Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its not effort that makes the girls smile, its the willingness of the guy to do those crazy efforts that make them smile =)
When i start to feel that im not important to a person..
i take de initiative to stay away..
So when sumone feels that im quite far..
it doesnt mean that i intentionally left the person..
mayb i juz felt that the person doesnt need me at all
Its really pathetic how i keep holding on to sumthing that will never come again
Sometimes we need to forget about the people from our past because there muz have been a good reason why they didn't make it to our present..
Kay, since I got extra time after dinner..hmm..lets talk bout my sucking result xD
Overall ermm...results sux like hell!!
I failed my Chem!! =) Damn!
I got A1 for addmaths! Thanks Yang!! =)
Eng 78...watever..the subject I hate..
Bio it good? Nah..people can get 80? I only 68..NOOBSHYt!
Hmm..Thats all the paper we got larh. Hmm.
Today damn sad lorh. En Remi!! Please don't leave!
I like the way he teach berry berry berry maj!!
The way he teach exactly the same as my tutor (my uncle)!
The same method! Always finding their own simple way to complete and find the answer. And also always make joke during lessons. Love it a lot.
When he told us what happen I felt like crying. Seriously. If he really leaves the school, I feel like shifting too. Without a good addmaths teacher teaching, whats the use of studying in SMKP?
Other teachers sux lerh!
Except for a few larh.
When I told others (really close de) the story. Everyone blame on him. Not him him. Its him xD
But I don't think it's his fault. Haiz. Don't know larh. Kesian him lerh!! T.T
Haiyo, stupid chemistry brought my percentage down lerh. Shyt chemistry!
But dunno get marks time I was super duper calm! Like no reaction at all.
Haiz. But I don't know. In my view, theres this person larh. He/she got a B for Chem. But he/she was all, aiyo I'm so stupid, I feel so damn stupid, I've never gotten an A. He/she was telling all those in front of me. Then I just kept quiet larh. In my mind, I was thinking ....
If she got a B and say he/she is stupid..then should I go bang my head on the wall and mayb commit suicide cause if he/she is stupid then I am?? Erm..can say below stupid cause there's no other word to describe someone below stupid. Or I can call myself an idiot and a fool!
Haiz, I'm an idiot!!!
Anyway, today suppose to pass up the moral kerja amal.. Hmm...I use the whole moral time to do it. With the guidance of Pavi =)
She helped me damn much larh. Thanks to her! Muaxxxxxxiiiieee~~!
Then when masa finish I showed it to teacher. She say wah, damn good xD
Then I told her I used the whole moral time to do. Then she ask, wah so fast arh? Then I was like, errr yea xD
She say damn nice xD
Hehe. Happy but I feel weird cause I only used black pen on white paper and she compliment me? 0.o
I took back the papers..tomorrow must pass up le. I havent write the main tajuk and bidang. She says its ok. I can pass it up tomorrow =)
Thanks Cm for the motivational phrase =)
Yupz, all the challenges I meet in life now is not to break me but to make me ^^
Learning to master everything on earth is sumhow not possible but wanting to cope with everything on earth is sumhow sumthing possible. Everyday in our life we learn something new. Sometimes we might fail. But those are the things that make us strong and bad experiences help us in our future. Everyone learns from their mistake. Remembering sumthing bad helps in avoiding a mistake! Love your life, Enjoy your life to the fullest and never regret anything. Do not waste time cause it is an unforgiving moment!
Hehe. Yesterday celebrated my birthday at home with my family. Damn swts larh. They reached home with the cake..Okay fine..
Then mum say hungry liao so I took the cake to the living room. Okay fine..
Then I lighted the candle and waited for them to sing Happy Birthday song to me. But no one started -.-
Everyone just started doing their own work and minding their own bussiness -.-ll
Then I started singing to myself like an idiotic fool -.-
Haiz. Then I shouted and say why no one singing??!! xD
Then mum sang larh.
Then cut cake and all..hehe..
Heres my ice-cream cake!! ~~

My dumb bro took the pic so late only got smokeee..
From my dad's fon taken by my bro..
My dad take de..from my damn blurr..lamo!
My bro enjoying MY cake!!
Hehe. That's all for yesterday. Nothing special actually.
Today 31st July 2008 le. Ham Jon geh birthday! Admit it! Im your Jie!! xD
Today he no go no present for him. On saturday give ba. Tomorrow arh? Felt like skipping school. Stomach not feeling well again. Haiz.
Today after school, came home eat maggi. Then straight sleep. Can't do anything much also cause no electricity. Btw, today in school a lot things happened. Don't want tell here ba. So damn private xD
Haha. K I slept till lik 6 sumthing and woke up. Today my bro suppose to do the cooking as he always does. But today he say he was lazy so I did the cooking. Started from before 7pm til like 8pm -.-ll
Damn freaking long lerh. What I cooked? Erm, rice, vege, fried chicken pieces and also baked beans. Hmm..dunno whether taste nice or not. That one tomorrow I'll post here xD
Now already 8.30 but I haven't eat. Today the shower bocor liao. Tomorrow no hot water use le T.T
So damn many things happened till I duno how to write. Just remember enough liao larh =)
Happy birthday dearest Han Jon.
Wish you all the best in life.
Always remember that God, Family and Friends are always there for you no matter what.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Forgot to update sumthing xD
Today I brought my hanpon to skol..hmm..Forgot to switch it to silent mode.
Guess what? It rang -.-ll
Zadou..lucky that time during recess. Then I fast fast switch it to silent mode!! argh!! Damn stupid larh!! T.T
Then after that during exam I felt it vibrating. Just imagine. If during recess that fella didn't call and I didn't notice my fon wasn't in normal mode, it would have rang loudly during exam. And my precious would be taken away. xD Funny man! Happened on 30th july!!
Woots 30th July liao =)
Last night slept around 11.50pm. The cause of it?? That babi ask me go online but when I go online, he say wait for 30 minutes, he want eat supper -.-
Then I lazy on liao, I want sleep. Then before 12am messages came in =)
It kept ringing till I can't sleep so I switch it to silent and went to sleep xD
Morning wake up read all the messages. Replied some, that I think will reply me back..
Then go school. The moment Shagee entered the bus, she wished me Happy Birthday =)
Yesterday she was trying to promote that my birthday is today -.- Haha.
Then reach school, Hem all like so quiet nia. Then suddenly Shagee shouted and say "Eh, today Feli's birthday larh. Why never wish her?"
Haha. They say she spoiled the surprise xD
Happy larh =)
Then all wish lei wish hui lorh..
Go up there, CM wish me. He gave me a hug but he say that one not real hug xD
Kavi's birthday time he gave Kavi 2 times of hug. I want 3!! =x
So then he still owe me 3 times of hug.
Today exam sux! SUX BIG TIME! Zafran's present to me! Haiz!
Anyway, don't want talk bout exam xD
After school. Ate at canteen then was late for raptai watikah -.-
Damn hot lerh! At padang sumore -.-ll
Then teacher say I angkat dulang. At first I was like, WTH is dulang -.-
The sun burned my brain till become so blurr xD
I sat in front lorh. Then JY put grass in BJ's pants -.- LAME LARH!! xD
After finish liao I told teacher my birthday today. Then she ask why never tell her earlier -.-
Last week I already tell her lorh. She say she forgot xD
Then pss meeting start. Juju so angry today xD
All so kelam kabut. CM say I no reaction de merh today birthday. Normal nia. Nothing biggy also. xD
Then he wrote..
"Feli luv CM
Happy Bday"
Haha. His temporary present to me =)
Then halfway meeting I lari go hentian muhibah there celebrate lorh.
The 'gang' sediakan pizza for me lerh!! =)
Then eat eat eat lorh. Then everyone happy then something happened! =)
Hmm, dunno who write de lerh that post xD
Then after that, at 4.10pm I take public bus home =)
Walk to bus stop no bus. Wait a while then got liao.
The weather was damn freaking hot man!
Then sit till bt 9 school there got down and went to the shop in front of church and bought yamcake for my bro and I. Yesterday he wanted but the shop din open. So today I bought for him lorh =)
Then walk back. Reach home, sweating like hell xD
Anyway, thanks to those who gave me presents =)
Btw, I know now first time Tk do card for people lorh. I really appreciate it a lot! And Lynn, she sprayed perfume on the present she gave me xD
When I open it, I felt so damn sweet. And when I put my hp in it, it smells sweet. When I use my hp, I think of her >.<
I will remember Yang, Lois and Jes that forgot to take the price tag out xD xD
And also Pavi that wrote his name on the present she gave me =)
I love cards cause I can keep and treasure it. Trust me, I have a full collection of cards. Even from form 1. Hehe. Sumone ter-read it that day. Damn malu lerh! Eh, the person that read it, pls don't tell anyone xD

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today my birthday eve eh!! =)
I came online nia the doink Melvin wished me happy birthday eve -.-
Every year also got birthday present from school wan -.-
Last year on 30th July 2007, get injection -.-ll
This year on 30th July 2008, get exam papers -.-ll
Btw, even before my birthday already got present lorh. But still I be good girl dont want open the present xD
Wait till my birthday lorh! =)
Btw, today right...
Hmm..come home no food -.-
Sumore today bus come so late.. I after 2.30 only reach home -.-
Then just heat up something and eat.
Then gor say want eat yamcake. Then sumore I must go order cake. WTH! My birthday I order cake -.-
Other people's birthday also I order -.-
Then I ma go lorh. Then want go buy yamcake, the stall no open. Then walk back lorh -.-
Reach home liao then go see see the plant outside. Then saw the birdnest. Hehe. Got 3 eggs inside lerh. So damn cute xD xD

K next, talk bout exam.
Yesterday was erm..chemist, addmaths and also Bm. Overall ok gua. Chemist I dunno lerh T.T
Yesterday stayed back in school, wanted to study but ended up talking the whole time and not even reading a page -.-
Came home damn tired. Slept at 10pm. Then I have no idea why yesterday so many people call my phone -.-
Then I put alarm at 4am. Wanted to get up and read. So at 4am I got up and read maths -.-
Then read SJ a bit. Then at 4.40 I slept back.
Woke up to get ready for school at 5.40am and got to school by 6.50. Hmm, maths was okay. Bio was erm..kinda ok I guess -.-
EST was hard -.-
SJ was...BLANK! Ginny ask me how to do..I told her just leave it blank -.-
Cause I have no idea hth to do -.-
Shuen ba larh. Mmg aim to fail liao xD
wakaka..who cares -.-
Tomorrow phy, Bi and subjects but too bad I hate English xD
But somehow I'll excel in it...
Anyway, after my birthday my hj didi birthday lorh..on the same day I must pass up my moral kerja amal which I still havent get started on. Hmm..

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nothing happened recently. Yesterday had BB open day =)
Damn happy that Hem, Gurv, Shagee, Mei Yin and the gang came =)
Then today..Hmm. Morning suppose no people fetch me to church geh but after that got liao. So went church no class. Listen to one talk bout mind setting. I remember got SMS. Static mind set xD
Then after that come home I eat and then sleep. Till 2.30 then go church learn addmaths =)
Then Yang got band practice..after he left then all started playing nia =x
CC and Samson larh. They were playing with the video thingy. Make me damn interested =x
Haha. Then I also join them. Wakaka. Then SY buli CC. -.-
What CC do? He pull my shirt!! Zadou!!
The 2nd time SY buli him, I ran as fast as possible xD
Then he took my hp worh -.-
He ran out of church. Then I kejar him -.-
Wah, today felt like a small kid. ^^
Then till 6 sumthing, finish band liao. Continue doing addmaths. But overall today damn fun ^^
Come home, eat ownmade rice =)
Then start studying chemist.
Still got a lot videos in my phone =)
Anyone wanna see? Call me larh ^^

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmm.. these few days kinda busy. No time come online =)
Next week exam. This week busy with some other thing.
Just got time to upload photos of the day of Drama Competition. It was an inter-class competition. Although it wasn't something big or important but everyone participated and had lotsa fun. Glad everyone could tag-along in it. =)
On the day of the competition, all Alfa-rians were busy preparing from costumes, memorising their lines and putting their make up.
If there were awards given out.
Let me see.
Best Actor - Sree
Best Actress - Brigs
Best Voice Projection - Ng BONG Jun xD
Cutest Character - xCm ^^
Haha. All of us really had fun on that day. Eventhough it wasn't perfect and we only stayed back to practice one day before the competition, but still we impressed the judges.
But...the moral of the story? Don't judge a book by it's cover and expect the unexpected =)
There were 3 choices in the story.
But the Beauty ended up choosing someone simple and kind-hearted. Yupz. That's the storyline.
A few captions on that day..
Was suppose to snap Van, but she elak -.-
KY and Angela still eating while others are already in costumes and in make up =)
Shagee putting on her make up. (She's 10 months pregnant according to her xD xD)
xCm and The Beast ^^
With their characters..
Sleepy, Genie. Prumpy and The Beast.
Mopping guy, Prumpy and RON STOPABLE!! *Cutez*
Half of the actors and actresses after the drama.
Mm must be thinking. Half?? Yea, our drama had 27 actors xD
Nice huh? Everyone was involved in it =) That's the unique thing bout it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too many things, too little time.
Am I the only one that is feeling that this verse is so damn suitable for every form 4?
So many things haven't gao tim. And more and more stuffs are coming in -.-
Even bad luck are arising -.-ll
Anyway, list of things to be done by this week.
MAJOR THING - Exams are next week. Hmm. Haven't touch any of the books. Can I just fail every single subject? Nvm rite? Test nia ma =)
BSM - F&B? Aiyo, still haven't gao tim. Damn cha lorh me. Haiz. Still thinking lorh. No one help!! T.T
Drama - Competition tomorrow or Wednesday? @.@ Blurr..I don't even know my lines! God bless us please!
BB - Sei, I haven't call all the leaders and ask -.- Got from Anson liao. Tonight will call Sq 1 ldr and Sq 5 ldr. Hmm..waiting from sq 2 and 3 -.-
One more thing, worship. Haiz, haven't hafal the lyrics man! And some more must hafal and read up on the exhibition thing. So dead larh!
Got some more. That day steamboat geh money mei collect. Sei lorh -.-
Anyway, this week schedule damn tight. Hope I got time to at least read a bit of every single subject larh. In class dah larh don't pay attention. So dead lar!! T.T
Monday has passed.
5.40am wake up, go school like normal. Come home from school at 5.30pm. On pc blog this. Waiting mum come home by public bus -.-
Haiz. It will be a very long night larh.
Btw, tomorrow's schedule..
Tuesday - Go school like normal, stay back for drama..then come home and do normal stuffs.
Wednesday - Go school, stay back for koko...then go church..till dunno what time then come home continue study gua or do hw...
Thursday - Go school, come home study.
Friday - Go school, go bt 9 church, go church -.- (use whole day liao)
Saturday - Morning school till 10, go BB till 6pm..then go suntex hall -.-
Sunday - Morning church...come back home no more outting man!! MUST STUDY!!
Now I realise that I have not much time more to study. Haiz. I have no idea what we've studied for physics, chem, sej and also bio -.-
So dead man!
Aiyo, SS sumore got activity. This Sunday must report to teacher bout it. Chill larh. Haiyo. Nothing biggy also larh. -.-

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today kinda busy day but not tired. =D
Morning woke up at 8am. Can't go Lye house T.T
Then just sit at the couch do nothing till erm...9 sumthing.
Then go brush teeth and eat breakfast. I wanted to drink something. So I made milo. The condense milk expire liao. But I still use. Hmm, well I'm still alive aite =)
Then Josh sms me say he going church. I was like, walao damn early merh. He say he haven't polish all.
I some more eat breakfast so damn slow. I told him will go church at 10. After eat I polish a bit larh. Then bo polish boots. I reach there then realise I forgot bring nametag -.- Called my dad bring for me xD
Go church saw Josh got polish liao. So I also start polishing boots lorh. Then at 10.45 got briefing. Hmm..then start work at 11.40.
Ended at 12.30 something gua~
Then walk back. Eat and polish again.
Then bathe and go BB.
Today worship song lorh =)
Today no badge class, do discussion. Then drill. Today dismisal late lorh. Go home lagi-lagi rush
Some more my bro didn't bathe yet -.-
Then mum baru balik dari work -.-
All damn swts wan.
Then go church...woohooo =)
Today gospel talk bout the weeds and wheats =D
Learned that in BB like last month? hmm..
Then Father Michael homily. Fun and short.
3 ways to face temptations.
1. Be alert - Always be alert of all temptations around you.
2. Be patience - Like the sower. He planted the wheats then at night got people go put weeds -.-
Then he say don't pluck it out. Let both grow together. He say if pull the weeds out then sure the wheats also will follow out de. So just let both grow together. =)
3. Be prepared - Be prepared for what is installed for us in front. Stop the drama. Don't act good nor bad. Just be yourself. When the day comes, He will separate the good and the bad. Then on that day, all masks will be open =)
Wah, he just say that lorh. All like damn straight forward and easy to understand. Not like Fr Andrew's homily. I must crack my brain to understand what he says xD
Then he talk bout conflicts larh. Today comments on mass. Choir sux. Organ too soft -.-
Worship time kinda slow and erm...not nice larh.
After mass go KFL buy food. Then makan2 =)
Btw, if I'm not mistaken today I'm suppose to go see doctor xD
But ended up not going..haha..normal larh xD
Hand still paining. That day I told my mum 3 weeks liao the pain. Guess what she said. Aiya, other people pain till after a few months only heal. Then you ma wait larh. Hmm, fine..I'll wait -.- dad like em song I join so many activity. Today he ask me why I join so many. I say if not then my life will be wasted xD
Then he say, what bout my homeworks. I say I know how to uruskan my masa. Then he say good and walked off. Good sign lei geh. =)
I'm in love. With the song 'Do you remember' and 'Cause I love you' =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

I remember that day I offered Sir Zafran the chocolate I brought to school. He said "I don't eat chocolate". But he took one piece =)
The next day I went to him again and asked whether he wants another chocolate. He said "I don't eat chip chocolate".
Then me and Pavi was thinking. Its chocolate chip, why he said chip chocolate. Then I asked him again whether he wants it. He say "I scared I vomit, cause I don't eat CHEAP chocolate". -.-ll
Then I got what he was trying to say xD
Then today me, Brig and Pavi rehat together. At the round table. Brig was writing the drama script. Then me and Pavi was just looking around ^^
Then we talked bout Sir Zafran. Brig ask whether we know the song 'Hot' by Avril. Then we say yea. Then she sang it.
Its about Sir Zafran larh.
"You make me so blurr. Make me wanna die. You're so ridiculous, you can barely stop"
Damn nice larh. Today whole day like no belajar nia.
Go up class then everyone was so into the drama costumes. Sree so damn sporting man! Can't believe it!
He looks cute in that baju tho. Then Cm also. Wah, Cm nice skirt! =)
Then start EST. She talked and talked larh. Then moral.
Moral arh..very weird wan larh. Everytime I hafal nilai, suddenly teacher will ask me something wan.
That day she ask me whether I got bf or not. I gave a hard 'no'. Then today she asked me whats my ambition -.-
Anyway, left 4 more nilai to hafal =)
After moral was BM and PJ. Same teacher, no teacher ^^
Tk taught me addmaths =)
Thanks dude!
Then recess. As mentioned above.
After recess, Bi, no teacher again -.-
Then was maths. She just talked larh. Then gave all the exercise. She say damn easy to teach our class cause all smart people -.-
After school, mum fetched.
Reach home, cook maggi and eat. At 2pm go church do the exhibition thingy till 5pm.
Go home then go jog with Cm. Go round and round suntex -.-
But fun larh =)
Then come home straight sit at pc xD
Next week can't liao lorh. Got that inter-religion session. in class damn fun lorh. Safri is ssooooooo funny man! =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A simple advice..
If you want someone to change from A to B. Please don't tell her/him the bad things bout A, instead tell the good things bout B. Don't you think when you tell them bout the bad things bout A, they will think you are insulting their first choice? They might be thinking of changing at first but after you have insulted their first choice, I can bet my life on it that they will still stick to A instead of changing. And they might start to hate B. SO SHUT!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aiyo, come here don't know what to type..
Hmm, just simply crap larh.
1st. Bm teacher kinda em song our class -.-
Why? Cause everytime pj, no people bring baju -.-
So she angry and banned pj-ing. Only pk! How boring is that???
2nd. Bi oral -.- Hate oral!! T.T
3rd. BSM. Hahaha. Wakaka. Dai sei dai sei! Everyone also setuju bout this! Wakaka. Damn freaking happy =)
4th. This Sunday - Hope my dad free lorh. Go gai gai with Hjun ^^
5th. House phone got problem -.- Don't know what happen.
On 15th July, start beh iong d T.T
Yesterday I complained to my mum bout the durian. See see night got pasar malam, she go buy for me =)
Then I open eh..hehe..
But after open then hand pain liao.
Btw, that day I wanted go see doctor de. But no time. Mum say this weekend ask dad bring me go. But...erm..sure x jadi wan xp
Hmm..what else eh..
Btw, that english quest thingy right. Just type out the q then all the answer will come out de. Trust me. Teacher took from the internet =)
Aiyo, don't know what to talk about larh. School don't seem to be nice anymore though. It has became boring and.....lifeless. Don't know why. Being at home sleeping is much more fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today blog early..
Yesterday night was a chaos!
My damn bro tada balik rumah till 3am I think. Walao, my dad made a big fuss out of it -.-
Whats the big deal? 0.o
Then he was shouting in the living room asking my mum to call my bro and blaming my mum for every damn thing -.-
Fyi, I was sleeping in the living room. It has become my temporary room -.-
After they argued for like 10 minutes, I couldn't stand it. Got up and shouted at them to shut up xD
Aiyo, I wanna sleep larh. Some more the next day had to wake up early. Then after that they went silent -.-
At 3 something my bro came bck. -.-
My bro didn't even greet my mum. She was sitting there all the while -.-ll
I don't know from which womb my bro came from. He has no respect for his parents all all. Damn him larh!
Why is he so different from me?
Then finally peace man!
I can continue sleeping. But damn many mosquitoes!
Nvm, terus slp.
Then morning liao. Woke up at 9am. Get ready, eat all. Then went church at 10.40am.
Then today class got bible hunt. No indoor activity. =)
Everyone was divided into groups. My group members were..
Joshua William
Jason B
Hmm..thats all I think. Yups, 7 people. In my group can consider I alone girl cause Michelle keep running away with Rachel -.-
Then go around the whole church larh looking for the place and clues. Yep, bible questions..aha..
Got one q they ask who is John the Baptist punya mak. Then the 'pro' say don't know worh. Zadou! The pro is Joshua larh. Then I ma say lorh. Mary punye sista larh, Elizabeth -.-
Then the feeding of multitude people. I thought we learnt that in Matthew? But it was in Luke. Then Josh told me that it is in all the Gospel. Then I was like 'oooooowwwwhhhh' xD
So smart huh he xD
I know my bible knowledge not good. But at least I knew a few ma =)
9 place, 9 q altogether. But q number 3 we couldn't find the place. They put there, the holy spirit will come upon you and rest in you -.- We couldn't find the place. So we went near the 12th station and just lepak there to try to figure out what they will ask xD
That was kinda dumb. Then we go find in the bible which verse got that.
Then when we went to the office, another group was there. Richard's group larh. He asking us mana q2 and 3. We told them 3 times where it was. They just couldn't find it. Then got people call them telling the clue was behind the Mother Mary thingy. Then they found one there. But we also needed one. Couldn't find. So we just sit in the office xD
Resting! Then Matthew put his hand below the table. Manatau got one paper there xD
That was the q. There got one q, write one prayer to Mother Mary (other than Hail Mary)
Hmm...HAil Holy Queen lorh. All couldn't remember xD
I don't know, I just pass the answer sheet to Josh xD
Then he write larh. Then answer all d go back to class. The last q paling funny wan. It was suppose to ask us to go find the teacher of all teacher that was teacher Sharon. We found her and the clue says go to the place where people gather and eat. Then sing the Lord's song. Then we thought find the verse in the bible -.-
Rupa-rupanye go Coffee Corner sing Our Father to all people -.-
Then me, Josh, Matthew, DJ, Jason B go outside class and just shouted the hymm larh xD
Damn funny larh. Thank God my group got 3 pro =)
Josh, DJ and also Matthew! They always go for bible class, not like me. Sacrifice bible class for BB. Haiz. The sun was blazingly hot man! When we walk to shade place, vision all damn blurr wan.
Bible hunt was fun. For the first time xD
We get to answer all the q =)
Got one q ytd in BB got learn wan. Why is the bible a basis for human life..hehe..
Btw, got the t-shirt liao. =)
I ask Mabel whether he knows Melvin Lim. Guess what Mabel ask me back.
"Owh, that short short guy arh?"
Zadou..mel short? Then I ma very short? 0.o
Wanted to take pic during bible hunt but lazy take hp out larh. =)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lets start off with 11th July 2008.
Today erm..friday rite..Came home from school wah damn sleepy. Then wanted to sleep but haven't complete the cards for Mel and Nic Nic. Haiz..
Then start doing lorh. Manatau can't find colour paper. Search the whole house for them -.-
Then finally found and got started on it. I don't have any idea how to decorate the card. So I think and think and think. Then want to hang the star on the card. Did one knot on the benang then glued it inside the star. Manatau can be pulled out wan -.- Must tukar. Then I just take 2 stars then stick together, the benang put in the middle =) JADI! Hehe. So both card also do same thing. Just that inside write different thing ^^
See the star, so cute and special. For my Nic Nic Baby and also Mevin Doink xD
The gathering started late cause of some problems xD And everything kinda moved slow. Hmm. But overall, in my opinion was okay. Reached home at 12.10am. Slept at 1am., 12th July 2008.
Woke up at 6.10am. Wah, so late -.-
Then get ready and off to school. Reach there the nasi lemak stall open. Mum bought nasi lemak for house and bought kuih for me. Then saw Irfanah. Why wear Set B de? Then she say Kalvinder told everyone to wear Set B -.- Nvr tell me larh. SHUEN! Nvm larh. I was the only one special xD
Think positive ma =)
Then everyone reach liao.
Me, Irfanah, Kalvinder, Sin Nee, Afiq and Yogy.
All go Telekom there to wait for bus. (Public Bus)
Then Shi Chee call. She also come? 0.o
Then call her run to bus stop xD
Bus come at 7.39am. How I remember? Ticket there got time ma ^^
Then all stand. Eventhough got seats. We still stand. Do Perkhidmatan Sukarela xD
Then go Maluri there geh LRT station. Take LRT. RM1.20 to Jalan Hang Tuah. Hmm. I have no idea why in LRT time everyone keep laughing like got something funny happen nia. Then reach Jln Hang Tuah liao got people from Vi school wait for us there. Then escort us to their school. First go toilet first cause want change clothes ma. Go out cannot pamerkan BSM geh clothes geh. That is called menyalahgunakan lambang -.-
We not like Sien John xD
Then go dewan. Damn sien first first. All also cakap-cakap wan. Sien lorh. Then eating time liao.
Kalvinder and Sin Nee.

Afiq and Yogy.

After eat got performance. The nicest performance~

Their sketch. Damn nice and funny. =)

Then after that got game. This wan is musical chair. I bcome photographer for the whole day =)

This one second game. Don't know call what. But one girl and one boy must hold hand de. Then Do one long barisan, then when music starts the couple from either end must run to the other end and hold hand. Like London Bridge larh. So i was with this guy name Eugene.
That guy only Form 2 lerh -.- But still taller then me =)
I got prize for this though..hehe. One of the three last couple. So got present lorh. They call me cute nerh -.-
Then the person that suppose to gimme present de ask me give Eugene a hug.. EEW!!
I don't hug any guys!! But play play nia larh. So he just giv the present without the hug =)

3rd Game. Is.....One boy, one girl, tie the balloon at the feet then go around popping people's balloon. This game I didn't play. Afiq and Sin Nee played.

Wah, damn ganas -.-

Finally, appreciation certificate =)
And~ Group Pic =)
Their Info board. Damn nice~ All gold wan.
Outside had marching band practice. Kalvinder and Afiq got so engross in it -.-

Group pic outside the hall =)
Yogy, Afiq, Me, Kalvin and Nee.

The huge clock above the hall.
Nice scenery huh..

The small clock.

Time Square from VI.

Irfanah and Kalvin posing~

I don't know what Irfanah was talking about. But!! This pis is sooooo cute~ =)

The back of the school.
On our way to TS bus stop.
One of the wall of the Pudu Jail. Damn chunted!
We waited for bus for like 30 minutes? Haiz. Damn tired lorh. Then at Bt 9 I got down. Then I walk home. Wanted to walk to BB but I want go change clothes. Damn sweaty =x
Haha. That time damn hot the sun -.-
Stupid sun. Reach home liao then rain owh -.-ll
Then rest a while then only go BB lorh. BB nothing much I guess. I realise something today. Everytime in class I won't talk wan, correct bo? I always very tiam wan. Teacher ask something also I won't raise up my hand to answer. Only when teacher ask me then I will answer. Eventhough I know the answer, I won't scream it out loud. What am I afraid of? Why can't I just shout it out loud. So what if its wrong?
But normally what I'm thinking, its the answer what. Why is it so hard? Hmm, gotta cure that sickness. Then today drill? No drill larh. Today Sir want test teamwork. He say everyone must pace his footsteps. So everyone follow. Got once, run, wah, stomach pain pula -.-
Like the eat full full then run geh pain -.-
Sir ask me rest but I insist of running xD
So follow lorh. Run for like more than 4 rounds. Around the whole Bt 9. Damn shuang. Not tiring at all =)
Then go back SJKC Bt 9 then Yin Yee say her hp hilang. Ta lost her watch -.-
Sir ask all go ask around. Then the people there say got one man wear specs de took liao..haha
Then after a while, sir say found liao. Ask go back Church. Wah, we reach there, all dismiss time liao -.-
Then dismiss lorh. Cut short xD
Today finish 6.10pm. Damn rush lorh. Reach home, my dad haven't bathe eh. He go ba chi the bathroom -.-
So I wait lorh. I went in the bathroom at 6.20 then came out at 6.30. Normally will leave house at 6.30 de. Zadou -.-ll
Then some more need go one uncle house take forms for some event. Then some more outside jam -.-
Reach church at 7.10. Wah that time I damn sleepy lerh. Nvm. Tahan gila-gila this time xD
Some more headache -.-
I realise one more thing. Long time didn't sing liao xD
Everyday also so busy. Never with my laptop T.T
Miss it so damn muchie..
Tomorrow got go SS. Mabel will bring her school cf t-shirt =)
I simply buy..wakaka..yeng ma xD
Some more other school geh t-shirt owh ^^
I realise that I'm always the observer and never the observed.
When you observe, every hour, every minute, every seconds counts!