Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Been gone for 3 days. Nothing much changed, nothing much happened.

Woke up rather early.
Parents wanted to leave house by 7am but ended up leaving at 7 something xD
Thanks to me =x
So we were off to Johor.
On the way, my dad shouted at me =.= for some stupid reason.
Pit stopped at Ayer Keroh, I think @.@
Ate nasi lemak and met up with other relatives from Old Klang Road.
Carried on our journey and reached Kulai at I-don't-know-what-time. xD
As usual, nearly reach the house then only I wanna sleep =.=
Eagerness of a kid =x
Reached 2nd aunt's house then lepak a while.
Cause the hosts had work and will only be back by evening.
Had lunch there, sat, watch tv, in a blink of an eye, it was evening x_X
Cause we were busy folding the money for the dead.
So we decided to go for mass there =)
First time going for mass in Johor.
I don't know what church was that.
Mass went pretty fast.
Reached the house warming by 7.30pm =)
Had dinner.
Then watched tv again =.=
Watched until 12.30am x_X
Went to bed.
This time mum, dad and myself slept in the same room, on a mattress.
Midnight, mum woke up and ask me whether I can fall asleep or not.
I say I can't.
She suggested to remove the mattress, I agreed.
After remove, she took my blanky and USED it =.=
Then she ask me wheres mine =.=
I blur-ly searched for it.
Rupa-rupanya she using mine.
I wanted to tell her but I couldn't stop laughing =.=
Then after she realised it, she also started laughing.
She laugh damn loud till dad woke up and scold =.=
So we tried damn hard to stop laughing and sleep xD

Woke up early in the morning, bathe and ate breakfast.
Then off to my 1st aunt's house to continue folding the money x_X
Damn much to fold.
But got so many hands =)
The house kinda small, and there were more than 20 people there.
Damn lau juak ^^
So then as usual, they throw the coin to see whether the ancestors were here already or not.
Then when afternoon arrived, we throw the coin again and burnt the money =)
After that, LUNCH TIME!!! =D
The dishes were superb!
Had so many nice dishes prepared by 1st Aunt =)
Ate till 1 something.
We went back to Ah Hwa Ee's house.
Somehow I slept off while the elders played mah jong and the youngsters sat in front of the tv.
Woke up at 4 something and went to Tesco with uncle, cousin sis and dad.
Came back around 7, everyone not at home =.=
Only my 2 younger cousins.
They say the rest went to 1st Aunt's house for dinner.
Uncle say wanna send cousin sis back home, so okay lorh.
Me and dad stayed at home.
I kept complaining to dad that I was hungry but he buat x tau nih =.=
When uncle came back, I told him I was hungry.
He say, he and cousin sis eat dy =.=
Wth =.=
They went for dinner without me and dad =.=
Then he ask me want eat what.
I say anything larh.
So he suggested go mamak.
I ask dad whether wanna go or not.
He say don't want
So only we 3 went.
When I came back, everyone ask me why I left dad at home starving.
Like, I ajak-ed him what.
He sendiri don't wanna go, and now I'm getting blame for it =.=
I went into room and mum had this long soal siasat with me =.=
Out of a sudden, aunt came and ask me to apologize to dad. @.@
What I did wrong?
For going for dinner?
Gahh, don't care larh.
Then we celebrated dad's birthday...
I did crossword puzzle, mum did sudoku.
Played computer game with cousin sis.
Slept at 1 something =)

Woke up at 5.20am.
Received a damn damn damn sweet message ^^
Slept back and woke up at 8am.
Bathed, breakfast and left Johor.

So that's about what happened there.
Nothing much to elaborate x_X
Anyway, I'm having eyesore.
Everytime I look up, I can see my eyelid =.=
It hurts even when I blink.
Wee~ That's a reason for not studying =x
2 more days till trials x_X
Why do we need to start with Physics and Chemistry??? T.T
Anyway, good luck all Form 5-ers!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It has been quite some time since I last shed tears.
I guess tonight will be one of the nights which will be long.
I'm sorry mum.
I'm a bad daughter.
I never thought it would hurt you so much.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I know I don't deserve to be your daughter.
You're such a good mother.
And I did not listen to you.
I'm really really sorry.
To know the fact that my decision hurt your feelings, hurt me deeply.
Every breathe I take in seems to contain a thousand knife that stab through my heart.
Every teardrops signifies the guilt in me.
I'm sorry.
I promise to listen to you.
I promise not to go against you.
This is a promise I will keep forever.
I'm sorry.
How could I be so dumb.
It was your first NO to me.
Didn't I see the consequences of going against you?
Or am I just too spoiled?
I'm sorry.
Were they more important to me than you?
NO! No one can ever replace you in my heart.
You are number 1, yesterday, now and forever.
From the day I was born, even from the day I was made.
I'm sorry T.T
I'm really really sorry T.T
I know I disobeyed you..
I guess I was the black sheep all along.
Sorry I can't be perfect.

Don't know why everytime I looked at the phone, my heart ached.
Seems impossible but yea, it does hurt.

Anyway, thanks tk, hj and ric for cheering me up =)
Appreciate it a lot.
Thanks noob for letting me bully u =)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's extremely perfect.
Can't deny the fact.
Who can ever resist her?


Saturday's coming.

Tomorrow is really a mystery.

Feel disconnected.
Another fire attack happened at home again x_X
That day was the car.
Today, the newspaper xD
Damn chun xD
Gor's carelessness! =P
Can't wait for 11pm.
Gonna watch movie.
With family =)
Gosh, total randomness!


Can I make it through tonight?
Day seem to be extremely meaningless x_X
Gahh, whatever larh.
Going for dinner now =)
Trying to smile is harder than trying to cry.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Love animals and all living things!
Nature is the only thing we can pass down to our next generationg =)
Other than money which doesn't mean anything =.=
I don't know when those pictures were taken.
But thats a baby bird ^^
Cute cute bird =)
I wanted to give it food after taking pictures of it.
Went in house, came out and it's GONE! T.T
But nevermind larh.

Trials in one week time. Sigh.
I don't think I'm prepared =[
Bio and History, haven't started anything T.T
Don't know what to expect this time x_X

Btw, Han Jon, I can't view your blog, you invited the wrong email address x_X

Gahh, I got nothing to write.
Everything seem to be moving way too too fast for me to catch up.
One day everything seem so far, and the next day it's right in front of me.
No time to think of the next step.
It's either yes or no.
No second thoughts.
Trying to grab every single oppurtunity that approaches me.

Anyway, I hope Thursday jadi larh. Miss ya'll damn damn much T.T
Especially Francesca =[
Hope to see you soon babe!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meow! =P

School kinda nice today.
Had pelawat =]
The big, huge, gigantic bus came =.=
But if I'm not mistaken, inside only had a few people =.=
Space wastage! xD
Anyway, had program DEAR today. Sienzz...
Then English lesson, we were suppose to discuss bout an essay with the person beside us.
I sat alone today.
Only one table =.= No table beside me.
But stupidly I turned next to me and act like I wanted to discuss with a ghost =.=
Then I ajak-ed tk to sit with me ^^
Coincidencely Angela and KC was M.I.A, so Lynn, tk and I discussed together =)
Those kain bags we use are called recycled bags right?
Lynn call them fashionable go green bags xD
We were making so much noise that teacher turned behind and shouted
"What are you all doing arh? Talking or discussing??!!"
Then Lynn suddenly voice out
"We're talking bout bio-degradable bags" xD
After that had EST. No teacher.
I guai-ly did addmaths =)
Continued with BM.
Today had pembentangan from Uthaya and Vanessa.
The title of the sajak was Sejarah.
And a Sejarah happened today =.=
For the first time, Pn Melati got so angry that she threw a book.
Kay, for 5 minutes the air in the class was filled with fear and silence xD
Then teacher continued with her jokes =.=
Being a dictator in class, commanding everyone =.=
Had recess after that.
Opened the hamper =)
Btw, forgot to announce.
Group 1 a.k.a our drill group, got 1st place!!! =)
Grats to all of us ^^
During Chemistry, we did some latihan teacher gave.
Okay, for once I know how to do ^^
And Angela commented, "Eh, you say you don't know how to do wan??!!"
I replied, "Now I know le!! Cause 'he' teach me le ^^"
Angela : Owh no wonder larh ^^
Moral time is talking time =x
Had some pertandingan menghafal nilai. I did not enter.
Then Bio.
Another worksheet =.=
Wait till 1pm, went teacher-hunting xD
Pn Pei Pei gave me full attendance for Rumah Meranti.
She say all athletes get full mark de ^^
Then go take my certificate and passed around everyones' else.

Study smart kay during the holidays!
Will be missing all my classmates ^^
And then, good luck for trials.
Good luck to those taking arts!
Wei Seng and Hui Jun ^^
Good luck to those taking BC!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now that SPM is nearer, everything reminds me of that time during PMR.
I use to tell tk that I have a bf and my bf's name is PMR =.=
And how I split my personalities when I'm sitting for the paper and when I am just a normal person.
Gahh, memories ^^
And how I ditched PMR after it ended xD
How Brigs used to call my house everyday just to remind me to study.
Now that I'm all grown up, I need to remind myself to study, I need to spare some time to study and play.
I cannot depend on anyone else because it's my future, not theirs.
Trials are in less than 2 weeks.
Add Maths syllabus are not finish =.=
Sir say he will teach after trials =.=
So tomorrow I'll be staying back in school.
Reason : To complete my S.U work and pass everything down to future S.U!
After that will be going to tk's house.
*GULP! A bit scared eh.
I phobia to the tupperware dy T.T
Stupid tk =x

Missyoubadly =[

Monday, August 17, 2009

Morphin! Muffin!

Jokes cracked in tuition. Ignore it.
Bored of school.
Meaningless day...
Totally blur during addmaths class.
Thanks Wei Yeen! For teaching me =)
Appreciate it a lot ^^
Today our class got some scary looking voodoo dolls.
It's really really scary.
Especially those with long long legs.
I don't even know why I took one of it back home.
I think tonight it will walk out from my school bag and choke me 0.0
Better zip up my bag and put a padlock there T.T
LOL =.=
Why do I even fear the small dead thing =.=
But, seriously it's SCARY!
Anyway, today tuition kinda nice.
Cause only revision.
Nothing that made me go "huh?" LOL
Gotta go do addmaths homework which I only understand 1% of the chapter and Sir already finish the chapter. Sheesh, I'm a slug T.T
Slow and lazy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late update again =[

Anyway, yesterday, 15th August 2009.
First of all, the end of staying back and practices x_X
What am I talking about?
Had BSM drill competition yesterday.
I do not have any of the pictures.
All in facebook.
So morning had drill competition, wanted to watch finish de lorh T.T
Suddenly dad arrive early to fetch me T.T
The one and only team that I wanted to watch cause thats our only competition. Sigh.
Watched a bit only T.T
Went home at 11am.
End of staying back and suffering xD

Happy 40th Anniversary to 1st Kajang BB Company!!!!! ^^
It's our 40th year, STILL STANDING TALL =)
So ushers had to go to church early for briefing.
Arrived in church at 1.27pm =x
Get ready and off to Sri Kembangan at 2.10pm.
Sat in bus with May San xD xD
She kept talking to me eh xD
Then reached Sri Kembangan and ohmygosh, it was so so so so hot in there x_X
Lucky we had duty to do downstairs =)
Had aircond downstairs.
Thanks for the help and cooperation to Ta, Mel, Bk, Hj, Joshua Ong and a few other members =)
Then had rehearsel. Our last rehearsel =)
Then around 4 something we polished =)
At the kaki lima =.=
Then we get into our Uniform and wait for the guests.
First time being usher @.@
Ok kot.
Quite fun =)
Dinner continued with performance and FOOD =)
Pictures were taken after everything ended but none with me =(
Went home at 11 something.
Damn tired and sleepy.
Dozed off at 1am =)

Woke up extra early today.
7am x_X
As usual, went to Mel's house to study =)
Came home at 2.30 and slept off 0.o
Still got homework to do T.T

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here to blog again.
Nowadays don't know why whenever I open this page, I have no idea what to write =[
Nowadays go school quite meaningless =.=
Today morning had those moral thingy again.
This time we had quiz.
Our team won.
Consist of Ling, Lynn, Yen and me =]
I have no idea why we all used our last name 0.o
But damn cute ^^
So we won that koop bag.
No pink =[
Anyway, after that we went for Chemistry.
Got exercise bout soap and detergent =]
That chapter quite fun =]
Then at 10am went for kawad rehearsel T.T
Somehow kawad till finish school.
Then went lunch with Jian, Mel and didi =]
Then went to tk's house.
Today damn tired.
No mood study.
But at last did addmaths.
Weather damn freaking hot.
And some more tk buli me =.=
He go throw the biscuit tupperware at me T.T
Head damn pain eh T.T
At 5pm I damn tired and sleepy. Wanted to go upstairs to sleep but kena halau by tk =.=
Then went downstairs to do revision AGAIN =.=

Anyway, tomorrow is our anniversary ^^
And also drill competition ^^
Hope and wish that everything will go well tomorrow =)
Thanks for the support Tk and Ern ern =)

Lovingyoumoreandmoreeachday >.<

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I didn't actually thought that I would not go to school for 2 days in a week!
Arggh, influence T.T
Whose fault?
I don't know.
The person that sits next to me in class? =x
Weather influence also =)
Came back from tuition half dead yesterday.
Body temperature wasn't constant.
Felt the chill a while and then was sweating like a cow the next second =.=
Slept off early but woke up cause it was so freaking hot.
Planned to go to school today but ...
When I woke up this morning, it was raining heavily.
As usual, if it rains, mum will say "no need go school larh!"
So I didn't go to school.
After a while being awake, I felt dizzy AGAIN =.=
Then I continued sleeping.
Went to buy breakfast with mum around 9 something.
Haze gila teruk.
Denggi case NAIK.
H1N1 case NAIK.
Haze pun NAIK.
Mum say theres too many people in the world.
So some must die =.=
I just hope I feel better by tomorrow.
I don't wanna skip school anymore T.T
I wanna go to school.
I wanna meet my friends. addmaths =.= sucks.

He was still able to make me smile even when I thought I wasn't able to smile anymore due to the exhaustion. ILY ^^

Thursday, August 06, 2009

No time to blog x_X
Everything went well in school this whole week.
Teck Kien owe me a meal =)
I didn't believe in LUCK until today ^^
I believe luck is on my side.
Will appreciate it xD
Been busy practising drill these few days x_X
Staying back till 5 something.
Reaching home after 6pm.
It's like 11 hours in school T.T
SUFFER 9 9 x_X
It's okay.
Had lotsa fun!
Especially with all those silly yet amazing movement =)
I think we have the chance =P

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dissapointment perharps?
I don't know.
I know it doesn't matter what's written on the outside but it does matter to me.
Thanks to the 3 people that wished me happy birthday in their blog.
Really appreciate it a lot.
And I feel appreciated because of that.
I felt no presence of friends this year during my birthday.
I don't know.
Ask yourself maybe?
It's August!
Yesh. Finally, high school is gonna END!
So, last week was all scheduled days =.=

Wednesday the whole Alfa had to stay back for drama performance competition.
Form 4's drama was quite nice and has lessons.
Ours was pure FUN =)
Grats to all actors, actresses and our lovely director that sweat, struggled, brainstormed and went haywire all over xD
Went tk's house on Wednesday to play and also learn how to tie the landyard.

Wee~ Someone's birthday =)
Tumpang-ed hui jun's car to there and spent the whole day with him =)
Will never forget ^^
Ate dinner there and went home =)
Celebrated with family at nearly 11pm =.=
I was so so so so so so annoyed cause I need to wait for them.
And when they arrived, I hate to do all the job, as in bringing out the cake, serving them the cake and cleaning up everything.
Damn, I hate my birthday =.=

I was pretty emo in the morning cause the girls said that they didn't wanna go LM after school =.=
But in the end, cm, jm, hj, kh, tk, yl, angela, ginny and I went.
We reached there and met up with mel.
Then we ate watched movie. Transformer 2.
I have no idea why during the movie, I kept thinking..
"Wow, the maker of this movie must be a genius, look at the graphics, damn complicated xD"
So most of us had lunch in the cinema =.=
After the movie, kh and gin had to leave.
So we continued with another movie..
Ice Age 3 xD
After movie, Angela went home and the rest went for dinner at Kenny Rogers.
I went to Sushi King for dinner with cousin bro and my gor =.=
We wanted a table but too full.
So we ate dinner and went walking around LM cause we were too full xD
Cousin bro wanted to exercise a bit.
Happy Birthday to my big didi.
The tall tall, adorable, gentle, caring, sweet, leng zai didi xD
May all your wished, dreams and hopes come true =)

Woke up at 8am just to finish report and also do some other work.
Went to BB for song practice at 9.50am @.@
Went for lunch at 12 something =)
After that no song practice =)
Parade at 3pm.
Bible class was fun!
We had to give a title for the movie we directed.
The movie is about Cain and Abel from Genesis.
My group members were tk, hj and emily.
So we acted out.
Our title of the movie was...
Siblings Rivalry : The Curse of the Vengeance!
Damn chun eh the name xD
But the movie x_X
haha. Speechless! Tk make me speechless =.=
2nd group to perform was Anson's group.
Uncle Butt Wah called him Andrew xD
There had Anson, Kok Wei, Walter, and Jason Thow.
Kok Wei put the curse time damn funny, got sound effect some more.
And Anson damn noob =.=
He go say "when the Lord killed Eve" =.=
Anson = NOOB! =P
Last group was bk's group.
They had, bk, cm, jes, may san and joshua ng.
Their starting...
CM and Joshua did something outside xD
Then first son was jes..2nd was may san.
May San sacrificed Bk the sheep as offering.
When May San chop bk, he suddenly say "wait first larh"
LOL! The sheep can talk wan.
And May San hit him damn hard xD
Then another funny part.
Jes suppose to kill May San. But May San don't wanna lie down on the floor, so bk keep saying she haven't die and Jes kept hitting her xD
Then May San lie down like one second and woke up back and ask bk whether she can wake up dy or not xD
Then the last funny thing is...
CM keep looking at the bible and scold, look like he scolding the bible xD
And when Jes ask why something something..
CM turn the bible that he was reading from and say..
"Cause the bible says so!"
Funny wei! Had lotsa fun =)
After that was squad activity.
Then had games. =)
Another fun part.
Then drill.
I don't know why nowadays my skin so sensitive to dirt.
Drill time need to do pumping, that night the palm of my hands damn itchy.
Knee also x_X
Rushed home, went for mass.
After mass went out with Jian, Lois, Mel, Jes and Hj.
Went hj's house.
12 something went home and off to bed.

EST report T.T
Homework T.T
And a lonely 4 hours without him =(