Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'm late again to post. Always a day late. But it's okay. It's still memory =D So it's about 31st December.

Woke up at 8.29am. A minute before the alarm rang =D Hehe. That's me! Then I got ready and dad always being late, woke up late -.- He was suppose to send my bro, my bro's friend and me to Sg Wang. Bro start work at 11am. We left home at 10am to go all the way to Perimbun to fetch bro's friend then balik all the way home to take something -.- Damn swt larh. Then go Sg Wang. Reach there after 11 xD Bro late dy. Dad stop at road side, opposite Sg Wang. Macam mana I mau cross road??! Wow, big question mark in my head. I asked dad, he raised up his voice and said "felicia, think yourself larh" -.-ll Fine, bro get out of car, I fast fast get out of car, follow them cross. Then I wanted to ask wheres McD, all of a sudden I turn to look at them, they were gone! I was ALONE! Outside Sg Wang. WTH?!! I panic!! Straight call hjon T.T Apa larh, a form 4 girl and takut in Sg Wang alone -.- Penakut and coward I am! T.T
Then I suggest meet in McD cause that time I gila hungry. So all met up in McD. After eat go roller =D Haha. Roller till 5pm. Everything that happened in roller remains in roller. Don't want tell xD But really damn shuang. And I'm glad I taught another person how to roller xD
After roller we went over to TS. Then balik. Man, ky pushed me on the road T.T He pushed me T.T And we had a feast on the road -.- Damn lame! LOL Ky, hj, mel, jes, josh, hm and me took lrt and bus home =D Then in bus, wah, damn nice man xD Don't know how to say it here larh xD Bout the gay and les thingy, the guy sitting there also laugh xD Then that one hm say saw them talking bout lois xD Macam mana she saw people talking? 0.o LOL Then ky, hj and hm came my house =D I bathe and they chat with my mum @.@ Then we went 9th mile church for dinner and countdown. Dinner was, erm, not dinner? I only ate like 2 kuih and that was dinner @.@ So then during service I was freakingly hungry -.- And the prayers were very very long. Mm hmm, I thought their service was way nicer than mass. But now I realise mass is way better than service =D Countdown time. Then Ta ask me go hug her. Hehe. I was walking towards her and SUDDENLY ta pushed me to her!! =D I hugged her!! Haha, and she replied me, Happy New Year!! Ahhh!! =D Then most of us went to perimbun there geh mamak. Walao, that time I damn sleepy. The waiter there call Mel leng luii -.- Jian larh. Then went to hjon house, then kena paksa balik. Then slept at 4am -.- Then habis cerita. Then will continue story next time. The END -.-

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