Sunday, May 07, 2017

Yearly roll call.

Can't believe how fast time passes.
Nowadays I dread for the weekends and feel so frustrated on Sunday nights.
It's like, I'll never have enough of the weekends and there's just too much work piling up and never ending.

I think I need to find that fire that keeps me going.
I wonder how I did it when I started working.
Maybe cause during that time, there were less stress, responsibilities and workload.
Now it's like, you haven't settle A, B comes, and while you're doing B, C starts.

Well, at least nowadays I don't really work on weekends.
I discipline myself to try to not work on Sunday. LOL.
But yeah, in order to meet deadlines, sooner or later, I'll still need to work on weekends.

On the bright side, I have been spending a lot of time doing non-work related activities.
Like going on a trip, VR lab recently and dinners and hanging out with friends.

It has been more than 2 years of working but I still feel that there's still a lot to learn.
Technical wise, and trying to be a leader.
I'm not born with a leader's characteristics.
I'm often quiet and well, I'll just make a lot of noise with people I'm close to.
I'm often indecisive and not good in managing people.
So yeah, all these are my weaknesses. So much to learn.
To be a better person, I need to absorb as much as I can and think that these would serve as an advantage to me no matter where I go.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Bi-annual Update

Hello 2016.

It has been 6 months since my last post.
A lot has happened during the duration of 6 months, i.e. I got a new car which is not so new anymore since it has been 6 months already (lol), I got selected by PR1MA to buy a house which is still ongoing cause the loan application is so troublesome, etc.

So yeah, recap of 2015.

One year of work experience.
Expecting something tougher and more challenging in the coming year.
Bring it on cause the good thing is that I still do not have any other priorities to focus on other than work and oh ya, studies.
Seriously this study shyt is getting frustrating.
But I can't stop what I have started.
I have to complete it eventhough it is seriously a pain in the arse.

And then there are money commitments which makes me more committed to working cause now I have no choice but to earn money to pay the bills.
Car and house and some other commitments.
Seriously fml.
But it's okay, it's all part of growing up and taking up responsibilities.

One year really came and went by really fast.
The one word I would use to describe my 2015 would be "NEW".
I got a new job, new friends, new challenges, new environments.
Everything was very new to me.
There were times when I broke down during the year cause I was unable to adapt to the new environment but I didn't give up.
Mistakes just kept pouring and deadlines were never ending.
But I was lucky to have good people around me whom guided me and helped me pull through all the difficult times.

What I hope for in 2016.
Okay, this is ironic.
I am actually kinda moving towards an anti-social life now but I wanna make more friends. LOL.
But of course, I wanna maintain the close friends that I have currently.
And then, make more money, duh.
Gain more experience.
Travel overseas, like for the first time ever.
More me-time (do not judge).
Just be happy.
Be content and happy.
Life ain't that bad right?
Let bygones be bygones.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Post college days.

It has been quite some time since I last sat down, lie down, or whatever position I like to be in to just be in front of the desktop/laptop and type away like this.
It has been a pretty busy first half of the year.
Without actually realising, half year has just passed and it is already mid of July.
The older you get, the faster time flies.
Seriously, this is so true.

What have I learnt so far after one year of graduating?

1. It is not that difficult to get a job, but to secure a job, that's another story.
Why I say it is not difficult to get a job?
There are definitely lots of job opportunities out there here in Malaysia.
Write a good resume, get a presentable outfit, prepare yourself for interview and tadaaa, you'll definitely get a job.
But the point here is.. how do you secure a job, climb the corporate ladder and at the same time keep the passion going?
Passion; if you like your job scope and what you're doing, then it is good. Passion keeps you going. But what keeps passion going? There are so much external factor that influences your passion. Things like, the environment, your colleagues, etc.
So far, I know quite a number of friends that has quit their first job and gotten a second/third job.
We are definitely at an age to explore the job market and find a job that fits our interest, personality and passion.
Trial and error at a young age to avoid regrets in the future.
Shape your future now.

But what if you've found a job and it is what you are passionate about but the environment keeps affecting your choice?
Let's say you love what you're doing but you aren't happy with the people you are working with or the environment, like being underpaid or working for long hours.
This, is a bit difficult because first of all, most jobs require teamwork and you can't possibly get things done on your own unless you're an entrepreneur but even entrepreneur have people to get things done for them and they need to rely on others.
So yeah, you just gotta adapt.
It's not easy, cause the more people involved in getting a job done, the more suggestions there will be, the more conflicts there will be to have to overcome.
At times, there will be some communication breakdown happening and a whole lot of misunderstanding because of that.

If you are passionate about what you're doing, just keep doing it eventhough the external factors are gonna be a mountain that you have got to climb over.
Set your limits. If you think, it really is unbearable anymore, consider switching company.
Not every company have the same culture.
Again, we are at the age of trial and error.

2. Make all the mistakes and learn from it.
I can relate this to what I have been through over the past 6 months.
Sometimes when everyone in the team is so busy, you have to think on your on feet and make some decisions on your own. You just gotta do something independently. But the thing here is, you gotta take responsibilities on your own actions cause if your action led to something bad, you gotta face it.
Like so much that I started thinking people are gonna hate me for it.
I don't know if people do hate me for it or what but I definitely learnt something.
I am not the most detailed person and sometimes I don't do self review before sending out an email or submitting a working paper.
My decision making sucks. Often are bad decisions.
I'm a slow learner. Always relying on seniors for guidance.
These are my weaknesses and I admit, I'm not an A grader, I take things slowly.
I get pressured super easily and that, is something I need to improve.
One of my manager actually gave me an advice "make all the mistakes you can now as an IX because once you become a senior, you can't afford to make any.".
Of course not intentional mistakes.
Mistakes I can learn from.

3. Priorities
Setting priorities becomes a priority in your life.
You need to know what's the most important task.
The urgent and important tasks come first.
The urgent but not so important comes second.
The not urgent but important comes third.
And the last one would always be the not urgent and not important, if can, don't even bother doing it if it is not necessary.

That're pretty much what I have learn so far.
There are somemore but it's gonna be a long post if I continue writing.

Sometimes my working style isn't the most suitable working style.
There's something that has been bothering me a lot.
Like.. I am the type that, when I get a task, I try to finish it as soon as possible.
I don't think I was like that when I was in college.
Back then when I was in college, I was always the last minute queen.
LOL. Like super last minute.
Study also last minute, assignment also last minute.
But then, now at work, I do fast and more in the beginning so that towards the end of the deadline, I have enough time to look through my work to see what is insufficient and fix those.
But then, the bad thing about this work style is that.. people who do last minute work would seem to have a lot on their plate towards the end and that kinda make me look bad cause it will make me look super free and as if useless and if I don't offer help then it would make me look super bad? LOL.
And then when I offer help and they got nothing for me to do and when the higher positions people see me slightly free compared to the others then it would definitely make me look terrible.
I have spoken to some people about it and they said it would be good if I can work at an average speed. I don't know what does an average speed mean though.
I am not sure how can I improve this on my own.
But yeah, teamwork.
If you have the capacity, take on new challenges.
I hope things will get better.

Brace yourself, Monday is coming.
Let's get pass this 4 days and get some good rest, or not.
Better utilize these 4 days properly so that I can rest for well, 2 days maybe?

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Nowadays my sleeping routine has been quite consistent.
I get on bed by 11pm or earlier and fall asleep very fast.
Must be because of waking up early and staring at the computer screen the whole day.
Mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day that I rarely get insomnia anymore.
Well, that's a good thing :)

But the weird thing here is....
After I fall asleep, I am unconscious about what I do.
Like, if someone were to call me and if I pick up the call.
I can guarantee you that I am speaking unconsciously.
The next day I won't even remember you called me until I see my phone.
And obviously I won't remember what I said to you.
Messages are worst!
If I receive a message after 11pm, if you are lucky, I probably have not read your message and will see the notifications in the morning.
Or if you are unlucky, I would probably have read it unconsciously, worse if I replied unconsciously and wouldn't even know anything about it in the morning.

This happened several times already :\
Even today morning also the same.
I don't see any notifications in the morning at all from whatsapp cause I probably read those messages unconsciously last night -.-
I only realised there were new messages or a.k.a unread but read unconsciously messages when I opened my whatsapp to message people.

And recently I have been so obsessed with going to work that I have no other thoughts in mind.
I wake up, go to work, until like 7-ish, come back, bathe, eat, watch some variety shows using my phone and then sleep.
The same routine repeats everyday.
My social life is like 0.
It's okay, at least I am socializing in office :)

Left Monday and Tuesday serving in my current firm.
Seriously damn eh seh dak to leave.
The people I have met so far has been so awesome.
Eventhough it has been pretty busy recently.

Busy until I missed 12.12 sales online -.-
Busy until I don't even have time to manage my 8share earnings.
Busy until I don't even have time to log on to Facebook -.-

But still grateful :)

Saturday, December 06, 2014

It's been a while.

It has definitely been a while since I last wrote a post.
Though Dayre may seem like a more convenient blog platform but nothing beats Blogspot.
How do I actually come up with things to write on my online blog is by sitting down in front of the computer and start reminiscing on the past.
Past as in past few months and days.
What happened and what I wish will happen in the upcoming days ahead :)

Life has been moving pretty fast recently.
It is like a routine lifestyle nowadays, no doubt.
At times I do forget to stop and enjoy the moment.

Ever since I started my working life, everything has been fast pace.
Can you believe it has been more than 3 months since I started working.
I can still remember my first day at work.
Who I sat beside during orientation, my first team and everything that happened.
Just ended my second engagement and now doing my third engagement.

In just less than 10 days, I will be leaving my current audit firm.
It has indeed been a really great journey here.
I have met some pretty amazing people.
Every one of them had so different characteristics that I felt so amazed.

Honestly, I am a person that really prioritise the hierarchy.
LOL. I know this is weird but I think for me, I think RESPECT is definitely something important in life.
No matter what, it is important to respect seniors and elder people.
Yeah, I am that kind of person.
The thing I find unique about my current working place is that, the seniors treat the juniors as friends.
So it kinda amazes me?
It is probably because there ain't any age gap between the seniors and the juniors so we pretty much get a long quite well and fast as well.
It is definitely something new to me cause all this while I don't really open myself up to joking and basically crap in front of seniors but HEH, it ain't that bad :)

I really like how some people that I've met, they are so charismatic that when they are in the room and if they were to speak, the whole room listens :)
Eventhough that person is just talking some random or funny jokes or even lame jokes.

Charismatic, definitely a gift.

Too fast, too fast.
Life's moving too fast.
It is almost the end of 2014 already.
Moving from a girl to a lady.
Where have all the time gone?
Everything are now bygones.
Some things have changed,
Some still remained.
But all that matters is still happiness,
If only we can all forget the bitterness.
That would be nevertheless,

Found this on pinterest.
Something to think about :)
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Plan B.

I am currently living in plan B.

Plan A was initially to not flunk ACCA and get my ass stuck in Birmingham.
But since plan A failed, I'm living in plan B, which is start working, earn moolah and basically survive.

It is not difficult to make an earning but the opportunity cost of earning money by getting a full time job is very high.
You basically sacrifice your time, energy and relationships.
But well, there is always pros and cons in everything.

The pros about having a full time job is the part where you get to know MORE people :)
And the part where you can finally afford to buy stuffs using your hard earned money instead of asking from your parents :D
I might not have figured out a method of saving yet but yeah, I will some time soon.

Honestly, I have been spending quite a bit on food.
Daily food are okay but weekends are like Tsunami.
They drown everything.

I actually told my mum that every Saturday dinner will be on me.
& from the first week I got my pay, it has been really expensive food :\
I love bringing my family to restaurants which I like.
And somehow all the restaurants that I fancy are expensive :\
Most of them are Japanese and Korean restaurants.
So, basically I am a big spender.
I know and I admit.
So yeah, hopefully I will be able to earn sufficient money to support my lifestyle.

I have this so-called daily vitamin.
Not something edible but something viewable :D
Somehow everyday I will look up on quotes on Pinterest.
I live on life quotes.
Let me share some...

I need it the most nowadays.
 I live by this rule.
The one reason why sometimes I take damn long to study something.
I make sure I am able to explain it simply to myself and make sure that I understand from that simplified simply explanation.
Nope. It's just my rules of learning.
 It is always quotes like this that makes me feel better.
Sometimes I feel that I do not have ample time to entertain my friends.
They somehow grow further and some probably disappear.
I tell myself, it is okay.
If they remember, welcome them back with open arms.
If they don't, let them go.

Bring on the storms and the rain.
I'm ready babeh!
I'm the pilot of my life.

So yeah, my daily vitamin :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biomedics 55 Montly Contact lens Review

Last month I decided to start buying contact lens and giving it a second chance.
I tried wearing contact lens a few years back but some of the lenses I tried were too dry for my eyes or somehow too glaring that I couldn't open my eyes during day time.

So there is this online website that sells contact lens.
They are original brands that are similar to those sold at the optical shops outside.
I came across this brand Biomedics 55.
The website is actually selling it rather affordable.
There is 6 lenses in a box so if like me, I wear the same power for both eyes, then it would mean 3 months of supply.
Surprisingly, the price for 3 months supply of this Biomedics 55 contact lens is only RM50!
The website that is selling this is
You can check out the variety of contact lenses and glasses that they offer.

Moving on to the contact lens itself.
I have actually tried and tested the lens myself for almost a month now.
Surprisingly, this lens is VERY moisturized and when I put them on, I don't feel the lens on my eye.
You know how some lenses look super obvious when you put them on and people can obviously see that you are wearing contact lens.
For example, there is this brand of lens that is slightly bluish in colour.
Where as, for this, you can barely see the lens on your eye!
It is VERY VERY comfortable.
Only towards the end of the 30 days period that I start feeling the dryness of the lens which is normal as the lens is for a duration of 30 days.

Besides the comfort and all, I actually bought this last month when there was an offer.
There was actually a discount of 25% off and that makes it ONLY RM37.50!
RM37.50 for 3 months!
This means only RM12.50 per month!
Outside the cheapest I could get from a physical optical shop is probably RM20 per month and that also I need to buy at least 3 pairs.

That is not all!
I actually placed my order during Hari Raya season last month and guess what.
I placed the order on the 29th of July and on 1st August,I received the package!
Super efficient in delivering the lens to customers.
On top of that, great packaging!
It is wrapped up in bubble wraps that it is very safely kept and they even put it in a shoe-size box!
I don't usually write reviews for websites but this one, too good to not write anything about them!

Good news is that they are currently having MERDEKA SALES!
The same amount of discount as the Raya Sales; 25% off!
Just key in GOMERDEKA at the coupon code space!
Promotion is until 2nd September!
Don't miss out on this offer!

Will I repurchase?