Thursday, January 08, 2009

New year resolution..
No more emo. So why I want sigh? No need larh.

Sometimes it's wrong to walk away
Though you think it's over
Knowing theres so much more to say
Suddenly the moment's gone
And all your dreams are upside down
And you just wanna change the way the world goes round
Tell me
Have you ever loved and lost somebody
Wishing there's a chance to say I'm sorry
Can't you see....

The only song that motivates me when I'm down.

I don't know what to say bout today. Didn't really talked much in school today. Clouds were rather gloomy instead of shiny. Words were somehow stuck right up in my throat. Chemistry was somehow history for some of us cause we could barely fill in the blank paper. Tomorrow we'll be having an experiment. =D Great. Wth are we suppose to do? Lord, tell me T.T
Today we had seni during BM, wasted like half an hour for it xD But when the bell rang and BM was over, there weren't even one word of karangan in my book! I've LOST the contact to BM! T.T
What am I suppose to do for today?
Complete my Bm karangan -.-
Think and write a poem bout friends. Yup. Eh wait. Not one, is two. One for Shagee and one more for Kavi =D
Wow, I realise the only person I can joke with and not worry bout anything is Vanessa. Haha, I can bully her like no one's bussiness only =x LOL Wee, today I didn't use my specs in class =D I simply teka2 write xD I think correct gua all I write de xD xD

Knee hurts like gila AGAIN -.- I thought it ended? Now back on my knees -.- And next week is latihan rumah sukan. Argh, I'm so disapointed. Where the hell is my white blood cell??!!

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