Monday, December 31, 2007

Haiz..y all this hafta happen after i gladly take my PMr wat if i get de new pc?? y do u hafta spoil everything i gain..when u get ur chance y din u speak out???
Now when its my turn to speak out u juz hafta spoil everything..damn it..haiz..
I thought u were de only problem i it seems dat no one rely i alredy have my own wings?? can i fly by myself??? sending me to boarding skol?? u think i can live there?? seems dat sumthing i wanted wil never come true...i alredy took de first step..but de second one from u seems impossible..rely impossible...mayb i shud juz giv up..wat else can i do???
u ignore me..never reply my msg...whenever i talk to u, u keep talking bout other thing u do wit other ppl...haiz..mayb v r not meant to b together..ya..nvm la..mayb ull b much happier dat way..well thx for everything...i mean for ur caring n all..keep it for sumone else man..i don deserve it..

so long!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I finally found sumone i can blarh everything out..n dat person wil always listen n not argue bout it..if i'm given a chance to b in sumone's shoes for a day i wont..i mite not have a perfect life but my life yes is full of ups n downs but i remember more ups den downs..since im a happy go lucky gurl after a while i forget de sadness n get my head up n go for new challenges..but i ain't giving up dat easy..eventhough i mite fail de first time..but its not de end..
k im crapping again..
I rely rely hope nest week can go penang larh..going away sumwhere else mite make me feel better..
wanna go BK or BB lerh??
i sendiri oso duno..haiz..k wait..lets think bout de benefits..hmm..don wan think lar..wasting my time..wait til next yr c how lorh..too many activities jor..SOY, BK n BB??
canot erh..january sumore got tuition..ahhh...first time going tuition..but fren teach wan..hmm..nvm lar..y he din call any other ppl join de tuition wan..wat lar..
if i alone den ma sien..correct fast CNY lar..den i can get my new hp..cant wait erh..den Jason gor n anuty vivien cum bck..miz them a lot...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wah today tired 12pm go bus stop wait for bus..wait den got bus..sit til leisure mall chg bus..den go kl traffic jam..den go eat lor..cos reach there oso gonna be 3pm liao..after dat find pavvilion..cannot find wor..haiz..den walk go Lot 10 lor..walk n walk..nth nice to buy oso..den go Sungei Wang..walk n walk again lor..nth nice again..den walk go Times Square..wah tired d..go Cold Storage buy cookies n seaweed..den go Guardian buy something..wah luckily go out bus stop time lil while oni got bus d..den sit til go back..reach home at 7pm..tired lerh..haiz..but nice!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 is around de tree not up yet..duno wat im doing..wishlist oso not up yet..duno wth am i christmas mood tis year?? Y??
Wats up wit me??

Haiz..i oso duno..i wish i can shift to de new hse faster here is driving me nuts..
but my wish is to shift to Penang..rely rely wanna move there..there's lik a dreamland to doubt bout it..

Sunday, December 09, 2007

I duno y i lik tis picture..very unique ^^ . long d ah i din on my wat if on oso no msg wil cum in..wasting battery..after 3 days den muz charge..haiz..I'm so bored la everyday..especially these few brother not around..friday and saturday I'm at home alone..haiz..sobsob..

Everyone's outstation..even my dad and brother..left me n my i wish it cud remain tis way..only me n my mum..ish..tomoro got church cleaning..i don't wanna lazy!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

After 3 days of camp..tired la..every morning have to wake up early..haiz..sleepy..after claz go brig's hse..v talk n talk..n also nice la all de dishes her granny cook.. *yummy*

Hmm..aiyo dat movie v 10 commandments..i still think de cartoon version was way better..tis wan is slow n a lot censored part.. *ehem*

today v eat n watch..i was actually so sleepy la..but still have to long d din play maple la..i stop lik from last week thursday til today..haiz..2x exp days also din get to dumb bro was in front of de pc whole day..