Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2nd of day of school ended. Didn't begin like how I wanted it to. Woke up kinda early -.- 6.10am. Hate to wake up early. Was waiting for bus with mum, suddenly one aunty came and talk to me. I was like @.@ then she went and talk to mum xD
At the beginning of school, it was pathetic-ly BORING! I have no idea why, the whole gang (except Gurv) is in Alfa but its just so damn boring -.- NO FEEL at all.
And the class is so huge that when the teacher is teaching in front, we're like miles away from her whispering voice.
So it's kinda harder to pay attention in class this year, so I need a better solution for this problem. Another problem occuring, my eyes problem. If I don't have my specs on, I only see DOTS on the board T.T Today addmaths time I didn't wanna take out my specs cause lazy, I guessed everything I wrote xD Don't know whether I did the correct homework or not =x Wakaka. Brigs keep asking me to wear cause I kept bugging her xD
Anyway, got result slip today -.- WTH WTH WTH -.-ll
I got a FAKE E there -.- I got 58 for addmaths but there write 40 -.- 8E!! WTH man! Damn em song perimbun dy -.-
Blah, lazy write larh. Nothing interesting, lazy do hw =x

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