Monday, January 05, 2009

BLAH, school re-opened!
Bad day? Okay larh. Teacher sucks though -.-
One year plus dy, she still can't recognise my damn face and name -.-
She called Ginny and look at me -.-
Today's jawatan, damn swt -.-
Teacher choose, no voting session -.-
Some more choose me -.-
I say don't want, teacher say write dy cannot change -.-
But before she go out she ask me want or not, then sure I say don't want larh.
Then only she change.
Anyway, we got Pn. K back =D Happy for that, but English class I hard to pay attention, don't know why -.-
Reached school late today -.-
Whoosh, never been that late before. Assembly was already going on when I reached. Every human near ex 4Alfa-rians were looking at me. Blah!
Then I straight walk to the back. Whole time assembly I was erm, trying to sleep? Damn sleepy. Some more got two bloody speech -.- One from 'the womb' and one more from Penolong Kanan, pengetua still hilang x ke mana -.-
Kavi timed Penolong Kanan. 20 mins, wah quite short xD But I don't know what she say also, can't remember A THING -.-
Actually I can't remember the whole perhimpunan larh. Then when agih-ing class time, KAvi, Vanessa and I had some stupid jokes and laughed our lungs out at the back of the line xD With additional VITAMIN D -.-
Then masuk class, Blah, changed seat twice -.- Don't know who want change de, so ma fan. Then finally parked our butts at the same place back -.-
Moral had to go up to 4th floor, pre U jr there -.- Blah, no chair -.- Go pre U sr -.-
Then after 15 mins, come down go Beta. Damn noisy when Alfa+Beta, like zoo =x =x LOL

I can't believe we fell! Fell real deep. Fell real fast. But into the wrong place. And at the wrong time T.T We both fell together I guess. But to bad we can't both share the same. So one has to get out of it and that would be me =D Such a typical girl I am. Well, I am a girl ain't I? So I will, I will, I will, I will, I no need to know xD weehahaha!

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