Thursday, May 29, 2008

Haha..who can guess wat it is??
Lolx..those who knows keep quiet! has been a tiring week for me. Yesterday I didn't blog right. Was damn tired when I got back, but still had the energy to come online. Hmm.
Early in the morning got up at 5.50am! Nearly the same as the time i get up for school -.-
K then got ready and followed my dad to Sheryl's house. Then from there Wing Sze fetched Sheryl and I to Mei Yan's house. I've never been to her house before. Nice!! =)
Then ate ONE slice of bread. Then off to the bus stop to meet the rest. Left for Sunway at 8.15 I guess. Reached at 9 sumthing. Walked around, took some pics. As usual there won't be any with me. All with those who have camera or handphones!
So then the counter opened at 10am. Waited for more than one hour. DAMN the service is bad!
Me, BJ, Ern and KEX waited larh. Cause the rest had their wristbands. Then before enter they check bag. They took my poor lil bottle -.-
But they didn't take my pau!! Hehe.
So everyone got in. Put everything in the locker and off to the games. Started wit the spinning thingy. That was l.a.m.e!
Then off to the thrilling game! Pirate Ship!! 360 Degree man! But was kinda slow. So not very thrilling.
After that another 360 degree X thingy. That was really really nice! It turn TWICE! Damn syok!
Then after that we wanted to get on the roller coaster but too many people so we decided to go for Scream Park. Went in halfway then came out. I know its lame! HAha..but everyone got scared. Not everyone larh. Cause half were at the roller coaster station waiting for their turn. Then me, ern, bj, sheryl, wing sze amd kex went to the 'shoe game'? They call it the shoe. I have no idea why though!
Then when we got back to them, they already went in the Scream Park!! Argh, they didn't wait for us! So then our turn to go in larh. To tell you the truth..It was really boring.. I was laughing the whole time inside. I really thought the ghost were erm..F.U.N.N.Y?? xD xD
Seriously..I kept laughing and Hui Jun ask me to stop laughing. I only like the tunnel part xD
So then everything finished. Oh yea, while waiting we went on that wheel thingy. Don't know what its called also.
Then after Scream Park, me and KEX went on the roller coaster. 3 times going down but no turn..alarh..lame..
Then off to Wet Park!
Everyone changed and went down to the locker. Rent some floats and off for the water!!
After a few minutes everyone got separated!! Left me, Angelina, BJ and YS.
I guess that was kinda good for me. Haha. Cause my group went all over the park for games! We went and played many many games that others did not tried!! Well done for 4 of us!! hehe
Then we finally met up in the swimming pool!!
Then we swam awhile then suddenly saw wave!! Went there lorh xD
I trained to see finally can do it!! haha..
Then after that bathe and changed lorh. I was the 2nd..lolx..Chia Voon finished first -.-
So then we waited for the rest. I nearly fell asleep at the bench xD Typical me!! xD
Then we left Sunway at 6.45 I think.. Hmm, can say I slept the whole journey back to school. Was half asleep larh. Can hear all those kecoh people screaming in the van! =x
So then reach school and Wei Seng's dad sent me to sheryl's house cause I wanted to borrow the torchlight from her. Then I walked home. Hmm..reach home at 8, SHARP! xD
Straight to the pc! Cause my gor wasn't at home. Wanted to maple. Wanted to sms Josh, see see he came online. The bad news was he WAS grounded! haiz. Then I also no mood to play d larh. Haiz.
So then chatted online larh. Was damn sleepy and HUNGRY! My mum said she wanted to cook fried rice for me but ended up sitting on the couch watching tv -.-ll
She cooked at 9 larh. Then ate while msn-ing xD
I have no idea what I chatted last night cause I was blurring xD
I know Josh called me GMF after I told him everything -.-ll
Zadao..don wan tell him anything anymore!!
Then I went to sleep at 10.30..
I can't believe I actually slept at 10.30 during school holiday!! Lolx..too tired d..
Then I woke up at 12.25 cause the hp was ringing..HEMA!! She called me. But when I wanna pick up the fon, IT DIED! ARGH! Again larh lik tis..everytime oso lik tis..
So I leave it larh and went to bed. I had this very weird dream tho. After so long finally I dream again! Yay for that! xD
When I woke up it was already 6 in the was 29th April 2008! woohoo...
My dad got up late I guess!
So at 6.40 I got up. Got ready for school and off to school at 7.50.
Reached there, no one there. As usual, everyone wil be damn punctual wan.
Then got all the stuffs and started work.. After break we really had lotsa fun.
We were snapping pics with Hem and Gurv's fon. Gurv forgot to zoom to normal back. So she took a pic of herself, me and hem. Before she turn the fon over to look she say "I hope everyones' face is in it"
So what we got?? HEM'S TEETH ONLY!! wakaka...she forgot to zoom out after taking Gin's pic from afar!! xD
Then after that we took pic with Hem's fon, this time she did it on purpose and snapped my forehead -.-
Then after all that we took another break cause I wanted to eat the fruits Hem brought.
I said PEAR!
lolx..Wanna know story line, ask Gurv and Hem..Can't explain here..too secretive! hehe..
So then here I m writting tis blog. lolx. Came home at 2 larh. Everyone keep asking me whether I pack for AC edi or not. Erm, FYI I got no time k...lolx..
Anyway, leaving tomorrow and coming back on Sunday. I hope Gurv is having a gathering since I'm skipping Shagee's..haiz..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yay! Today Shagee's birthday!! Wanna wish her all the best!!
Today morning the first thing I did was read the sms Hema sent to me in my dad's hp -.-
Haha..the first thing I did when i woke up at 6.40am~!
Then figured out Vanessa can't send me and Brig to school -.-ll
That was really lame xD
So I tried to smsed Hema asking for transport and called Brig to tell her that Van can't pick us up.
So that time everything was kinda s.c.r.e.w.e.d!!
lolx. Well, after that everything worked out though. So went school! Miss my school friends!
Saw Irfanah at the gate, guess what. She didn't recognise me!! She just walk pass me man!
Then I caught up to her larh. Walk faster lorh. Hehe. Then 8am liao. No cast in school -.-
Everyone damn punctual!! Most of them came after 8.3o..geng lorh!
8 start nerh -.-
Then finally everyone arrived. Me and Hema went to the 'mosquito place' and discussed bout the props thingy. Then after finish went back to the stage where the cast were practising drama. RICHARD NIXON thought I was Ginny!! -.-ll ARGH!! AGAIN RICHARD NIXON!!
lolx. He so blind. I know you're reading this. Not happy arh?? Leave comment at the chatbox!! xD
Then when Pn Rosminah came, finally we had the key to the 'stor toilet'. Took the stuffs lorh. Then went 5 Alfa to do some touch up work.
I didn't go back to my house after school. Went to Hema's house. Not to party or what. Did props there! Glad that we've done the Tree Stump, not trump!! I don't know why I kip calling it trump -.-
Brig, Wei Seng, Vanessa also came to Hema's house. Had lotsa fun working together!! =)
Kai Zhen and Jun Ming also stopped by to LOOK! xD
Haha...SITA was sooooo notty! hehe...Hema, I know, U know, I know!! xD xD
So i stayed til like 5 something right. Was tired larh. So her mum sent me home. Came back online and try to patch maple!! GUESS WHAT??!! Can patch!! Damn happy!!
BUT....but connection too slow!! Argh!! was lagging when I play!! T.T
wawawawa T.T
So sad!!
Then went pasar malam. Buy slipper. Haiz.
Btw, today's Shagee's party tak jadi cos many not free. Haiz. So then Shagee is doing a small gathering this SATURDAY! yerrr!! Saturday! I can't make it! Haiz. Sad larh!
I really wanted to go. This Sunday don't know whether Gurv's party on or not. Haiz. I WANNA GO!! I REALLY WANNA GO!!
So today I called Shagee in Hema's house. Wish her happy birthday lorh. And tell her the reason I can't go.

Monday, May 26, 2008

"I'm sorry I can't be perfect"
"Theres always a bridge for us to cross. Whether we cross it together or not thats the question. I really hope and pray that no one falls before reaching the end. Twist you fingers and pray hard!"
I can't believe my first weekday started with a boring one. Not actually boring but quite boring though. Haiz. Finally my dad decided to buy a hp for me. Damn, he's slow -.-
Since now I got no school work to do, no other important work to do. My brain thinks bout everything!! EVERYTHING!! Hate it larh~~ Haiz.
Can't it stop? When I start thinking I do stupid things that might make me regret!! Argh!!
I don't know what to do larh.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"As the days passes, our memories fade"
Today...kinda shuang but kinda bu shuang oso. Haha. Thats me larh. If got something good, then sure got something not good also de.
First of all!! Missed church again!! Walao, I'm so bad! T.T
Planned to go church. But woke up with a headache so decided not to go.
So my dad asked me to bring him to the new Econsave. CM say very shuang de.
So ma go lorh. Mana tau damn bu shuang de!! xD
Sien lorh go there. Some more all the things so expensive -.-
So my dad decided to change place. Go Giant.
When wanna go out then he don't know the way. He ask me worh. Zadao, I told him that he asked the wrong person liao. He asked the blurrest person in the car -.-ll
Haha..then went to the wrong way. haha.
So then went to Giant, cut hair there lorh.
Then went home at 6 something. Wah, damn sleepy. Some more headache. I slept in the car.
Came home straight to bed. Without even changin!! xD
Woke up at about 7 something then just sit there. Don't know why..
lolx..weird larh...
Nothing much happen today..kinda fun and boring.
"Happy Holidays Guys And Girls!!"
Yesterday was the first day of holiday! hehe..was a busy day. Woke up at 8.30, got ready for church. Went for cleaning. I wiped 20 pews, a few windows and also mop the hall! Haha. Look at the hardwork man! I'm a hardworking fella xD
Then there was last minute arrangement of song practice. Aiyo, jes got go why want call me worh -.-
Haiz. Nvm larh. Then went bt9 church at 11. Finish at 12 sumthing. So went lunch and wanted to go Econsave but no time d. Went BB at 2.45. Late larh. Was rushing -.-
So then reach water games. Hehe. Fun lorh all the water station. But leng luii geh station not nice xD
Just guess guess nia. So easy wan all. First one I dapat lorh. Haha. Easy nia. Then the second one was the chair wan. Aha...weird game xD But nice. Thanks to xl. Then the third one was Jes's station. Okok larh. Then was 'Miao's station. I jump in the tangki once nia. Soo Lee so semangat xD
But nice larh. He should be the leader but too bad he not private. Haha. Then was leng luii's station. And finally Nic and Seph's station. I didn't kena flour!! Hehe. I use chin ma -.-
So smart lerh. Wakaka.. Why want use face worh.
Then after that got Ice Water game. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT GAME!! xD
Was freezing before entering the tank but after come out then feel warm pula 0.o
But that game was out-of-control. So the PIC angry lorh I guess. I was damn blurr that I didn't notice they were scolding us -.-
Then finish bb liao....TIME TO PARTY!!
I forgot bring towel, call my mum bring for me. What sumore I forgot!??! THANU'S PRESENT!
DAmn, I'm so forgetful. So went all the way back to get the gift. Then off to Gurv darling's house! hehe..had lotsa fun there. We were like having so much fun in half an hour time! She helped me blow my hair cause I don't know how xD
Then she painted my nails. Choose a suitable outfit for me. Hehe.
Got one time when the phone rang. We were guessing who call. I blurrly go say sure Gurv call -.-
Wth is wrong wit me?? -.-
Then at 8pm, off to Thanu's house.
Hmm...everyone looked nice. Alarh, no pictures.. all in their 'canggih' handphone. Unlike mine! Argh! Sadzz..Nothing really happened there larh. Kinda bored. No mood to party.
Then at 10.30 I called my mum to pick me up. Walao, kena marah on the phone -.-
She was like next time don't go anywhere far for party if you cant come home yourself.
Ok then Richard accompany us down to wait for my dad. He was saying that my blog is BOOORIIINNNGG!! lolx. Well, what do I care. It's mine and I don't care bout other people's opinion bout it. I love my blog the way it is!!
Then sent Gurv home and came back. I on my hp and there were about 10 msgs xD
replied all =)
Cos I'm a gud gal!! haha.
But now credit low liao T.T
Then came online. This time online damn nice ^^
Everyone so semangat wanna chat xD
So then chat and sms til like 2am??
Wow, okay..then slept at 2 larh...
The next morning, that is this morning I woke up. HEADACHE!!
btw, today is Avrl's bdae!! MY CUTIE PIE!! xD
Wanna wish her..

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Clearness of the water is the best thing ever"
So finally exam is DONE! Done I tell you, done!! I'm so happy that it's finally over. I've suffered for 2 weeks just to stay up and read. Erm, nah, actually only one week xD
Cause the next 2 weeks I go school only read xD had sej 1 and also svk. I didn't read anything for svk. Could answer though xD
Okay larh that paper. Too bad I didn't know the virus part -.-
Then when recess time don't know why suddenly stomach pain. Tk thought I emo!! -.- I sick larh dude!!
Sej paper was okay I guess. Not really that hard larh. Just a bit confussing. So today Pn Muhairene collected the paper early. Yay for that! She's so nice larh. Its either she gives us more time when we haven't complete or she collects it early if we're done.
So there we were going out of class being all so cheerful and gay!! woohoo..finally the suffering is over!!
So then waited for school bus..In bus nice larh..everyone keep wishing each other..haha..
Then reach home. Aiyo, my mum bought lunch for Lynn too. Too bad she didn't come for lunch. So after a while, TK, HJ and Lynn came. They just came in and chat larh. Hjon slept on the couch -.-
So then I slept off after they left. Then at 4.15 went to church. The meeting haven't finish. Then ma wait lorh. TK ask me to speak mandarin xD
I said 'yi ding' but de 'ding' tersekat xD
Will try harder next time xD
Josh oso muz speak!! =)
Then started cb lorh. 2 gals play nia -.-
Then when all guys play, wah damn fast they move. I also blurr liao 0.o
Again Hj slept on the couch nerh!! he so easy sleep de..
Then Sir Tan send me home lorh. Now, walao damn sleepy ...
MSN cacat!! argh!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Speaking out is better than keeping everything in a box"
What does this line means?
Am I suppose to spill everything out?
I know these few days my blog is all about complains and life through waves and hills.
But these few days everything seems to be wrong, there are so many ups and downs that I couldn't even handle. A simple down could make me so depress that tears starts to leave my eyes and nights seems to be endless.
Even if I tell someone about it, what's the point? You'll give come and tell me that everything will be ok the next day. For a moment I will feel better but after a while the same 'emo-ness' comes back.
"I'm so sick of my life and I just wanna scream 'HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME'."
"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare"
Everything seems to be harder as the days pass. Even now its hard to talk to others. There seems to be a wall between us and a distance that separates us.
I know a worser nightmare is about to arive. REPORT CARD DAY! I'm so dead on that particular day. Like I always say after every single exam, 'I promise to do better next time!'
Well..maybe this time I really will do better. I don't wanna go tuition! Really!
Anyway, I found this website that has all the F4 Sejarah notes. I linked it to my profile page. Go open it. Its kinda useful for those who spend more time on pc than books.
Today Teachers' Day. Was kinda happy this morning. But when get to know Chem 2 marks. Haiz. Mood from heaven above fell to hell below. Damn shyt man my result. Feel like dying. How can I improve. I was thinking bout it the damn whole day. When I reach home I on msn. I felt so lazy to chat. I have no idea why. Was........til I fell asleep. Even when I fell asleep it wasn't really a sleep. I keep waking up every single 10 minutes. Shyt man!! What the hell is wrong with me??!!
And whats the point of telling it to you? You don't take a damn! You don't understand what I'm going through.
"Cause we lost it all, nothing last forever, I'm sorry I can't perfect.
Now its just too late, And we can't go back, I'm sorry I can't be perfect!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"All the world is a stage,
And everyone has their part,
But how was I to know which way they story'd go,
How was I to know...
You'd break my heart."
Hema's word of wisdom - "Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect, so why practice."
Correct right? Why bother practising when no one can be perfect. Haiz. Guess what. I'm listening to all old songs now. From an album called 'The Power Of Love'. All damn nice songs. Today me and Yang played guessing lyrics.
"Unbreak my heart, say you love me again.
Undo these hurts you caused when you walked out of the door and walked out of my life.
Uncry these tears, I cried so many nights.
Unbreak my heart."
Sien lorh whole day. Morning go school. First was Chem 1. 9 Wrongs!! sad! After chem recess. Didn't go for recess. Lazy walk down. But at 10.50, me, van and shagee went to the toilet and to the canteen. Bought 'keropok lekor'. Eat on the way up. And also in class xD
Then all 'kheng gai'. Cos got nothing to do marh. Not that we gonna read for Pj rite..its just a dumb and irritating subs. Hmm, then exam started. Did like for half an hour then bed time =)
But the weather was damn hot. Was sweating and DAMN sleepy. So i slept, as usual. Then suddenly heard the sir shout.
Anda tidak dibenarkan membaca bahan bercetak. -.-
Jika anda ingin melanggar peraturan peperiksaan, sila tanggalkan pakaian unit anda.
zadao!! That sir damn strict man!
So then finish school. Normal larh, me, Shagee and Uthaya will talk like no one's business xD
Then reach home. No lunch. Online. Til 4pm beh tahan d. Cook 2 packet of maggi goreng. Then continue online. Til 7 sumthing went and bathe. Again no dinner -.-ll
Mummy and daddy went for prayer. Haiz. Ate bread.
Sien lorh whole day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Hurting leave scars, scars leaves memories"
"Sometimes it wrong to walkaway, though you think its over"
I can't believe what I've done but all of it is coming back to me. I didn't know what I did would hurt so many people. You don't tell me but I know I'm the cause of it.
Ni bu yao kan zhe wo suo ni yi jing zhi dao zhen me zhuo.
Do you think hurting one person would be better than hurting 4 people? If it is better than I'll be better off that way. I can't stand looking at myself hurting others for the sake of myself.
My mind is somehow blocked and kinda disturb. Wanting to know what you think. It's somehow driving me nuts. Guessing and not asking. What do I get from that? CONFUSSION!
Can someone tell me that what I'm doing now is the right thing? No right? I don't know what to think.
Something is really irritating me now! You know sometimes people just come and complain like their whole damn bloody life to you. I just can't take it. When you give them advice they just push it right back at your face. They not only don't accept that piece of advice but they shove it back to you like you're the one to be blamed for every damn thing they are feeling or going through!
Btw, if I don't ask please don't tell me anything. I hate it when someone just come along and tell their whole damn diary to me like I'm that person's blog or something. If you wanna spill something out please get a blog man! I'm not your diary that you can write on or just vomit everything out.
Haiz. Just forget bout it larh.
Btw, what TK say was kinda true. Its a real story, not a fake story. I didn't make it up for fun. Its real life! FACE IT! ITS REALITY! I don't know why. But it has been on my mind since the day u you told me that you have feelings towards me. You really really treat me damn nice. I remember one day when I was really upset and cried, you were there to cheer me up. On top of that, sending me bubble talks and also made a funny picture of yourself.
Haiz. I just don't know what to say larh.
Okay. Theres this other thing that keep bothering me. You know sometimes you wanna complain something to someone surely you'll find someone close to you right. So one day I found this really close friend wanting to spill something to her. The moment i begin complaining, there she was complaining bout the same thing. But after my first complain, there was no more second. I started with one complain and she ended with 1001 complains!! Damn man! Here was I wanted to find a comfort zone, and there was I NEEDING to comfort someone else! Shyt man!
Btw, for this holiday got 2 peepz' birthday! Shagee and also Gurv!! My 2 best buddies!
I LOVE GURV'S HUG!! Its so warm!! She just makes me feel comfortable in her arms. And I always know that she will always be with me no matter what happens. Well for Shagee, although she's a bit harsh at times. But damn she's a good teacher. And she's kinda like an elder sister. She gives like damn good advice and takes care of people properly. So here, we wanna make a surprise party for both of them. Hehe...Kavi's idea though. Just informing my blog readers. As in those who are close to them larh. Those who don't know them just buzz off. lolx. So here the plan.
Shagee's party.
On 27th May. Not sure what time yet. Will inform ya'll asap. THEME:BOLLYWOOD! xD
Gurv's party.
On 1st or 2nd June. If its on 1st June then is in the evening cause I can't make it!! xD ANNUAL CAMP KACAU JE =x But if its on 2nd then not sure what time. The THEME: I've decided to do R&B, Pop, Rock or Hip Hop. Hehe..My idea man!! xD
That's all for now. Gotta get all things done by this week larh. Can't afford to do last minutes preparation. All your cooperation is greatly appreciated! =)
I think thats all that I can complain about in this bloggie this time. Others still in my mind. Don't wanna spill out too much. haiz. How i wish i can reverse back time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lets do some recall.
Yesterday slept at 2am!! walao. So long didn't try d. Damn shuang! xD
Then this morning wake up at 1o something. At 1pm start online. Then xl sms me ask want go swimming bo. Then ma go lorh. Nothing to do also. Then sms with lois. Shuang. Haha.
Sementara ada credit xD
Then online chat with Lynn and HJon. Until 4, Hj sudd say wan cycle go church worh. He ask me go church puii him -.-ll
So early merh!! Then I suggested he come my house lorh. He came then after a while go church.
On the way CH stop then I naik car, Hj cycle to church.
Then went Lynn's house. We lepak there while waiting for her dad to come back to pass to us the card.
Then off to GOLDEN HORSE! hehe. First time going there lorh!
Then swim lorh. After finish, washing up. Walao, jes and lois take so long man!
Me and Lynn like 10 minutes gau tim liao -.-
I bathing time hor. Sudd they pull my towel lerh. -.-ll luckily that time I finshed liao. Haiyo.
Then after that went mcD. Ate burger, nuggets and MCFLURRY!! =)
Then Sir Tan got that 4 secs thingy..Was fun larh. Me and Lynn tried.
Mine 3.5 secs! hehe. Geng lerh.
We all panicked in the van cause of Lynn's hp -.-ll
Then in van Sir say go home study til 2am -.-ll
Haiyo. I where got that rajin xD
I after a while want sleep lorh. Lazy read larh.
Then after I reach home, my dad reach liao.
He bought a few souvenirs for me lorh.
Normal larh.
I happy lorh.
But duno why my gor and mum bo happy eh.
Haiz. Duno what they want larh.
Because of them now my mood ruined liao.
Now I'm tired, sleepy, kinda hungry and upset.
Want go eat and sleep liao.
Tomorrow go school study x_x

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back again =)
Today Sunday hor.
Didn't go for mass -.- ponteng.
Went for SS.
Suppose my mum send me. But want go out Uncle Harry pass my house. So tumpang him.
Reach church, he ask me whether want tumpang home.
I say yea..but he gotta inform my mum.
Cause if not she will come and fetch me.
Just as i expected. He didn't tell her.
I knew something was wrong.
Some more I didn't bring my 'sot sot' hp -.-
From there everything gone wrong d.
Today SS was fun.
Only discussion for like one and a half hour xD
Discuss what owh??
Lucky wasn't late for SS.
While waiting for the door to open. Saw Fr Val. Greet him.
My friend say HEY GIRLFRIEND! haha. U rox gurl!
Then from there she got addicted to 'hey gurlfren'
Until go inside class also still with her 'hey gurlfren' xD
Then no opening prayer -.-
Hmm, then Jacky was asking bout the prayer partner thing.
Rufinus didn't know he already have a prayer partner so he ask for a new one xD
So he had 2.
But then A FEW MONKEYS din had people to pray for them.
That time was like 12pm d.
So we did the whole 'picking' thing again -.-
Brig wrote everyone's name then pass the paper bag around.
So I was the last to pick. TYPICAL me!
So then I was looking for someone nice larh.
Mana tau got no one.
Just simply take larh.
Got Marc, okay larh.
Don't mind praying for him.
Then Jacky call out names and ask to tell whose their prayer partner.
Then 12.30pm d.
haha..not headmistress larh. Just Aunty Sharon.
She ask for volunteers for cleaning of the church before the Eucharistic Congress.
Well, Brig told all of our names. I don't mind larh.
Will be free on next saturday also. So I don't mind helping out. Since it's my church too =) I'm such a guddie guddie gurl! xD
Then the aunty went out.
Another Aunty appear. About the Freaked Out Carnival wan -.-
Jacky say everyone is involved -.-
Well, I got nothing to do on 8th June so okay larh.
Aiyo. Why I like so free de. All also okay wan xD
So she put everyone's name.
I wanna take care of the game booth. Sure damn fun xD
Then there she goes walking out.
Okay. Then continue with the discussion.
On 1st of June, we suppose to have an Outreach Activity.
Then they discuss larh.
As usual, I just listen.
Me, Mabel and Francesca were busy with taking pics xD
Laaa..their hp damn canggih wan T.T
Mine damn ciplak!! argh!! JEALOUS!! xD
Then finally, Charmaine say that if we have it on 1st June sure x sempat plan wan.
So heres the good news!! It was posponed!! hehe..damn happy man! Cause on 1st June I got Annual Camp. Then can't go for the outreach programme. I really don't wanna miss it. Especially with my LAST YEAR cathecism class people!
Anyway, the result of THE PICKING!
Me - Marc
Mabel - Francesca (so damn lucky =D)
Francesca - Brigs (lagi lucky!)
Briggita - ALEX!! (ARGH!!!)
Haha...others not important larh =x
So then the outreach activity was posponed to 22nd June. On Father's Day I guess..hmm..
Among places suggested :
-Prison (wud love to go there) stroke wan..duno wat place.
-De cancer wan..oso duno wat place.
-Retarded children
-Under the bridge (cool man)
-Community service in KL (food!!)
Haha..thats all the places larh.
So 12.25 liao..Closing prayer. . . .Michelle!
Then there I go..following Uncle Harry home. Reach home the door was locked! NO key! Shouted 'AH BOY OPEN THE DOOR!' xD
Then a while later my mum came back. She say 'Next time daddy not around you find your own transport to church arh. Don't ask me to send or fetch you!'
what was wrong with her. Then I say larh, I told Uncle to tell you nerh -.-
Then she was all angry and haiz...
Then I didn't feel like going for cb. Duno why. Sudd no mood -.-
At 3pm I ask my mum whether can go cb or not. She say 'I duno you'
Aiya, don't care her larh. Just go. Before going I chat with HJ. I forgot to tell him got cb -.-ll xD
But he went larh. Why everyone keep saying he emo? He bo emo lorh.
Then after cb, ate Yang geh relative xD
Even he says its nice xD
Damn no mood now.
Dont believe the time above. Its lying xD
Posted by me at 12.27am on 19th May, monday..wesak! sleeping day! xD
Stop, Look And Listen!
Daddy went to Bangkok! Haiz.
On thursday night he ask me whether I want anything from Bangkok. I said NO!
Lolx..Why did I actually said no? Cause I remembered what Angela said bought buying things from other country. That story freaked me out xD
Anyway, didn't buy anything also nevermind. Not that I'm so desperate for something out of Malaysia. Next year I hope to MIGRATE! xD heehee~ Going to Spore would be fun~ I guessss..
Btw, I'm still so addicted to that song 'I still believe'. It's so nice. And thanks to TK for sending it to me. Now I'm listening to it non-stop.
Kay. Todays saturday you know. My dad's not around, so have to walk to BB alone -.-
So that means no church for this week? Hmm..mortal sin though~
Anyway, Sunday session with Fr rite? Omgosh, I keep forgetting what teachers said last few weeks. I still got a few assignments to finish. If this Sunday is session with Fr then I don't wanna finish it xD
I'm so lazy~
xD xD
Btw, now theres this guy that keep complaining to me that he can't get good results for his mid-term exam! Get a life man! Theres no use for you to come to me and just complain. Not that I can help you right. Haiz. If can I also want turn back time. Get back to F1. That's the nicest! xD
With no worries and can have fun everyday. Who wouldn't want right.
Yesterday night my mum ask what I want for breakfast. This morning I woke up at 8 thinking there would be food on the table. I woke up and saw my mum sitting there, reading newspaper. I thought, okay later she will go and buy my breakfast. So then it was 9am. She still sitting down and reading newspaper. Then I go and ask her.
'Mi, what time you going market?'
'Erm, why? What you wanna eat?'
Omgosh, she forgot what I wanted to eat =.=ll
She forgot??!!
Then she told me this morning she woke up damn blurr *I thought I'm the one that is blurr -.-ll*
so she forgot what I wanted to eat -.-
She say she was thinking bout it whole morning..Aiya, sorry mi, I din know you forgot bout it.
Then she ask me what I want. I say I want tosai. Then she say thats all? Then I say no. I want the curry also. Damn lame.
So today my gor went to work. So I get to use the comp. I was using it til my mum comes back from market and found out that my room fan wasn't off -.-
How forgetful I am! Well, she didn't scold. Just stared. It was nothing xD
I'm so bored I have no idea what to do. I think I gotta go call my friend and talk to her. I'm damn bored now. Anyway, 3 days of holiday?? Sleeping days! Heehee~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures that reminds me of yesterday to make a better tomorrow.

Love is sometimes short but friendship last forever!

Be thankful for what you have. Eventhough it is not gold or silver.

The love of people around you is the real gold and silver.

Thank God for everyday.

Even on the busiest day.

And as our life change from whatever,

We will still be friends forever! =)

To all my closest friends out there. Remember that I will always be with you all through night and days, through spring and summer, through winter and autumn.

You are my friends now, and you will always be.

Love ya'll and God bless.

Friday, May 16, 2008

SORE THROAT! Sux big time! T.T

3 days of ham yu killed my throat! Damn it! haiz.
Anyway, its the end of the second exam week! Hooray for that! =D

Trying a new way to blog though. Heehee~
I'm bored of this blog actually. Nothing fun and attractive -.- damn lame man.

Finally decided to upload some images.

This one was taken hmm..during the Award Day in erm..where arh? I forgot..

Anyway, its memories~

Brig, Pavi, Thanu, Shagee and Mie~

Nothing biggy here..Someone was missing! Hema! She was taking the picture..heehee..

Anyway, that day was such a waste of times. Hmm..I get to see some of my primary school friends though. Miss them so much! =D

Btw, lets go back to the main topic. Exams!

I hate exams. Not that I study for it. Just hate it a lot.

Well at least I don't have to carry all those loads with this tiny body of mine.

I love my PJ text book xD Cause it has never been used -.-
It's so damn neat.
Btw, I'm so addicted to this song call 'I still believe' by Hayden Panetteire..She's so pretty, but like what Lynn said, her outfit sux! Well said gurl! haha..'s Teacher's Day right. Well, the first teacher I wished today was Pn Ch'ng. Then Pn Sharifah then later a few more teachers larh. Pn Ron too ^^ Anyway,
Just wanna wish all the teachers Happy Teachers Day!! =)

This saturday is like a SHOPPING day for all of us. Doing shopping for Thanu's birthday party. Man, I really wanna go!!!! T.T But too bad i have BB on that day. *sobs* Brig's mum is sending!! Argh! I wanna sit in her big car!! T.T I miss my one and only chance to go out with Brig! Her mum like ALWAYS doesn't allow her to hang out with us at the mall. Not even at sleepovers! Btw, Lynn I wanna go your house for sleepover again! Or maybe Hem's house. Your houses rox a lot larh. Hope to shift to the new house and then I can jam up and organize my own sleepover party! ^^

So yesterday I chatted on YM with my aunty..I so call 'promised' her that I wil belanja her McD! Thanks to me man! Haiz. She said that my mum gonna belanje us this saturday. Hope its real..heehee..

Kay. So holidays are coming. Gonna get back to all my online games. Before holiday starts I think I gotta settle something. Something really important, and I mean it.

Anyway, holiday plans!! Hope nothing is change! =D

*26 May - Have props I guess..
*27 May - Have props I guess, again xD
*28 May - Out to Sunway with friends! I hope this will not change! Man, I can't wait xD
*29 May - Props again I guess..
*30 ~ 1 June - ANNUAL CAMP! First ever BB camp..hope nothing goes wrong!
*2 June - Sleep! Rest! Eat! Bathe!
*3 ~ Finis holiday - Might be going to Penang for fun -.- My aunty ajak larh...and I miss asam laksa T.T

That's all for my holiday I guess..Haiyo..again no time for friends.
I hope I don't fall sick cause I always fall sick during the holidays and all the plans are ruined! RUINED I SAY RUINED!
It's already 4pm..and I haven't taken my lunch. Well, off to my food now...heehee..
Posted by me at 4pm on 16th May 2008, friday! =D

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So long didn't blog already. Not use to blog already. Don't know what to write. Everyday seem to be too normal. Nothing special. Today is already the 8th day of exam. Another 5 more days. I can't wait for exam to finish. I'm tired of studying and going school to do absolutely nothing. Other than just hanging out with friends during recess just discussing about nearly everything. Starting from this week i rarely open the books and read. Every night its either laptop or TV time. My mum got me addicted to her chinese hong kong dramas. Just because last week i didn't use my hp and asked her to keep my laptop. I can't believe one week could change so much of me. But I think not very long from now I will still be addicted to the internet. Chatting online with friends is way better than staring at the damn TV.
Anway, MY MUM me addicted to salted fish (ham yu) xD
Last sunday she made vege with ham yu. And she said that was the main dish for the say -.-ll
Den monday i stayed back in school, was hoping to study!! Instead end up telling and sharing stories with TK n CM.
Haha. They asked Jean to be the 'saksi' to hear me say that few unreasonable words. It was so lame. Because I said it like 3 to 4 times but Jean was lik sooooo blur! =D
She was like 'she didn't say anything also' xD The blurness of Angela went to her. Haha.
Anyway, that indian girl so 'fai' man!
She so perasan! haha.
Monday was kinda an okay day. Nothing much happened. Except that I came home. Sms a few people. Then when it was 6pm my mum came home. I was just lying down on the floor talking to her when suddenly i fell asleep. After that day, every evening seem to be the same. At 6pm I would just fall on the floor and sleep. xD

K then here comes tuesday. Oh man, I SUCK IN MY BIO PAPER 3!
I can't believe what I've done! Oh Shyt! I'm so gonna make her sad! I don't want her to be sad. Anyway, its all over. No use regreting rite?! So just carry on with my total failure life. Hmm, hoping to get an A for maths, english and also BM. Love BM and maths a lot..i really mean a lot. Don't wanna fail those 2 subs.

So here comes wed. No uniforms today for some special reasons. Hate wearing it though. Haha. Don't know when my mum gonna give me the money to buy the full set. Really love PBSM kawad a lot. But no one is organised enough to take the lead. And I'm not good in shouting. So leave it. Today had EST 1 and also Physics 3. EST was kinda okay. Except for the part they ask the fate of the insect. OMGosh. Die larh, what else. Been eaten up by the plant? Weird man that question. Essay was kinda okay. PHYSICS SUX! Open the paper. I was like 'WTH' . What kind of questions are these. I thought it would be like chemistry 3. I really think among all those paper 3, chemistry was the easiest. You just need to mix and match. xD
I'm not even sure whether I got the experiment right. I'm always doing the wrong experiment. haiz.

Well anyway, I bet with TK something. Erm, he say if i get less than B for Bio then he will do as I say.

That is to hold kat's hand, call her dar and also confess to her! I'm so gonna fail in Bio tomorrow to see that happen!! haha. But if he wins then nothing larh. So i must win. Get below B xD
But still I will try my best to get an A larh. Haha.

Posted by me at 5.07pm on 14th May 2008, wednesday! ^^

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Walao, yesterday my msn damn cha lorh the connection. I tried for like 2 hours but couldn't get through! Only got through like 2-3 times nia. After 12am I got fed up. While trying to sign in I made this poem for my mum. I dunno wat I crapped, just simply write something xD Btw, was happy that I was able to finished it. Well I told CM that will post it here. So here it goes..

Dear Mum,
Thank you for bringing me up,
I know you scold and scold til you got fed up,
And I know sometimes you ust wanna give up,
But you know how important it is to bring me up,
I know very well that my stuborn-ness make you very upset,
But I'm trying my best not to make you sad,
I can't control the temper that I have,
So I'm glad that you use the patience that you have,
Your world is my world,
And you know this is real,
I'm sorry for all the wrong things that I've done,
So I hope all the sad feelings in your heart will be gone,
Thank you for treating me as a friend,
And not pushing me to the end,
I know you love me,
And I want you to know that I love you,
I'm sorry that I can't do anything more,
Than to just write you a poem,
So from the bottom of my sincere heart,
I would like to wish you Happy Mother's Day,
And I wish you will be happy every single day!
Saw what I crapped? xD
I was so blank at that moment. I got stuck at line 4 and 8. Haha. But eventually i could continue writing til it reaches line 21.
Kay, after i made thins poem I continue trying to sign in to msn messenger. Haiz. Still can't!
Gave up at 12am and did a card for my mum. Included the poem in it. Finished doing it at 1am. Said goodbye to those I was smsing wit. And tried to sleep. But couldn't. Haiz. So I think i finally fell asleep at 2am. This morning I got up at 7am. I thought my mum got up! But she didn't larh. She was nicely sound asleep in her room. My dad went to the market. So i boiled the water cos my mum wanted to eat half-boiled-egg. So then my dad came home, I asked him how to make de half-boiled-eggs. Since I don't eat it so for what I wanna learn right. Since today is Mother's Day and my mum wanna eat so hafta learn larh. Hmm, then my dad crapped a bit. So fine, I'll follow his advice. Boil the water and pour it into the container. So then my dad go in the room, after a few minutes my mum appears at the kitchen. I was shocked cos how can she wake up so early -.-ll
Haiyo, ruined! breakfast on bed was ruined! Fine, so I asked my mum how to make the eggs larh. She told a totally different thing from my dad. Duh, of cos follow my mum right. She's the expert here xD
So finally did the egg. So here I m blogging everything out. Hmm, anyway I din blog bout what happen yesterday. Uh, well nothing special actually. Just..hmm..a lot special xD
Anyway, I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN! their slow songs rox!
I'm lying down on my bed with the laptop right in front of me listening to Untiltled by Simple Plan! This song rox my world!
I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light
I can't remember how
I can't remember why
I'm lyin' here tonight
And I can't stand the pain And I can't make it go away
No I can't stand the pain
Chorus:How could this happen to me?
I've made my mistakes got nowhere to run
the night goes on
as I'm fadin' away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me?
Everybody's screamin'
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I'm slippin' off the edge
I'm hangin' by a thread
I wanna start this over again
So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can't explain what happened
And I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't
How could this happen to me?
I've made my mistakes
got nowhere to run the night goes on
As I'm fadin' away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me?
Well, now I gonna continue with my day. So long for now! ^^
Posted by me at 9.25am on Sunday, May 11th!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Breaking News!

Omgosh I'm finally shifting house. After 2 years I've waited! But now i don't feel like shifting man! I am so sad when I found out that we might be shifting either in June or July.

*Bad effect
-Can't be the food provider for CM and HJ before song practice.
-Can't walk to BB anytime.
-Can't go school with Sheryl anymore T.T
-Gonna miss my BEC members although i don't really attend BEC prayer meets but i still gonna miss them T.T
-Bus fee too expensive.
-Can't walk home from school anymore (the saddest part!)
-Damn far from school.

*Good effect
-If I shift at June or July then maybe I can make a birthday party! xD (house big enough to PARTY!)
-No more crampled room.
-Nearer to my church.
-Near to many friends' house.
-Going to new BEC. Wish to meet more youths there. Hopefully!
-Bigger house!
-I'll make sure i get a new study table and another table for my precious BABY *laptop* xD
-New couches.
-New door knob! mine spoilt since like 2 years ago -.-ll

Well, the good effects are more than bad huh? Hmm...that's weird. Anyway, gonna fix dat bb problem by learning how to ride a motor. Yang not ur idea okay. Thought of it before liao de. The best thing is that My house will be nearer to others. I heard that Wei Seng's house behind my house nia. Haha...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ok...hmm...5 days of exam pass liao...left erm...8 more days til holiday!! i cant wait!! xD
wat i think bout all de papers? hmm...ONE WORD!! SUXS!! apd new word lerh...haha..
overall i only can do maths, bm n week bm paper 2 = sei lorh!! i havent read n und all de komsas thingy...
Anyway i promised sumone dat i wil post tis LAME poem i did during chem paper 2...i had too much time til all de words came into my head...its lame..but its a fact!!
so sit back n enjoy xD
*wrote tis during chem paper 2 cos was too bored xD
My head was blank I didn't know what to write
My paper was blank I didn't know what to write
I somehow finished my paper
But I didn't check my paper
For whatever I wrote
Is not whatever I want to write
I waited for time to just pass by
And waited for the time for me to die
I read and read so I could understand everything
But to my knowledge today, I don't understand anything
How can you pass when you've never fail
So this time around I finally think I will fail
Language is better than the study of chemical
For I only know what is inhale and exhale
I don't know how i manage to finished it
And now its time for me to eat
Well, at least I still have another two paper await
So til then I have to remember the date
I don't know why i stayed up all night to read about elements
When all i know is how to draw an elephant
EDITED* And I know ths is the lamest poem you've ever known
Well, that was lame...right? xD
There is a verse talking about eating because right after chem 2 was the ending of school...and i had to leave school and take a break (eat) and then enter school for pss duty!
that day really suck larh!
CM say want to study end up he was sleeping -.-ll
Kay then the other days all same larh...exam = sux...well, still carrying on my life wth xD
Yay, ate ice cream today!! haha...can't believe an ice cream can make me happy lerh...hehe...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today a lot happen...
First thing woke up in de morning at 6.15...was lepaking in my room xD
got nth to do larh after bathing...lolx...den get prepared for skol pbsm today...i knew today wasnt gonna b a gud day...but i juz carried on wit it...

So at first everything was juz doin fine...nth unusual...other den CM was eating at Alam Jaya, n i was on my way to skol -.-ll he sumore can so late go worh...den reach liao sumore don wan go up -.-ll
left me alone...i set everythin liao den oni YL wan come up -.-ll
haiz...biao kin larh...
Den after assembly go into own unit...learn kwd today...okok lorh...but after dat learn de history of PBSM...for de Palang Merah wan larh...DEN HERE COMES DE DRAMA!! -.-ll

Pn J was announcing dat every unit BBU hafta prepare a gift for de teachers on Teachers Day...So everyone was being blurr n juz listen to her larh...den when she went n sit down..A told her dat pn R ask to split de from morning n one more from afternoon larh...den she started shouting at him...walao...i was rite in front man!! dat happens everytime!! haiz...dat day when PSS kena marah oso i was in front!! deng!!
Den Pn J say larh...y u all wanna pisah2kan everything?? har??!! she kip shouting...i felt lik slapping her was all pn R's plan larh...we're juz informing her bout wat pn R say...
Den she say wat larh...u all muz chg ur attitude...den she say ok fine if u all wan pisahkan everything..den she wont include us in de pameran thingy...n also wont register out keahlian at de jabatan...damn her!! PN S is way better den her!! too bad she shifted!! argh!!
den she say larh..ok hari ini guru sebelah pg xde skarang semua ahli sesi pagi boleh buat apa2 shj..suka hati kamu larh...den she sumore say...ok nota d hadapan ni nota yg disediakan oleh guru sesi semua nota di depan hanya sesi petang saja boleh salin...all morning session pls stop writing!! walao...she damn....!!! argh!!
Anyway, i don care wat she say larh...v planned to take de PM lik damn long liao...since last year dude!! now don u dare ruin everything u lady!! haiz...
WTH...she say v morning session din contribute....contribute by cutting off ur head larh!!

Sumore wan waste time in de room worh..teacher alredy at de assembly calling PBSM...haiz...
den go APD lepaskan all to CM...duno wat he mumbling there...but i know is command larh xD
damn glad skol finis after assembly..don wanna look at de damn teacher's face anymore...damn her...
Reach home...watched tv..hmm...den tetido...every sat de couch sure is mine from 11am til 1pm..hehe...either watch tv...slp or polish started polishing at 12 lerh..cos cudnt slp..duno y...felt nervous bout sumthing...but duno wat -.-
polish de belt damn long man...haiz...i think i repeated de same thing lik 4-5 times...haiz...den went BB at 2.30 today...go early better larh...den ask Lynn do haversack for me lerh..i duno y i sudd forgot how to do..haiz...den normal lorh...drill nice xD
get to run...long time bo run liao...lack of stamina...50 pumps juz for laughing?? xD DISCIPLINE MAN!! xD
thnk gudness i was serious during drill xD
walao...ZY ASK ME TO LIE!! rly feel guilty!! confession here i come!! haiz...
den today came bck late...waited for Alicia...Felicia waiting for Alicia 0.o lolx...
haha...when reach home oredi 6.15...suppose to leave hse at gor arh!! rly gets on my nerves!! i come bck wanna bathe den he go masuk de bathroom!! when im not around he don wanna go bathe...den ok larh...den rush rush rush...btw, i din eat lunch..i only ate one 'yau char kuai'...haiz...drill time tahan gila2 xD
luckily reach church early...ended liao damn hungry...went to neighbour's hse to eat...weird merh?? larh...cos got baby there full month go a lot lerh xD
den finis lorh...haiz...still em gam sam lerh...stupid stupid stupid!!

*anyway i passed TARGET EXAM!!*
hehe...damn hepi...finally can get one badge from BB...according to anita i got highest!!
followed anson n cm geh footstep!! thx guys!! i mean gals =x

Heres wat Sir wrote for me...

Pte. Felicia Kok
Congratulations, you have completely passed your Target Award!
Thank you for you hardwork and may you receive a lot more awards in the future!
I believe you have a lot of talents in you and you need the courage to use those talents. Do not let pride stop our service to God.
My prayer is that you will grow in character and spirit like Christ, and to lead His kingdom one day.
May God bless you and your family!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Wah, today a lot happen...both hepi n sad...lolx..
lets start from de time i wake up..
woke up at 7.40...get ready for church den bertolak at 8.45...wah, damn sleepy lerh...ytd nite cudnt slp...cos de weather too hot liao...haiz...
biasa aircond...too miskin liao =x
Mass started at 9.15 n ended at i duno wat time...din bother to look at de time...den straight went to peel road to eat yong tau fu...not i suggested dad...n he blamed me for it...juz cos naik harga liao -.-ll
On de way home...v were juz toking in de gor say when he reach home...he wanna juz sleep den evening go play i asked him larh...where he gonna play...he said sumhing lik...Wen Ya or sumthing...i cudnt und wat he said so i ask 'huh?' larh...den he repeat...den i say huh again xD
wah, it happen lik for more den 3 times xD
den sudd my mum started laughing -.-ll
den i oso rasa asked her larh..y??
she say u 2 very funny larh...huh?? funny?? wats so funny??
den she say say wen say huh...lolx..
duno larh..she say damn funny xD

Den reach home liao...mum n dad went to de laundry to do sumthing...gor go in his room play comp as usual lorh...went in my room, on de laptop...went wit dar xD
until around 4pm i think...den sleepy liao...slp...ngam ngam hou my parents came bck...yer..they at 'chong' din call me oso T.T haiz..

When i woke up..i rasa pelik larh...y everyone outside so bising wan...den i went out wit a blurr face...asking my mum wat happen...den i saw de tree outside lik botak liao de...den i rasa LAGI PELIK!! lolx...rupa-rupanya dat day when de 'astro man' came to do de astro thingy he say de tree blocking de satelite signal!! BULLSHYT MAN!! wasted de damn tree!! i feel so sori for de tree -.-ll den my mum called up de astro guy..he say if he come again n do he wil charge rm50!! zadao!!
den my mum say nvm...v wil fix it ourselve...walao..when my mum was tokin on de fon n i was standing bside her...sudd my bro screamed from outside...i thought he cut himself -.-ll lameee...
rupa-rupanya my dad go lepaskan de branches on my bro's leg...yerr...kesian my gor!! T.T
den i so lazy to look at them cut or even fixing de astro dish larh...i saw de pc in my gor's room i go use larh..since can on 2 windows messenger i was chatting wit cm...n here comes de drama...


so here m i running to de living room...haiz...juz looking at de tv -.-ll
den can i went bck into de room..thought i can cont chattin..den here it happens again..


aiyoo...nvm...juz sabar je...den go click click..ok liao...soo..went into de room again...
den it happen AGAIN!!

'HELP US CLEAR ALL DE BRANCHES!!' i went clear de branches!! damn lame man!! dad larh...haiz..oways calling me to do all de workkk...
den after finis my mum took back an old v tested it at my laptop...tis TREASURE im using xD
test test dad duno how to install cos don have de went online to installed d...plan to go to buy mcD ice-cream...cos today labour ice-cream, mum larh...
den ok lorh...go lm mai my calculator larh...
my dad was sooooo delaying all de time larh...he wanna do tis n dat -.-ll
so v left my hse at 8.30...wah damn late...
den str8 go Popular calculator...saw Wei dad was so worried i wil buy de wrong calculator n waste his money -.-ll so i ask Wei Yeen lorh whether its de rite wan..haiz...
bought correction tape, pencil lead n calculator...walao..rm6+ nerh...
den went to c de dad say too exp...not worth it..sumore dat wan old mum say later buy new wan...
den went n look for hp -.-ll boring part...cos not looking for mine dad n bro wanna buy new wan...
aiya..knew it...sure wont buy de went to mcD...wooohooo!!
bought cheeseburger n mcflurry oreo for me!! mcChicken value meal n sundae strawberry for my bro...n 2 sundae cone for my dad n mum...
went eat eat lorh...hehe...damn hepi lerh!!
but too bad i havent finis my gotta do it!! haiz...


Thursday, May 01, 2008

HAiz...again wit de memory lost thingy larh!!
Lets c.....hmm...
Woke up lik normal...go up bus damn semangat but slp -.-
terlalu biasa liao xD
reach skol liao go apd...erm...den start kamarizai gave sweets?? 0.o ??
MIC CACAT!! haiz...wat larh...after dismizz....
Den after dismizz bio..din wanna miz bio..go call KEX...den he settled everything larh...i went for bio...haha..i und wat de teacher was teaching!! hooorraaaayyy to me!!! xD
after bio..went eng...okok larh...teacher juz ask to read...DE ARTICLE WAS ABOUT PIMPLES -.-ll
den during, hem, ang, gin n ky sit at de red carpet n tok tok tok BOUT FOOD!! xD
den start eng again -.-
den teacher...i was doing...ermmm...eng??? 0.o eng worh??!!
den Bm teacher came in lorh..she teach how to do de format thing all...den rumusan oso...kinda sien larh...den she ask me for de krngn paper!! cm!! haiz...

Bell rang...FIND CM!! ppl say he at padang..i fast fast go padang find him...NO PPL THERE!! -.-ll
Den kip asking around lorh...MANA CM???!!
lolx...den saw him..ask for de krngn...rush to blk ketua bidang..take de to bilik guru...gave pn melati de paper...den run out of skol...ginny was suppose to get de place at de chinese shop -.-ll
when i went out she wasnt even there yet...nvm, hem, shagee n pavi sat wan go liao den oni gin, ang n ky came to de shop...
den go to pss...din do much oso larh..uruskan de money stuffs...hmm...den went n c de rocket lorh...den had netball..had a short game..teacher say who win get present group won!! OBVIOUSLY!! =x larh...juz so ngam v won larh...5-4
den wait for sheryl lorh...while watching rocket...
Den go home outside...slp xD
aiyoo...y today damn normal de?? sien lorh..