Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Books left open
Papers ready to be filled up
But mind is just too stuck up
I see the papers
That's only filled with colours
Colours that bloom like the roses
I just can't imagine how blank-er can I be
With this thought that's in me
I still remember the toad at the side of the road
That made me ran up the hill just to give it a kiss
I thought that it was true
All the fairytales and clue
But it just turns out to be something untrue
Unreal and unbelieveable
Is just something I like to mumble
Like it or not
I'm something you're not
And I don't think you're hot!
You're cooler than hot but you're hotter than cool
So just admit that you're a fool
I would like to thank the people I met
And also the ducks that quek
I know I'm mad
But great, I'm not sad
Cause definately mad is way better than sad! =D

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