Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today go school kinda useless x_X
As usual, hated English period =.= Today learnt bout Form 4 literature.
Then BM, did erm, that borang filling thingy. I was so damn freaking blurr man =.=
I don't know what, where, why and how =.=
Then PJ no teacher, erm, i forgot what I did 0.o I think we ate during PJ and I opened Maths latihan book and only did 2 questions =.= That also write the number of columns and rows. LOL!
Then SJ.
But she came back early! Obviously I did not bring text book larh. If not I wouldn't be complaining here xD
But she just sell to us a thick latihans for only 50 cents wei! I can't believe it. But she told me it was RM5 -.-ll
Then I told her, "Cikgu, saya xde duit larh. X payah beli larh T.T"
Then she say, "Saya tipu awak sajalah!" LOL. Teacher and jokes =.= which I fell for!!! wth.
I took the latihan but went back to my place and, erm, I can't remember what I did. But I know I did not do the latihan xD I chat-ted with Lynn and Angela. Angela was freaking out. LOL. Pressure.
Then recess, went with Kavi. She taught me Chem ^^ She explained damn damn damn many times then only I understand a bit xD I know formula but don't know what is it for =.=
Then after rehat, Jaleha Zaleha didn't come. Suddenly I went to Shageetha and asked her to teach me Physics @.@
Wah, she teach dou the whole table all filled with people. LOL. Damn fun lerh. Lucky I got first class seat =x
I sat right in front of her. So I can understand better xD Finally understand electromagnetism PART 1 =.=
Then EST. Wah, teacher talk a lot eh. I felt damn sleepy. But thanks to Angela and Lynn I did not fall asleep. Although I need to keep turning behind =.=
Then BIO. Wee~ Fun part! Today Bio time like bo lat dy. Gonna fall dead anytime. Before bio start I sat at Vanessa's place. Then when start, I really damn damn damn malas go back my place. So I sat there. Halfway, I go sit beside Vanessa. Learn bout haemodialysis. I know serba sedikit bout it cause my aunt goes through it. My "carry mum" a.k.a mak angkat. So I purposely go disturb Vanessa by explaining bout all those veins and blood flowing. She like gonna faint dy xD
Then I was listening to teacher, suddenly I realised something. I told Vanessa..
"Eh, you listen arh. Teacher will say kay or okay so many times wan"
She listens.....
First kay...
Second okay...
Third kay...!!! LOL!
That time I really couldn't stop laughing wei! It's so damn freaking funny till I can't even concentrate on what teacher is teaching. All I hear is OKAY or KAY!!! LOL!
Somehow Bio ended. Today I used Vanessa's bio book and she used mine @.@
Why? Cause we lazy to switch back.
Then after school I went Brig's house! ^^
Why? Cause my house no food. So she offer to bawa me to her house for lunch =)
Then go there, makan. Got ice-cream eh ^^
Then at 3pm I walked home.

Tomorrow. Can't wait ^^

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today's explore race.







LOL. Yep, that's what that happen! SERIOUSLY! Not lying. But not to me larh =.= If not I won't be here typing =)
Had fun running up and down the school. Had fun walking up to the 4th floor for BSM meeting =.=
Had fun walking to Suntex from the bus stop with Sheryl!!!!!!!!
Had fun walking home alone, cause I saw leng zai =x
Had fun having the small group talk which consist of all Malaysian races =)

Wee, I love cats ^^
The whole journey back with Sheryl, I kept talking bout cats and dogs till she geram xD
Then when I reached home, I opened the door, suddenly one huge cat ran down from the stairs and went out through the kitchen window =.=
Btw, I got a new CAT friend xD ANGELA!! xD Damn funny xD I love her cat sneeze ^^

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Come to this new house le. My independence level increase liao =)
Now I don't count on anyone anymore. Like that day Friday. I mean yesterday.
I know CM stay back. So I got no transport home. I didn't care whether I had transport home or not, I still went to school. After school baru think how to go back x_X
Smart human =.= So after think damn long le. Finally decided to follow my old bus back to old house and walk from there. Although the sun was glaring up there, but still I bertekad to walk home =)
Benefit of walking home..
1. Train stamina
2. Ukur the jarak from home to school =x
3. Sunbathing =x
4. Independence level increased =)
5. Train leg muscle =x
6. Feel the feeling of being in danger =x
7. Get to spend time with myself and talk to myself =x
8. No need depend on people.
9. Get ready for next year =x
10. Got 9 benefits of walking back xD

Walao eh, damn many benefits xD Kaka. I just realised that from school to house is 8km. Geng lorh I walk 8 km ^^ Damn proud of myself =)
one hour journey xD
But quite dangerous, cause sometimes kena kejar by that dumb dumb dogs =.=

Anyway, today had BB =)
Music practices are always fun ^^ Today during worship I sing dao no voice =.=
Drill I command =) I knew I was gonna kena. But if x kena how to learn jek ^^
Too soft? LOL. Or wrong command? LOL! Wrong command larh! =P
No wonder larh =.=
Thanks for telling me. Hehe. Special squad activity coming up on the 5th of June =)
Today exam x_X I can't remember what I answer 0.o
After a very very very long time, today I kena blister 0.o Sigh. Long time never kena dy eh T.T Suddenly kena again =.=
Walao, dad ugut me. He say either come back early from BB (means leave during drill) or quit BB =.=
Sure don't want quit larh =.= Got gam cheng to every single members there liao T.T
So I choose to go back early =(
I know hj will miss me geh xD

10pm le. Gotta go do homework ^^

Friday, April 24, 2009

Church camp '08 xD
Siapa remember?? LOL

High heels sound!!
Church camp '05 xD
Nih semua mesti ingat punye xD
Chun-nest camp ever, cause ada leng zai =x

JAP =x I wonder where is he now =x

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unfairness in PERIMBUN!
Spotcheck only for CHINESE girls. WTH =.=''

Today had explorerace.
Skipped meeting for it. KNS =.= Sure kena marah dy.
But I don't care. PS more important xD
So I did a slight mistake and I ruined everything xP
But still everything ended great. I was freaking tired x_X
After count everything, already 4.30pm.
So followed Shagee till old house and walked home. From Suntex to my house, 30 minutes =.=
Nearly reach liao, I x larat dy T.T
Some more need go up the hill. Below the hill there, I was telling myself "Wei wei, cannot liao cannot liao. Gonna rebah dy T.T" But I still kept walking and walking. Finally I reach the front of my house gate. Like THANK GOD!
Then put down bag everything and terus lie down on tilam. Head damn pain.
Then I went and took my bath and mum came home. I went down and somehow I fell asleep @.@
Woke up just to go to furniture shop =.=

Anyway, I don't know what is going on right now. Damn luan larh. Sigh. Tomorrow Friday le. Another week gonna end T.T
3 more weeks till exam x_X
I haven't started anything. Sigh.
Tomorrow got study group. Reason why I don't wanna go..
1. I'm not smart enough. Go there all discuss, I alone blur, cause I langsung don't know anything.
2. I need come home do stuffs.
3. No mood study.
4. Don't feel like studying.
5. Don't feel like being anywhere else except home.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SORRY Kah Choon!! T.T
Sigh. Sorry sesangat-sangat T.T
Tension rising. Sorry 5 Alfa people, for giving ya'll a shock T.T
Really wasn't in the mood. Sorry for walking out just like that.
Sorry to that PSS guy =.= I don't know what is his name =.=

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything twisted? 0.o
Well, maybe..
Haha, weird but true. Who cares anyway. Better off this way =)
Thanks for telling me that I have changed =)
From a one word girl to a girl that loves to crap a lot =.=
From a girl that doesn't speak at all to a girl that shouts out loud to just tease people.
Basically from a quiet and rajin girl to a noisy-annoying and malas girl. Sigh.
But I like the way I am now. I feel more comfortable being around people I-DON'T-KNOW =)
More to expressing myself with words =)
Independance kot....kot je larh xD
Sigh, aku tak pergi, dia marah kat aku. Sigh, apa aku nak buat??? =(
Sebab F tak pergi, so aku pun tak nak pergi. Manatau B marah pula T.T
To all BK students, good luck in this coming Sunday's breakfast sale. Harap-harap you all ada enough money to buat camp kay! =P Then bawa aku sekali =x
Then united balik and jadi BF^2M^2 =) Misss misss misss ya'll banyak sangat!! T.T
Hari ini pergi pesta buku not bad eh!
Dapat makan =)
Sedap pula tuh, tapi masuk bas aku xde tempat duduk =.=
So aku kongsi seat dengan Shagee dan Brigs.
Dapat banyak sticker doh xP
Tapi sangat penat cause jalan banyak sangat.
Pastu bag berat pula. Then, kita gi The Mall makan dan shopping. Habis pukul 2pm, so kita balik sampai kem pga sana. Tingkayu to cm for hantar-ing aku balik xP
And also, tima kasih to tk for as-em-as-ing me bout hari ini punya keje umah =)
So hari ini saya tido tgh hari. X nak bangun. Mata tak mau bukak. Manyak susah.
Jalan to tuition. Hari ini manyak kelakar. Sek Peng sneeze sampai banyak kali =.=
Lebih teruk daripada Angela. Dan dia sneeze sangat kelakar xD
Then SY tido =.= Sir tanya "wong, you sleeping arh???"
SY x jawab. Muka dia dekat table =.= Sir suruh Wen Bin bangunkan SY. Then baru dia bangun xD
Hari ini saya waste banyak time. Sigh. So sikalang saya mesti tido!
Selamat malam semua! =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The worse leadership camp I've ever been to =x Well, seriously.
Less ceramah doesn't mean the camp will be less boring or more fun. Haha, it has the same freaking meaning =.=
Yep, it kinda sucks. I learn like absolutely nothing and had only 20% of fun and 70% of my energy weared out =.=
So we were all told to be punctual or maybe earlier on Saturday. 7am Maha said =.=
Remi said, "Paling lewat pukul 7.15 pagi ye!"
Crap! We left school at 8.40am!
In bus kinda shuang cause Shagee and I sat together. LOL, she kept asking me to look at outside the bus xD
Then some more ky, cm, yl, tk, kh and jm sit near xD Jokesssss...
Reach liao got 'ice breaking'. Damn luan =.=
Zi En and I simply masuk any group nia =x =x
Then bahagikan kumpulan, I wanted to be in Big Didi's group de, but the "penghulu" go put me in other group T.T
Sad dao!
Then need do ADK 1 =.=
Create cheer and don't know what. My team make circle liao then all stare at each other. WTH.
Then choose Zi En be GL. But no people got idea for cheer and team name. Somehow got idea in my mind then tell them, then they add and edit. Our cheer became damn long x_X
Then I don't know got what other activity dy.
I know they got ask people go in front de. But I can't hear what the fasi say =.=
He like mumbling at the mic nia.
Then after that had don't know what activity pula. Suddenly all kena marah and kena rendam in pantai berlumpur =.=
Then do mud facial xD
A bit lame. Some more they always count 1-5 de. All also noob noob go run.
Next activity was build something with straws.
Wasting straws nia.
My group do de x jadi, so we simply build anything nia. Some more other groups use damn long time to explain bout their binaan.
Then go mandi. All rebut bathroom =.=
Line up damn long eh.
After bathe dy I feel damn sleepy. I saw Zi En nia, tell him, "Eh, tonight's activity I'm not gonna think anything, my brain sleep dy" xD
Then got ceramah, that time I half asleep dy =x
Then need do promotion some more =.=
I didn't even know I had to act, go in front spontaneously crap a bit then gao tim le. Others be patung behind nia =.=
I like supper the most! Cause, the biscuit they serve not they make de xD So it is SEDAP! xP
Anyway, 1st day HIGHLIGHT IS.....
U.M.A!! xD Story at xCm's blog =)))
Night time Sheryl and I share same bed =x Single double decker bed lai de. But both refuse to sleep down, so we share share ba =x
I so scared I fall. Told her if at night hear dou sound remember look down xD
We sleep facing the fan, damn shuang xD
Then some more kheng sam si xD xD
Damn damn shuang xD
But the malays at the side there kheng gai damn loud, like got party there nia. Some more on light =.=
Don't know what time we both fell asleep le. Then tomorrow Shagee woke us up. I don't care her, I use jacket cover my face =x I damn bad eh T.T
Then they all damn bising, shout here shout there saying no water =.=
I use blanket + jacket cover face. LOL
Then finally we decided to go wash face sama-sama =x
Go back dorm I ask Shagee now what time. She say 5.15am. WTH =.='' We were suppose to wake at 5.15 de lerh!!! Wasted my sleep nia T.T No wonder I didn't wanna wake!
Then go the other dorm 8 a bit =x
Go kheng gai with Hjun they all ^^
Left Shagee at dorm cause she slept off =.=
Don't know how she can sleep off de.
Then we walk go beach there. Bla bla blaa...I can't remember =.=
Got ceramah, wasting time de. Then noon go water rafting ^^
My group damn shuang xD
I go tipu one girl that Hjon is my didi xD
Here's the conversation...
The girl : (Looks at me and points at hjon) Eh, tengok pak we kau kacau aku!
Me : Huh? Dia adik saya larh!!!
The girl : HUH??! Ye ker? Sorry sorry.
Han Jon looks at me like 0.o LOL
The girl : So awak form 6 larh?
Me : Xde larh, form 5.
The girl : Korang kembar??
Me : Yup. Saya 30, dia 31 =)
Han Jon : (Points at me) Dia lahir 11.59pm 30 Julai, saya lahir 12.00 tepat pada 31 Julai =DD
This conver memang LOL man! xD
Then build rakit! This time got instruction all. Kinda easy liao. Compared to annual camp =)
But this time the rakit damn huge! Can fit 30 adults.
Then the guy teach us floating all =.=
And when the competition started, we had to change rakit with the group next to us. LIKE WTH??!!
We had to use the other group geh T.T And one end of the rakit bercerai =.=
So we had to go in the water and push. Sigh. Nevermind, we had fun. Damn funny, I was at the right side de marh. Then I ask one guy to dayung harder on the left. He suddenly stop. I ask why stop. He say your side is left =.= WTH??! LOL. I laugh till don't know what nia. Then no energy dayung xD Funny eh xD
Then they gave us 45 min for group 6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 which consists of 13 to 14 per group! 13x12???!! LOL! All rush like gila. Upacara penutupan, when pengetua ucap, all sleep dy =.=
Then got one fasi wanted to snap 2 guys sleeping de. Manatau they so ngam wake. I look behind, all the afternoon session cute cute girls sleep xD
Then wah, finally BALIK!! xD
I slept 99 in bus xD
Reach le tk wake me up ^^ Thanks yea!
Then went dinner with Cm and family. Thanks to cm's parents for belanja-ing me ^^ and for sending me home =)
Came home, sms a while then sleep like pig till next morning. 5.20am I suddenly wake =.=
Overall, only rakit part fun. Food sucks =x
Lucky no more next time xD
The best leadership camp is still BNTS!! =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haha, as said in Lynn's blog, 5 Alfa was discussing bout our pathetic class t-shirt.
Luan dao I don't know what to say =.=
Scream here scream there like free market =.=
I also don't know what to say bout 5 Alfa dy. All so not coperative at all.

Anyway, today below the hill there got accident. Erm, well, it happened a few seconds after I reached school =.= So I x dapat tengok show =x
Noted that I edited this blog on 17th April 2009.
Tiring day. Of course. Slept late last night because I had so much to do =.=
Woke up earlier than the alarm but I insist on sleeping back xD
So went school when everyone were already lining up outside the class. LOL
Started with BM, passed up my Nilam book. Wee~
Addmaths was erm, okay I guess. I had no idea wth Remi was talking in front cause Brig keep copying my book and I kept looking at it @.@ Langsung xde kaitan xD
English =.= I wanted to finish my summary so badly cause I did too little words yesterday night but teacher ask me process the books =.=
Maths, I have no no no no no no no no no no idea how the heck to do =.=
Spent so damn long time just to stare at the examples and even the QUESTION! Shiat, I hate maths, love addmaths more.
Then I used recess time just to figure out how to do the blardy maths. Thanks to Boon Jun I finally figured it out =)
Today I get piss off damn fast =x Don't know why.
Somehow someone say today got spotcheck. So as usual, Brigs, Pavi and some other people kept our phones with teacher (the teacher's name shall not be revealed xD).
All the rooms were spotcheck-ed 0.o Is there even such word??
Anyway, yea, all the rooms including SPBT room and St John's room @.@ St John room sarang telefon bimbit last time. Lucky got some smart people go check before teacher check, so most of the phones safe. But somehow some kena rampas. I don't know the story, hear half didn't hear half.
Moral nothing funny today cause everyone like damn busy. Most students not in class. All vanish don't know go where @.@
Nancy talk damn soft eh =.= I can only hear the last word she say de. So how do you expect me to pay attention during sejarah class???
Then teacher give latihan to do. That time all students balik class dy.
Then Angela, ky, cm and kc came kumpul at brig's and my table.
Haha, suddenly ky started talking in chinese =.=
I terus oit him. Reason? Cause brigs there, she can't understand chinese larh dude =.=
So don't know who say, "Okay, If speak English then all heads in!!"
@.@ LOL! Then all sit damn close xD kc share chair with me tim =.= Apahal larh. Suddenly I notice Nancy looking at us. I terus say, "Oit, teacher teacher!"
Then all fast fast go behind and act like doing notes xD
Then teacher shout, "Ahh, itu, yang duduk kumpulan-kumpulan punya, mesti x siap kerja latihan!"
I terus say, "cikgu cikgu saya dah siap xD"
Padahal I x touch also =.=
Damn song lorh do group talk during sejarah xD
That time we got back our phones liao. Suddenly I heard tk say when we balik time Remi want spotcheck our class. WELL, THAT'S WHAT I HEARD LARH.
Then I go spread to everyone =x
Everyone panicked =x SORRY DUDES!
Then when want balik, tk go shout, "KELAS, INGAT MINGGU DEPAN JGN BAWAK HANPON DAH!!" LOL!! Damn yeng lorh our class =.=
Btw, now our class front dorr and back door got some notice.

Dilarang masuk!
RM0.20 Entry
RM0.10 Exit

Arahan : Along

=.= " See also know siapa punya kerja already larh. HTK racing wheels =x
I bet by next week sure got teachers complain bout our class liao de =.=
Especially the "womb" xD
Today Sree act like the "womb". Sibeh funny man!
"Hari ini saya joke, joke yang serius."
"Hari ini xde koma lagi dah, terus full stop."

Anyway, today xCm, pauline and I went metropoint. They went to practise bowling, I went to menyibuk xD
Waited at bus stop damn long =.= Some more weather damn hot. Some more didn't eat anything =.=
LOL. Something happen. Someone angry =x
Sorry larh ^^
Btw, kajang damn hot de eh. Walking from one building to another building, wah, the sun like burning -.-
Finally we left Kajang before 5pm. Reach home dy damn nice. Got fan =)

Wee~ Tomorrow go kursus kepimpinan xD Pauline say got water activities. Yes yes yes yes! xD
Miss playing water damn much xD
Although not many friends going but I'm glad I'm going. Never go before eh. Every year want go de, but don't know why didn't go. This year dapat go then go larh =)
Wah, I blog damn long @.@
Stop here ba, although got many things happen. Xkan want write all kan xD

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The month of Lent just past.
What do you think I sacrificed during this year's Lent season??
Hmm, let's see..
I sacrificed LUNCH, online time and hmm, HOMEWORK? =x

Anyway, I wanted to blog so badly last week cause everything went SO WELL last week that nearly everyday I laughed my lil lungs out xD
It was really a nice and memorable Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday =)
But I can barely remember anything =.=
Stuffs I remember..
Khai Yoong's new name = "Tangkai" Yoong =x
If the joke is funny, clap. If it is not funny, LAUGH! xD
Kay, I can't remember anything else.

Tk, the word "penyet" really exist okay!
Swt larh, I thought I humiliated myself today =.=
Anyway, today ky's pencil case kena "rogol dan buang' =.=
My term larh =x
Haha, he left his pencil case in class today. Then after he went home he ask Angela go take for him. Angela ask me pui her. So I follow her lorh.
See see the pencil box was lying opened beside the class tong sampah. LOL
So naked wei =x
The zip opened big big and everything not there anymore =x
Then we ask the ketua kelas larh, that kept calling Angela as sister xD She talk very funnily wei xD
Then their teacher came le, ask us go report to guru disiplin. We go hunt for the guru disiplin, then he say tomorrow only tell En.Remi, wth -.-
I told Angela, cannot, today must settle, cause if tomorrow ask sure cannot find all the things liao de. So we decided to go back to the class and ask the Sir do spotcheck. Then Sir ask who took the things. Suddenly got one boy ask "Cikgu, semua ni ke?" (pointing under Brig's desk)
Then got one girl gave Angela one note. Haha, damn chun wei.
Then found everything back except his SJ100 years badge and liquid paper =.=
Btw, last Sunday had Youth Outing by the 9th Mile Lutheran Church ^^
So I joined =)
Can say, 2nd time join their outdoor activity. My first was when I was in Form1 0.o Surprised? LOL. Yep, I went to the orphanage with 9th Mile Lutheran Church when I was 13. I was so curious why they did not do the sign of the cross when they prayed. But now I understand le.
So continue with Youth Outing. It was raining that afternoon. Dad kept asking me how we were gonna have the activity since it was drizzling quite heavily.
We chit chat outside of fellowship hall for quite a long time till everyone were asked to go up for worship. After that we got on the bus and off to Taman Bukit Jalil. I've never been there before.
It was a nice taman there. We gathered at one pondok and the bible/treasure hunt began after separation to groups. My group got Josiah (the leader), Anson Lame -.-, cute cute san san ^^, J as in Joshua, James and me. The station games were kinda fun except Yang's station that basically made everyone run out of breath -.- but okay larh =) Cause our group scored the highest there =x haha.
Then hor, we reached Wayne's station. Everyone kena blindfold and then Josiah will lead us to somewhere de. After reach last place I don't know where I am also -.- LOL.
But fun eh xD Cause you don't know where you're stepping and where you're going de. And I did something stupid =.=
Then reach Seph's station, need blow the ping pong ball from one cup filled with water to another. 10 cups. I was busy doing sudoku that time, but Seph say all need to try =.=
So I try larh, actually I don't know how to make it go to another cup de. Then Anson ask me "how come you can blow till the ping pong ball jump so high de?"
Then I terfikir, can jump to another cup marh. So thanks to me we PASSED! =x
Sy tiru my cara =) Hehe, say thank you SIFU larh =x
Then after everything, we gathered back at the same place. So ngam it started raining heavily @.@ Then got FOOD and sharing by Seph. After that went back church and Jian sent me home.
Reach home dy some more need go out dinner -.-
One more thing I discovered.
When someone asks you question. Example..
"What's for dinner arh?"
And the only word you heard was DINNER. So you reply "huh?"
And surely they will just say "DINNER!!"
Then you will "huh" again -.-
Go try this out. TK tried it, and it was true. My parents always like that =.=

I know this is a freaking long post =.=
Cause too many things to blog le xD
Today I broke record again, reached school at 7.40am xD
I masuk class nia, tk say "Wah, very early arh u??" LOL
Mum always encorage me not to go school -.- Don't know why.

Hmm, theres nothing else I guess. 3 more weeks till exam, I GUESS. Sigh.

Hmm, wondering......and thinking..........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun day in school perhaps? Yep, the blogger is back.
It has been difficult opening IE's page these few days.
Everytime I try opening a blog, it's either the pictures will not appear or the cbox does not =.=
I get fed up so fast that I just switch off the laptop.
So, school today. Okay, I guess ^^
5 Alfa and 5 Beta gabung. OBVIOUSLY fun larh!! xD
I enter class straight put bag at KC's place. I knew he did not come, so, TK HERE I AM!! xD
Then I have no idea why I keep standing on the chair =x
Then Irfanah came and ask me "Wah, you trying very hard to be tall huh?" LOL
I say "Erm, I'm not trying, I'm already tall =x But very unstable larh xD"
Then we all settled down. Ehem, *cough cough cough* xD
YY entered our class xD His class was located in 5 Beta today, WHICH WAS RIGHT NEXT TO 5 ALFA~~!!! xD
He sat there for like about 15 minutes??!! LOL
Like right in front of my face dude! Okay larh, not exactly right in front of my face. Tk-the-pro go block =x
But too bad we had BM after that and we had to go to ICT lab =.=
Then I saw "ghost" in ICT lab =x
Okay larh, not ghost, I haluscinated =.=
Mana saw 3 girls in the teacher's room and I did not believe they were humans. She kept asking me to go and see but I too scared, I ran away =x
PJ time we did Sudoku @.@ Hjun fastest cause I do till half suddenly realise wrong, so I erased the whole paper and started again.
Sejarah was obviously "buat kerja sendiri" time.
Then recess, I went canteen alone but bumped into Shagee and teman-ed her eat nasi lemak. I didn't eat nasi lemak larh, just sat there with her ^^ I good lerh =x
Physics time. Teacher help us do homework xD
I actually understand @.@ Good larh =)
Sy damn funny, he stood in the middle of the class and like so blurr like that xD
Then teacher ask him he following Physics or Sejarah xD
He say Physics de, but teacher halau him cause he Beta student xD
EST as usual no teacher -.-
Then xCm gor gor teach us something =x
I say will ukur tonight right? LOL. I malas larh, and can't find measuring tape =x
We thought bio teacher will teach. Manatau she say, who want ask question then go to her -.-
Irfanah and I went back to the "back-gang" and kheng gai-ed. I did bio latihan. Sang belaian jiwa and Sandaran hati =x That time damn bored sia -.- Tk, cm they all play hp drum -.-
Then lunched with tk, ky, sy and hj =)
Dad insisted that he will wait at car =.= I felt damn pressured sia.
Then I am blogging. Dad say need go church later. Sigh. No more early sleep for today T.T

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Today, apd crew kena tegur from the "womb" =x
Haha, in the end kena tepuk tangan =.= Damn lame sia.
Then masuk class lewat. I look at the board. Why got 2x2 2x1 de? 0.o
I was thinking, we learning standard 3 stuffs izit? LOL
Then Kavi taught me ^^ Thanks Kavi!
Brig keep sleeping nia today =.=
Bla bla bla, recess alone. Kinda biasa dy =.=
Nvm, life's like that.
Then Chem, I brought the wrong book =.=
Instead of bringing Joel's empty book, I go bring Chen Onn's book =.=
Then do experiment time finger kena acid, don't know why damn pain =.=
Then I help cm isi his book ^^ Cause I no book, want act guai in class xD Padahal I x listen to what teacher say also. Keep copying Haziq nia xD
Then kc show video. CM don't let me see T.T
Then est time go walk walk alone =x
Then don't know what teacher crap in front. KC sit beside me. We keep talking nia xD
Then teacher suddenly tegur the guys "Nak cakap lain kali duduk luar cakap" xD
Terasa lerh xD
Wanted to go out geh =x but teacher wasn't looking at me and kc XD xD
Then suddenly brig say hoab call me =.=
HOAB lied to me sia. Hate her =.=
She say xde sambutan. Padahal more than one bus of people going liao. KNS betul =.=
Then I go class emo =.=
Don't know why. After bell ring I terus walk up PS alone. Angela suddenly call me from behind ^^ Ask me whether want go makan bo ^^ So happy lerh xD
Then go makan with her. Saw gin and Pavi.
Angela damn frust bout st john. Can understand her situation. She inside boiling liao ky some more ask her why she like don't care nia =.=
Then masuk ps for perjumpaan. Yesterday's PPS do luan everything =.=
Damn em song. Me and mana took all the books out and redo =.= Damn them larh =.=
Then do x finish, leave one note there.
Then I alone go bola jaring. Kinda shuang. Don't want play, just sit there alone. At first sit with Ija then complain de. Then she go play. I continue sitting alone and berkhayal-ing xD Then after that, walk to anjung juara alone xD
Saw iya, sat with her. Then YY pass, he say bye to me ^^

Overall today quite shuang cause get to spend time with myself. Today I didn't care bout what others say at all. They want talk, they talk larh. I don't mind at all.

Monday, April 06, 2009

After so long I'm finally able to post pictures again! =)
Let's begin with a picture I took during Bio class.
Tan Khai Yoong a.ka Kayu Tan Khai Yoong ^^
He was just holding the tail bone so that TK can snap a picture of the bone but instead I snapped his picture xD

This bone is complete xD

Let's play jigsaw puzzle!! =P
I said "Eh eh eh, I want put in into the box!!"
Angela "Okay okay, we turn all the bones so that felicia can see the numbers kay"
After arranging till half dy suddenly I realise something..
"Eh, I feel like a baby =x Cause you know right, put these bones back are like you know those baby play those shape toy =.=ll"

Random Pictures

This is a picture of the baby cucumbers I picked from my old house ^^

I kinda miss my old house T.T The lightings there are way better for any kind of pictures compared to this new house. *sobs*
This is the keychain I so so so so so want!! xD It's my gor's by the way. It's so damn cute ^^
If only it was mine. Maybe someday I will steal it xD Nahh, I'm not that bad. But I still envy him for having it!! ARRRGGGHHH!

That's all the current pictures I have. Got some more larh. Malas post dy.
Have a nice day ^^

smiles Pictures, Images and Photos
I am so


faces Pictures, Images and Photos

Why why why??
Cause I didn't go to school ^^
This morning woke at 6.25am upon receiving a message xD
And I woke up with a smile knowing that I don't need to sleep walk to the bathroom xP
But I still need to complete all my homeworks *sobs*
I still have around 3 hours till school ends and another 3 more hours till duty ends x_X
Today combo ponteng =____=''
Know why tak?
Cause Monday didn't go school meaning ponteng school and duty!! Yesh, I was willing to do a "Combo ponteng" xD

Currently listening to "Xian zai hen xiang jian ni"
Love this song damn much. Brings back the memory of me and him.

But flip the page cause it's the end and a new beginning had already begun. If you know what I mean.

SPM 8 months moreee~~~~~ xP
I must, will, surely, can get STRAIGHT A's ^^
3 months before SPM..
No more maggie mee =x
No more junkfood! I stopped junkfood before PMR =___=
No more hanging out late at night with "family' and friends

That's all my vow promise wants-that-I-wanna-achieve for now xP
I just hope I'll achieve it xD
As you know, my house if FILLED with maggie, so how the heck am I suppose to stop??!!
Well, that's a hard one for me x_X

Gambatehh to all SPM-ers!! :D
:roll: Pictures, Images and Photos :smile: Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Morning stupidity a.k.a skunkness =_____=''

Really damn sweat~!
As usual, woke at 8am. Then straight on labby which is just right beside me xP
Then I online lorh, then I look at the time at labby there,
it writes 9.40 AM !!!!
So I was thinking "Walao eh, I online for one hour and 40 minutes liao arh???!! Omgosh, spongebob start le!!!"
Fast fast off song, leave labby and RUSH down. Ouch-ing every step I take down the stairs. Saw mum, terus say MORNING! Then she say, "CARTOON ARH??!!"
I say, "Erm, yea larh! I forgot liao! T.T"
Then I on tv, oit?! 0.o Why Ninja Turtle geh??? 0.o''
Then I turn and look at the clock! OIT??!! 8.50am????? 0.o WTS??!!!
Then I go shout "Haiyo, Mi, now baru 8.50 eh!!"
Then mum say "Who ask you so blurr thought don't know what time"
=_____='''' Really zadou!! -.-
Then I walk up, ouch-ing my every step again! WTH larh =.=
Then I go check my labby time AGAIN!
Wts, difference of one hour =.=
Make me went down for nothing!!
Triple kill man!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!
Since there is no more Skunk Fu, so I guess that morning stupidity was one siri of Skunk Fu version II =____=''

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I am blogging! WOW! LOL

I shall blog bout NOTHING! =x

My life is so perfect that,
I'm healthy as if I'm immortal.
I'm happy as if I can never cry again.
I'm full as if I'l never be hungry anymore.
I'm above cloud 9 as if theres no ground beneath.


Anyways, problem I'm facing now.
Fell down this morning, now back of my ankle bengkak gila-gila cause of my stupidity.
Feel like vomiting now.
Headache a bit. A bit nia.
I'm repeating history! By doing mogok LAPAR!!!
Why? Cause dad don't want give me my monthly salary =x
Lolx, seriously. My mum scolded him and he keep saying he forgot bout it. Padahal I everyday also remind him =.=
He's so lying!!

Gosh, I'm blank AGAIN =.=
Crap larh, till here nia larh.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Think before you speak
Sometimes I just don't dare to even say "I don't care". Cause the fact is I really do care.
I say I don't care just to comfort myself.
It's just hard for a super sensitive person like me to say "I don't care bout what others think or say bout me". Maybe they were joking, maybe they we're really joking, but I still feel the cut deep in the core of my heart and the blood flowing non-stop in my heart. It's a deep cut.
Maybe I'm just too sensitive. Yea, everyone hates sensitive people. Cause they just gets hurts so frequently that everyone gets tired and sick of people like that.
I'm sorry if I make ya'll feel guilty. But I will not accept any apologies.

Wait, why do I wanna feel sorry for making ya'll feel guilty? And why do I even consider whether to accept any apologies? Apologies will not even reach me.

This thing will just go around them and the next day, all of them will be staring at me weirdly like I'm some sort of freak with a fragile heart and a pessimist characteristic.

What will you feel if you found out that there's someone out there missing you and you can do nothing bout it cause you're just too damn busy with your life?
What will you do?
Everyone else notices it and you're the last one to notice it.
When someone suddenly stop in front of you and call you a NOOB. What will you do? I feel the urge to cry. But I notice, I'm no longer a kid. Crying doesn't solve anything.
It's like the time my aunt called me stupid in front of all my younger cousins and I just ran to the toilet to burst out in tears without even defending myself. Why the heck is it so freaking hard to just fight back? If I don't fight back, does that means that I accept the fact that what they are calling me is true? What if I fight back? Will I even have the courage and right words to fight back with people that have more experience in public arguing compared to me.

Life gets harder as we grow up. Everthing doesn't seem right AT ALL. It's hard to even find someone that DOESN'T ACT in front of you.
Like we all know, the world is a stage. We can't really differenciate something real or fake. Everything seem real, but the fact is that it is all fake. Even the words that people speak, sometimes they are fake, everything is made up to make them seem real. How can you differenciate whether a person is telling you the truth or they are just acting?
Nowadays, it's real hard to put your trust on any human being. Materialistic and popularistic people are growing among us. Don't judge a book by it's cover, you might just get fooled by their naive look.

Just a single word, a word that has it's poison, either on purpose or not, will remain deep in mind. It's uneraseable.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Fun day in school today. Who ever said the more the merrier is so lying! The less, the merrier! Sokong that statement! xP
Today school started with normal assembly. I mean co-curriculum assembly -.-
I come school, belum even take my first step into the school, I saw her ugly-irritating-horrible face dy -.-
Then got penyampaian sijil. I don't know why I kept asking whether need jabat tangan with 'Him' or not -.-
Then went in class. No teacher. Then TK showed me a book given by Richard Low eh woi =x I saw one guy in there that look exacty like Anson Lim -.- Rupa-rupanya he is Uncle Andrew -.-
Then HOAB pass by class, TK go shout "Woi, SAKAI!" LOL LOL LOL LOL! Then he alone laugh like orang gila -.- I go blame Fadrah for giving him food =x =x
Wa seh, Karnesh damn freaking geng. He mewakili school for chess. Then won the US Open geh champian sia!! That guy was the guiness world record holder sia!! More than 9 hours of chess -.- How the heck they sit on the freaking chair and just play chess???
Anyway, grats to him, damn proud sia xD

First masa maths, teacher didn't teach. Wasting my effort bringing that stupid textbook -.-
Then she agihkan the borang maklumat pelajar to edit, but she never give mine to me. So I go ask for it. She ask me back..
Semalam awak bukan dah edit ker?
Huh? Semalam? Xde larh. Mana ada 0.o (confused)
Ada larh! Yee Lynn dan Pavi panggil awak kan?
DOUBLE huh??? Mana ada? Xde orang panggil saya pun @.@ (Super duper confused!)
So I blurrly went and sat down at my place. WHAT THE HECK! Teacher don't let me edit my jawatan for this year and my home address. WTS man -.-
So because of that, I will not get extra koko marks. Damn her man -.-
Then she go out dy -.- Thank GOD!
Then Bio. All kena marah -.- Lucky I didn't copy jek ^^ I edited like A LOT -.-
But in the end wrong juga, so need redo T.T
Then BM. Wa seh, BM damn damn damn FUN! xD Today learn tatabahasa marh.
Then suddenly got some afternoon session geh st john members come to see Mun Kit geh.
But that time teacher was teaching marh. Then she go ask them what's Kata Nama.
That guy say, "nama saya ialah kata nama" -.-
Then one by one all kena panggil masuk class. Teacher like "ragging" them nia xD
Then got girls come and see de, don't know who tell teacher outside got people then teacher ask them masuk, all of them run away xD
Then got one guy some more funny, teacher asking him question de, he took out his handphone and say, "Cikgu, saya ada call" Then he walk out of class and talk on the phone -.-
Really damn funny larh BM xD Who not there damn rugi sia xD
After recess chemistry. Do ester geh experiment. We did twice cause first one x jadi. Teacher say no smell -.-
Then do 2nd time I say the smell like that balloon thingy. Teacher go say "Ya, ya, kalau ada bau belon means itu ester. Dan yang ini (pointing at our beaker) ada sikit-sikit belon." 0.o In our beaker ada sikit-sikit belon?? 0.o LOL Then we ask teacher why so smelly wan?
Don't know who say "In chemistry, this is call wangi"
Then don't know who some more say "Kalau ini wangi dalam chemistry, saya x nak tau apa itu busuk dalam chemistry" xD xD
Then teacher continue with studying. All x bawa buku xD Lucky BJ brought, I open his book and do =)
Btw, I WASN'T mabuk =x
And I DID NOT dance =x
EST sucked -.- Didn't really pay attention pun. Dah larh masuk class late -.-
And and and, today I naik Brig's bus. Before naik, she told me at 1.30pm, one girl will call her, when the bus reach her house, it was 1.30 and she showed me her phone, really got one girl call =.=
BTW, Happy April Fools' Day everyone! ^^