Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy Independence Day Malaysians!
Happy Retirement Birthday to Mr. Francis Kok who won't be reading this blog =P
Had lotsa fun today!
Picture time!
My present =xThe one Teck Kien gave :)
This is the mamak mee goreng I made :)
It was superb! (Cheh!) But seriously, it was goodilicious! :)
I think this would be interesting!
Look at my hair.It's so cool!
Without any gel or haircream, it still stands!
See how spiky it is? xD
Since today is someone's birthday, of course there is gift right?
This is NOT for my dad! =x
Obviously it is for me =x
Mum bought this new phone for me cause my old phone's battery was expanding.
She was afraid that it might just blow up :)
This is the cheapest touch screen phone you can get anywhere :)
Went to Low Yat plaza to buy this.
It costs RM385, together with the USB cable which initially cost RM29.90 but the promoter only charge us RM5 :)
Initial price of the phone was RM290, but we managed to bargain till it became RM280.
Final price, RM285 with USB cable :)
I feel on top of the world today.
Not only because of getting a new phone.
I hung out with my parents the whole day!

Of course I did give my dad something okay!
It's a bottle.
The other day we went to Mr D.I.Y, he was looking at the bottles but he couldn't make his decision on whether to buy or not.
So I did him a favour and decided for him. :)

Well, wish him all the best in life!

I am going to strive for ace again tomorrow!
Introduction in Accounting here I come!


P.S. Mum paid FIRST for the phone, I'll have to pay her back secara ansuran :(

Monday, August 30, 2010

Inner thoughts.

Oh, angin, please leave me tummy.
I do not need you anymore.
I don't care whether you're leaving me through the mouth, ears, nose or even arse.
We don't belong together.
Not before, not now, not even in the future.
Leave me!


New template.

Okay, as titled.
I seriously were facing problems because I was basically maintaining my own template by myself.
I use to search for new template in here, but the words are so freaking small.
Blind people like me find it difficult to read!
So I decided to manage my own template.
At first it was super chaotic.
My carelessness made it worse =.=
Typical me!
I copied and pasted my previous HTML codes to a notepad. I did not save it.
When I was transfering the informations to my current template, I accidentally clicked on the wrong button and POOF! it became koko krunch! the notepad was blank! I'm guessing I clicked on the UNDO button. I was like, wth wth wth wth wth the whole 20 seconds. :(
It was so so so so silly.
I lost all the links!
I lost all the ad codes.
I even lost my cbox code! That's the worst!
I had to redo a new cbox. I kinda like my new one though. It fits perfectly :)
And so, this is my new template :)
I still do not know how to insert the heading picture.
It's so confusing.
I just don't know!
It's okay, I'll just live with the words on top.

Anyway, here to tell stories again =x
So, I was suppose to meet up with Mel for lunch, and one of his friend, Ivan.
I didn't know what to expect, like seriously!
I was kinda nervous =x
I was suppose to meet them at 1pm.
I got ready by 12 and went to the bus stop at 12.20pm.
It was terrible =x
I waited to the bus for 40 minutes.
I was sitting on a rock =x
Butt was hurting =x
Gahh, will just skip that.
Oh yea! The worst part! My friend saw me and waved at me. =.= Malufying!
Anyway, so i reached LM at 1.30pm.
Sat down for lunch and then we kept talking.
Haha, Ivan's a quite talkative guy.
So much stories!
It was kind of enjoyable ^^
Hope to see him again :)

Another day of no studying =x
I hope I can ace the test though =x

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello :)

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Welcome to my blog =x

Found these photos.
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Enjoy! :)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weight management.

I don't know why some people are just so concern about their weight.
I'm talking about people that do not have any weight problem.
Like what my mum always says,

"It doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin, underweight or overweight, all that matters is that you're healthy and happy with who you are."

You may be
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It doesn't really matter!
Look on the bright side because
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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm smelling something super duper stinky.
And I'm guessing it's smelly tauhu a.k.a chao tau fu.

So yesterday evening, uncle took me to Connaught Pasar Malam.
We walked from one end to the other.
Although we bought China Sausage from the wrong stall, it was way cheaper and quite nice.
Then we walked to the other end, finding for the smelly tauhu.
We thought the stall wasn't open.
So we decided to ask around.
And the stall that I asked was the stall that was selling the smelly tauhu =.=
So, cool, we bought the famous smelly tauhu.
Walked all the way to the other end to our car.
Yes, it stinks all the way.
We also bough jelly drink ^^
It probably costs uncle a lot of money =x
We even need to put the smelly tauhu in the car bonnet.

Wanna know how the smelly tauhu taste like?
Eat for yourself!
To me, it tasted like drain water =.=
I'm scared of it already.
Not gonna eat it anymore!
I don't feel like eating.
I don't feel like drinking.
I don't feel like studying.
I don't feel like doing anything.
I just wanna lie down and rot, till I die.
Had a real hard time falling asleep last night.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of finals.

One paper down!
4 more to go! :)

Done with Hubungan Etnik.
No more Hubungan Etnik in life.
I was pretty calm this morning =x
Yes, I was indeed calm!
At 8.50am, they rang a bell @.@ and we were allowed to enter the exam hall, or should I say class @.@
There were so many people.
It was like a concert going on and everyone was standing and waiting for the popstar to appear xD
So we entered the exam hall and sat near each other :)
I sat beside Sook Mun of course xD
It was kind of awkward to take exam when everyone was wearing casual wear @.@
It used to be school uniforms around me but now it's just so different.
Adapting to that situation though.
And, yeah! I sat at seat number 19!
Okay, you (the one reading this) must be wondering, what's so great about number 19??
LOL. Nothing, just crapping.
So, HE, 30 objective questions and 2 essay questions.
The objective part was kinda easy (to me).
And the essay part was kind of confusing (to me).
We were suppose to choose 2 out of 4 essay questions.
I know every half of the questions =.=
Cause they had a,b,c and d.
So, I blurly picked number 1 and 4.
Number 4 was a general knowledge question (I THINK! =x).
If I'm wrong then I'm so D.E.A.D!
Anyhow, I wish to get an A for HE :)

After the exam ended, it was 11a.m.
Oh yea, my friend said that there was this guy, that entered the wrong exam hall and the invigilator only noticed it halfway through the exam =.=
Super sweat!
So he had to leave and proceed to his RIGHT exam hall, and probably start the exam all over again. Gosh, he's dumb =x
And so, after the exam, we took LRT.
As usual, Sook Mun got off at Ampang Park and Yang Fung and I went to McDonalds for lunch :)
At Masjid Jamek.
We couldn't decide whether to eat at Ampang Park or Masjid Jamek xD
When we were there, we saw so many Muslim ladies ordering McD @.@
I thought the Muslim ladies that were not fasting should hide and eat.
Didn't know in K.L they were allowed to eat in public during Bulan Ramadhan.
At 12.40, we were off to the LRT station again.
Guess what?
LRT no lights.
I can't say no electricity because the aircond was on but it was dark, very dark.
Everytime it passes through a tunnel, it becomes very dark.
Waiting at Tasik Selatan sucks.
The weather was freaking HOT!
And I waited for the bus for I think 50 minutes.
Met Chi Gein at Leisure Mall bus stop.
I forgot he was studying at KTAR too =.=
And I asked him a stupid question =.=
Where is he studying.
Gosh, am I dumb or DUMB?!
And I guess that's all for today.
Will be updating again soon, real soon. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Me eyes!

Wee~ I have me my ice EYES back!
Like finally ^^
Although now it's a bit uglier =x
So, 2 more days till FINALS!
Adrenaline rushes through my veins when I think of it.
Yet, all I wanna do is just sit back, relax, facebook, blog and not to care about exams.
I haven't been opening any books to read =.=
Anyhow, yesterday I went to uncle's house in Old Klang Road for 7th month prayer :)
Woke up early in the morning =x
Then off to uncle's house on the motorbike.
Set up all the food, then invited ancestors and waited for them to finish eating. :)
Then listen to stories from my aunt.
The other day she and my other aunt's family went to a temple.
The "sifu" invited my aunt's husband into his body and talked to him!
That's so cool!
But, the spirit knows everything!
It was so so so funny!
But a little creepy :(
Stayed there till 4 something in evening and left.
Came back and ONLINE =.=
Went to Mahkota Cheras Jusco for dinner :)
After so long, my family finally had fastfood for dinner.
Guess what, KFC in Mahkota Cheras kinda suck.
Their service is bad and their workers are not efficient.
After dinner, we went shopping ^^
Mr. D.I.Y shop :)
Superb man that shop!
It had everything; bags, accessories, slipper, stationeries, etc.
It was super cool!
Then, we went Jusco and bought dad a new slipper xD
His old one is so OLD! xD
Then bought some breads and cakes.
Back home just in time for Gladiator FINALE :)
Had lotsa fun yesterday although it started off quite badly.
And, though I did not see my brother at all yesterday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wasted time.

I think I just wasted my time today =x
Okay, I feel guilty about it =(

I studied only 2 chapters of Hubungan Etnik =(
Sucks sucks sucks.
How I wish that there would be 25 hours a day :D
It's impossible =.= I know.
Gotta start to read more.
But there's just no study fever :(
I don't know why.
Tomorrow BB! :D
I have no idea why I am so excited about it though.
It will be another ordinary day.
So, tomorrow I'm going to church.
YES! I am!

I wanna eat PIZZA!
I know it's bread. Yet, I don't know why I'm so into it, like suddenly.
I just wanna eat it sooooo badly :(

Good news!
My eye is back to normal.
Just a little oddness =.=
It doesn't curve normally, it's a little bit senget.

By the way, I did a little exercise today =x
It's weird.
I know.
Dad came back and asked who exercised cause he saw my skipping rope on the couch.
And I said me.
He asked why on earth did I exercised.
I say because I'm too fat =x
And he scolded me =(
He said I am thin and has no flesh =.=

And and and!
He thinks I need new shoes!!
Can't wait to get a new shoe.
Don't wanna go around wearing that old spoiled shoe anymore.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


My stomach hurts so freaking bad.


Like what my friend said...
"When you're having problem in life, everyone takes a step back and literally forgets about you."
Yeah, that's what I experienced these few days.
Suckish days.
Well, life still goes on.
No point sitting down and reminiscing about yesterday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An unexpected incident.

I'm experiencing major headache and.... see for yourself!

I finally have "Chinese's" eyes =x
Began with itchiness and pain on Monday.
Then it was the no-eye-lid day on Tuesday.
And today I woke up with one eye that can hardly be opened.
Dang =.=
Tears keep rolling down from that one eye and it hurts 10x everytime I blink.
Exams are near. Oh my gosh =(
Yet, I can't read nor concentrate with this eye =(
I can't stare at something for a long time.
After a few seconds, I need to close both of my eyes and rest.
I don't know how.

Lets just hope something nice happens today.
Distract me more.
But before that happens, I will still stay strong and not let this sore eye pull me down. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day without him.

He's up! In Genting. Yup. Up there. And I'm here. In Cheras. Yea, sad.

So, my right eye hurts damn badly.
Itches damn badly.
So, went college early in the morning today.
Accident happened.
Jam from KTAR till Duke Highway exit.
Pretty long jam.
HE lecture was freaking boring.
ME was fun xD
Took class picture.
As in, the whole 400 students! =D
After lecture, I went to Pasar Seni to take U40.
Blahhh, slept the whole way to Batu 9.
Checker came in and woke me up zzz
Anyways, went to the pharmacy.
I didn't get the eye drop, instead I got pills.
What the shark.
Yes, I got pills.
Which cost me RM6 for ten biji!
So I planned to walked back home.
Like I always do.
At KFL, Sir Yap and Jian suddenly stop in front of me.
Then thanks to him, I was home a little earlier and ate my brunch.
I was freaking hungry at that moment.
Was hungry since 10am x_X
Cooked Asam Laksa Maggi.
Babi-ful man!
The curry splat into my freaking sore eye!
Yea, so, life goes on.
This sore eye just killed all my studying mood.

Off to CM's house.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never ending drama.

So, recap of today.
Filled with drama.

Han Jon left his house at 6.10am!
That time I just only woke up =.=
Jam gilerrrr!
From Pandan Jaya flyover till Leisure Mall that roundabout. Wth =.=
Reach college, first lecture canceled =.=
4 weeks in a row. GENG!
Then, course rep told us that ME (which was our next lecture) lecturer's car breakdown x_X
So we WAIT!
Yang Fung go charge phone using OHP plug xD
Then suddenly lecturer came in and started teaching @.@
Then she wanted to use the OHP, so she took out the charger and said "This one whose phone arh? Later I help you charge okay."
Walao eh zzz
She didn't even scold, yet she say she will plug it in later @.@
After she used the OHP, she plug in the charger, then when she wanna use the OHP again, she pull out the charger, then plug it in again @.@
Such good lecturer xD
Then she told her Car Breakdown Story xD
She said...
"Just now hor, my car breakdown lerh. At MRR2 highway. So I stopped at the side of the road. Then hor, many students pass by lerh. Many cars slow down to see what happened. Then hor, suddenly got accident in front of my car. Then tow-truck came lorh. But the tow-truck didn't come for me worh, it came for the 2 cars that accident in front of my car."
LOL! Comedy man!
Anyway, after that we had lunch.
Then went for phone fair at canteen 2.
So we browse through all the kiosk there and something "black" happened.
Don't wanna mention who or what.
Just that, a RM1,299 phone fell and got scratch.
Initially, the seller ask to buy the whole phone =.=
But didn't have enough money, so he say just pay for the housing.
RM300 babe!
Boleh beli satu handphone baru!
Sigh. When bad luck strikes, there's no where to hide.
Malang tidak berbau.

I got 86/100 for my English.
I know that kinda sucks for an English Ed person.
But, yea, I tried my best.
Grammar test was difficult for me okay!
It was super duper tricky! Gahh!

Sunday, August 08, 2010



I got to start drinking at least 4 cups of water a day =.=
Although I hate water a lot.
Cause, according to experts, water is good for skin.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

A crime a day makes an innocent kid learn! ;)

Had a blast yesterday!
Started off with sleeping in Cm's car xD
Then had English class.
Then off to Times Square with my classmates xD
We went there to celebrate King Soon's birthday.
Went to Neway xD
At first I thought it was pretty awkward since I've never went to sing k with people I barely know @.@But after a while it was okay.
So, there was another banana in class =x
End up there were English songs xD
So we entered around 11 something and didn't wanna leave!
I was so worried!
You know larh, I guai guai wan marh =x
Yang Fung was like, "You wanna leave, you go first larh, go alone."
Of course I didn't wanna go alone!
Our next class was suppose to be at 2.30pm.
But until 2pm, we haven't leave.
When we were about to leave, the song Bad Romance was being played!
Omgosh, everyone didn't wanna leave =.=So we sang the last song. Everyone was going crazy and stuff.
And after that, around 2.15, King Soon paid the bill.
Just imagine, 2.30 class, 2.15 we are still in Neway x_X
So we took Monorail to Bukit Nanas, then took LRT to Wangsa Maju, then bus to college.
We were thinking of all sorts of excuse for being late.
But we entered the class with a smile on teacher's face =.=
I guess then we didn't really care, so we just sat down and do nothing.
Basically we couldn't do anything much because the class was already discussing the last question of the tutorial =.=
So we got our exam papers back and continued celebrating xD
Picture time!
Me and Sean.
He looks like a quiet guy @.@

Singing bad romance.

Bad romance #2, Yang Fung going crazy! He stood on the poof (how do you spell that single chair that you use to kick around?), and keep jumping on it =.=

Owh yea, we reached class at 3.30pm.
Which was 30 minutes more till class ends =x
Such good students :)
Committed crime #1!

*Secondary students that are reading this. Please don't try this at home, in the toilet and especially in school! It's not suitable for you! I repeat, do not try this!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I love myself! =x

Wee~ I love myself!
My results are NOT BAD!
Not bad at all ^^

Lets recall. Gosh, I'm pretty happy about it but I know I won't score in QS. Gosh, that stupido subject! Gahh!~

Anyway, so here it goes~

Microeconomics, the one I'm most proud of =x
Test 1 - 38/40 (one wrong =.=)
Test 2 - 38.5/40 (another one stupid wrong)
Group coursework - 89/100
Overall - 38/40 xD

Introduction to Accounting, okok lorh~
Group assignment - 15/20 (Err, sir said it was ONLY average *sad*)
Test 1 - 18/20 (Bangga giler!)
Overall - 33/40 (okok lorh~)

Others haven't get. Gonna get English tomorrow. Might be getting QS too =.= Sh*t subject =x
Hubungan Etnik maybe in week 14 =.=

Enough of topics about studies man!
Final exam is coming by the way.
Gosh =.=
I gotta stop doing this.
Everything in my mind now is all about college, studying and ways to ace all the subjects!
I feel like Anson a NERD!
So so so, although my class is full of geniuses, but they are not Ansons nerds! I repeat, they are not NERDS!!
We hang out together, do crazy stuff together and joke and fool around most of the time.
Although I like being myself, who is the most serious one around =x *cough cough*

Tomorrow, we'll be having a 5-hour-trip to Times Square! xD
Another person's birthday.
Celebration of birthday in college is so cool!
Gotta have fun before the so-called study week arrives xD

My blog is so plain. & green @.@
How come?
But people still read this crap.
You people are kereizi! =P
But I still heart all of you reading this!
That's all that I can think of for now.
Remember to always CHILLAX!


Exam timetable..

25 August - Hubungan Etnik (a.m)
27 August - English (a.m)
29 August - Microeconomics (p.m)
2 September - Introduction to Accounting (p.m)
4 September - Quantitative Studies (p.m)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fun Run.

This Fun Run was definitely the most fun run I had ever ran =x
Thanks to those that accompanied me, & had fun together.
Something that we can never forget; a memorable activity to be exact.
Heart these pictures so much, although it's blur.

Picture #1 : My baby a.k.a the model in this picture. So ngam-ly he stand there =x
Yet, it's a beautiful picture :) Love it so muchie, especially the model =x
Picture #2. Us, promoting everything we got that day.
Picture #3. Us again :)
Picture #4. 4D numbers! Joking! x) It's our running numbers, and also numbers to claim our goodies bag and FRUITS :)

Date : 31st July 2010.
We participated in Mens'health Night Run.
Venue : Putrajaya.
We had lotsa fun in the car too =x
Were lost. Called many people to ask for direction.
And thanks to our good driver and assistant driver and also to myself, for proving food =x
we finally arrived at Putrajaya in time :)
Anyhow, we got our certificate and also goodies :)
Lots of it!
Time to go to bed now.