Friday, January 09, 2009

Back from school! End of first week. Homeworks are like hills but at last I had fun in school =D
Thanks to a few people!
Today in line time, I beratur at the back, but I also don't know why, totally separated from my gang. So I just stand there alone like no one's bussiness, looking at the people that came late xD
First period was Bm, passed up my karangan =D For once Pn Melati puji-ed Ti Jing and Wei Yeen, grats to them ^^ Then had tatabahasa.
Then Maths @.@ Teacher was so totally picking on us -.- She write so damn small, if can't see sure tell right -.- Then she go write damn gila big and ask us whether can see or not -.- People cannot see the writings larh, not numbers -.-
Then I told her bout the slip thingy, she say she will ask the people that did it -.-
After that, FUN TIME! Experiment! Identification of cation and anion in salt. Actually the whole gang plan to do it together. Angela was the only one that read bout the experiment and understand it. So I was hoping on her larh. So tarik her go take all the apparatus all. Then Peep at Uthaya's group to find out what to do xD So we did a mistake in the beginning and Pn Sharifah say if this is Peka she will fail us T.T Instead of using distilled water, we used pipe water xD
Then don't care larh, continue using that pipe water + salt solution. So then Angela and I went to Uthaya's group again. Then suddenly PIANG! The test tube broke -.- So then Angela and I fast fast go take another test tube, don't wanna waste any time. So started all over again. Then ky broke the second one -.- Then take another one. This time only Angela, Ky and I do. Then the first one succeeded! Got white percipitate! =D Then add excess NaOH. Then teruskan till want finish dy, then Vanessa came our group =D Then the last one jadi, got brown ring thingy ^^ Wahh, Angela and I damn happy. Cause this is the only experiment that for us jadi! =D Damn happy sia. But damn many things broke -.-
Then clean up and went for recess. Before leaving the block, we visited En. Zafran T.T Man, I miss him damn much T.T
After recess had Physics. This time is Pn Haslina's class dy, no more Zafran T.T Today learn bout wave thingy. Quite interesting and easy to understand. Some more teacher let us play xD And teacher say she will take some video clips from Zafran for our next class so that we won't feel bored =D Nice!
After that had English. Erm, kinda boring larh. Literature -.- btw, thanks Lynn for the book! =D

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