Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another useless day in school. Didn't even listen to the teacher during physics.
Wasted my freaking time going to school.
Better stay at home and sleep. Wanted to ponteng tomorrow, since we're not in the gang anymore. Being kicked out. Who cares anyway. I still have her and her and her and her and her =)
Wow, so many hers. What bout hims? Yea, got him and him and him and him also xD
Love all you 'hers' and 'hims' XD
Gila dy, 5.30 got tt but I'm still here blogging. Bo transport go tt -.-
Waiting, waiting for the angel to appear and fly me to the tt centre -.-
I wanna cut hair, I wanna cut hair, I wanna cut hair!! T.T
Why is July so so so so so long some more? T.T
Today she say, eh you cut first larh, I wanna leave mine longer -.-
Hallloooo, nak cut, cut sama-sama -.-
Bored to the max. Homework gila banyak. At least just now I sleep liao. Tonight can do homework ^^
I just remembered. During physics class, I was sitting with bj and wen bin, I was damn bored, I keep asking bj the same question over and over again for more than 10 times. And what do you know? I didn't even realise it -.- Keep asking "Eh, how arh the stars?"
LOL. Skunkness detected =x
Then go throw all the stationaries in bj and wen bin geh pencil box then play =x Really damn sien till nothing to do -.- Then I told wen bin "You should thank me for helping you to clean your pencil box" =x LOL! I so bad larh xD
Btw, I'm skipping koko tomorrow!! GOING LEPAK!! =x Haha, no larh. Going on a DATE!
Kaka. With brigs xD No larh -.- I'm not les larh -.- And she already has hers -.-
We just wanna skip koko cause feel like it. After camp I'm gonna letak jawatan dy. Well that's my freaking plan now larh. Jadi x jadi, we'll see when July arrives xD WHY THE HECK everything has to happen in July -.-
Wee~ Love July! =x

Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, I'm just guessing ^^
Couldn't care much also. I guess those who were together with me today would actually know what I mean. If don't know then it's none of your freaking bussiness. Thank you =)
Today was pretty gila day xD
I was like the only girl among all the guys during chemistry till Angela joined ^^ Thanks so muchie to her ^^
Tried to finish peka but in the end I realise I did the wrong experiment, so I have to do it all over again. And I was actually scolding CM for wasting trees T.T Sorry T.T Now I'm the one wasting cut down tress. Sigh.
Moral time is always fun man. The teacher damn semangat to teach wan xD
After school went to makan ^^ Today x makan tom yum cause sitamak not feeling well =(
Rude-ness detected =x
She told me something, I totally agree with what she said xD
KNS, I just got a phone call and Sheryl say I need to pay camp fees by this week. WTH, camp is like next next month -.- Dah larh now I left rm5 nia. Wednesday some more need stay back. WTH WTH WTH -.-
Damn em song BSM!! Really damn freaking em song!! Wth man!
Damn her. Trust me, I've never hated anyone as much as I hate her freaking finger! Just imagine, I hate her finger like 1000 times more than anyone else, if add up her whole body and VOICE! Means infinity!!!
I don't want continue blogging dy. Damn freaking em song. Like who will ever understand this freaking situation larh. Nowadays all those gang don't even take a damn of what happens to me also larh. So-called-gang -.- All just into their own stuffs -.-
Form 5 schooling life sucks to the max man. Hate perimbun.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's "Mosquito Feeding Day" people!!! =P
Yup yuppidee yup! ^^
Okay larh, it's the 60 Earth Hour day! =D
So did all of us supported this campaign?
I don't think so. All my neighbours left their lights on for the whole hour =__=
Eventhough I went to church, I rushed home just to off the lights xD
Mum was asking dad "Why do you even listen to the girl???!!"
LOL. Dad listens to me!! Wee~
Eventhough I only supported 30 minutes of earth hour, but I still did ^^
Some more cannot sms during that time. WTH -.-
Yesterday I made someone sad T.T Im here to say SORRY GOR!! T.T
Today BB quite fun. Morning morning rush to BB xD New environment marh, didn't know from here to BB take like more than 5 minutes -.- Last time my house to BB less than 3 minutes =.=
Reach le then discuss stuffs with Seph, then lie down at computer there xD Damn freaking cold, but shuang xD When I go down my hand all freezing xD Super shuang xD
I really didn't wanna sing eh =x I want learn piano T.T But terpaksa learn vocal T.T
Then song practice, haha, all kelam kabut cause bo lyrics -.-
After that everything like normal, till end liao. Then late balik -.-
Mum keep shouting at me -.-
She say if next time late like this then no need go BB le T.T How I know will so late owh T.T
I don't wear watch also T.T

New Environment
Yup, a totally new environment for me to cope T.T
Shift to new house one week dy.
Hmm, transportation to school is A MAJOR PROBLEM!
Every morning need tumpang dad's car to old house and wait more than 10 minutes for the school bus =__=
Some more balik time pun ada transport problem. For now, thanks to CM for letting me tumpang ^^
Monday he send me till my old house then from there I walk to tt T.T
Then tuesday to new house, then need tumpang to the junction for tt T.T
Then wed I walk home ^^
Thurs I x tau how I balik @.@
Fri tumpang cm again.
Finally I get to use heater again ^^
Yesterday night damn cold, I use blanky and also comforter xD So damn shuang lerh ^^
Tomorrow Sunday le. Can sleep more some more xD
I love weekends!
Hate monday, hate tuesday, hate wednesday, hate thursday!!
Friday is a neutral day, cause I don't hate it, neither love it =P
Today squad activity time, talked bout RESOLUTIONS. I kept thinking, what's my resolutions other than getting 10A1 for SPM -.-
I know, I know!!
1. Being a less forgetful person -.-
2. Being a healthy person -.-
3. Being a happier person -.-
LOL. Macam sakai jerh -.-
Btw, it's contagious xD Today badge class Sir talk in chinese =.= What larh, what larh, what larh =.= Me and Lynn behind keep talking crap nia. LOL.
Aiyo, I don't know what to crap dy. So seldom got mood to blog nowadays. So appreciate this post xD

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tk, thanks again for my last last year's favourite song ^^
Love it damn damn much =D
I'm still missing Form 3 time damn damn much T.T All the memories xD
Anyway, now that I'm form 5, OMGOSH, now I'm form 5!! x_X
Why my age grow so gila fast wan??!!!
Mentally and physically still in lower secondary xD

Today take class photo. I don't think that was class photo -.-
It's more like, "the-photo-for-students-that-DID-NOT-COME-ON-THE-PHOTOSHOOT-DAY" -.-ll
Not Alfarians also de -.- Campur aduk wan -.-
But I damn happy larh, cause get to stand with Angela and Brig in it ^^ X penah stand with them before ^^
Some more on top of the benches xD
Then then then, today got people luka. Again with the glass -.-
Brig jadi doctor, I over there see xD I realise the blok A students like to get hurt by glass -.-
That day that guy go hospital cause of the window paint, today another boy get hurt cause of the window paint and broke 3 window paints -.-
Can't blame him larh, he damn fat =x
Btw, I can see Mr. Sunshine setting down from my bedroom ^^ Relfection through my window xD

It's fading,
Fading behind the clouds,
Disappearing for today,
And will be coming out again tomorrow,
Yesterday is the past,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is special,
That's why it is called 'PRESENT'! :D

We all don't know what will happen tomorrow. I know these few days my mood x begitu baik. But I just hope tomorrow or mayb the day after tomorrow, something nice, better, happier and positive will happen ^^

God bless everyone especially my family ^^
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Monday, March 23, 2009

CLick here. for updates on the sunway trip. I'm so damn malas to blog x_X

Wts larh -.- I can't upload pictures here -.- Hate it damn much -.-

Anyway, my angka giliran for SPM damn chun xD
007 xD Love it damn much. ^^ Some more got action de =x LOL

Anyhow, got into my new house dy. It's so erm, echo-ish -.- No bed. Every night sleep in living room, kinda chun. Can't wait till weekends are here xD Really can't wait. Accidentally invited hj to my house -.-ll Ps =x

Damn malas do homework. I can't even find my moral books -.- kns -.-
Tuition kinda fun larh, don't know. LOL
Teacher say "behind every successful man, theres a woman", therefore, behind every electric current, theres the voltage that pushes it -.-ll
"Learning chemistry is romantic, that's why they say it as chemistry between you and I" -.-
"Learning physics is boring cause it's about life" BULLSHYT! Physics rocks! xD

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A story.........

A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage.. They were a loving couple and the boy was the gem of their eyes. When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open. He was late for office so he asked his wife to cap the bottle and keep it in the cupboard. His wife, preoccupied in the kitchen totally forgot the matter.

The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle fascinated by its color and drank it all. It happened to be a poisonous medicine meant for adults in small dosages. When the child collapsed the mother hurried him to the hospital. He died. The mother was stunned. She was terrified how she was going to face her husband. When the distraught father came to the hospital and saw the dead child, he looked at his wife and uttered just five words.


1. What were the five words ?

2. What is the implication of this story?


The husband just said 'I am forever with you Darling' . The husband's totally unexpected reaction is a proactive behavior. The child is dead. He can never be brought back to life. There is no point in finding fault with the mother. Besides, if only he had taken time to keep the bottle away, this would not have happened. No one is to be blamed. She had also lost her only child. What she needed at that moment was consolation and sympathy from the husband. That is what he gave her. If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be much fewer problems in the world. 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. And you will find things are actually not as difficult as you think.
丈夫只说了 “ 亲爱的我会永远跟你在一起 “ 。丈夫自己也意想不到他自己会有这么前摄的行为。孩子死了。他也没办法挽救回他的生命,他也没必要再去责怪他的妻子。其外,如果当时他马上把罐子拿起放到高处,那就不会发生这样的事了。谁也不能责怪谁。因为她也失去了她唯一的一个儿子。她现在最需要的是可以得到丈夫的安慰跟同情。现在他只能给她这些了。如果大家都能把生命透视成这样的原理,哪世界就可以减少很多问题。在你的生命道路上踏上你的第一步就是, “ 放下你所有的妒嫉,自私跟恐惧。哪你就会发现到每一样事情不是你想象中的那么困难。


This story is really worth reading. Sometimes we spend time in asking who is responsible or whom to blame, whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. By this way we miss out some warmth in human relationship.



Have a blessed day

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Current addiction..
Westlife's songs and THIS!

One day, the young lion asked his mom: "Mom, where is the happiness?"
Mom replied: "It's on your tail."
So the young lion keeps on chasing after his tail. But after a whole day of trying, he failed to get the happiness that was on his tail.
Then he told his mom about this, his mom smiled and said: "Son, you don't really need to chase after your happiness, as long as you keep going and moving forward, your happiness will always be with you."
Wish everyone of you find your happiness.

You can't decide the length of life, but you can control how you want to live it.
You can't control the weather, but you can control your mood.
You can't change your look, but you can smile.
You can't control others, but you can control yourself..
You can't foresee tomorrow, but you can utilize today wisely.
You can't win everything, but you can try your very best to achieve that.

Hope everyone can face the daily life positively and always happy...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have time. I have time. Time is all that I have =)

Let's begin with yesterday, 18th March '09.
Woke up at 5am -.- One crazy animal was on the roof crying -.- Dad, mum and I went out of the house just to chase it away -.- But all I saw was only the shadow of it. Don't know what it really was. So I slept back. Woke up at 9am. And went online =)
Didn't wanna bathe cause it was freaking cold. Tk and I was gila-ing in his cbox xD Then I realised he wasn't there anymore! HE LEFT WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING! T.T
Fast fast go get ready. Then Lynn fetched us go Connaught. Thanks dude! =)
Reached there kinda early @.@ After a while cm, jm and hj came =)
Kay, I'm just too lazy to blog now cause I'm arguing with a Form 2 guy now and telling how thankful I am to die early to Richard Low!! xD
So yea, after celebrating in Fun Ok, we went I-box. That place is DAMN FREAKING COLD! Remember to bring your sweater along if you're ever going there =)
After that we went dinner nearby and walked Jes home =)
Then off to Metropoint in Kajang. Bowling cancelled cause had open competition there. Anson say I'm gonna die soon. Yea, Richard Low's happy -.-
Then went back home and the story continued till I slept at 2am =x LOL
Thanks to someone =x

That night I had the weirdest, can't say weirdest cause I have other weirder dream where monsters will be chasing me -.- So yea, it's one of the weird dreams I normally have. MR BEAN WAS IN IT! How cool is that? I got a ride on his cool cute car!! ARHHH! I'm so excited >.<
But kena woke up by one message -.- It's okay, I will have another weird one another day xD
I'm just too lazy to update now xD Will update it another day when I have the pictures with me ^^
Omgosh, again chicken rice x_X

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just came back from tuition =)
So today went pretty alright.
Slept in the afternoon with my gor's handphone alarm on -.- It was so so so very irritating! It rang every 10 minutes. I wanted to just throw the handphone off the bed -.-
But I was too tired to actually get up. LOL.
So there was this stupid dream which I thought was real. zzz
I felt that it was real 0.o LOL
But when I got up, I realise it was fake -.-
Woke up at 4.30pm then just chill on the comforter a while larh. Haven't time for tuition what. Then went online. And uncle ask to eat kuih. So I went and eat and he offered to send me to tuition =)
Went early and wow, everyone was actually early today! =)
Tuition started off and it ended early. So I went down and wait. Then SY came and talk to me. I ask him larh, tomorrow going what time. He say 10am. I was like @.@? Huh? Why so early? 0.o
Then he say maybe only for guys larh early. Then he paused and say, "Eh you also guy right?"
Then I'm like "Eh yea lorh, why he never ask me to go early geh? He ask me go at 12 worh"
Then SY say, "Nvm larh, you go at 10, cause you half girl half guy"
Then saw one f4 guy. Damn funny. Tuition upstairs de marh. So there got 2 stairs. One is to one saloon de, and one more is to tuition there. He go naik the saloon one xD Then he walk back down covering his face xD
Then I call mum to ask whether dad coming to fetch me bo. She say no. So I have to walk back sendiri T.T
And walk pass the pasar malam knowing the fact that I TAK BAWA SATU SEN PUN T.T
Walk walk walk, then saw PC's mum xD She said hi to me @.@
Then saw 'dumb dumb sq squad ldr' and his bro -.-
Today tuition made me realise something. My vision semakin blurr dy -.- The classroom damn freaking small, white board like a few steps in front of me nia, and I can't even see it clearly. DAMN.
How to ignore the fact that you see what's right in front of you and your brain is trying to figure out what the heck are you looking at?! Whether it's a number, alphabet or a picture. T.T

Anyway, that's it for tuition days this week. Tomorrow long day. Still wondering whether I'll be going out on thursday @.@ Anyhow, I'm pk-ed -.- So I x harap to go out also larh -.-
Owe dad rm 7 T.T I'm officially MISKIN now xD
Anyway, had another tiring day =)
Woke up early in the morning to visit the government clinic. Like Omgosh -.- It sucked!
Reached there at around 8.30am. Took my number and I got number 1051 -.-
I sat at the waiting place and as usual, doozed off -.-
The clinic was pack like there's free food there given out -.- So dad and I waited till like 10.30 and finally gave up waiting.
It's such a waste of my sleeping time.
Could have slept nicely at home right. When I reach home, I wanted to sleep so badly but I wanted to follow dad to KL equally badly! =)
So I decided to take my breakfast to prevent fainting while walking and follow dad to KL.
He told me it would be tiring but I insisted on following xD
So I slept the whole way through to KL.
It was raining I THINK! =)
It was really cold in the car. Slept nicely. And the next thing I know, we parked at my dad's office carpark. Got out of the car and started out expedition journey xD
Dad led the way and I followed closely behind so I won't get lost =x
Dad said that we were gonna walk to KL town. Hmm, where's that?
Just follow the leader I guess =)
Walked for like 2km -.- and finally we reached the bank dad wanted to go. Sat behind a few leng zais =x till dad gao tim-ed his work. Then off to another bank -.-
There got one auntie arguing with one worker -.- Damn loud. I was just staring at them the whole time and wondering what I will do if I was in the worker's position x_X
Then at 12.30pm, started walking again -.-
Dad brought me to CM, then to Petaling Street, survivor camp flashback xD
Then we went hunting for present =)
Bought kuih and tong sui home =)
Finally done walking at 3.30pm xD
Tiring but fun ^^
Reached home at 4.00pm. Straight to bed and woke at 4.45pm to bathe and eat before tuition =)
At 5.20pm went tuition. I can't believe I was so sleepy during chem -.- But Physics was fun xD
Sharp 8pm, tuition ended =)
Went to new house, kena tegur-ed cause keep smsing -.-
Shifting date tunda again T.T
Nevermind larh ^^
Today night kinda "tinggi" LOL
Watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua xD The dogs are damn cute. But like what people say, "Cute dogs are dumb =x" LOL

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just see the way she plays her guitar makes me feel like playing xD

Confirmation camp 08

"Juli 3x um ba ba
yea 3x
Juli 3x um ba ba

yea 3x

Kerna kasih Allah di dalam hati kita oleh roh kudus
yang dibri, yang dibe
untuk kita
pada kita
untuk semua ^^

Memories lerh >.<

Confirmation Camp 08 totally rocked! Miss you guys
and girls damn freaking much T.T

Boom BABY! Miss ya'll T.T You girls batu-ed my dunia!! wEE!
Busy and pack scheduled Saturday like usual.
Morning woke up at 7.30am just to get ready to go on a date visit to the campsite with H.O.A.B -.-
So I was running late, so much for thinking I was gonna be late. Reached there exactly at 8.30am. Waited at the guard house and hui jun came. We waited and waited and waited. Finally she arrived at nearly 9am. Her excuse was "Sorry, I woke up late this morning" -.-ll
Just as hui jun expected, she brought her brats -.-ll
Yea, 2 small destructive brats. Don't ask why. So I got the honour of sitting in front. wts -.-
And on the way, she was telling bout her ex-ex-ex-ex-school's stories.
We reach
there and walked in larh -.-
LOL. Teacher's youngest brat damn naughty larh. He keep kacau-ing the dog -.- Kesian the dog -.-
The only picture caught that day =)
Then we got back at school at 10.30am. Rushed back, dad left me at home and drove off to the new house. So I fast fast pack, polish, eat and off walking to BB. Yep, late for half an hour -.-
But then everything was okay larh. Wee~ I ate lunch for less than 15 minutes ^^
Huge improvement =)
Then song practice started. Thanks to the worship team. You all were great up there =)
Then had a talk. Sat with Kar Yan ^^ And kena 10 pump for flag -.- LOL. Still learning =x
Games with squad 5 kinda fun =x LOL Funny and exciting.
Then had makan-makan =)
Went back at 6pm and off to church at 6.30pm. I was so freakingly sleepy during mass T.T
But I saw piggie J ^^ Damn long didn't see him dy. I think he finally insaf that's why he went church =x LOL
Then came back and went out again to countdown for Lois' birthday xD
Reached home at 2am =x Mum know larh -.- So that's why morning time kena marah larh -.-
Nevermind! =)

So today is Sunday, 15th March. 2 people birthday. Both also freaking Leng Luiiss ^^


Happy Birthday


Lois Tam! ^^


Mei Yin!! =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Holidays people! =)

So in the morning it was raining. Nearly miss the bus, don't ask why.
After a while in class, suddenly BM teacher enter dy @.@
Then kena kidnaped by HOAB again -.-
Walk here walk there (morning exercise merh -.-)
Then go in class nia, BM finish -.-
Then addmaths buat kerja sendiri and English had oral. Sucked.
Maths time had the so-called-philosophy-of-life by teacher -.- Bj say de xD He kena asked to "keluar jalan-jalan" by teacher just cause he was holding the rubic cube -.-
And so she mumbled till recess -.- Okay larh, got some people memang x dengar when teacher teaching de. Then some more wan kutuk teacher -.-
Whole class maths result damn chun sia. All get A1 except Joachim that got B3.
So during recess I was suppose to go see someone to tell something. But he didn't come, so I took his phone number from his friend larh. Then Irfanah go borrow pen from a guy in Delta -.-
Then she ask me pulangkan. Ask whose one first then only pulangkan. This part damn swt de.
I go in the class then YY there, I just frost there -.-ll
I wanted to ask but words didn't come out from my mouth -.- Then Irfanah go ask dy xD
Then go library for don't know what reason -.-
Moral paper get le ^^ As usual, A1 =)
Then after that no teacher dy. Whole class damn noisy eventhough the amount of students were lesser than half of the class. Everyone like hilang-ed -.-
Then ky ajak go ps, so I go lorh. Mana tau reach ps he go talk with Jean then leave me alone. I em song dy straight walk back to class -.-
Then I reach class nia, heard one friend say bad word dy -.- X pernah heard her use vulgar word eh -.- Then I ask lorh, why. Small matter nia -.-
About someone that always say during the exam, "wei, damn hard right the paper, I'm so gonna die larh T.T" But in the end the person get damn high marks -.-
So she was angry that the person was basically acting dumb. Haha, guan dy larh. Alfa what, everyone also will say like that larh. Who want admit that they're smart? Unlike me that day, I go admit that I'm a noob =x Typical me. I was really noob okay that day. Other days all I damn smart right TK??! =)
Want go back time suddenly Shagee ask bout the PMR cert. I was like, HUH? PMR cert? We sat for PMR 2 years ago @.@ We haven't get the cert wan merh? 0.o
So it turns out that we all haven't get our PMR certs. Wow, who knew? LOL
So I came back home and yay, mum cooked sambal chicken ^^
Then had to cut the cu-cum-ber larh xD

Damn cool larh cutting vegetables xD

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Special but not special enough.

I need a BREAK!

Self consciousnessbreaksemotionsintoconfidencebreakdownleadingtoemo-nessandalsobo-mood-ness xD
SPM results out today ^^
Grats to gor for GETTING THE SLIP =x
Grats to yang for GETTING 4A's ^^
Grats to Saktia, Su Ann, Faustina and all the other Form 5s last year =)
I was there to witness all the screams and tears? Wait, there's no tears this year.

School was kinda okay today. Skipped English, WEE~ NO ORAL! Then BM time go computer lab. It was freakingishly COLD! I held Mana's hand to get warmness xD Thanks Mana! =)
Then PJ ^^ I just sit there nia -.- Wth larh. Xde benda nak buat, all the ujian thingy I buat liao. So I sit there man man look through the BLAK for last year de =)
Then sej no teacher, we went office and see her punchcard xD Get addmaths mark, nothing to be proud of but to be ashame of. Sigh.
Today the whole gang went canteen! WOW! LOL
Then Physics time teacher busy. She need to handle the SPM result thingy. So me, Pavi and Irfanah volunteered to help =)
And then we "INVITED" Hema =x LOL
So we got free pen and helped teacher to distribute the broucher =)
Then we saw many last year F5 students. Like duhh -.-
LOL. Took picture with her 'one-and-only' =x Haha, glad that you're happy DEAR! =)
So then me, Ija and hjun were suppose to go WITH HOAB to the campsite. Kns, she ffk -.-
I used Pn Foong's phone to call her and heres the conversation..

Feli : Teacher, today going to the campsite right at 1.10pm?

HOAB : Huh? Owh, today go arh? Girl, you see, I didn't go school today (She ponteng-ed!) and I thought ya'll wasn't confirm that ya'll wanted to go today. So I tell you what, tomorrow I'm going to school. (DAMN HER!)

Feli : Teacher, so tomorrow we discuss kay!

HOAB : Owh, kk, tomorrow discuss, BYE!

I put down the phone nia, over there in front of hjun and her mum I say, "kns, the teacher ffk!" =x
Walao, that time I just feel like going to her damn house and smack her face -.-
So x jadi go liao. I came home and terus sleep. Till I woke up and wrote this blogg =)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Results are OUT!
As usual, results suck like don't know what ni -.-
I didn't really care what others got but my dad keep asking, so I need to spy on the others FOR MY DAD (But I won't do it larh, wasting my time)
So BM - Secret, get damn freaking low. I was shocked when I get my marks T.T
BI - 93
Maths - 95 (One question wrong terus hilang 5 marks, kns -.-)
Bio - 69 (Comment from teacher, "Felicia, pay more attention in class kay" swt -.-)
Chem - 54 (Yay, I didn't fail ^^)

Addmaths T.T I don't dare think of my marks T.T Anyway...

Happy Birthday to KHAI YOONG!! ^^

Its his birthday today. Celebrated for him in school.
Today's koko perjumpaan kinda sien =x The only thing I learnt was to "SENTIASA TERSENYUM" kepada mangsa xD
And so when wanna go back time, Hjon passed me, I looked at him and say..
SENTIASA TERSENYUM....then he smiled back at me..and I continue with TO THE MANGSA! =x Then he OIT me xD

Then going home time I 'kap' YY again =x LOL. This time with a bunch of 'helpers' =x
LOL. Angela calls him tau fu fa -.- Hema say he looks like an alien. OWH PLEASE! He's freaking cute ^^ Kaka.

Do I look like a primary school student Hema?
LOL. I don't think I look like
one =x
Tomorrow is the DAY! THE DAY!! =)
Hema will be happy =x

Good luck to those taking SPM results tomorrow! =)
Good luck either in fainting, crying, screaming, smiling, laughing or even dying -.-

Btw, today Brigs brought her puncher to school. Su
ddenly Irfanah notice something written on it. XES -.-

After school, look what we discovered in 7 11 -.-ll

Irfanah asked me, "Eh bila keluarga awak buka company roti??" -.-ll

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here I am, sparing a little bit of my time BLOGGING! Wth =.=
I'm suppose to eat my dinner or bathe or doing my sivic folio or CALLING THE CAMPSITE PEOPLE! Damn! But who cares~~ Wee~~ LOL

So like what Lynn said in blog. Today was a fun day ^^
Finally -.-
Morning started with normal worries bout Sivic folio. Can you believe that the so-called-guai-feli did not complete her HOMEWORK??! LOL
A bit unbelieveable I GUESS. Hehee..
But yea, I did not write A SINGLE word in the empty paper -.-
So I went school, keep asking Brigs whether she done her part. Well, both of us did not do anything. Haha. Our conver..
Feli : Wei, I never do anything wei for sivic folio! T.T
Brigs : Fuhh, I didn't do also. So much for feeling guilty for not doing it!

=) Kaka, that's how life is. You don't know how much the other did until you ask! =)
So Sivic started, gave one STUPID excuse -.- Teacher like em choi us only. Well, who cares. I don't even know her -.- Suddenly Mana came to me and ask, "Felicia, apa nama cikgu sivik kita?"
Do you think I will know? 0.o Weird if you're asking me that question -.- How does our Sivik teacher look like pun one problem for me dah -.- If you ask me go find Sivik teacher I will surely ask back, "erm, how does she look like and what's her name?!?!" =P
So brig go tell teacher that my printer no ink and that I'll print it tonight. What a reason cause now I need to type everything cause she don't have a COMPUTER! Shyt! -.-
So we discussed bout Sivic folio for like 5 minutes and back to kheng gai-ing -.-
Till PJ TIME!! =)
Teacher didn't let Brigs do Ujian cause she wasn't wearing baju pj. So me and Mana did and then played BADMINTON ^^
It was superbly FUNNY! =) Seriously. I laughed till where the shuttle go pun I x tau xD xD
She call me, Ija and hjun to the ICT lab T.T I can't play badminton le T.T
Then we discussed bout the camp thingy till we skipped my favourite subject (recess) and physics -.-
Overall, skipped 6 periods -.- Bi, brigs say kena marah cause I wasn't in class -.- Damn swt!
Then I was sooooo hungry larh, what you expect? Skipped recess okay! Then Irfanah ask me go canteen buy food. She say I can 'menyamar' as afternoon session student. I ask brig to teman me, Irfanah say cannot, cause brig don't look like afternoon session. T.T But I tarik her along! LOL
I scared larh go alone -.-
Then buy food le, finally get to eat ^^
Too bad after I masuk class langsung no teacher -.- All also x datang.
So I overheard Cm and Tk talking bout BB drill command. Bout cm kena denda cause laugh. So I go there sit with them larh. Then tk was teaching me how to command -.- Then after a while Lynn came =) The whole BB gang was there except ky. He got angry cause we talked bout BB =x
I don't know who from the back ask "Eh, why we never command in english before de arh?"
Then everyone started becoming gila larh -.- Especially me and Lynn =x
We go change every command from 'Fall In' into english. Fall in we change to BM, become..
Jatuh masuk -.-
Skuad sedia - squad ready!
Lurus, ke kanan lurus - Straight to the right, straight
Pandang depan - Look FRONT!
Tanda penanda - Mark marker -.-
Yang tinggi ke kanan, rendah ke kiri, dalam satu barisan, paras - Tall to the right, short to the left, in one line.......LEVEL!
Dari kanan berdua bilang - From right two two count!
No. ganjil satu langkah ke hadapan, no. genap satu langkah ke belakang, gerak - Odd number one step to the front, even number one step to the back, MOVE!
(Okay larh, I got mixed up with the command a bit here =x So I created a new command called "the 2-in-1 command" =x Movement damn chun sia!)
Orang di sebelah kanan sekali diam, no. ganjil ke kanan, no. genap ke kiri, barisan kanan dan kiri pusing - The person at the most right side, SHUT UP! Odd number to the right, even number to the left, left and right, TURN!
Hormat, hormat ke hadapan, hormat - Salute, salute to the front, salute!
Skuad akan menghadap ke hadapan, ke kiri pusing - Squad will face in front, to the left, TURN!
Tukar langkah semasa jalan, tukar langkah - Change step when walking, change step!
Skuad henti - squad STOP! (damn fast lorh this one -.-)
Then don't know how created one new command, hormat, hormat ke belakang, hormat -.-
So the command Tk created, but the movement I do de =x Cm say damn YENG ^^ I'm blushing -.-
Got kiraan some more -.- Haha. But nice! Then want balik time I wave goodbye and say bye larh. Mana tau Tk say don't know what classic 0.o Then I change style of waving. Damn swt man! =.= Really damn fai larh today. But still, it was a fun day ^^ Kay, I guess the four of us will be blogging bout this larh =) Hehe.

So went home, tk sms me -.- we talked bout it again -.- Then he say harap tomorrow EST no teacher cause he don't want get back his paper -.- I also don't want. Sure teacher marah gao gao -.- Who cares, anyway...then I say we might not get a chance to get back our EST paper cause she surely recycle the papers like last year -.- Then he ask me to define recylcle. I fai-ly go say, You go to the bicylcle and keep riding it, that's recycle -.-ll I know damn swt. LOL That's what we learn in EST =x What's a wheelchair? A chair that has wheels -.- SWT!

Gtg bathe, eat, do THAT STUPID FOLIO T.T and call T.T

Monday, March 09, 2009

Currently listening to "Can't smile without you" ^^ Suddenly wanted to listen to this song =)
Just now was bathing time, did one hypothesis which only I alone will believe in it xD

The longer your relationship with a particular friend, the more they will support you!

In Perimbun, I think the earliest person that I'd been friends with is SYAHIZA ^^ I became her friend when I was in std 2. WOW! =)
So yea, strong friendship ^^
That day I met my std6 friend's sister, she say I look damn different 0.o I look different?
Hmm, attitude x sama ker? She say langsung x sama like last time. 0.o
Primary school totally rocks to the max while secondary school ma ma dei nia =x
Friendship bonds between some friends kinda weak now. It's breaking. Haha, I remember that day Kavi say after SPM don't want meet all of us anymore xD Who knows what will happen tomorrow right?
But I think neither any of our friends will end up at the same college nor university. Don't know, thats what is in my mind now. All our interest so different. Our goal all pun x sama -.-
Well, I don't even know whats my goal -.-
Everytime people ask me whats my ambition, my answer will be, a successful housewife -.-ll
How do you define a successful housewife? Getting married to a rich and caring husband? Or marrying a DEAD OLD man xD
My mum's goal for me, DON'T GET MARRIED -.-

Mum made everything worse when I got back from today's outting -.- Damn shyt. I'm so not going out anymore. Sigh. Nevermind, stay on the positive side. No go out, no waste time, no problem, more study, more good result! =)
No worries. At home also quite fun de. Can sleep =)
Like last time lorh, where got go out de =)
Yea lorh =)
Don't go out larh =)
Nvm de marh =)
Hmm =)
So what? =)
At home got so many thing to do =)
Can sing =)
Can dance =)
Can do anything I want =)
Can larh. =)
Won't die de larh =)

Haha, I just posted this post twice and finally decided to delete everything x_x
It wasn't necessary for it to be there ^^
Memories will be kept in mind ONLY =)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Boredom leads to nowhere -.-
Hunger leads to FOOD! =)

Btw, Tuesday will be our deadline for Sivik folio a.k.a a subject that basically waste time, energy, paper, trees, breath, water, food and everything related to conversion of energy!! LOL
But still have to finish it larh T.T
And and and..got oral -.-
Today I smsed Pavi and asked her whose in our group, her answer to me..I DON'T KNOW! LOL
So I don't care larh. Called brigs just now and told her Tuesday got oral =x
Haha, today only she know xD Sorry!! I forgot bout it =x
So I don't think we'll be doing our oral on Tuesday larh ^^
Group pun tadak, do what oral larh -.-
Ways to finish our sivik folio = Simply crap something..brigs ask me, One paper enough right?
-.- Haha, ok larh, I do 2 papers, she do 2 papers, GAO TIM! =D
Easy right? Sure larh, Sivik worh, who will do owh -.-
I'm BACK! =)

Tough week I've been through. Not only cause of exam, cause of some other useless stuffs too ^^
Well, couldn't care less. It's how life goes right!
Just hang on to the truth and everything will be fine =)
Thanks to the one that were always there for me no matter what ^^

ThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks! =)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Once again,
labby ambik cuti T.T
cnt on for these few days
jz to make sure dis blog wont die -.-
thx to da motorist,
i'll wear my 'eyes' now =p


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today YY SMILED at me! =)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

2nd day of exam..

Another 3 more papers done! =)
5 more papers to go ^^
Again the same thing happened today -.-
Went school, APD no electricity -.-
And the first paper was suppose to be Bio -.-
I was not ready! So went APD there read lorh, erm, did I read? I don't think so -.-
So after everything done I went return the keys to the office. Damn, I go bang my head on something -.-ll Stupid man! Damn malu sia T.T Then masuk class, x sempat read Bio also, straight start dy. Nvm, have confidence xD
So Bio started, overall okay gua. But the question damn unexpected de lorh -.-
After a while then BI paper le. Don't know why teacher keep saying..
"I teach you all so many times already but still you all doing the same mistake"
So everyone was like 0.o? What mistake? Don't care larh, continue doing.
After BI, Pavi cried XD She thought she do wrong then teacher say not wrong larh. Then she stop crying -.- So baby-ish and CUTE ^^
After rehat still got 1 hour to study moral hafal moral nilaisssss..
Brig was telling me how depress she was cause she never bring her handphone to school and out of a sudden TERRY BEAR APPEARED! Wow! LOL
She damn excited xD xD
I was like, EH? WHY HE COME SCHOOL WAN? 0.o
Then the whole gang got excited larh wanted to see him -.-
They all were interested in the other guy that had those 70's curly hair -.-
Brig was all excited and happy and gila -.- LOL
Then I was helping KC with his moral nilai. I haven't even hafal anything and I'm helping him, damn swt larh.
Brig looked at me and say, "eh, i know larh, ur mr-that-said-you're-cute didn't come!" -.-ll
Then she told me larh, he just kluar from hospital to take that don't know what thing out from his leg. Who cares =x
Then Moral paper started. Only 3 helaian -.-ll Lucky I never waste my time reading ALL the nilais xD So then first page okay, 2nd page I don't know the akta and BPR thingy. So I do esei first. And......suddenly slept off -.-
Then don't know why suddenly felt someone touching my hand, so I woke up. Rupa-rupanya Brigs trying to see my watch -.- Then she ask me whether I finish ady or not.
I told her, "Oits, I haven't finish T.T"
Then I fai fai do -.-
Damn dumb larh.
Later got tt ^^ Addmaths rocks!
Written by,
The one that is addicted to the song called "Don't worry, be happy" ^^

Monday, March 02, 2009

Maybe it is a little too late.
Too late to turn around.
Too late to go back to the past.
What's stolen will never be returned.
Even if it's returned, it will never remain as the unstolen anymore.
You have my heart.
Will you let it go?
Thats up to you.
It's not commitment.
It's just loyalty.
Is it a crush?
I'll never know.
Let it remain as a secret.
Let if bloom like the flowers.
Or just let it burn off and disappear like the wax of a candle.
But whatever happens,
3 papers over! Wee~
Let's begin the story from this morning I arrive in school.
I didn't know f3 was having exam also okay -.- I know, damn noob -.-
So she wished me good luck and I ask back, f3 pun ada exam arh? -.-
Then she say yea, and I say right back at ya! LOL
So I went to class and even before I could sit down, here comes Yoke Lin..
"Felicia, APD room no electricity!"
Okay so I was like erm, okay, hmm, erm, okay, urm, hmm.. -.-ll I know, I was trying to buy time -.- Then finally went to cm =x LOL Damn slow larh me. I know -.-
PBSM room keys!! -.- damn swt lorh, Miss Maha got key but x bagi -.-
So perhimpunan ended and I went to class, saw everyone like kelam kabut nia -.-
So I just took my bag and stand behind.
My first comment from someone for the day...From Irfanah..

You look so DEAD -.-

Okay, I don't look dead. I'm dead larh T.T
So we still had time to chit chat and buat kerja sendiri before BM paper start. Irfanah, Mana and I were chit chatting all the way larh -.-
The class was blardy noisy till before Pn Melati go out of class she has to tegur our class -.-
Hopeless man. Then I was cerita-ing damn many things to them till we didn't even talk bout anything from the already-opened-and-ready-to-be-read textbook xD
So there was this paper passed around for us to write our email address. And then, problem occured, I FORGOT TO BRING MY PENCIL CASE -.-ll
First time exam never bring pencil case! Apa punya pelajar nih? Ada exam tapi x bawa exam tools -.- LOL Then I remembered, Saturday I got go BB right, sure inside bag got pencil xD xD
I opened my bag andddd.....tadaaaa got pencil, eraser and PEN! =D
Fuuuussshhh, lucky wei! =)
But no pembaris larh -.-
So bm paper started. Rumusan was okay but I forgot how many isi to write -.- I see Mana's one like damn long nia. I keep checking the soalan whether it states to write more than 120 or less than 120 words -.-
Then moved on to tatabahasa. Wth -.- What's subsistem?
And then peribahasa okay larh.
Seriously wei -.- Information transfer was okay larh. But, dari mana datang language focus and the other one??
Give the defination of clay!
Computer! (I wrote what Pavi shouted, a box-like thingy =x)
Nocturnal animals!! (Wth is that -.-) [Irfanah wrote, Nocturnal animals are animals which are nocturnal -.-] [tk pula wrote, Nocturnal animals are organisms called nocturnal organism -.-]
Wheel chair..(I wanted to write, chair with wheels =x) LOL
Got others some more larh. Crap larh.
Then the other one some more teruk -.-
I wrote shapes, sizes, characteristics -.- All x masuk akal wan. If get marks, wah, really speechlesss. LOL
Got one more...El Nino xD From text book de. But I can't remember wth is that -.-

Chem was a natural disaster =x But structural question was kinda dumb. Above question, below got answer -.- But still damn hard for me cause like everyone say, I damn baka, damn noob. So, sigh. Maybe I really that baka larh. Sigh. Just hope I pass larh T.T
Brig's medicine smell like mint, why mine like asam de -.-
Haha, today I couldn't tahan, I go complain to Brigs. I nearly cried T.T Sigh.. Why larh why??!
Sim tia bo? Sure larh T.T Sorry han jon, for lying that day T.T

Written by,
theonethatmightfail chemistry T.T

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Another long day...

Went through a very quite dissapointing morning.


Wth larh T.T Damn dissapointing lerh!!
Nevermind. Skunk fu cheered me up ^^ It's damn cute and 'baka' -.-ll and damn naughty -.-
But still damn cute ^^

After 'cartoon time', I finally get to go to the new house ^^ Reach there nia the cabinet people there le. Then a while later, L-sofa came le ^^ Then I just walk here and there looking at them working xD So then the L-sofa driver is chinese guy marh, got another 'bangla' worker follow him de. Then he keep scolding him nia. I see dao damn kesian that guy lerh T.T Then when want leave suddenly can't open lorry door -.-ll Then the chinese man some more scold the bangla guy -.- Damn swt larh. Then all (including the cabinet workers) try to open the door -.-
Finally, the cabinet lorry driver came and 'pooff' the door open le ^^

Then after that the dining room set and sofa set all came le. The chinese old man damn patiently fix everything with the help of one of his workers ^^ Damn nice to see them work =x I couldn't start reading cause it was really really noisy -.- So mum ask to go mop my room, so I went and vacuum and mop lorh ^^ Later after that, the curtains arrived, room finally cooler dy =D

It was already 3pm and the bedroom set haven't arrive. I got tired and went to sleep on the floor in my room ^^ First time eh. Okay larh, it was really cold. Woke up at 6pm wanting to study -.-
But the environment was rather distracting. Mum was sleeping right in front of me and gor was making a fool out of himself -.-ll But it was really funny and very distracting -.-
So then we were STILL waiting for the bedroom set till 7pm. They say will arrive at 7pm but till 8pm haven't arrive. So dad called the driver, the driver say reach Connaught Giant dy. So we thought, okay larh, so near dy, wait a while more. Cause Connaught Giant till my new house is like paling lama also 15 minutes -.- But till 9pm they haven't reach, my gor started using badwords -.-ll Then dad got angry and gave them another call...

Dad : Hello, saya x mau tunggu lagi, kamu hantar minggu lain okay. Terima kasih. Bye!

From what I heard (cause I was sitting next to dad)...

Lorry driver : Eh eh eh , boss boss, tunggu.....(LINE CUT)


Then we all went back home and ate my dinner at 10.10pm -.-
Btw, today I fell xD Don't want blog bout it -.- Cause damn embarrasing -.-ll
Good night everyone. And good luck to perimbun-ians for tomorrow's exam! =D

Written by the one that thinks..
SheneedsyoumorethanIdo T.T

2004. A promise made. Will it be fulfilled?
Let's wait and see.
10th October 2010. =)