Friday, March 26, 2010

One more day.
So today I hung out with my church friends.
For so long, I haven't meet them.
So, now I know I'm not the only person that switch field, I'm not the only one taking accounting and I'm not the only one who are afraid of being lost in the middle =D
MABELINE and I are taking the same diploma!
The same college!
But different place =.=
Hers in Penang and mine in Setapak.
Francesca is taking foundation in arts.
Siao man!
All those science students switch field xD
I'm superbly glad that I'm not the only lost person =D
Brigs will still be taking pilot.
According to her, she still gets full scholarship, like whoa!
So what happened today was...
Mum sent me to Tasik Selatan at 10.30am today.
Smsed Francesca and Mabel that I reached there already.
Mabel said that she will be there late but will be there afap xD
Turn out, Francesca came later than her xD
After that the 3 of us took LRT to Hang Tuah and walked to TS.
Went to first floor to buy movie tickets cause we knew Mabel was expecting a "friend".
We get in line and guess what?!
System down =.=
So we waited in line.
We thought of giving up but suddenly can dy.
The counter guy go shout, "Sorry arh! System down!"
After buying tix, we went to entrance to wait for Brigs.
Then lunch at foodcourt and took some photos.
All with Mabel =D
Duhh, she's always the photographer.
Then met up with the jelly guy =x Mabel's friend.
Then we sent Brigs off to work again and we went and watched Alice in the Wonderland =D
Kay, I slept off a while when it was gonna end =x
Sleepy larh =(
And and and, I finished the whole cup of drink. WHOA! xD
After that we took the guy for lunch and he left us after that =.=
Then we went shopping and said our goodbyes at 5pm.
Francesca went to Miharja.
Mabel and I split when the LRT reached Bndr Tun Razak =D
So that was the last of Mabel's FACE!
Gonna miss her =( But she's gonna study in Penang.
Alaa, easy case larh! =D
Will be there to visit you!
So, one more day for me.
Will/might be cutting my hair tomorrow =D
Can't wait.
It has been ages since I last cut it 0.o
Well, that's what i feel xD
Whoa, long post.
So long and goodbye peeps!
Do not miss me cause I will not miss you =P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cute hor this picture? xD
Customer give de.
But given to a small kid =(

Today went to KTAR to register for college.
Taking Diploma in accounting.
All the way to degree in financial accounting in UK.
Still need to go NS for at least 60 days.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My tongue hurts :(
Need to drink more water.

Last day of work =D
Kinda excited.
And I bet I'll miss my colleagues! =(
I'll miss their laughter and most importantly, their shouts and SCREAMS!
Well, life goes on!

Guess what happened after 2 months of work?
I lost weight. :(
I gotta say I'm pretty happy bout it =x
Heh! =P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 more days till I quit my job and 9 more days till NS.
Lalala. So far only one person asked me bout NS @.@
Thanks Angela Lim Kim Ling.
And thanks for wanting to hang out with me eventhough you already started classes =D
Really appreciate it a lot ^^
I pretty much DON'T miss anyone from school @.@
I miss BB friends though =x

Kay, I'm going through emptiness and blockage of mind now @.@
Currently not thinking of anything.
Just wanna hit my sales target xD
Who wanna meet me before I disappear on the 28th of March, contact me ba.
So long and good night!

Monday, March 15, 2010

6 more days till I'm finally free? 0.o
Been free before, was bored of it and now I'm desperate for it.
Wth =.=
TARGET - RM4000 in 6 days!
Sounds kinda impossible to me though.
Eventhough it is but I'm gonna try to achieve it.
Don't wanna give up so easily.
I've learnt so much from my colleagues ^^
Will miss them a lot =(
When I get back in June, I won't be seeing most of them.
Cause a few of them are quitting their job and moving on in pursuing their dreams =)
It's never too late to realize your talents ^^
I'm saying that cause I haven't notice mine, and I'm already 18!
Gahhh, what do I wanna be when I grow up?
It has been one month plus that I've been working.
Glad to say that the experience I gain was somehow great.
Met people from different background, speaking different languages and I realize how friendly they are eventhough they can achieve higher success compared to us.
Fitting in ain't that difficult after all =)

12 more days~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update =D
Not long ago, I touched this blog xD
Nothing much to update.
Leaving on the 28th of March, 18 more days =(
Gonna miss him and family.
And chee ming, and tk, and those who always sms me =(
Going to somewhere near =D
Somewhere called Beranang, in Selangor. Near kan?
But x tau kat mana pun xD
Not sure when I'm coming back @.@
Will be working till erm, 21st, if can larh.
If can't then till 25th.
If wanna ajak me out or anything, please do contact me.
I assume my viewers know my hp number @.@
But if don't wanna meet me or see me then I don't really care.

Will be getting my SPM result tomorrow.
Don't know what to expect.
Not having high hopes at all.
5A's is all I wish for.
But of course more will make me happier xD

Can't get into PLKN website =.=
Tomorrow working =(
Now I realize how tiring it is to work.
But the money is so satisfying =x
I get more then my allowance lerh!!
And I can finally buy things without thinking thrice!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Got new computer! xD