Sunday, October 23, 2011

A short one.

Update update!
It has been a week!
I have reached the minimum weight of a donor :)
Ngam ngam!
But, there was slight problem concerning the process of donation.
So, let me tell you a story..
Weight checked, blood checked, blood pressure checked, details taken, blood bag taken and seated.
Waited for 30 bloody minutes to be served a.k.a for the nurse to poke the needle into our BLOODY veins! YES, bloody is not a bad word here cause, duhh, obviously our veins are bloody, if not we couldn't have donated any blood =x
Opps, forgot to mention, I went with Yang Fung. 
That's why I said our @.@
Anyway, so yea, after the bloody 30 minutes, the nurse came and inserted the needle right between the bending part of my hand =.= 
YOU KNOW, the part where you bend your hand!!
And because the needle was in between the bending part, I can't bend my hand, and it was freaking painful!
Okay, don't bend, easy peasy!
Just let it be.
Then, the nurse came to me regularly to check on the blood flow.
Then suddenly she tighten the pressure thingy and walked away.
And as usual, I need to pump the blood.
And as I pump, my hand started becoming numb and slowly turns WHITE IN COLOUR!!
I can't even feel my hand and my hand was in white!
It was nearly paralysed =.=
So I SOS-ed to the nurse and she came to the rescue =.=
And then I told her I couldn't feel my hand!
Guess what she replied!
She released the pressure thingy, immediately my hand turned red!!
I was kind of impressed actually =x
And she said, "Darah kamu lambat sangat, pening kepala saya!".
After finish donating 350ml of blood, another nurse came to take 3 test tubes of blood from me.
Erm, again she complained, cause my bloodflow was really slow.
She said, "Haih, kamu nih, darah mengalir setitik-setitik, lama nak tunggu!"
LOL. Too bad :D
After that we had class, so we rushed.
Upon reaching the staircase to class, I nearly fainted =.=
I don't know why.
Second time and this time also nearly faint.
So, I was helped by my friends to go up the stairs.
Haha, first time feeling cared by college friends xD
Then they forced me to eat muffin @.@
I was actually very full @.@
After that I got back my energy.
Yea, thanks to them :)

Great experience! :D

Gosh, my blog post kind of suckish already x_X
Will post with better English and concentration when I have time next time :)
Till then!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day & World Food Day! :D

Hey people!
Good day! :)
First of all, Happy Blog Action Day and World Food Day! :D
As we all know, we need food to survive!
But it is up to you to select your lifestyle whether you live to eat or eat to live :)

So, lets talk about more food!

The other day, on the 13th of October, bf and I went to redeem one more coupon! :D
I totally forgot to take a picture of us redeeming with the voucher, so I've decided to to this instead.
Hope it counts xD
Yes, this is the coupon.
RM9.90 for a 5 course meal!
 I also forgot to call up to make an appointment but thanks to their friendly service, I was not chased out of the restaurant but served with a smile :)
First of all, we had our drinks!
It was either ice lemon tea or soft drinks.
We both chose ice lemon tea.
So, here you go!
 We got this deal for RM9.90 and the original prices are below.
But those are 3-course meal, not 5!!!
So, ours are considered a HOT DEAL! :D
 Him waiting.
He's not frustrated that the service is slow.
He just likes making his chok-yeung in every picture!
Don't know what is chok yeung?
Here is the explanation! :D
 While waiting, I snapped a few pictures of the environment in the restaurant.
It is definitely a cozy place there.

 I somehow like the effect of this picture :)
 NEXT, our soup came!
Mel's was seafood soup!
It had lots of ingredients in it!
 Mine was basically mushroom soup! I love mushroom soup like mad!
 And theirs had the bread wrapped around the bowl xD
 Finally, I reach the soup! xD

 After we finished our soup, the main dishes came.
Mel's was Pan-fried Dolly Fillet.
The fish was o-sum a.k.a AWESOME! :D
 Mine was Anglio and prawns with linguine :)
Not bad!
 I always have that face when I'm eating =.=
My friends say that I am always serious when I'm doing things even when I'm eating =.=
 Things in the restaurant ;)

Hot tea and ice-cream!
These 2 is perfecto!
 I then did this! xD
After xD
Thanks to, I had this experience of fine dining and had the chance to blog about it in conjunction with World Food Day! :D
Hmm, I bought 6 of this deal, I'm in luck!
I get to go again! :D

This is definitely a recommendation!
Go and try it for yourself!
They have 20 main dishes to choose from!

Visit them at 
Pasto Cafe
11G, Jalan Kasturi 1,
Plaza Kasturi, Jalan Balakong,
43200 Cheras, Selangor
(near Jusco Cheras Selatan)
Tel : 012-673 7766

Business Hours:
Daily 11am - 11pm

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Girls' stuff!


Recently, I'm addicted to online shopping!

YES. It is convenient, reliable and saves time!
Let me list down my recommendations of online shops that can be trusted.

First of all, the most affordable shop you can find on the internet!
What do they sell?
They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and many more.
Take a look, you won't regret it!
I've bought a couple of stuffs there.
Bought rings, earrings and necklaces.
What is so special about this shop is...
Browse through and you will find some products that are worth RM0.
Hmm, what's wrong with it you ask?
Just make an order, list down all the free items that you would like to get and they will select which to give it to you randomly :)
Rings are hard to buy cause some doesn't fit your fingers but not to worry, some are adjustable :)
Besides that, the seller is VERY VERY friendly and can be trusted!
Moreover, the postage fees for West Malaysia is RM6 FLAT RATE!!
For East Malaysia is RM9 FLAT RATE TOO!!
Orders above RM70, FREE POSTAGE!!!!
You see, there's so many free things about this shop!
That why I like it! :)

Besides 530pm which I've mentioned above. 
I've shopped at a few more websites.
Let's see....
They sell bags, t-shirts, dress and many more.
Have a look.
Usually when I visit their website, I would straight jump to something affordable for my age which is the RM1-RM20 products!
I recently bought a purse for RM10.
I made the order today, paid tomorrow and the next day, the purse reached my house!
Isn't that amazing?!
And and and and, they too have flat rates for postage fees!
If you're a KL, Selangor, Perlis, Penang or Kedah person, YOU ARE FREAKING LUCKY LIKE ME!!
RM4!! Cheapest in town!
And it is freaking fast!

One last recommendation.
They sell clothes and shoes :)
Bought once from there.
The seller is also a very nice person :)
Oh, this one I did not pay postage fees because I had COD service :)
Basically met the seller's sister on LRT and got my goods.
The quality is not bad. Well, better than Sg. Wang I can say!
And their products are pretty reasonable.
You can view my review which I did the other day.
Mixed emotions. IGNORE THE TITLE :D
So, now they have new products which is t-shirts :)
They are selling them for RM15 per piece.
Check it out HERE.

So, that's all of my recommendation :)
Stay tune for more affordable and good stuff!

ALWAYS REMEMBER that EXPENSIVE doesn't mean it is GOOD. CHEAP doesn't mean it is BAD.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

When the stars don't shine, make sure you shine.

Ok, another irrelevant post that does not relate to the title :)

So, kinda having dilemmas.
Started college for 3 weeks already.
Getting more and more hectic.
Gosh, this semester is so terribly tiring!
Oh oh, I am invited to join another tutorial group.
Opps, shhh~
Should I?
Would it be an adventure to jump from one group to another group?
And will it widen my social network?
Hmm, this is the dilemma I'm currently facing.
Not to say that I am pathetically upset about my current group.
But, personally prefer to be in an English ed society.
Hmm, was TARC a wrong choice?
Well, I'm not sure.

Anyways, maybe I should just forget about that issue and hope for a better group in advance :)

So, nowadays, my life is all about studying.
I seriously do not have any time to even entertain myself.
Monday I go to college and stay one night in hostel.
So basically hostel life is all about locking yourself up in a room with four walls and catch up on studying!
In short, I do this(points at the picture below) every Monday night!
HAHA. I know I'm as cute as the baby on top =x

Then the next morning I would be doing this.
I know, STUDY right? HAHA!
Yea, the same thing!

And somehow, I'll end up doing this.
I will be so tremendously tired that I can't even remember my dreams!!

And the most pathetic thing about my timetable is that on Tuesday my class is from 8am-6.30pm.
Ada faham ka tada faham?!
Oh, horrible!
But anyway, that is one of the ways to train myself :)
Just imagine those people that drive to work.
They wake up at 6.30am to avoid jam, work for 8 hours and ends up being stuck in jam on their way home.
Aren't their life more pathetic?

Btw, gonna get my debit mastercard soon!
Yeap, the TAR College one!
So that I can go buy a GSC movie ticket and get a free one.
Wanna know how?


Anyway, if interested please CLICK CLICK for me :)