Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yup yup. Another day without school! Woots. ^^
Mum ask me not to go xD
Actually I sendiri didn't wanna go =x
Hmm. Yesterday was okay I guess.
Morning like normal school. Reach school only Pn Sakinah ask help with the prize giving ceremony..Yay, EST exhibition won third place and class drama won first =D
Hmm, lotsa goodiezzz! =)
Then stayed back for duty..
Was kinda boring cause lunch only two people. Sien dao -.-
Then met up with CM and the gang =)
Then go PS duty...normal duty, sweep floor and vacuum. Not very fun. Don't know why.
Then we go computer scan and print for folio =x
Haha. Then at 4.30 PS close, all balik.
Shagee send me till Nyky Bookshop nia cause I wanted to buy something.
So from there I walked home. Swts, I forgot bring house key to school -.-
Then reach liao I throw all my bags inside house then climb the gate. I don't know why, from high up I jump down -.-ll *stupiak me* x_x
Then sendiri tau the story larh -.-
Then go in house mum call. She say tonight she need to clean a house cause the next day, that is today, the owner wanna shift in liao.
So she ask me prepare all the stuffs for cleaning and when dad gets back, hop into the car and get there asap.
So okay, I get the stuffs ready and I went and do my essay which was suppose to be done during the holidays. Haiz. Was doing halfway, I fell asleep -.-ll
Thats normal larh xD
Then suddenly my dad woke my up and ask me to go liao. So I just got up, push the books aside, put all the stuffs in the car and off to PJ at 6.15pm!
Near PJ liao then it was raining. I was hungry, lucky I got bring the goodies from school wan. So I just ate one biscuit larh. The mickey wan.
Then reach liao, heavy rain. My dad have to speak to the condo geh guard to tell where he going all. Then gau tiam liao. Bring all the stuffs go up. Then start cleaning lorh. I mop 2 rooms at first. Then moved on to wiping the glass doors and the cabinets. Wah, san fu lorh. Wipe and clean till like 11pm liao x_x
Dinner pun belum makan -.-
Then I play play larh. That house gila banyak MIRROR!

The scenery up there damn nice lorh. Hmm, at 11.30pm we left that house and went to my uncle's house in Old Klang Road to send comforter. Then wan go eat geh. Taman Connaught all the shop close liao. So went to KFL. Ate DINNER at 11.45 xD xD Then reach home at 12.08am =) Hehe. I suggested to go help my mum today. But she say no need. She ask me stay at home play computer games xD

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hmm, on Friday I spent more than 2 hours to finish the BNTS report. I slept after 1am T.T
But the next day I got to know that must pass up on the 1st week of Sept -.-ll
So on Saturday I woke up at 10am. Wah damn early. Don't know wake up so early for what -.-
Oh yea, woke up to hafal the song xD
Then at 2.30 went to BB. Then got practice song a bit. Then fall in liao. Wah, first time got compliment from Sq ldr lerh!!! =)
He say very good xD xD
Then worship time shuang lorh =p
Then got sharing. Sir Tan so cute sia xD
The way he translate..wakaka..
Then games. Can't play the 2nd game T.T Cause leg pain..haiz..
But in BNTS also got play liao. So nvm larh =)
Then prize giving time...get target badge liao.hehe
Wah, Anson SGT sia!! Congrats to Lynn, CM, hj, yang, XIAO LYE!!!! Seph, LOIS!! wakaka...tumpang super duper gembira!! Eh forgot DOINK! Wakaka...congrats DOINK! =x
After BB I memang plan to walk home liao de. Cause in the afternoon I told dad that BB will end late so I not going church for mass. So he say okay. So okay larh.
Wah, rain walk back. One word = SHUANG! xD
As I was walking, I was walking slowly.
All kinds of WHYs came into my head.
I kept thinking why did I let go?
And now I'm thinking why am I still holding on?
I was walking really really slow.
I think after 15 minutes only I reached my house xD
Wow, my house is like 5 minutes away from BB nia xD
Okay nvm. Walking in the rain is always fun =)
Then reach home liao. I just sat in front of th TV thinking...hmm..
The TV was actually watching me xD
Then dinner and parents came back so I ate dinner.
So after dinner was online and sleep =)
Today, 24th August 2008..
Woke up at like 8am sumthing. Wah, sumore early @.@
Why do I like to wake up early? I also dunno xD
Then at 10.30am went for SS. Another day of skirts =)
Then reach there time Uncle Nelson not there. 11am liao. Still not there. 11.05 still not there -.-
11.06am he wanted to enter the class, then Brig go close the door. She tell him the normal words he would say to those latecomers...
"Eh you are 6 minutes late, sit outside and don't come in. Cause you're late!"
Haha..then he blurrly walked in and say..."true arh"
"But I teacher so nvm larh" xD xD
Haha. So we forgave him and started our lesson. The last lesson was on Sexuality so he asked the guys what they understand bout sex -.-
Lucky he never ask the girls. Haha.
Today's topic was on Loving God.
But normally Uncle Nelson class sure lari dari topic wan xD
So okay larh. First he ask can someone re-married.
Then got people say can, got people say no.
Brig ask can someone get married to the same person again..
Uncle Nelson ask back..."Why do you wanna suffer with the same person again?" Wah, zadou!
Then got one q in the book ask, What comes to your mind when sumone talks bout Valentines Day. Then Uncle say normally guys will buy chocolate, flowers..then he ask what more..Asha say ring..
Then uncle ask ring symbolizes what...Brig say..."SUFFERING" xD
Ring + Suffer = Marriage (Suffering) xD xD
Wakaka..damn funny larh today's class. Then he ask why do people get married. Then sleepy Gavin say to take care of child. Uncle ask back, what you need to get a child. Gavin answer, love. Then he ask Joshua...joshua say sex -.-ll
Then uncle say..yes, correct answer -.-ll
Haiz...whole class too HIGH liao -.-
Then uncle ask what do you understand bout love. I heard lert..then I was like, wth is lert??!
LOL. Then he say larh...normally teenagers get into puppy love. Then I thought I heard KOPI love -.-
Asha heard popular. Then she shouted "bookshop uncle, bookshop" -.-
Then we all create story say...if want that guy to like us, bring him to Starbucks then give him coffee then he will fall in love with us. Then I say coffee too expensive. Then Christina say just buy mineral water. So that's called water love xD
Then she say sky juice love better xD
Then uncle told one experience bout puppy love. Before he begun his story he said..
"Anyone wanna share their story? Now share no problem wan. But when you all nearly wanna get married, don't go share all your puppy love story with your future spouse larh. Cause for example if you tell your future spouse got one time you sad, you went and drink then mabuk liao you go sleep with xxxx then one day, after marriage if you come back home late then sure banyak masalah." xD
Then he say, especially the girls. They have very good memories for all these stuffs.
Then I say larh...sure the girls will remember larh. Cause normally only guys come home late ma. Girls where got go home late de xD
Ok then he carried on with his story..
He say last time he std 6 time, he got like this girl.
He was walking along this laluan then he pluck pne flower and put it on the hibiscus flower. He told his friend next to him. He say...if the girl walk pass here and pick the flower means she also like me. Then uncle stopped and say...don't ever trust your friends in love life. Cause they are normally the culprits. So then he continued...he say..after that the girl lalu there and plucked the flower. Then he say that his friend go tell that girl that uncle like her. Then the girl go complain to the principal -.-
Then uncle kena sebat lorh. Don't know larh. Last time school like that de.
Then his principal gave him a letter for his parents to sign. The principal say the next day he must pass up the letter with his parent's signature. He went home time he don't dare to tell his parents bout it. The next morning he woke up early and gave the letter to his mum. He say principal ask to sign. His mum was a headmistress larh. Then she read and say "go school and come back". Meaning come back time...arh... xD
But after he went home his mum never rotan him larh..juz advise larh. Haha.
I have no idea whats the moral of the story but it was kinda funny when he told it xD
Then after that we learn bout the good samaritan and lesson ended there. I said the closing prayer and all our of class xD
Brig ask to go for SOY but when reach home, it was raining. Wah, damn nice to sleep. haha.
At 4 something went to Giant. So didn't go SOY. After reach home time damn many funny thing happen. But I don't know how to write it down. It might not be funny in words but very funny in action xD NOrmal larh. the blurr me -.-
blurr me + my mum = surely sumting funny xD
Then dinner and blog =)
Nothin much. tmr school liao. Hw also havent do =x
Another 4 folios to go T.T

Friday, August 22, 2008

K lets begin. On 19th August I was at home whole day. It was basically a whole day online day xD
So nothing much happened on that day. It was kinda a bored day.
Moving on to 20th August. Woke up at like, erm, i forgot. Quite late then straight eat lunch xD
Then after that XL suddenly sms me to ask me to do the board. Then I was like, huh what board. Then she say for aniversary wan. Then I was like aha....
Then ok larh. I told her to gimme 15 minutes to bathe and walked to church. First, I went to the bookshop to buy Kavi's stationaries and also manila card for the board. So then went to church. It started to rain at 5pm. So I ran home =D
Then after arrive home, got ready for night's gathering in Wei Seng's house. The rain became heavier so I asked Sheryl to ask Wing Sze to fetch me from my house. Then at 6.45 we left.
Reach there Wei Seng wasn't at home. So we just lepak larh. Nothing much to do also. After a while the gang all come liao. So we started dinner and watched tv xD
Then got exchange present de. -.- No comment!
Hmm..then went home at 11 I think. Then the next day was drill camp so I slept kinda early xD
Then 21st August..
Woke up at 5.30am but slept back till 5.40 xD What's the big difference?? 0.o
haha. Then woke up and polish. And ate breakfast. Lucky this time I ate breakfast. =)
Cause normally I don't. Then walk to church with my mum cause my dad em fong sam I go alone in the dark. Hehe. Then walking halfway saw Cm. -.- He just drove pass. Then my mum complain xD Not I complain. Haha. Then after a while, Jess pula horn at me and ask me to naik her car. Ok lorh. Then reach church liao. Straight fall in -.-
Then first task was to run up to Tmn Cheras Permai -.-ll
I nearly died but still alive xD
haha. Ok larh. It was kinda hard cause it's up the HILL!
Then reach there run around bsb court 5 rounds and did some pumping. And then watch the more senior people drill. Suddenly Hui Min fall. Wah, I got shocked! 0.o
Then after that we went to the back court and we were suppose to clean up the place. All don't know what to do. Some more no teamwork. Got a few people just sit there nia. Like they don't even care. Shuen larh! If in bnts sure die liao all. Even if we were able to clean the place also sure die wan. So okay, I suggested to borrow the brooms from de penghuni there larh. Sumore cause Gwei Fang stay there de marh. So went her house borrow lorh. Then cleaning halfway suddenly must fall in liao. Those who never clean ma easy lorh. Straight fall in nia. Hmm.
So then carried on with drill till like..hmm I have no idea what time! I couldn't actually keep track on time -.-
Then it was lunch time!! =)
I have absolutely no selera to eat! Haiz. Then after that had a lot time more so we did worship.
And also a few lame jokes from Cheng Fong -.-
The first time hear nice larh. But 2nd time? Felt a lil bit irritated -.-
Then after that Primer taught how to do GOH..hmm..
I felt irritated by him too -.-
He's like the person that is smart but trying to act dumb..that's just kinda pure dumb. He doesn't appreciate what God has gave him ...........
Hmm..then learn learn learn lorh. Till 5pm then end liao. So just sit in church and chat wit all my friends. Till I feel like going home. Just go home larh xD
How nice if my life was always do whatever you want, whenever you like xD
haha. It would be so much fun-ner!
When I reach home, my mum also reach liao. So we sat down and did a mother-daughter talk xD
Quite fun larh. Cause I get to tell her whatever I feel. Hmm..our main topic was bout BSM though. She ask me to quit and join St John. Hmm. Cause I already have the uniform also larh xD
Then after that Brig called. 2 bad news T.T
Aunty Marianna had miscarriege and Theresa, the girl that met accident that day..she was admitted into hosp again cause that day her mum was bathing her, suddenly she had fits. Haiz..
That's all for now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friends are just what I need! x3 Hehe.
Actually I wrote half of the story of what happened on 15th August but too bad I just erased all of it. I don't think it should be writen here. It should only be kept in mind and not in heart. I did what I was suppose to do and am proud of it. No matter what the outcome is, I'm glad I did it. And also with the help of a few friends. They brighten my day when it was filled with darkness. I love them, and they know it.
"The whole point of having friends is so that you never suffer alone, the world sucks and we all know it. So what do we do? We let it suck, but we try and make the best of it by being with each other"
"I'm starting to thank the people who betrayed me because it has made me the person I am today. Trusting no one doesn't mean not expressing your feeling. It only means you learn to keep them in"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from BNTS, basic NCO training school =)
Okay lets make it into a story..
Date:16-18 August 2008
Venue:SK Methodist, PJ
Author:felicia(batman xD)
1st day..
Got up at 5.40 to get ready to go church. Left church around 7.30am and off to S.K.M, PJ.
Reached there at 8 sumthing I think. So then we just sat down at one corner with both our s.sgts..juz kheng gai and all larh. Then after a while a few members greeted us. One of them are sgt Kelvin if I'm not mistaken. HE'S ONLY 16!
But he's short =x
Then 8.30 d. Me and Lynn were like wheres the girls? All coming in are guys. Then we thought like, sei lorh all guys nia.
But after a while girls from 2nd Subang came and we made friends with them.
So then 8.45 d. We were like so eager to register ourselve. So we ask sc whether can register ready or not. Then Fong was like, but no people register also. Then sc say, you all be the first larh. Lynn greeted one madam and said good afternoon-.- I also terikut -.-ll
Then we ask her whether can register ready or not. She said don't know and ask us to ask another officer. So okay, we proceeded to another madam near the register booth. We greeted her and ask whether can register. She point to us the booth and ask us to ask the officer sitting there. So we went to the booth, got ourselve registered, get our schedule, books and baju =)
When it was 9.01am, Sir Joe started shouting. He shouted...
"Why you all havent register? What is the time now? And can't you all take a look at the schedule paste everywhere in the canteen to inform all of you the time? Now is after register time, and only one company had register. Whoever that has not register themselve, please carry up your bags and leave this place now!!!
Everyone got shocked and stunted!
haha...Then many gave excuse then suddenly sir ask us to run!! hehe..girls 2 rounds around the field and guys 5 rounds. Then came back he say want reasons. He say discuss 30 seconds and report back to him. But more than 30 sec liao. So run again. Came back time need to line up. The first person came in nia, start time. Till the last person, more than 30 secs liao. So run again -.-
Then, finally someone requested more time to discuss..so okay fine, we got the time. Btw, we, those people that already registered also have to run =)
Then in the end everything was settled. Everyone carried their bags and placed in into the dorms. Fall in at the bsb court. It was time for opening ceremony. Everyone just stood there like a puppet. No one knew what to do till Sir Joe asked. So then L.Cpl Johnathan reported and Sir ask him what to do now. Everyone discussed and everything was carried on normally. But there were a few rounds of running for girls and a few push ups for guys in between xD
Overall it was kinda okay larh. Not very tough. Hmm.
After fall out, we were not suppose to take off our caps but me and Lynn didnt know so we 2 kena run 2 rounds around bsb court -.-
Then proceeded to class activity. I was in sq 3 with cheng fong. My sq got 12 members and only 2 girls. And FYI, this bnts had 88% percent of NCO and wow, my sq had only 3 pte -.-
So everyone was like damn pro d. So our first lesson was on Pioneer. I volunteered to read the first. So was kinda okay larh. Then suddenly Sir Stuart came in. I have no idea why am I scared of him xD
Then he suddenly ask Fong what is discipline. When Sir was explaining, I wrote what he said. Fong was stunted so he did not answer. Then Sir pointed to me and I gave the full meaning of discipline and add up with courage. He gave me a VERY GOOD and said I have saved Fong's life 0.o
Then we proceeded with couchings from Sir T.T Koh. And also with the help of S.Sgt Christopher Chia (Lame person that looks, sound, act like chen onn -.-)
After that was lunch, everyone got scolding for screwing up lunchtime xD
After that class continued with meetings. This time again Sir Stuart question me -.-
When he ask bout consensus, I was like wth is that. I just smiled at him and he said..
"Haha, I caught you here. You feel pressured when I ask you question"
xD xD xD xD Aiyo, he ask me to wait, he went on with another person and question me back.
This class was conducted by Madam Katherine. I realise when she talk like got no reaction wan xD
Then after that was drill. We played a game. Kenneth sat beside me and Lynn on my right. First turn to the right so Lynn sleeps on me. Okay larh. Then the next round turn left -.-ll Kenneth sleep on me pula. I use one leg support. dont know why my left leg cant support at all. So better use one nia. After that, drill a bit. Sir say he giv us time, he dont bother we use what time. Just set up one timing and everyone follow.
So then after that was wash up. The girls had lotsa time to wash up but....the guys only had 25 secs to be in the bathroom xD
I have no idea how they did it but according to Sir, it's a good job xD
Then carry on with dinner and all of us had a round of applause for a good job. Then was classes again on planning. During this lesson all like damn sleepy liao. But still carry on larh. This class was conducted by S.sgt chris...he's so lame larh!!
no comments on that.
Hmm..after that was supper. KENA MARAH T.T
Cause of assuming larh. Haiyo...
not one person larh, all...
Then 11.45 lights off....
2nd day...Lynn and I woke at 5.30am and also with Sherine from 2nd Subang. Then we went and brush our teeth then suddenly saw Sir Stuart -.- He ask why so early wake up. We say just to get ready. He say next time follow schedule, that is to wake at 6.30. Then after that we just enter our dorm and chit chat. Then at 6 sumthing suddenly saw Sir Joe standing at the bsb court. We thought he was just taking fresh air -.-
Then suddenly saw all the boys fall in, wake all the girls up and rush there..then ready for wash up and change into BNTS t-shirt. Then did exercise with the lead of L.Cpl Bryan Leong =) He looks exactly like danial Jude and also talks like him -.-ll
Then Sir keep questioning us bout the timetable given out. Haiyo, that part paling teruk wan. He ask one person to read the whole schedule and ask the rest to repeat the whole thing -.-ll
Then finally at 7.55am we ate breakfast and off to church for service.
Service was okay I guess. I mean something new to me. It was kinda slow larh. At least mass is more lively =)
After service all get pumping again -.-ll Forgot for what liao. Haiz. Then back to school for classes on characters. We played a game of labeling. Got 3 labels larh. The last all of us get to keep and mine was "tell me it's ok, but don't do what I say"
Omgosh, you know how annoying I felt when everyone keep saying it's ok, it's ok, it's ok??!!
After that was lunch, after lunch we had time so we decided to practice drilling, this time Sir gave us a round of applause! ^^
But after that all kena pump again cause got people never tie the rubbish bag -.-ll
After that was class on presentation. First of all individual presentation. We were divided into groups of 2 to discuss. We were all kinda sleepy so Sir T.T gave us sweet. Then AGAIN Sir Stuart came into the class -.-ll
He ask madam when felicia presenting. Then he say, when felicia presenting please call me. I want to sit right in front of her and listen to her speak -.-ll Again Sir T.T gave us food -.-
Then began presentation. Bryan's presentation on "Escape plan of BNTS" damn funny xD Got agenda all wan xD
Then when Sir Stuart came in again, I was called out. My presentation was on what happen in BSM. So then after everyone perform, the judge, Madam Katherine gave some comments. She said mine had a great conclusion.
Then we were inform that there were an additional program for the night. That is group presentation =) Before we leave the class, Sir t.t gave us OREO!! Hehe. He say after the presentation all of us can share the oreo =)
Ok then drill again. We played a game that has something to do with communication xD
I was the comunicator, I had to shout from one end to the other to guide Su Teng. She was blind-folded...haiyo damn hard..I had to shout lik damn freaking loud man! Lucky we had a tactic, that is to use BM. Others used english so all kelam-kabut. So we managed to get 2nd place =)
Before wash up Sir stuart talked to me. He say that he was glad that I stood up for my rights and not let them defeat me. He was glad that I have courage in me and feels sad that my commitee did not stand up for me.
So then was wash up and also dinner =)
After dinner we decided to discuss bout the presentation. But no time d cos got class.
So continue classes with sweets xD And a communication game..
In communication game a lot happen larh. And theres this cpl that says its ok to have 2 wives -.-
After that had supper and also the presentation. But before that all the girls were asked to shift dorms cause the guys don't have enough space.
According to the Cpl that is soooooo a big mouth, he say the first night Suresh didnt sleep cause they say they will do sumting to him -.-ll
damn bad they all. Kesian suresh..
Then presentation time. Had only 7 minutes to discuss. We dont even know the storyline. Swts man!
So first, Lynn's sq present. The discipline teacher damn funny. Aiyo, kesian the motor xD
Then sq 3, my sq. All damn kelam-kabut man. It was suppose to be superman, he said spiderman -.-ll
Then first when the narrator intro us 3 superheroes, superman, batman and catwoman, we have to do a pose larh. I came in a car with catwoman. So I drove the car and did my pose -.- So lame. Bryan damn funny larh. He tried to be catwoman! But dont know what he doing xD
Somehow I dont really understand the story but all of us had fun larh. Haha. We can hear the crowds giving responds and laughing their heads off xD
When peterpuss came in, it was funny larh xD
He suddenly ask to dance, so all of us dance xD
Willis is sooooo funny xD
Miss them so much eh! Especially the way they irritates me xD
Then after that Sir t.t said good job and lites off at 12.45.
3rd day(assessment day)
Woke up at 5.30 to polish everything. Then went and wash face. Then fall in kena marah cause never bathe -.-ll Then first do exercise. Bryan lead us..He ask to do star jump. When he say 1, we jump. Then he said 1, we jump, 2, we jump then suddenly he say ahhh~ (Cause he having backache) then we were like huh?~
Then we were all suppose to bathe, they ask us to go chg into bathing attire but the girls decided to only take out boots. So fall in time Sir gave us 20 secs to wear back our boots. We finish it in like 38 secs..So all girls kena 18 times pump.
Then go bathe. All girls pura2 like got bathe. Actually never bathe also. Then ended up having breakfast at 8.30 -.-ll
Then when everyone kept their stuffs, fong was punished to stand in de bsb court. Then when everyone fall in, everyone was ordered to get down and Sir ask Lynn to do the counting while Fong put on his boots. He kena marah cause before bathe sir oredi told us to not wear uniform without boots.
After setting up and getting ready for breakfast, suddenly Sir Stuart say all go in class and start assessment. Without thinking any further, everyone rushed to classroom -.- Then kena call back to fall in. Then kena soal larh why we all ran to class and all..He ask why didnt anyone spoke out and ask for extra time to eat...
Then he say rewind back xD So go back to place and prepare to eat. Then suddenly again Sir say go class and do assessment. Then Lauren went and gave reasons that is we gonna do assessment so we need breakfast..hmm..
then sir say not correct so Samuel Ong said that majority wants breakfast. So sir say ok. So carried on with breakfast and after that was assessment. When wanna go for assesment right, our sq still got 3/4 of roti canai on the table. Nobody wanted to eat lerh. So sir t.t came and help eat a bit. Then we divided it larh. Assessment! It was okay. A 4 page long answers xD
It was actually okay larh. Not that difficult also larh.
After that we thank all our coaches, too bad S.sgt went home -.-
Then was closing ceremony. Conducted by our MC, Lauren =)
With 3 more representative from each sq..
My sq Aaron went. He's so funny and cute..
Then Lauren ask for representative to share from each sq and each coy. I volunteered for my sq and Lynn and Fong volunteered for our coy. When share time I just crap nia xD
I felt damn funny man. I mean like normally whatever I say in front like no one will listen. This time like got feedback larh. When I just say something funny like, we learnt a lot a lot a lot a lot..then they started laughing 0.o
Haha. It was okay I guess. Just to boost up my confidence level =)
Then lunch time, girls had to prepare the food but Sir tan and Sir loh were there so we just went and talk to them and so a bit of work only. So then after changing to casual, all started eating lar. I mean lunch was kinda fun. I just take the kettle of water nia, Sir Joe say I taking HIS water -.-
Then I told Aaront that the chicken tasted like MILO xD
Wakaka..he and me same de. Always eat damn slow wan.
Willis and the gang keep saying wait larh tonight, wait larh -.-
Then after that was erm...just normal taking photos and all..
Hmm, I think in this post its kinda boring but if you're there, you will never be bored. Every single hour, minutes and seconds is fun. We really had lotsa fun and gained a lot of experience. Normally we assume stuff but we learned that if you don't know anything, feel free to ask. Its not wrong. And, owh, teamwork! Work together =)
And most important...be punctual..learn to manage ur time smartly!! I guess thats all for now. If I can remember sumthing else then i'll add it up. Cause now its like 1.04am and I'm freaking sleepy!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Damn ...... up day!
In the beginning of school was all A OKAY!
But my back seriously hurts like hell!
I have no idea why..
Yesterday Brig, Pavi and I planned to continue the suffering (painting the words) today.
So okay. So we skipped Sivic and went to the ICT Lab to find HOAB. (Code name, named by Pavi)
Hmm, we couldn't find her there so went to Bilik Guru. Brig had migrain today -.-
So I went in and her for her permission to do the work.
Then she said okay and she ask to help find some information on how to access the internet.
So fine, we went to the lab and started on painting. Then recess time. Hem brought sandwiches for all of us. So we went recess first while waiting for the paint to dry up.
After recess, we continued from where we stopped. After finish, we cleaned up everything and wanted to get started on helping teacher find the informations.
We gave a long speech to the teacher in the lab to just allow us to use the damn pc -.-
After a minute trying to switch on the pc and while the pc was on-ning, HOAB appeared.
She say stop everything we were doing and go do the paintings for the ICT lab thingy.
That time we were actually planning to rest and after a while maybe go back to class for BM.
Then she suddenly call us do work.
Brig was trying to off the pc when suddenly HOAB shouted and asked her to off the pc -.-
Then she just handed to us the letters to paint. Then Pavi ask me what subject now. I saib BM and we were talking bout not wanting to miss class. Then suddenly HOAB shouted and ask us whether we were listening to what she was saying. Damn ...... up you know?!
We wanted to go back to class but none of us just have enough guts to voice out. Anyway, she's a teacher, she should know that we are having class and that we skipped classes just to do the PBSM work, for the sake of PBSM right. But now she asking us to do her SHYT?!!
WTF? We are not even asked to HELP! We are ORDERED! Shyt her man!
I don't have a clue what shyt will happen to BSM!
Then Pavi was being all grumpy cause of the way HOAB was treating us. She treated us like her damn MAID and SLAVES!
Then when we got out of the lab to complete the work, Pavi started complaining. Eventhough Brig and I felt the same feeling, we kept quiet. Cause we know what to expect d.
Then Pavi complained the whole time. Then we were suppose to paint the letters pink in front and blue at the side but it all ended up being purple! xD
Then Pavi say just leave it. Then she shouted larh.
"She asking us to do her bleedy job. If she thinks its not perfect like what she wanted, ask her to do herself! -.-"
Damn geng man she!! =)
Then she was complaining and complaining larh. She asked Brig and I..
"How you 2 tahan arh? You 2 can be so damn calm arh?"
That time she was REALLY REALLY GRUMPY!
Then I told her larh. Everything has its first time. You can't expect everything to work out just the way you want it. Like for example today, we expect to get back to class by BM, but ended up doing some shyt there -.-
So we just gotta telan it larh.
Hmm..then she went all calm d.
Brig was having migrain again, so she rested at the side. Suddenly teacher came out and asked her what she was doing. Brig say she not feeling well. Then teacher suddenly ask her, she not feeling well or what. Shyt man! Can't your big bloody eyes see she's sick?!! Then she went in d.
Then we finished doing the shyt d.
She ask whether must tell that woman that we were done xD
That time teacher was at the door xD
I saw teacher, Brig also saw but how are we suppose to tell Pavi bout it. If we tell her that HOAB was there, sure HOAB will syaki something right. But when Pavi was keeping the paint, she was jumping under the stairs, trying to tell us teacher was there -.-
Haha, she saw HOAB larh. If not sure she will kutuk her more wan xD
Then finally we get to go back to class. After missing more than 3 lessons!
Then we told everything to Pn Melati larh. Haiz. Felt damn frust man! We sacrificed our studies for BSM and the HOAB asked us to do shyt for her -.-ll
Went in class liao, addmaths teacher was rushing. He say he counted liao. Left 8 weeks till exam.
Haiz. Stress man! I don't know how to handle it anymore!
I barely talked to anyone except Brig and Pavi today! Missed Moral which must do folio!
Came home liao. Online. Haiz. Then some more people ask me do things. WTS man! I'm not even suppose to bother bout you!
Its your problem if you don't know wth she was talking bout. I asked you to find a way to contact her if you can't be there. Then you just gave me her damn number. I told you I have her num, so what?
I say I'll help you msg her. And then I ask you what to msg her. You said you don't know. Then wts you gave me her num for?
Then I say I'll help you ask her to call you. Then suddenly you said.
"Haiz, girls."
WTS man?!! What has this got to do with gals? Its your problem you don't understand her msg and its your bloody problem you can't get out of your house. I'm just helping you with it!
Stop pressuring me like I'm incharge of doing your bloody work!
Tomorrow gotta stay back in school again to finish up all the work for installation day. Haiz. And at night got mass T.T
I feel like killing myself. But cannot. I have much more things to get done before I kill myself. Haiz. The world is spinning too freakingly fast. And nothing seems to be in order. Damn, I still have 2 essays and 1 karangan to be done!
I don't think I have enough time to do!
I don't even have the knowledge of doing it! My brain is just so damn jammed up!
I don't feel like doing anything after this tiring and ...... up day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today damn tired sia.
School went on like normal and ended like normal.
After school had koko.
Hmm, Brig, Pavi and I didn't go for lintas hormat cause Brig was suppose to do the words for installation day. So Pavi and I helped her. First, Pavi was fooling around then kena marah -.-
Then everyone was like super duper seriously doing work. But we were talking while doing larh. Then when wanna reach 4pm liao, teacher say want close the lab dy..so she ask us finish faster. Then she ask whether finish liao mei. Brig say a few more to cut. Then she suddenly scolded us. Saying who ask us to talk so much. Bleedyhell! We were talking while doing the damn words man!
Damn her shyt man!
Then teacher rushed us again lorh. Fine, we did like super damn fast. Then want keep time I ask her whether got plastic or not. She say no worh -.-
So i ran up to PSS to take lorh. When I coming down time I saw Zaheerah holding like damn many plastics. Damn her larh!
Then we started painting larh. Till like nearly 5pm.
Wah, that time dehydrated liao T.T
Then after that walk home. From Perimbun to Suntex xD
That time weather damn freaking hot. Some more dehydrated -.-
Reach home liao feel so damn dizzy x_x
Okay..forget bout all that..
I really feel so so so so so tak puas with something.
Just imagine...you're on a road and you come to a junction. Its either left or right.
Left, you will die. Right also you will die. So? Just stop?
But somehow you have to choose either road. Damn shyt! So gonna die de. Can't do anything -.-
One more thing is..LEMBU PUNYA SUSU, SAPI DAPAT NAMA! That always, I repeat! Always happen to me!
Since the day I was born!
Haiz. Only one person knows what I'm talking bout. Better forget it. Like he said!
Really damn frust bout it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

La la la..kinda bored so decided to blog. Nothing much on daily stories.
Another huge decision to make in 2 days time T.T
Installation or BNTS?
Haiz. It always happens between BSM and BB -.-
So erm..actually I go for BNTS, in BSM also got use de. So 80% of my mind decided to go for BNTS.
But yesterday Afiq smsed me and say if I can't go for installation day, don't tell him. Straight tell Pn Jacqueline -.-ll
I scared to talk to her lerh. She so damn garang T.T
That day dah larh Brig sudah kena firing T.T
Nvm. I try talk to Pn Rosminah xD
She might let me off..hehe..
Btw, I have a collection of Monokoroboo's -.-
And I don't even name it as my favourite -.-
I have the keychain, t-shirt, bag and also watch 0.o
I love my new bag sia. My bro gave it to me. Mum say he bought it long time ago and kept it in his room. Why I never noticed de??
Anyway, today went SS. Actually didn't wanna go but went larh -.-
So today Fr Andrew's class. Throughout his class damn senyap. Like bilik mayat sia.
Everyone like nothing to talk nia. GAvin was sleeping again -.-
The topic for today is sexuality AGAIn -.-
Swts larh. Damn sien d always listen to this topic. Cause everything also we know liao.
Haiz. Instead of using the term sex, they changed it to genital expression xD
Haha. Fr say that growing up is never a straight line. There will always be challenges that everyone has to face. Unless you're dead. Yup.
I hate weekends though. Its always boring T.T
Mum and dad went to uncle's house to pray for the ghost de I think. Didn't wanna go cause feeling damn sleepy. This morning I planned to wake up early to do SS homework but I woke up in time to bathe and go church nia. LOL
Nothing much to write larh. Actually got a lot but too bad I forgot -.-
Holiday time nothing to do arh? Got larh..STUDY! =)
I realise whenever I look at them I feel so discriminated. I feel that I'm so down under earth and they're all above heavens. They are always the pro and I'm always the dumber one.
I don't know exactly why. I don't dare to speak out for myself. I'm afraid to be teased or maybe I'm just afraid to accept the truth. Lack of confidence makes it all so difficult T.T
Even a simple question asked in class, I wil answer it in mind but never in words.
Why can't I speak out when it is all the truth? Is it that difficult to just speak out what I think and what I feel?
What is it that is lacking in me? Self-confidence? When will I get it back? Shyness? How do I overcome it? Or just plain blurrness? Nah, I don't think so..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

K lets begin..
Now I would like to introduce the author of this blog.
She's a typical chinese girl with a mixture of 25% japanese blood =)
Love her mum very much, dad and brother a bit only. xD jkjk. Love all her family members. Just don't like a few xD
Next, she was delievered to the world on 30th July 1992. Not sure bout the time. But according to her mum, she came out without a sound. Even when the doctor hit her back, she kept quiet. Just staring around, observing. Then the doctor had to poke something sharp into her throat then only she started to make her first move, that is to cry out loud =)
Dad wasn' there when she was born. Hmm, even her uncle had to send her mum to hospital when her mum's waterbag broke.
So then she grew up in a quite stable family. Happily enjoyed Christmas every year with all her family members even from Penang, JB and Singapore. All will be at her house celebrating.
But this is a very very naughty girl I tell you.
Her first big punishment from her mum was to get out of her house. This happened when she was 4 xp
Can't believe she was that naughty huh? =)
After a few years, she shifted house. A new environment to get use to. Her cousins on her dad's side, all were boys. She was really pampered by all her elder cousins and she loved them so much =)
On her Open House day, she fell from her bike xD
She was 7 that time. She and her cousin brothers had a bicycle race down the hill. Her cousins cheated her and she rode as fast as possible on a bike that had no break. How dumb was that?
Hmm. Moving on. She really enjoyed her primary school a lot. She had so many friends. And she often got 1st place in class. Every year she will be on stage receiving certificates and also presents! ^^
She made her parents proud!
In standard 2, one guy fell for her and gave her flowers at her hands. She was shocked but eventually that guy shifted school and it became a joke till today xD
She fell for guys when she was standard 4 -.-
She fell for a guy that was 4 years elder then her.
She didn't know what to do but to just hide her feelings.
Before she knew it, she excel in her UPSR and moved on to form 1.
In Form 1, she made friends with so many other students from other primary school. Eventhough she faced lotsa problems during that time, she was able to get back on track and saved all her friendships.
In form 1, it was her first time when someone said 'I like you'. She fell for the same guy too but it was too late. So she moved on with her life and with someone else.
From the first class, she fell to the second. Her class teacher asked her whether its because of that guy, she answered no and studied harder. That year, she got together with the guy she fell for when she was in standard 4. How sweet was that? The next year she fell from 2nd class to 3rd. She was in total depress but it wasn't obvious.
In form 3, she had lotsa conflicts in the beginning of the year but she again managed to hold on to the friendship she built.
She made more friends and excel in her PMR. There she was, back at track again =)
She felt happy to be in the same class with the guy she fell in love with....
And the story goes on till the day she dies. This is only a summary of what happened from 30th July 1992-31st Dec 2007 ^^
*Btw, she got sent out of her house 3 times already, but still she's living in her house xD*
It might seem that this girl had lotsa conflict in her life. But in all this conflicts, there will always be friends around her to comfort and bring joy to her..
She's happy and glad to have friends that supports her back and never let her fall, maybe some made her fall but they are forgiven =)
Okay, thats all for her story. Lets begin with her attitude..
Behind the scenes of a girl name Felicia Kok Jing Ping...
Lets see if we all know her..
[x]Cares for others more then herself
[x]Thinks she has everything (materials)
[x]Always perasan cute and pretty
[x]Thinks she's stupid
[x]Kinda selfish
[x]Hates sharing food with others
[x]Dislikes her dad =x
[x]Love her handphone so much
[x]Gave up on GBR
[x]Loves to cry
[x]Loves to smile but not laugh
[x]Once start laughing, she won't stop
[x]A bit sakai-ish
[x]Advise, but not do the same
[x]A bit boy-ish
[x]Very loud at home
[x]Quite soft in school
[x]Loves singing A LOT
[x]Hopes to learn to play the piano
[x]Loves writing poem
[x]Loves blogging
[x]Loves being somewhere other than house
[x]Loves Penang food
[x]Very fierce
[x]Likes learning bout the Bible, but could never remember the verse -.-
[x]Money-minded xD
[x]Always give others what she likes
[x]Always ask others for suggestion
[x]Never making a decision herself
[x]Very manja
[x]Loves addmaths a lot
[x]Dream to be a singer
[x]An animal lover x3
[x]Likes to get involved in everything
[x]Always keep everything to herself
[x]Only talks when its neccessary
[x]If you don't ask her anything, she won't tell
[x]Easily get hurt
[x]Easily get angry
[x]Makes people feel guilty everytime xD
[x]Feel the guilt even if it's a small matter
[x]Loves pink, white and black
[x]Very weak
[x]Likes getting sick =x
[x]a dependant person
[x]Loves shorts, instead of 3 quarter pants
[x]Loves accessory but never have time to wear them
[x]Loves fastfoods
[x]Love juice more then carbonated drinks
[x]Always can't make decision on what to eat or drink
[x]Enjoy helping others
[x]Loves compliments
[x]Hate comparisons
[x]Always sleeping
[x]Like to waste money on sms-ing
[x]Very childish
[x]Voice like small kid xD
[x]Super duper shy person
[x]Always afraid of losing sumone whom she love
[x]Hates giving up
[x]Walks weirdly
[x]Normally won't stand up for herself, but will stand up for others 0.o
[x]Chubby =)
[x]Runs weirdly
[x]A little too sensitive
Hmmm...do you even know the real her? Or you just know the fake her?
Well, whatever it is, she will always remain the same her. She will never change for anyone nor anything. Love her the way she is and not try to change her. Respect her decisions for what she decided will never be changed. If you see her, smile at her and wave at her. She does not make the first move cause many of it was her defeat.
That's the story of our author and lets now say bye bye! ^^ CHIOWZ!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hmm. Today in school had raptai for watikah. It was kinda ok. Not that kelam kabut =)
No more pembawa dulang..hehe..
Then after that bio no teacher, maths no teacher..after recess learnt physics.
Then get BM paper and no sj teacher -.-
Useless day!
Hmm..then after school koko..went for pss meeting..do something and went for netball meeting just to ambil kedatangan xD
Then wait outside for Asha's mum, aunty Shubi =)
Then at around 4.45, went to HUKM. Hmm, when wanna enter the wad, I felt like fainting. The way I imaged Theresa was way different from reality!!
I made myself brave enough to actually walk into the wad and look at her. She was okay..
Just her mouth wasn't at the normal place and her head had lotsa stiches..
Her hand was filled with plaster. She say she had 16 injections. Her left hand got swollen so the doctor hafta inject on the other hand. Haiz. Her left eye can't close. She can't turn to the left or she'll feel dizzy. Then Brig, Asha and Diane fed her porridge. I didn't cause unexperience xD
Haha. But she'll be okay =)
After that we went to visit one old nun. I forgot her sickness. Diane say when you carry something heavy then dunno what what xD
Then went to Arthur's wad. But he wasn't there. Only a TEDDY BEAR there -.-
Then went to operation room to wait larh. Haiz. Wait till damn long. Finally at 6 something he came out. So we just said hi and left for home.
In the car a lot things happened man!
Aunty Shubi talked bout teenagers problems larh. Cause Brig all in love what. Aunty say must discuss with parents all this things wan. And parents must also be open minded.
Hmm, then she say parents must guide children like flying a kite. When you fly a successful kite, sometimes you pull, sometimes you let go..So parents gotta know their children well to know when to hold on and when to let go..Then halfway hearing, my dad called -.-
He shouted at me on the bloody phone -.-ll
Haiz. Then reached home at 8pm. Damn tired larh. Bathe then eat =)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nothing much to say.. hmm..
my results really sux..dunno what happened...
1E, 2D? Anyway, I don't really care also..
Cause I already know I'll get that result =)
Today Irfanah broke my bottle! Today Irfanah broke my bottle!
Today Irfanah broke my bottle! Today Irfanah broke my bottle!
And...I lost my memory of what happened on 4th August!
I lost my memory of what happened on 4th August!
Other than that...
One of my friend met an accident!
Half of her skull cracked, jaw all broke, teeth all broke and backbone injuries!
Please pray for her!! T.T
I'm sad cause I made teachers sad...Hmm..hope I don't repeat the same thing again. Sorry teach!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hmm...friday I got present sumore =) From kai zhen, jm and also yee lian..
This cute lil bunny with a LOVE on it ^^
I thought it was a normal hp accessory until Sunday. Hmm. I hang it on my bag cause I'm not allowed to hang it on my hp. Ps.
Normally go SS time I will put my hp on my bag de. Then while waiting for one uncle to fetch me to church, sudd it flash ^^
So cute lerh. Then I checked my hp. See got new msg =)
Till sunday oni i realise how special it was..Thx guys! Appreciate it a lot!!
Then I decided to switch place to hang..
Nice combination?
Hmm..watever larh.
K lets start with stories..
Hmm..saturday? Hmm..woke up at 6.10am =)
Then went school at 7am. Normal BSM activities carried out. But today not really normal cause 2 pegawai cabang came. Came 1st to check uniform and second to give some advice. He tell us that its okay not to be good in kawad cause kawad is not the base of BSM. The base of BSM is to serve humanity. Lend a helping hand to those in need of it. And don't care whatever other uniform people tell us or even tease that their kawad is way better than us, especially St John cause St John actually has forgotten that their base is also not kawad. Is saving lives. The pegawai say if you love kawad so much, go join KRS or kadet polis xD
It all ended at 10 something, that is after the penutup then all the AJK kumpul at 5 Alfa kheng gai xD
Then practice 'Standing In The Eyes Of The World' =)
Love that song. Then Hjun came my house. Hjun, Sheryl and I went market together lorh ^^
Damn happy..first time going MARKET with friends xD
Go at around 10.40 then came back at 11.30 xD
So long we walk..
Then me and Hjun eat lorh. At 12.30 I started polishing then me and Hjun talk lorh. She checked my hp xD
Then I fell asleep xD
At 1.20 like that, Jit Hau came with motor and fetch her home. Then I was alone again -.-
Haiz. Then I bathe and get ready for BB lorh.
Then go BB lorh. Tk ish!! I talked to him, then he ignored me. Then the next moment, he turn around then ask me when I came owh -.-
Then nvm larh. Bible class..Chged group liao. My group leader is Joshua Ong =)
Group members ...Josh Ng, Daniel Ng, Josh BH and Samson. Haha. All the Josh in my group xD
Then sumore the ending part we get the highest mark =)
Then start sd lorh. Ok larh this time. Melvin lead good lerh =)
Then drill liao. Learnt belakang pusing. I realise most of the drill way all same like St John de. BSM wan damn diff lorh. That day I go BSM kawad, wah I sudd damn blurr @.@ All I do wrong.
Then after dismiss I see my dad haven't come de. So I just lepak larh =)
Then finally my dad came at 6.25 to fetch me. Reach home my mum say go church. I wanted to bathe but my dad entered the bathroom so I just change clothes and off to church -.-
Then reach home at 9pm.
Bathe and eat. Then watch "I do, I do" xD
Nice lerh that show =)
Then sleep at 10.30pm =)
Then today, sunday, 3rd August 2008. Woke up at 9am. Then get ready for church and waited for the uncle to come fetch me. Then reach church at 10.55. Entered class and lesson started. Today's title = The gift of sexuality from God -.-
The meaning of sexuality is not SEX! Its about the character and everything bout an individual!
Divided into groups again -.-
Again all the Joshua in my group -.-ll
Joshua William and Joshua Navin -.-
Then we discussed bout how do you live out the virtues of purity, modesty and self-control..
My group didn't really give a lot ideas cause all so tiam wan -.-
I do the writting lorh, as usual.
K so...the points..
1. Praying/Youth activities
2. Surround ourselve with positive things
3. Controlling feelings
4. Getting the right knowledge
5. Stay AWAY from porn
6. Setting boundaries
7. Seeking guidance from older people
8. Mix and mingle with the correct people
9. Think before you act
And according to the Catholic law, condoms are not encouraged when having sex.
Hmm, if God really want both the couple to have a baby, nothing can stop it.
Aiyo, then Josh ask...any way of having sex also can arh? No rules right? Then Jacky also explain. There is no right or wrong in the position of having sex -.-
Then Josh ask again..If use handcuff also can arh? -.-ll
Then teacher say use wip also can -.-ll ZADOU!!
Then Josh say, okay, today I go buy handcuff -.-ll
Then teacher say not at the age of 16!! Then Josh replied, I buy for the future -.-ll
argh!! they are crazy!!
Teacher gave a phrase today..AN IDEAL MIND, IS THE MIND OF A DEVIL!! =)
Then she gave homework larh -.- Obviously right..Hmm..she ask to compare the lyrics of 2 songs bout sex wan. One the good one, one the bad 0.o
Huh? Got good and bad wan arh? @.@
Haha. Well, whatever larh. I find cathecism fun when Jacky is teaching. She damn open de. And sumore she's like nearly our age. So its easy to talk to her =)