, he didn't even check.
Thank goodness for that!

Sing k on New Year's Eve was RM16.25 including tax in Wow KBox Sg Wang.
Quite expensive cause there is no food :(
Only one glass of drink.

Ended around 7pm.
Walked around Sg Wang until 7.30pm and went over to Times Square for dinner!
After dinner, my friends walked me to the bus stop and accompanied me until the bus arrived.
Okay, so I waited for the bus for almost 45 minutes =.=
And so I thought "finally the bus arrived, I'm gonna get home safely".
Then halfway reaching Leisure Mall, an argument in the bus happened.
If I am not mistaken, a Bangladeshi accidentally stepped on a Malay guy's foot.
Then since then, the Malay guy kept cursing the Bangladeshi.
The words he used was pukimak and babi.
He repeated those 2 words for more than 20 times =.=
And he kept saying if he were to punch him, he would fly very far..bla bla bla..acting all strong.
In fact, he is a tiny guy with long hair =.=
The Bangladeshi was with another 2 of his friends and one of his friends kept telling him to calm down.
So he calmed down and kept apologising to the Malay dude.
And one thing that made me laugh in my mind was he said this to the Bangladeshi, "Dah lah kau hitam!".
I was thinking, that guy is fairer than you and you're calling him black? So means you are charcoal? 0.o
Anyway, this argument lasted from Pudu until Leisure Mall where thankfully I got down and the Bangladeshi got down too.
Right after that Bangladeshi got down, he just stood right in front of the back door and staring at the Malay dude.
Then the Malay dude kept saying, "Apa? Apa?".
And out of a sudden, the Malay dude came out and spat at the poor Bangladeshi!
Omgosh, seriously?
This is really paria attitude man!
His action is a disgrace and disgusting!
What would you feel after being spat at?!
Obviously that made the boiling man start a fight!
So, yes, a fight begun.
And obviously the Bangladeshi was stronger =.=
Everyone started creating this kind of circle where there was a circumference around the 2 dudes.
So sad to be witnessing a fight on New Year's Eve.
Like why do you want to fight?
And on top of that, a Malaysian hitting a foreigner?
Double sigh.

So, that was how I ended my 2012.
Sad right?
Today's society.
And no one even dared to lend a helping hand :\
Not even the guys.

Anyway, HAPPY 2013 people!