Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flyyyyy awayyyy.

Butterflies in my tummy.
Exams, meetings, answering questions and so manyyyyy events that will trigger thousands of butterfly to moveeee in my tummy.

Anyway, finals in 2 weeks time.
Nervous like mad but still wanna enjoy week 12. HAHAHA.
So called honeymoon week larhhhhhhh :\

After one week of finals, finally practical training begins!
I have not prepared anything for internship.

Everything is passing sooooooo fast that I don't even have the time to just sit back and think what I've done.
My everyday life is wake up, go college, study, come back, watch TV, do something that make the time pass faster and then sleep x_X

Butttttt, am having so much fun!

Never regret your decision.
If it is a mistake, learn from it.

Will update soooooonnnn.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

That bitch!

I was playing with Mimi just now.
Suddenly she ran and hit my mouth.
Swollen mouth and bleeding gums =.=
Never underestimate the ability of a dog.
The right side of my lips suddenly became numb and I feel the swell.

She was like a Ninja Turtle running everywhere!
But after she hit me, she just sat one place and looked at me with that sad-guilty face =.=
Damn, that bitch I tell you!

After committing a crime, she will make you feel guilty for even being mad at her in your mind!

Yes, I am talking about this bitch!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige

It has been quite some time since I last did a review on something :)

So basically here is one for Liese.

I actually did not purchase Liese hair color but I got it for free! :)
They actually had an exchange programme where all we need to do was to bring in any hair colorants product to their participating outlets and get a Liese Platinum Beige Bubble Hair Color!
So, yea, that was how I got it for free!

My cousin's wedding was actually around the corner so it was a great coincidence that Liese actually organize the exchange programme.
So, lets start the review.

So basically, we don't get to choose what colour we want for the exchange programme.
They gave out Platinum Beige.
 This is the expected colour.

And when you open the box, there is the instruction manual, (picture from left) gloves, after-dye treatment, solution 1, solution 2 and the foamer cap.
As you can see, before coloring..

The steps were actually quite simple.

First, you put on those gloves.
Then you pour solution 1(the black small bottle) into solution 2(the big white bottle).
Close the lid and tilt the bottle upside down a couple of times and then open the lid and replace it with the foamer cap.

Then you just get yourself prepared, cover your clothes or use an unwanted clothes.
Pump the foam into your hands and just keep massaging the foam onto your hair.
At first you can't see much foam cause your hair will absorb the solution.
But after several layers, it will start to be really foamy.
Just keep massaging either until you finish the entire bottle or there is too much foam that you can't add anymore foam on your hair.
I actually didn't finish the solution cause there was already a lot of foam on top of my head.
Well, I don't know if that affected the colouring cause it is my first time using Liese.
After applying and massaging, you need to leave it for about 30 minutes.

While waiting...

I actually left if for around 45 minutes or 1 hour, I'm not sure.
And after the waiting period, all you need to do is wash off the hair dye, use shampoo and followed by the treatment.

Right after washing..

What I noticed after washing was that the color right on top and at my fringe was very visible but as for the tails of my hair, not much :(
At that moment, I was quite disappointed cause I wanted an even hair color.
I did not know where I went wrong but anyway, besides the not-so-visible hair color at the bottom, I am impressed with the other effects like softer and smoother hair.

So, the next day was my cousin's wedding..
And I noticed that, my hair color wasn't that bad.
It was actually looking kind of natural :)
& I got to admit, I started liking it, like, a lot!

 The difference in hair color is due to lighting and angle of the camera :)


Nice color
Leaves hair feeling softer and smoother
Easy steps of application

Choking smell during application
Amount of after-dye hair treatment is not sufficient

Will you repurchase?
Definitely yes!

This is actually my second time colouring my hair.
The first hairdye I used was Revlon.
It was hard to apply cause there were no foam and it turned out really bad.
The colour didn't really appear at all.
Liese Hair Bubble is really good because it is basically something like shampoo-ing our hair.
Just that we need to leave it for a while and then only wash it.

And on top of that, it gets better as days passes by!
Have a look..

This is taken last week :)
These 2 below are from yesterday.

 And these 2 are today!

As you can see, the colour looks really natural.
So, yea, I really like it!!

Thank you Liese for having this exchange programme!
Hope to have more of it in the future! :D

If I am not mistaken, the price range for Liese Bubble Hair Color is around RM32 - RM38.
You can get it almost from anywhere; Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Sasa, etc.

I'm HAPPY :)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

You are beautiful.

Dear future me,

Fat or thin. You are still beautiful :)
If you are fat, use this as a motivation.
If you are thin, stay thin and build up more confidence in the body you have :)

Spend a little time to be happy just the way you are.
It doesn't really matter what the world see you as.
The most important thing is HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.
Are you satisfied with what you see in yourself?
If yes then stay that way.
If no, don't get all depressed and cry.
Find a way to change and be the person you wanna see yourself as.

Things in life don't come easily.
You gotta put effort if you want something.
As I said before, more often the questions is always you WANT it or NOT and not you CAN or CANNOT.

Monday, April 01, 2013

The Rush.

Have you ever felt a sudden rush of emo-ness?
It's like, there is nothing to be sad about but somehow you're just sad.
And then you start listening to emo songs.
And you get sadder.
And then you start singing along to those emo songs.
And then tears just start running down.
By then, there is no way to stop them from falling.
The gravitational force seems so much stronger that you can't hold back the tears.
Then you realise, mother nature knows best.

The reason why you became emo initially was because of an inner force within you that you denied all this while.
You are stressed, sad, lonely or even afraid.
You are so disturbed but you ignored and neglected that feeling.
After collecting a lump of sadness and depression, your body cannot take it anymore.
Thus, your body automatically takes action and make you cry.
It is natural for a human to cry when they are facing problems.
You can try to deny it but you cannot lie to yourself.
You can put on a smile in front of others, but deep down inside, you know what you are feeling.

Okayy, this is just crap larh.
I got nothing better to do.
& I am listening to emo songs.
No, I am not being emo or what so ever.
Just that, I like emo songs.
The feelings the singers portray.
I wanna be just like them.
I wanna know how to express my feelings when I sing.
I wanna write lyrics like them.
I may not have a dream YET, but it's okay :)
I wanna be what I wanna be.

What is the point of painting a picture that only experts understand?
"A good artist paints a picture so that even those who do not know art will understand the meaning behind it."