Thursday, December 30, 2010

O-sum Day!

Morning was kind of tragic =x
Today we had another date =)
All that was planned was to sing k.
And the rest was unplanned.
So we started off with singing k in Neway.
RM11.30 per person.
Then went to Leisure Mall and bought tickets to Gulliver's Travel.
Rm6 each.
While waiting, we went to the arcade =)
Then went for movie.
After that we decided to get some of these...
Tahu apa tu?
Tadaaa! =D
I enjoyed today very much!
We managed to get more than 100 tickets just by using RM5+.

When I reached home, I went and search for my last time tickets.
It all totaled up to around 260+ xD
And while searching for the tickets, I found 2 of my diaries =.=
Like wth =.=
I love to write diaries when I was in Form 1 and 2.
And I found many quotes in my diaries.
Let's list them out =)

1. Sick of crying. Tired of trying. Yeah, I'm smiling but inside I'm dying.
2. Why is it that the only person that can make you smile is the same person that made you cry?
3. I want to be remembered as the girl who always SMILED. Even when her heart is broken..And the one who could always brighten up a day even when she couldn't even brighten up her own.
4. I LOVE sleep. My life has a tendency of falling apart when I'm awake.
5. The cracks in the concrete wall are a reminder that no matter how strong you are, you will always break.
6. Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. But you can never have a rainbow without a little rain.
7. The whole point of having friends is so that you never suffer alone. The world sucks and we all know it. So what do we do? We let it suck, but we try and make the best of it by being with each other.
8. Those who say they care really don't. Because those who do don't need words to justify their actions.

Those are the ones that are nice. There are many more but doesn't sound nice =|

It was so funny when I read back my Form 1 diary.
My brain was so childish that time!
I even said that I had a bad day when my bread fell into the drain =.=
Brig and I even listed down the couples in school.
And we even commented on why are they together xD
Let's just recall.
*This is just for fun, no offends to anyone. In Italic are the comments we gave.
Angela - Anson So padat ( I think it was suppose to be written as padan @.@ )
Briggita - timothy Julien Single, no need, it's so disgusting
Farah - banyak
Felicia - Some cancelled name
Karnesh - his stupid pillow
Mak Chee Ming - Lim Hui Jun so stubborn don't want to give up
Manarina - Richard ye ke, ingat Ali Omar tu!
Pavithira - Linggish wat, she has feelings
Sree Ganesh - Angela eh, her name up there also, wow so many peminat.....
Hanafi - Holida ok, I dowana no
Irfanah - Zaki sweet...
Syfiqah - Izzat(this is written in purple) why is it in purple? because manarina wrote it

Then of course there were lotsa fights =.=
Between Brigs and Pavi =.=
Me and Irfanah =.=
Those are memories xD
Will update about them soon =)

Monday, December 27, 2010


End of the month.
Lack of money already.
RM40 for travelling back from college, Wednesday outing, Thursday outing and Friday outing.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jumbled and simplified.

I'll make everything simple.
22nd December.
Tong Yuen day.
Went to Wai Sing's house with many classmates and did tong yuen and lunch.
Let the pictures do the talking.
24th December.
Went out with him!!
Sushi Zanmai!
Spot the fat cat =.=
Night went to church.
25th December.
Merry Christmas!
Went to Malacca.
Stopped at Seremban to eat Yong Tau Fu.
Random shop.
Walked along Jonker Street.
Then to A Famosa.
Saw this.
He was breathing heavily and blinking =.=
Finally, went back to Jonker Street and visited this stall.
Bought 3 drinks.
Soursop, Yogurt Kiwi and Yogurt Mango.

I know this is very short.
I am super lazy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After tomorrow, I will disappear from BB.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas week!

This is Christmas week!
It is getting nearer and nearer!
So, on Monday, I went to Mahkota Cheras Jusco with him.
We were just spending time there.
I thought he was suppose to go to Singapore on Tuesday =.=
But he didn't go.
So anyway, we went there and played at the arcade xD
It was my first time playing car racing in arcade.
Then there were 2 kids playing the drum thingy.
They suddenly ran off =.=
Still had 2 credits!
So we continued =x
Seriously amazing!
Free game!
We also played basketball and he played motorcycle racing cause mine didn't work =.=
Then we played spot the difference!
So called teen-spot-the-difference!
And the result!!~~
Number 2!
Number 2 and 3.
I was a little bit frustrated about it =(
Okay, not a little bit, is a lot.
Cause everytime we complete a picture super fast, the next picture would be so tough =(
But, I really enjoyed spending an hour there! ^^
Thanks bao bei!

On Tuesday.
Went college early in the morning.
Had IOM lecture.
Lecturer got angry cause we weren't cooperative =x
Then we ate breakfast and decided to take a little tour to college hall where the A Cut Above Charity was held =)
We went in, walked around, took our number for cutting hair and went out =x
We planned to take our number, go for class and come back (which surely we will miss our number but that's the whole plan and just get our turn without waiting =x).
We are pure evil geniuses!! MUAHAHAHA!
Mum said we were just being kiasu =( (Hokkien word which means scared of losing)
Before leaving the hall, we played Mono-opportunity!
This is our class smarty-pants, Miss Yee Tong with her penalty! xD
Them, from my view =)
Anyway, I won =)
I got 3 prizes =x
One for getting a FATE during the game, one for participating and one more for winning xD
Then we went in AGAIN cause 988 came xD
This is the huge scissors on stage!
Owh yea, my English result sucks =.=
FOA okay I guess.
78/100. Teacher expected me to get higher =(

After class we went and cut our hair.
My hair is not perfect! =(
But it is okay.
As expected, mum said I wasted money =.=
Oh yeah!
Today I went Christmas shopping with my one and only! =P
It was superb!
I had lotsa fun!
The presents were affordable and I managed to get presents for my family! =)

Christmas week is full of fun!
Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Winter Solstice Festival with my college friends.
Will be doing it in Wai Sing's house.
Hope to have fun!

Merry 4 Days Before Christmas! =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Now that things had ended.
I finally realised that all this while, I wasn't even in the picture.
There were no evidence that I was even there.
So I guess that means I'm just an outsider trying to fit in.
So, I'm just glad to be home.
Here, where people appreciate me.
Going back to my studying.
Not caring about anything else except him.

Will be busy till 17th January next year.
Having finals.
Till then.

6 days before Christmas!

6 more days till Christmas!
Excited giler!
So, let's update dulu =)
So, basically I went to camp on Thursday.
It was fun helping out in the kitchen =)
We had a very good chef with good food =D
Overall, I think it was okay~
Could only managed to remember all the girls' camp name.
Not the guys @.@

Before I left for camp, dad brought back a doughnut and gave it to me.
Ain't it cute? ^^
But then it became like THIS! *Points below
Muahaha! Felt like a killer xD
Anyway, after camp, CM and I had a one day travel back to KL from PD.
I felt so weird because I don't even know where Seremban is and how it looks like!
Jian just left us at PD bus terminal.
Then we had to figure out which bus we were suppose to take to Seremban, which we weren't even sure where the bus station or the KTM station is.
And we even peacefully slept in the bus =x
I heard CM said we take turns to sleep but ended up sleeping all the way to Seremban xD
This is CityLiner xD
On the way to Seremban.
If you can't see, this is Restoran Tanjong GEMOK! xD
We reached the KTM station and decided to get off the bus last minute xD
We are great travellers =x
Reached there around 3.30pm.
And coincidently the KTM arrives at 3.30pm.
We bought ticket but we got confused.
We didn't know which train we should take.
And we didn't even go through the entrance =x
We just walked through the gate xD
We took KTM to Bandar Tasik Selatan. That took us an hour =)
We saw a guy that sleeps with his eyes open =.=
And a guy that wore so nicely and with slippers! =.= WTH.
So ironic larhhhh. Nice baju, nice pants, nice sunglasses, but with slippers =.=
Then CM's mum fetched us home =)

Today had to wake up early to go to college.
Had co-cu day! =)
I didn't get the chance to enter the water =(
Cause I'm a girl =.=
Suckish day!
I was waiting for this day, sigh.
I became a helper instead.
So, we took photo.
Us, Tuesday evening girls =)
From left, Ah Tong, Li Xing, Me and Mei Zuan ^^
That's all for now! =)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hold on..

Recently, I noticed that quite a number of people that like to ignore me.
Example, I am telling a story and then they listen to a few words and walk away without saying anything or giving any response.
This pisses the shit out of me.
I mean, if you do not want to listen to me, just tell me.
You don't need to walk away like I was not talking to you.

You might be someone great and capable of doing great things but if you do not respect others, you are just a piece of shit.

But maybe whatever I say and ask are unnecessary stuffs. If it is then just tell me larh. What's wrong with opening your mouth?
I hate being ignored =.=

It is so difficult to find someone to talk to when almost everyone treats me like this =.=

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Tomorrow is STC.
I still have to go college anyway x_X
Super tiring larhhhh~
Today had my last and final coursework before final exam.
Finals will start on the 6th of January x_X
End somewhere in 22nd January.

I don't know what to write about.
Everything is flying haywire in my mind.
Till then.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Human behaviour.

I've noticed this.
You mix with people you don't know.
Sometimes you don't realize their weaknesses and bad attitude.
Then someone comes and tell you about it.
You start observing, and you find it quite annoying.

I have lotsa boasting friends. This is what I've noticed @.@
Some are capable of boasting because they can do what they say.
But some are just pure bullshit.
Anyhow, I just ignore them everytime they present their boastfulness in front of me.
I'll just act like I did not hear anything because I hate it when people boast, eventhough you are able to achieve it.

Just be down to earth, you won't get bullied for doing that =.=

This happens to people you are very close with too.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas post.

This will be time consuming.

I'm finally back! =)
Yes, college and BB had taken a lot of my time.
Classes everyday, meetings for 3-4 hours, assignments to rush and public transports =.=
So, it's a Sunday today!
I have time before I need to crack my brain like a half boiled egg again to study for exams =(
Last week was the one and only week we had no exams to bother about, and that week was replaced by assignments to be handed in.
That was really exhausting!
Anyway, I can't go through all the events that happened when I was away.
So here are some, captured in motion =)
So this is all that remained.

First of all, went to the Accounting Workshop, held in college on the 2nd December.
We had free DVD, as in the program DVD.
A pen and a manual for the DVD.
I sat at the top of the hall and this was what my friend asked me to see.
*from far
*Zoomed! LOL! =D
Besides that, you know people use to say internet is a virtual world?
I don't think so.
The other day I applied for some free samples and I got it!
They actually sent it to my house =)
So cute right? HAHA!
I can't remember any other events though.
Other than meetings and rants of mine having so much work to do.
And oh yeah, I had to print a lot of worksheets.
After I printed like 7 pages of coloured sheets, my printer suddenly blinked indicating that its ink is almost dried out.
But when I off and on it again, it stopped blinking.
So I continued printing until page 38!! xD
My printer was basically desperate for attention =x

Anyway, yesterday, 12th December 2010.
Finally had a time out with my family!
It has been a long time since we last went somewhere far for something.
Gor decided to treat us for BBQ Steamboat!
Yes! That's a benefit of having a working brother =x
I bet all the sisters in the world wants to be me now =x
We went to Korea Stone BBQ Steamboat at Bandar Baru Ampang.
It took us around 45 minutes to reach there because as usual, Ampang road is always congested =.=
Let's see the place.
We sat outside, in the open air, so here's the view inside.
And this is the view outside.
It was a two-storey building, but the shop is only upstairs.
The food varies from seafood to Korean food.
The choices was kind of limited I can say.
The tom yam soup wasn't that great.
But the BBQ lamb was awesome =)
We also had our chance to make our own Ice Kacang!
Blend the ice yourself, choose the ingredient and make the whole thing yourself! =)
We had ice-cream as usual.
I like the drink part because they had choices of sugarcane, orange, mango, soya bean and also tea.
And it can be refilled over and over again!
But when it was 11.30pm, they didn't make anymore of it so once it was finished, it's finished! =(

Picture time!
Si ham!
We bbq-ed it instead of boiling!
This was funny cause one of the si ham looks like it was clinging on the scoop!
Then we had our fresh prawn!
Not the fresh water prawn!
Fresh as in ALIVE!!!
Actually we were suppose to only have 8 prawns but the guy caught 12 for us! xD
And dad only ate one.
So I ate 3!!!
And gor peeled one for me! =)
It was huge and super sweet.
I didn't look at it when it was cooking cause gor said it was still moving!
Then picture.
Gor peeling the crap.
This was our table xD
Look at the si ham shells xD
Finally we had dessert =)
Ice-cream! *Yum yum!
Gor was eating his ice-cream halfway and wanted to go to the toilet =.=
So mum say put in the glass =.=
That's all that I could remember =)
Exam week next week x_X
The last of all coursework!
And also Senior Training Camp!!!
And Co-cu Sports Day!
Omgosh, this should be a very entertaining and enjoyable week for me!