Monday, January 19, 2009

Just came back from school. I dare to say that today was a priceless day xD Why? Cause I merapatkan-ed my relationship with someone ^^ I got to know her a little better. And I laughed out loud today eventhough I had a headache. It didn't really bothered me when I laughed ^^

Class was as usual, BORING. Maths time was kinda fun cause teacher wasn't in class -.- Shagee, Kavi, Uthaya and myself were actually STUDYING xD Actually I was just completing my last week's Addmath's homework larh. Cause I was too noob to understand the question, so I needed some pro's to help me out. Okay, I admit, I suck in Addmaths eventhough it's my favourite subject. So yea, we all, the whole class got scolding from our class teacher for being so noisy. She was really hampa-ed xD Erm, that's what we Alfarians do larh. DUHHH!! It's the 21st century! You don't expect us to just sit at our places and read books okay! xD So then lecture lecture lecture, then it was finally over -.- Then Moral time like normal larh.
Pelancaran Nilam day got CHOIR, omgosh -.- I so don't wanna sing but it's our LAST YEAR in school so I shall volunteer myself ^^ I wanna sing that lamo Nilam song, no matter how lame it is!! ^^ And and and, we will be wearing VEST when we're singing ^^ So it will be KINDA cool. xD
Wee, I have decided to start tuition IF my dad allows ^^

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