Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kay I finally have time to BLOG!
Let's begin from the night of 22nd December. Caroling was fun til one bossy uncle joined us -.- He was TRYING to lead everyone and he FAILED terribly and somehow most of us hate him =x LOL I just follow the flow xD Kay, so skip to the third last house. So we had to take off our shoes and reveal our socks and...I was wearing my rainbow socks and all of a sudden Jonathan started calling me Mcdonald -.-ll Then I look at his legs, he wasn't wearing any socks, so I started calling him 'kaki ayam' LOL Then we were arguing from the 3rd last house till the last house, till caroling ends and till the second I went off xD After caroling was kinda very fun xD We lepak-ed at the last house, had FOOD! Then theres this small lil girl that likes to stand in front of me while I'm playing tambourine and just stare at me ^^ She came to me when I was eating and trying to steal my food! =D Then my mum took my food and feed her xD Kay, so I ate less -.- That's okay! After eating I went to the place where those f1 and below guys were sitting then we joke around like no one's bussiness, it was a blast! Okay, you might be wondering why am I hanging out with f1 guys..the answer is, cause theres no other youth there except me. Pathetic! I know! LOL
Then at 12am finally we decided to leave for home. Back home, I wasn't ready to pack xD I have no idea why, I felt like tak sampai hati want leave KL. Omgosh -.-ll So then pack till 2am and slept off.

23rd - 26th December 08

Kay we were suppose to be leaving home by 5.30 but someone slept more ... Hehe. That person would be me larh LOL Then finally we left home at 6.10am. Went to pick my grandma up at my uncle's house and off to Penang. I was so damn freaking bored on the way to Penang. I couldn't sleep but I forced myself to larh. I keep asking my mum to on the radio cause I was seriously in need of music. Then when reach Kedah, the radio channel started changing and mum have to off the radio, so I on my hp mp3. I love this tunnel man. It's below the hills!

Finally reached Penang bridge!

When we reached my grandma's house all tired ady. So we just ate something and went to sleep. Sleep till evening -.- Then had dinner and I watched tv till 12am 0.o LOL Alone eh T.T Nobody wanted to pui me -.- I slept with my aunt and my family slept in the other room. I was kicked out cause not enough space =x Haha, no larh. Then sleep le, suddenly woke up at 2am, saw the room damn bright, the whole room damn bright. Then I didn't think so much, I slept back, again woke up at 4am, again the room damn bright -.- Then slept back. Then finally woke up at 8am, the room damn dark -.- ZADOU! LOL Then woke up at 10am, ate breakfast and off to Penang Hill at 11am. Reach there at 11.30am I think. Then went in and beratur to buy ticket to go up by train. Manatau the next train is 2.45pm -.- xkan want wait. So we say, okay larh tomorrow we come early in the morning.

So since x jadi go up hill, we go SHOPPING!! We walked the whole Penang Town -.-ll I don't even know from where till where, but I know we went Komtar 0.o LOL And the other shopping centre beside it -.- We keep walking back to the same place over and over and over again -.-

Saw this somewhere but couldn't remember where.

At 3pm something finally dad say hungry and we went and ate. Then after eating we went back into the shopping mall -.-ll Then shop and shop and shop, finally we went out. Then me and mum were walking together, suddenly one foreigner came to us and said something. It was damn freaking weird. I got shocked and was like 'huh'? LOL we were talking bout it the whole time till we reached a antic shop -.- Dad wanted to LOOK AROUND -.-

Damn cool chess set man!

Then finally went to buy the Penang biscuits and went back to grandma's house. That time I was feeling damn tired. Legs were hurting and I was not feeling so well. I ate dinner and I don't know why, I terus went and sleep. Slept for about 30 minutes, had to wake up and get ready for midnight mass T.T So dad thought mass was at 10pm, we left the house at 9.20pm -.-ll Reach there only, I heard drum sound xD Mum say I have been there before but totally no memory bout it at all. So okay larh, went in and sat there for more than 1 hour. Rupa-rupanya mass starts at 10.30 -.-ll So then mass started like normal, I was feeling weaker and weaker as every second pass. By the end of the mass I couldn't even speak properly. Throat freakingly hurt, body feel damn sensitive, mouth can barely open and head spinning like crazy. So then got into car, I terus baring. On hp, got 17 msgs. Tried to reply all. And back to granma's house. Kay, this part was kinda a stupid part cause I started crying -.-ll Damn swt, a 16 year old girl crying -.- Nvm, forget it. Then the next day liao. I still feel the same. But still I try to make myself stronger than usual. I kinda slept the whole day, keep eating panadol like it's sweet -.- Then when evening time, I kinda feel better dy, I told my mum I'm feeling good and I wanted to go to the beach. So mum say okay, if I'm really feeling okay. So yay, we went to the beach.

Objective of us going to the beach was to korek siput xD The process..
The siputs caught.
And the hasil! OUR FOOD!! LOL
When we were leaving the beach, walking to our car time, I don't know why my mum and I didn't wear slippers xD We walked all the way to the car without slippers xD Damn cool xD

Kay so that night I was still feeling a little bit dizzy and all but it was okay, cause I get to use the laptop xD Then it was lights out at 12am and woke up at 5am. That morning we were suppose to leave Penang already. Aww T.T Damn sad. So we started our journey back home and we had a last pit stop at McD in Penang Island xD I have no idea why everytime we wanna leave Penang we have to stop there to buy food xD So then.. la la la..back to KL dy. I was sleeping the whole way back. Till reach home, suddenly stomach pain T.T Ran to the toilet and SCREAMED! Why? Cause I saw a dead rat in the toilet! I didn't wanna enter the toilet after that xD Then I rest a while and off to church for the last jr camp meeting. Still feeling dizzy + sore throat + saturday sickness came to friday T.T Then ate with xl. And went back home at 5 something. That time still feeling sick -.- Then at 8.30pm, Jian came and fetch me to Jes' house and we had steamboat. Thanks to the house people! And then me and hjon talk sam si xD Then finally reach home at 12.40am. =D This night I slept in my brother's room cause grandma using my room T.T

Okay, overall Penang trip was fun, but if without the sick part, it would be fantastic! Because of me and my bro being sick, going up to Penang Hill was cancelled! Damn man! T.T Anyway, I had lotsa fun there eventhough it wasn't a planned trip. Everything that happened there was kinda last minute thingy. And and and..the food..I went there and ate har mee, kari mee, ais kacang special, laksa, poh piah, lobak, mee jawa fried, sambal fried rice, homemade yee mee by aunt, kuey kak, siam laksa, charkuey teow, chee cheong fan, mee rebus, mua chi, char hor fan and siput goreng xD Did I miss anything out? Owh yea, McD xD xD

Friday, December 26, 2008

Damn malas to blog. Will blog when I have free time. For now, no free time x_x

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm so freaking sleepy T.T I don't wanna go for caroling T.T
My right wrist hurts! I got blister on my right finger T.T My left palm lebam T.T

Sacrifices made worth I guess. Well, I don't know why the heck am I complaining. I miss church peeps T.T 8 more houses T.T It's okay. It will be ending today! Yeah, today! Then I will be going to Penang. Hmm, I wanna take hjon there but no place liao. Sorry Didi! =P
I don't know why but I'm starting to miss everyone..since I'm not gonna see most of them till like next year or maybe junior camp T.T

Wait! My brother don't want go tomorrow -.- Stupid fella! Man, he's so damn stupid!

Eh, I don't know why...last night, I dreamt of something stupid. It's an amazing race. I saw many of my church peeps. Aha, and the tasks are like so damn difficult! Yes. You have to walk pass so many dangerous animals! Swt -.- I felt so damn scared -.- I don't know who I was complaining to in my dream xD

If my brother leave house, will I be happy? Sigh, I really don't know larh. He's like 17 now. Next year 18 liao. I don't know when I'm 20, will I still be seeing him? Will he still contact me? Will he still call me 'ah girl'? Will I be attending his wedding? Sigh, don't want think anymore. Let God decide ba. Just hope everything is gonna get better as days pass by. I'm happy with my life and I don't wanna lose anything that I have now, especially my friends and family.

I thought there was something there, but it was an illusion all this while. Shyt, I'm crapping xD Well, I wish there was something there =D When the feeling strikes, nothing can stop it =D I wanted to tell, but it's better to be kept inside, never broken, left unspoken..How come I will fall in love with the damn song? Cause it relates to my damn life xD Lyrics rocks, so damn sweet..
Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?
Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm pissed! I'm seriously pissed!

I knew it won't be a nice day anyway. I hate myself for being so fragile T.T Damn. I don't wanna tell anyone. Now is 10.18pm. Who knew I was down. Swts. Am I wasting my time writting this? Definately. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it to the max! Why did I even tried to get involved in it? I get hated for that. Damn, I hate it. My leg is getting way worse than ever! T.T Will I be able to walk tomorrow? That's a good question. I don't think I will be able to even do one task of physical training exam T.T I'm even pissed at myself for running around the whole day searching and hunting for something for others. Why don't I know how to take care of my damn self? Dad don't even care that my leg hurts. When walking to that aunty's house, he was walking way ahead of me and shouting at me for being a slowpoke. Heck! I told him my leg hurts and he ask me why didn't I go and see the doctor. Wth -.- That day I went and saw the doctor with his body only is it? Damn. Yesterday I just realised how happy I was for not being emo and now I'm already breaking down T.T I'm so damn speechless. Everthing's totally backstabbing me T.T I hope tuesday comes faster T.T
A day out!
Receiving an sms even before my pig mode was off! T.T The msg was, "Awk nak roti canai ker?" ROFL!
Then I replied, "Leh gk, 1 ckup arh." xD Then I continued my beauty sleep.
The next thing I know, mum was in my room @.@ She was asking me bout the new house. I was so blurr, I didn't know what she said and just "ahh, ahh" (agreeing to something)
Then finally woke up at 9am. Gosh, my alarm clock is getting on my nerves! I hate the sound of it! So then got ready and all and off to Mana's house at 10am. Reach there, ate breakfast, as mentioned above, roti canai + syrup + CHEESE CAKE! After breakfast, we head off to the nearest bus stop and waited for bus. After 10mins, the bus came. We were chatting the whole journey bout her KRS camp. Damn funny wei. They got a task to catch ikan keli with their bare hands. She saw the helpers tepis the ikan so that the rest can catch it easier. She didn't know, she go tepis the ikan also, then the ikan flew to the other side of the pond xD Damn funny the way she describe xD Then finally reach kajang dy. Then go Metro Kjg jalan first. So we enter, she say go one by one floor. She say want buy bag, so okay larh, we go hunt for bag first. Then we go one gerai in middle geh, we marh find find find lorh the bag, see got ngam taste or not. Then sudd then salesgirl came to us then go touch touch the bag and said "chao chao chao (find), pokai larh". WTH!!! We just walk away. Damn her man! We just see see nia -.- Then don't care larh, we continue jalan -.- I was hunting for that shorts I wanted. But all damn expensive -.- My main hunt for today was..
-2 more present for games.
-present worth more than rm10.
-family presents.
But Metro kajang was kinda too boring. So we decided to go to C'Ziplee bookstore. We enter ony, straight go up, lupa take basket -.- Haha. Then go back down, buy stationaries first. Then suddenly saw something damn cute ^^
Then went up and Mana search for her school buku latihan, I just stood one place cause leg damn tired dy T.T Then finally got out of bookstore. Damn hungry dy T.T Saw McD..terus masuk! We were lacking of $$ that time. So we decided to eat the same thing.
One beef burger..
One pie..
So we pay half half. Easy count!
Omgosh, McD! Always got things happen wan xD
Our cashier was one guy larh. Before our turn, Mana was praising him like dunno what ni cause of his speed -.- Then sampai my turn, the guy ask me "Take away or SERVE here?" Then I was like "huh? Owh, here here." xD
Then the price was rm9.45. I asked him if he wanted syilling. He gave me CHILLY! Swts!
Then he say wait at side. Okay lorh. Wait lorh. Then the man before us say want add another pie. So he need to buy again. Then the cashier help him larh, just type new one marh. One pie is RM2 marh right? With tax is RM2.10. The man gave RM5. Then the cashier asked, "It's two ringgit one cent. Do you have one cent?" I suddenly got STUNNED! I was like, HUH?? I keep huh-ing over there xD xD RM2.10 is two ringgit and one cent?!!! ROFL MAN! xD xD
Omgosh, it's so damn funny lerh! BUT don't go there geh McD larh, kinda dirty -.- Got flies -.- EEEWWW, DOUBLE EEWW!!
After eating we continued walking. Man, my legs hurts like hell T.T Then we went living cabin, and I realised I've been there before. Twice some more -.- LOL Then went to one gift shop, there kinda nice. But some kinda expensive so I only bought one special thing there. =D

Overall for today..damn tired, damn sleepy, legs hurt badly T.T But had lotsa fun today! =D
And now I'm OFFICIALLY BROKE! Wee~ No more yam cha-ing T.T
Gonna have caroling practice in half an hour time T.T Where's my DINNER?


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another day wasted, but it doesn't matter. I still have 2 weeks to waste =D

Currently ;


Nickelback's songs


Nan ren nv ren

What a Girl should ask for..
Nan ren nan ren duo xi wang ni shi hao ren
Duo xi wang yong ni de zhen rang wo bu bi zai xin teng


What a Guy should reply..
Nv ren nv ren wo da ying zuo ge hao ren
Wo da ying yong wo yi sheng lai huan ni de kuai le yi sheng

Today brig called me up to check on me. Ngeh Ngeh =p Just to get another dissapointment T.T Haihs. I'm so damn sat pai man. All of them gave me a 'gambateh' and I let them down. Aiyo, I think we just gotta forget bout it larh =D Alex is okay~~~ LOL *Trying to change story* xD
So yea, I will gambateh, but in like 4 years from now xD
Btw, knee hurts more than ever before. Sucks man T.T Walk one step up pun susah -.-
But that's not gonna stop me from going hang gai tomorrow =D
After a long time, going out with Manarina again! Wee~ The most suitable shopping partner I've ever had! And and and..I'll be singgah-ing at her house in the morning =D
After tomorrow will be quite busy. Schedule fully packed..
Let's see..
Friday : Morning going out with Manarina. 7.30pm practice T.T
Saturday : Going early to church for song practice -.- 3pm - 4.30pm. Then PICs briefing. Then I have no idea how I'm bringing Sheryl there. Swts, I haven't call Hema -.- Will be at the party till it finishes. Yay, get to skip caroling practice =x =x
Sunday : Morning confession + church, then Syahiza's sister's kenduri, then meeting, then caroling @.@
Monday : Morning go buy the FnB stuffs. Then rest xD Then got caroling again! Then pack bag!!
Tuesday : Off to Penang!!!!!
Friday : Come back. Dad work, mum dentist appointment. Wa buat apa?! T.T
Saturday : Start Jr camp 08! =D
Monday : End of Jr camp 08! =D
Today no story tell. Feel like a lame dude -.- Swts.

Happy day~ Family day -.-
Don't know arh. Kinda fan -.-
I keep thinking bout tomorrow. Although theres nothing going on tomorrow. Ish~
I think I totally fong dai everything liao. Moving on. Wee~ Good luck to me =D
Wth -.- What did I fong dai? -.- Laaa, Mabel! I damn jeles sia! You get to meet him, like, him standing right in front of you! Damn!
Anyway, I dont understand why am I so obsessed bout it -.- He's just a guy that has a total opposite character from me. Shyt lerh T.T
I can't wait to go Penang =D Finally dream becoming reality again!

Dam fan T.T But good also larh, cause I'm finally using my brain again -.- Urghh! I don't even know what I'm fan-ing about T.T

Dude, I tried to be nice, but you're totally bugging my damn life and controling it T.T I can't take it! I need my own space! If only you will read this -.-

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ooh la la xD
So heres the story for today. I woke up realising I haven't wish Yang -.- Haha. K skip all that. 4.30pm, I called Sy, he ask me go church. So I went. Kay, wait, skipped too far. Before I called Sy, I called Brig! Argh!! She told me that her life was a bit of kelam kabut xD It was funny how she describe it xD And she halau-ed her younger sis away from where she was sitting, but she shouted my name 0.o LOL Then we chatted and chatted and chatted xD Ish, she keep telling me she's gonna meet Nic when she goes to Terrance's house T.T So then she say she will help me get his handphone number xD I was jumping for joy 0.o Typical teenage obsession -.-
Kay then went to church. Discussed bout F&B. Then on the way to KFL, stopped at my house. Yang wanted to go toilet -.- Then he complained bout me to my mum -.- Then Fong chatted with my mum. Omgosh -.- Then ate dinner..
Came back online..
Suddenly sms alert!! Nicholas Tay! xD xD Save contact? YESH YESH YESH! xD Omgosh, thanks to muchie to Briggie!! =D
But then...I was so scared, so freaking scared to even look at the number. After saving it, I just left it there. Then at night Brig called again. =D
She told me what happen. How Mabeline screamed cause I was so freaking lucky to be shorter than Alex xD xD Oh yeah, I'm lucky! Haha. Brig say Francesca say that she didn't know I was serious bout all these obsession xD It's just an obsession okay~ It won't last long. Well, it lasted for 3 years already. Yup! =] Only Brigs knew bout it xD And now the whole world knows bout it. -.- Well, I don't care! Wee~ Finally I have an obsession. Just that my obsession is kinda reality, not virtual =D
Oh yeah a ha oh yeah! xD Anyway, damn swts larh me -.- Berani cakap tapi tak berani buat -.-
Brigs! Help me!
Anyway, forget bout it, I don't have the balls guts -.- Swts, Fr Danny words ringing in my mind xD Anyway, thanks brigs for brightening up my day man! Just one call! xD I mean 2 larh. One I call you, another one you called me xD
Remember the times when we use to say "wow" when he pass us? LOL Miss those times where we get to spy on him xD Anyway, thanks to Suzanne for helping getting this obsession! She's the one that started all this when I was in Form2 -.- Thanks so much -.-
Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays~

Wee~ Today is Tam Zhi Yang's birthday!
That's him alright! =) *A stolen picture =x
Just wanna wish him..

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Wish you all the best in life!~

My dearest cousin sister, Janice!

Happy Birthday to you too~ x3 x3

This is the only cousin that stayed at my house for more than 4 years..wee~ Hehe. Stayed with her when I was 3-9 years old I think. =)
Wish that she will faster get married =x =x LOL

Genes rock!

What a wonderful monday -.- Woke up VERY early to get ready for something I shouldn't be doing yet I'm doing xD JOGGING~
We went to Taman Len Sen there, I didn't know there had a park @.@
Then at first cm and I followed behind Yang wan....but..after a while we lost Yang and we sesat-ed -.-ll But we got back on track later on xD
So then we ran, and walk, and ran..a couple of rounds around the park. And then my stomach started to feel pain and cm's leg started becoming stiff. LOL
And that time Fui stopped, Yang stopped, eventually all stopped xD Then after a while then balik dy.
Not balik larh. We went Alam Jaya geh mamak there to eat. Suddenly all complain stomach pain -.- Cm went there geh toilet xD Yang say want send me home -.- Nvm. They ate, I tapau-ed.
Reach home dy I ate my breakfast, took the medicine and online~ Hehe. My stomach was hurting like dunno what ni, so I put fong yao. After a while staring at the pc, I fell asleep. Until Seph call. Haiyak, kacau my sleep nia. But good also larh cause that time already 11 something, need to get ready for meeting. So I go and bathe, cold water some more. The next thing I know, my stomach was burning -.-ll I didn't know fong yao + cold water = hot + burn! LOL
Then finally went to church, meeting as usual, I mean not that usual, cause it was just 4 people and everyone just talk like normal. Anyway, when we went and buy those present time, my dad called and scream at my ears -.-ll Then went back church I call him to pick me up at 2pm, he scream AGAIN! Arghh! So I went home before 1.50pm -.-
Went home dy, heat up the porridge and oh -.- I have to bring in the clothes and fold it. I was kinda pissed off that time, I don't know why the hanger suddenly hit my lips and my lips hit my teeth -.- STUPIAK! Then finally went out.
OFF TO KL!~ Wee~
Okay, so the journey was long. Will shorten it. Reach kl, went sg wang, wanted to go toilet, because sg wang's toilet need to pay money, so we walked all the way to ts just for the toilet -.-
Then went back to sg wang and went to parkson. Dad wasted A LOT of time changing his bonuslink card points into voucher -.-
Kk, this is the stupid part..we went and see towels kay, so I was picking and choosing and having fun there..
K then..
Dad : Eh faster pick larh.
Me : Okay okay, I want this pink color one.
Dad : Huh? Cannot. I'm buying for me and mummy only. You're not even in the picture.
Me : SHYT!

So that's what STUPID happened there. Damn lerh. It's not even for me. Why would I wanna choose -.-ll Btw, the promoter there is so so so GAYISH!
Then after he purchased those towel. I finally get to go see my stuffs. Kay, its full of stupid things so I don't wanna blog it down. -.- Day sucks -.-
Then finally we went out of parkson and went to watson and then to guardian -.- Then dad bought a pink bottle for me! =] PINK rocks!
Then by 6pm we left sg wang. In car time damn freaking sien. The car can't even move! Jam gila in kl -.- And the aircond was so freaking cold -.- So since I did not buy anything I want in sg wang, I told my dad I wanna stop by at McD. So he said okay~
We stop at McD~~~
And we ordered, 2 ice-cream cones, 1 banana pie and 1 apple pie. Guess what?! The guy there counted 1 pie rm2, so means 2 pies rm4. WTH -.- So dad went down of car and spoke to the superviser xD Then got back MY rm1!! LOL
I belanja-ed dad an ice-cream okay!
Wee~ The pies!! Then got back and I told dad that I was too tired to go for confession so dad say can go other day in other church. Aha, oh yeah! =]
Wee~ I kinda like this picture.
Reasons. Cause I look very similar to my cousins at my dad's side. Nearly all of them. And I miss them so very much. It has been years since the last incident happened and all of us lost contact. Sigh. I hope one day, during CNY we can all have fun and meet up with each other again T.T Miss ya'll so very much.
Yea, all boys. I'm the only tomboy-ish girl there xD

Anyway, finally I updated my blog on monday. Spent like almost 2 hours fixing my damn blog -.-

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I hate my blogskin!

Anyway, 13th Dec was a nice day~ Mm hmm..real long and nice ^^
Early in the morning woke up real early for breakfast. I automatically woke up at 8am 0.o
Ate breakfast and got ready for meeting. Meeting went on like normal and the same goes for song practice but song practice started rather late..
After that, had lunch with dad opposite church. Back home and got ready for BB. Last minute get to know I'm incharge of flag -.- Sumore that time I was kinda late dy xD Went in car, then lupa my shoes -.- Typical me. I know.
Then parade like normal. P&W was kinda superb ^^ Cool. Then combine bible class with mandarin de. I was trying damn freaking hard to understand the words that were coming out from pastor's mouth xD TRYING eh! At least I tried okay! Squad discussion. No comment =x Then change and started physical training. Hehe. I did physical training! =x Who cares...wee~ Only I can understand this dumb statement xD Then was kinda rushing back to go for mass. Bathe then straight go =]
Then mass started. I was kinda dooooozzzziiinnnggg off during serment -.- LOL But at least I discipline myself to stay awake and listen to it larh kay! Finish mass, went Damai Perdana to take something from somewhere 0.o Then went dinner somewhere there with parents. Wee~ I was damn semangat that night. I talked like no ones business. Seriously. Until I kena asked to shut up by dad T.T Cause I forgot to eat, so he kinda scold me xD First time lorh ^^ My talking skill UPGRADED! Wee~
Then parents sent me to McD for yc. Ate McFeli McFlurry and drank coke. Walao, the coke damn a lot gas -.- After drink, my stomach damn gila banyak gas -.- Then I suggested go Jes' house. So all go Jes' house. Me, Jian, Hui Min and Chee Wah. We go there lepak xD Then see Doink geh school magazine xD Then around 12.30am we balik luu. Cause Hm's mum got no key to masuk rumah -.- That time Jian damn sleepy -.- He keep saying he want sleep. Then when got red light he say, "Okay, okay, I sleep a while arh" -.-ll Damn scary lorh! Finally reach home at 1am. Then went online. Wee~ Had this looooonnnggg conversation with the 2 buddies. Talked bout damn many things. Talked till 3am xD Then finally all agreed to off xD Then went in room. Some more sms xD Then finally slept around 3.30am.

----------End of 13th Dec 2008----------

Wee~ My handphone now when type got that 'click, click' sound xD So cute =] Don't know I put it also -.-
Starting my new career as an observer ^^ Learning from the noobs pros xD Hope I'll be another pro by January 09 xD
I'm still missing camp T.T
Under medication sucks T.T Hope I'll get over it soon.

Hmm, I'm kinda OVER being so negative. I live my life to the fullest nowadays. Well, I'm happy the way I am now! ^^ Thanks to buddies around me. Thanks a lot =]

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"
Understand this verse? I guess I do. When a friend comes to you when they're down or is in trouble, those are the real friends. Why? Because normally they go to people they can turn to and just spill everything out. So don't complain bout friends that come to you and tell you all their problems but appreciate them instead! =]

Friday, December 12, 2008


Vril drew for me! Love ya, cutie pie~ x3 x3
La la la..read below xD
Mua in pink!
In camp! In dorm! In my heart always! Me mabelpanda! x3
Muaxie!! Me Francesca! You BATU!! Weeee~
Me gifts from the CAMP!
See see! Got spongebob!! =]
Me favourite one!
Scary arh? Me eyes eh xD Random picture...
This is what CM did. He say he malu to put "cm love feli" so he wrote upside down! Love you DEER! xD
Typical Fr Danny with Brigs and me! Muahaha...
Me medicine T.T

That's all pictures for now! =D

Woke up early cause wanted to go see doctor but mum forgot me and went without me -.-
So I slept back and woke up at 11am =D
Then mum say dad will take me there in the evening or afternoon. Yup, finally I'm going to see the doctor.
So then I ate my open-ed koko krunch, I'm suppose to do the opening ceremony okay, since I'm the one that bought it. But it's okay larh, duh, since it's already open -.-
Then went online and discussed bout song practice. Don't know what to say dy.
Then at 1pm got ready and went out at 2.15pm. Went for lunch in suntex first. Then to clinic. I was super duper sleepy when I reach there. I took number and then fell asleep on the waiting chair. Waited for like more than half an hour, suddenly dad woke me up and say my turn 0.o I was super blurr, everyone were looking at me! Excuse me! I'm tired okay! xD xD Then went in and sat next to the doctor. He just stare at me, and I stared back. Aiyo, he didn't ask anything also. I had to speak -.- So then I told him bla bla bla..then he wrote down what medicine he wanna give and say "NO ROLLER FOR NOW!" LOL. Cause I told him I got hurt when I fell during roller xD Then he ask me "You like spicy food a lot is it?" I was surprised he knew 0.o Then I ask him bout my Saturday sickness. He ask me to cut down on spicy food T.T I can't eat too much spicy food dy T.T He say I got sign of getting gastric T.T That's the reason I hate seeing doctor -.- Surely got some stupid sickness wan T.T Then he gave me the papers and I went out. Then dad's turn. I didn't know must go take another number to take medicine, so I just sat there and waited for dad -.- Then dad go take blood pressure all those. I still waited -.- Then dad ask go take number to take medicine -.- Damn dumb larh. Sumore need to wait -.- So for now I need to take medicine after every meal T.T *cries* I hope I get well T.T If not, no more athletic movements and physical training. Man, I'm gonna miss it T.T
The doctor's name is Mr. Moorthy xD

After clinic, came home to take cheque then went out again. Teman dad go see the arkitek! Then pay and bla bla bla..Then went yam cha with dad. Wow! First time xD Go Tanjung Corner, dad ordered chapati, ish, I wanted tosai T.T Nvm. Then went home. Mum was back, so I told her what the doctor said.

Damn, need to take all those shitty medicine T.T But need to eat 1 type ni. Others is apply de. Thank God! I hope I don't kena gastric! =D

That's all for today I guess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm BACK from me last camp T.T =] 0.o (mix emotions xp)
Anyway, will talk bout 8th Dec first.
Morning wake at 6.15am cause cm will be coming to my house to pick me up at 7.05am =]
Got up, got ready and off to 9th Mile church. Ate breakfast there. Then joined them for a whole day of a bit of Senior Training Camp and also Survivor Camp. Sad cause I did not go. But I did not regret for what I chose! =]
So we went and bought lunch then to Tesco. Shook Chin and me went window shopping while the others were shopping for their camp food xD Fun eh! Then took off to KL. Started raining when we reach Pudu Jail. The weather was rather chilly that day =[
They had their amazing race in KL, the busiest state in Malaysia -.- I spent the whole day there. Learnt a few things. Cooperation damn important xD But looking at them suffer was kinda fun =x Don't kill me! =]
At night, around 8 something, kinda tired dy. Cause before that, a few nights all sleep kinda late and woke up kinda DAMN EARLY -.-
Then Jian sent doink and me home, then I had to pack for the next day camp. I damn blurr that time, I didn't know what to bring. Lolx. Had some conversation with the Survivor camp people =] Missed them that day. So then I went to sleep at around 12 something right? Hmm, well, I guess so...


9th DEC!!!! =D
Woke up at around 7am. Cause need to be at church by 7.30am! I woke up with blood rushing through my body! I was damn nervous yet EXCITED! Reached church, saw Brigs, Charlotte and Mabel. Brigs asked me to put my bags in the "Masih Bujang" bus xD Resemblence of the humans-slash-passengers of the bus! Woohoo...Before taking off, we had briefing and also prayers and blessings from Fr Andrew and Valentine up in the church. Then went in bus! In my gang had 6 monkeys + 1 panda xD So we took the back seats. Set off to Sunshine Camp, PD!
Frances suddenly ask me bout my last post. 0.o I say at night only chat bout it xD Then I just listen to music and fell asleep in bus =] Actually I got sleep merh? Wait, I think I didn't xD
Then bus driver drove to wrong place -.- Reversed and turn to the other road -.- Swts!
Then finally reached! Woohhhooo!! Sunshine Camp!! 0.o 0.o 0.o When they say Sunshine Camp, what we thought? Well, we thought, okay, like usual, ROOMS with AIRCOND, PERFECT TOILETS with HEATER and a COLD HALL. A ha....
Stepped into the place. Everyone went "WTH!". Sunshine camp, what else, FULL OF SUNSHINES LARH!!
So our gang took the small DORM. Had 7 double decker beds with 14 people but only 13 beds occupied 0.o One bed for all the junkfood. Man, we're funny humans! Eeww, had ants on the bed when we got there! T.T So the 'aunty' took the Ridsect thingy and sprayed. We all flee out of the dorm! Then session started, I guess 0.o Kinda forgot dy T.T
Anyhow, will just tell interesting part xp
This day had acting. Okay wait, tell you my group members sin.
1. Marc Devan.
2. Valentina.
3. Gavin.
4. John.
5. Ann
+ BM peeps..
6. Mitchell.
7. Lawrence
Acting story, from book of Matthew, the birth of Jesus.
We went beach in the evening!! =]
Marcus baptist me -.-ll But heh! I don't care cause I know how to swim! =]
He carried us and push our heads into the water larh. Used to that dy! Blekk!
Then beach there was super WEIRD! Near seaside kinda deep dy, then walk walk walk, shallow -.- Then deep again, then shallow. Weird larh. We went till damn far xD Never went that far before! =]
Then played till nearly 6pm cause need to discuss bout the acting. My leg got cut -.-
After bathe then we disscused.
Ours kinda formal. Then I suggested that we add up some spice in the act xD Ngeh ngeh. I say lets sing in the act xD As in, cut scene then sing some songs that relates to the story xD It worked! And we won first place! Booyah! =]
Was kinda, SHOCKED! We only had 6 people, and I was the narrator. So we didn't expect to win. Maybe the songs was kinda a creativity bonus? ^^
Anyway, I loved the other performances! Hehe. Especially Joachim, ALEX and Daniel Jude xD Joachim is so damn good in acting lerh!! Omgosh, he's so funny! I can't forget that scene larh! xD And and and...ALEX!!!! shhh!! xD Haha. Damn funny, Angel Gabriel was taking picture of 'sexy' Mary -.-ll Daniel Jude's funny scene was when he was born as Jesus, and all saying, "eh baby Jesus got long legs" xD And the way he cried, Omgosh, damn funny! And and and..I remember one team, about Se-an wan xD "Se-an, not sial larh" xD But they twisted the story so I kinda blurr @.@ But overall damn nice! =]
Then had BBQ~ All food already barbequed =.= So we just eat -.- Marcus sat beside me and purposely tell me that that work thingy he was doing was for us -.- So I asked him, should I thank him -.- He say no need. Then he chao-ed. Good xD Anyway, first night was the best/worst night xD
After 11pm then can enter room and sleep dy. This camp is so so so so FREE! No lights out time! Woots! Damn gila fun! So we pushed 3 beds together and 9 people cramped in 3 beds xD Only down! =] This lady, middle aged, told us ghost stories! Omgosh, her stories made me scream, cried a lil and made my bulu roma meremang! It's damn scary. She told bout mirrors. Man, i hate mirrors! Then till 3am, she wanted to sleep. So me, frances and brigs continued our own small chat. Phyllis, Christina and Mabel went up to sleep. Then suddenly i dooooozzzeedd off xD But I could still hear what they were talking except I don't get what they said. They keep calling my name and I keep answering and falling back asleep xD Then suddenly received sms at 4.02am -.- Woke up, replied and went back to sleep xD till like erm, 6.20am. Everyone's alarm keep ringing. Rachel wan nice. Ngoi but gao song ^^
So we woke up and wash up. Get ready for YOGA! -.-
Yoga led by Brother David. He learnt for 9 months dy. At first all okay okay. But after that, all kinda hard dy. His body DAMN flexible lerh! Ish ish ish..
Then had breakfast. Jump to another acting of the parables. Any from the bible..wait, I can't remember the sequence. But the one acted by the facillitaters was kinda cool. Simple, nice and unique >.<
Then had games. First game was that water balloon thingy, kinda lame -.-
But our group won ^^
Then had that mud+clips game. Something stupid happened. They tore my baju T.T We lost larh, OBVIOUSLY! T.T
Then was that erm...bringing the balloon with cheek wan. We won! =]
Then I suddenly feel like pengsan-ing -.- Ask for gula from aunty Fiona. She ask me nak gula nak masak apa xD Fr Danny also like blurred xD Then I say gula-gula. xD
Then x dpt makan cause went into finals, so go for last game. Run and take ping pong ball out of the tepung on Gavin's stomach 0.o Then run again to take the ping pong ball out of the water. Woots, my group won agaisnt Richard's team! Wahahaha! Then went to beach again. This time kinda scary cause Brother David say got JELLYFISH! Everyone freaked out -.- But it was nice to freak out xD Crabs bit me -.- And we kumpul-ed seaweeds to make seaweed ball >.<
Ehem, hehehehehehehe...I don't know what's wrong with me -.-
The couple got BUSTED! Ngeh ngeh ngeh~
Me, frances, brigs and charlotte were among the last humans to get out of the beach and guess what?! NO WATER in bathroom!! Damn. So what we did? Ehem..in the washroom had a big part for sinks, toilets part and also bathing part. Bathroom part no water, we kumpul-ed water from toilet part in pail, after 1 pail, no more water. Then we had no choice but to bathe at the sink part. There only got water. So we kumpul-ed, ehem, and we bathe in front of each other. And the door can't lock -.-ll LOL Then after that, the boys pula use our washroom -.-
Mabel say Brother David looked sexy then he go close our dorm's door xD He malu >.<
Then we had dinner and suppose to have mass but canceled. So back to sessions of silence. Nice time. Then watched a movie.
I was falling asleep at the beginning of the movie lerh!! Sumore we were sitting right under the fan, it was freezing cold! Lucky I wore long sleeves xD But after a while I wasn't sleepy anymore cause the food and drinks came in front of me xD Fr was kinda pissed 0.o He went home early to rest and left us there continue watching the movie. Then around 12.30am we went into our rooms. Omgosh, we were praising Alex like gila xD xD Sandra also say his eyes is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! Hehe. But all say tak ngam cause they taller than him! Woots, he's taller than me! Walala xD This night I slept up with Mabel and Christina! =] Before going to sleep we wrote all the letters we were suppose to write. I didn't write for all larh. SORRY! I was too sleepy to write dy. So I stopped after half. All my letters got "God bless! =)
so now you know larh kay! Love ya'll lots!
I korek-ed Mabel's secret! Woots! Then before 3am, I slept =]
Then next morning, woken up by brig's JB's song -.- damn annoying lerh! Now I hate it. Burning up -.- All got ready for yoga again. Wah, I woke up with more cuts under my feet -.-
Yoga was hard! Really, I don't know why my body damn stiff that morning. Then had breakfast, another session, then mass. Got explanation all. Kinda sleepy during mass but beared with it. Mass finished and lunch time!! Packed up, ate lunch and bathe! Finally! xD Then had another session bout the gifts of Holy Spirit. Some explanation. And Marc gave me a Xmas present 0.o The prize he got was a pink purse -.-ll So he gave it to me. After that had photo session and photo with FR DANNY!! Hehe. Will upload soon. Then balik! =]
Naik bus, damn lotsa stories xD Haha. Rmmbr go Sandra's house xD She only ajak us go there to SEE. LOLx.

Memories to be brought home!
-Brig's stalker.
-Alex's cuteness!
-Joachim's cuteness!
-Rachel's friendliness!
-Richard's lawyer hair xD
-Gossiping in the sea.
-Angeline's ghost stories.
-Marcus' baptism -.-
-Fr Danny's sweetness >.<
-Mabel's kepecahan rahsia xD
-Charlotte's companian.
-Valentina's cooperation.
-Marc's caring and also sitting beside him -.- and his xmas present >.<
-George's muscle xD
-Francesca's jokes! You rock = kau batu xD You're hot = kau panas -.-ll
-Gavin's stomach and sleeps? 0.o
-Royston's kacau-ness -.-
-Sandra hearing our gossip and saying it out loud -.- LOL
-3 boys 1 girl, ehem =x
-1 guy, 1 gal =x =x Dark dark, sit next to each other xD
-Sleepless night.
-Movies with ehem scene.
-Alex sleeping on Jason like as though he is his mum. AWWW!! He's so cute =x

I guess theres really too many memories to remember. Last camp for the year? Yep T.T
Last time to share beds? NEVER! =]
Sleeping beside them is the warmest thing I've ever done! =]
This time with ABCCFFM =D
Just being myself in front of them >.<>
Gonna miss the bed we slept on together, gonna miss the night talks, gonna miss the moments we spent together, gonna miss the jokes we shared, gonna miss everything! T.T
Anyhow, we'll still be together!

Woots! Memory picture! Guess who~~~?
Meeee and ALEX!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

1.35am =]
Why am I here? I don't know. Just wanna blog what just happened.

1. He told me something.
2. I felt something.
3. I wanted to make something better.
4. He misunderstood.
5. He sucks.
6. I'm hurt.
7. He apologises.
8. Unforgiven.
9. I broke down.
10. I think I'm a FOOL!

Lynn, slap me! Talk to me. Say how much you hate him. Make me realise that what I'm doing and going through is so totally wrong. I'm a jerk to like a jerk aite? Sigh. Tell me all the bad characters in him. Make me hate him as much as you do. I'm a jerk.

Piggie Joel, I'm sorry I did not follow your advice T.T I found the trouble myself. I couldn't stay away like what you told me to. I know, I'm a fool. I dragged myself into the darkness when I can have daylight in front of my eyes.

Omgosh, I was really a fool. I was so damn happy with just being alone all these while and I had to ruin it. Shyt me. I'm still going back to my normal days. Ignoring everyone =x Like what I did these few days and only replying you =x You know who you are. So just keep me as happy as before kay. I really didn't wanna feel emo. And my head still hurts as I write this blog. I told you I'm gonna sleep but I lied. I'm sorry.

Sorry doesn't cure anything huh? Like what yang said when he was angry, he can write a thousand sorry on his wall, and none of it actually mean a thing. Now I understand what it feels like. You just say sorry but you don't even mean it.

Hema, I can't do what you say. Living like this hurts a lot. I wanna try to let go of it. Once and for all. His tactic of hurting me back doesn't work. I have no idea why. Tell me a way to let go of it. I'm suffering now. That day that thing that happened to you, now it's happening to me.

Why do people even need to tell me. Cm, by telling me that you gave me hope, and then you dragged me down. I'm not blaming you, just blaming my foolish self and my foolish heart.

These few days was really perfect. Really really perfect. I don't know why you have to ruin it. Anyway, good luck guys in the camp. Since we won't be meeting. Have fun! =']

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Happy Teenage Thirteen!! x3 x3 x3 x3
HAha. Just wanna wish you all the best in life. Wish you be prettier, more feminine as days pass =]
Erm, I really damn pai seh dy. After what I told you that day. But seriously that's what I feel >.<
Bukan semata-mata want make you happy! =]

May God shower you with blessings every single day of your life =]

Sadly I don't have your pic T.T wanted to blog it here..hehe..
Woots, I'm a boy -.-
Lolx. Yesterday cm say I don't want play dota cause not boy enough -.-
So I played! Okay, I'm boy enough! Sheesh -.-
Me and Leng Luii satu team, then Cm and Ky satu team. Wakaka, me and Leng Luii won! Nahhh! Say I not boy enough larh -.-
Haha. So I finished Konserto Terakhir last night. Erm, the ending like really unexpected de lorh. Suddenly nia -.- Slept kinda late. Morning wake kinda early for meeting. Mum sent me WITHOUT helmet xD First time lorh. She suddenly say, alarh, near nia, no need wear larh xD Damn chun =]
Then meeting start and ended. Stayed back to discuss with Sy the F&B. Walao, nowadays I feel SY like matured a lot jorh lerh. He don't talk so much fai wa dy ^^ Sumore nowadays he damn helpful =]
Then walk back. On my way home, I saw 2 huge men -.- I just look down and kept walking xD
Then when reached home, smsed lois to tell sir max to fetch me. She say sir will come at 2pm. Then I got ready by 1.15pm. See see sir came at 1.30pm 0.o Haha. Nasib baik I got ready early. If not cham lorh. Then go bb early lorh. Sit there....erm.....talk lorh 0.o
Then suddenly SC ask me and seph to cut the heart thingy xD Then sumore start parade dy. Nvm, fall in sin.
Then after parade, she ask us do again xD Go for worship like normal. Then got bible class join with chinese de....erm..how to say arh...I dapat tangkap like a bit a bit nia xD Damn noob T.T
Haiz..leng luii and family trap in their house T.T He say tomorrow he will be coming out dy. But his parents will be at home to guard all their belongings. Hope they will be okay larh.
After bible class, had briefing for STC and SC..
Yoorr, when I listen to the briefing I damn excited lorh. But tak dapat go T.T Sir Tan keep looking at me and smile -.- Then he ajak me come on 1st day -.- For what -.-
Then after that dismiss..and sq discussion. And then....hmm, what happen? Yang tahu tu tahu larh, yang tak tahu tu, remain tak tahu larh =x LOL
Ish ish ish ish ish T.T T.T T.T (Trying to forget bout it T.T)
Then reach home dy. Mum ask want eat what. I say want tom yum, before she leave I say want either tom yum or porridge xD

Okay wait. I'm bored of telling my daily stuffs.
I'm so so so sleepy T.T
I don't know what to write. These few days damn blank -.-
No inspiration at all. Sigh. Haiyo, damn malu. Today in meeting they go say I think I cramp the wrong toe -.- Swts larh T.T

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm so chimpanzee-ly bored!

Lolx. So I decided to blog. Since I got nothing better to do. Whoosh, nearly finish Konserto Terakhir. One more chapter to go! Today my dad left to Bali T.T Am I sad? Am I gonna miss him? Sigh. I don't know why I'm missing him. Yesterday night I was thinking whether I should wake up in the morning to say bye to him or not. And weirdly I think I will be damn pai seh to wish him goodbye @.@ LOL.
Automatic alarm woke me up in the morning at 6.09am 0.o Haha. Just feel like getting up larh. Then my dad keep asking me whether he should bring his sport shoes or not -.-
He left some Toblerone chocolate xD In the end, before he step out of the house I wished him byebye xD Then he replied bye xD xD Then after that I had to lock all the doors and continuing sleeping >.<
Actually I wanted to go to the dentist today. But I was too malas to get my butt off the bed so tak jadi go. Mum went Pudu Market and to clinic.
She's not sick, just went for blood pressure test. Actually today nothing happen also larh. So lets talk bout something general larh.

These few days don't know what's wrong. I think theres nothing wrong but many think theres something wrong. Well, what's wrong if theres something wrong? Okay, suddenly this reminds me of 'something rong'. A guy -.- Brig's crush =x Anyway, so what's wrong? I don't know. You don't tell me, how will I know? -.-

Geez, I'm making everyone confuse @.@ Even myself 0.o Lolx. That's what I do best xD

Btw, finally I'm attached back to the tv ^^ Watch Wanted : Son-in-law. Nice show. Funny =] I hate my labby! Recently always lag like don't know what ni. Aiyo, sunday got presentation -.- I bet I'll be the one in front presenting larh. Since they so semangat want to do the board thingy -.- Oh, what so ever!

4 more days to go!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So here I am, closing half of my eyes and doing this. Why do I wanna do this? Simple. I want the world to know what I did. Pathetic freak. I know. But I don't care!

Btw, I'm starting to hate FFKs a.k.a aeroplane puter -.- Urgh..
I can't believe that just happen. It's so so so disapointing. Like they said, they're last minute people! I mean, if you can't then why not tell earlier? You don't have to tell like a few minutes before we took off okay! Enough of that. It just makes me damn pissed off!

So lets just begin my story with today, 3rd Dec 08.
Today is my beloved FRANCESCA's birthday! Yup. She's one of my oldest friend. As in a friend I knew from young. Memories still fresh! The times we use to hang out every Sunday evening in church xD We use to play in the playground, and also her scooter! =] I still remember that! Yup.
Awwww, I hope you're reading this babe! I love you so very much! I hope our friendship would last FOREVER! I love your shorts btw xD You always own all those nice shorts and also CHOCOLATES! Remember our last one? KISSES! Anyway, just wanna wish you

Happy Birthday
God Bless Ya!!

Today, we (Angela, Ky, Gurv, Harin, Hema, Vanessa and I) planned to have a movie marathon. Chaos happened yesterday night. Don't wanna talk bout it. And finally everything was agreed. Btw, I read Konserto Terakhir til Chapter 12 already! And finally I slept at 1 something. Cool? LOL And guess what. I was waken up at 7am or is it 7.15? Not sure. Then I say want sleep back. And I slept back. And woken up again at 8.15am. But I was so very the malas to get up so I just lie down on my bed xD After that I was trying to remember where was Angela's house. But I can't remember at all. So I called up Gurv and told her that I was going to her house instead. So I got ready and off to her house at 9.30am! =]
So she served me breakfast...A piece of birthday cake, a cup of tea and she also made chapati for me ^^ Thanks darling! Then she went and bathe and I lepak-ed in her room. We waited for Harin and off to Angela's house. Then we waited again for ky -.-
After a few minutes, the 2 cars were off to Leisure Mall. Reach there ni, all blurr..don't know want do what. Then we discuss larh. So finally decided to sms a few peeps. And bought the tickets for Twilight. Went to Memory Lane cause they wanted to buy some stuffs. And ate A&W. I don't know why, but I ate again xD This time for lunch larh! Burger Deluxe and Rootbeer! =]
After a while, went in cinema. Watched Twilight. Did I sleep in the movie? Well, I think so xD Haha. It was kinda boring. I think I did cause I don't remember watching a few scenes xD But I really love the way they played baseball. It really amazed me! =]
Movie finished. Came out. Hema and Vanessa arrived. Went Popular. And went in for Madagascar II. I really really enjoyed Madagascar! Seriously! I find it exciting when Melman nearly fell off the volcano when dumb Gloria(which laughs like Vanessa) go fall and crack the ground. The grandma is so funny xD I just love the whole movie! Thank God I watched it! =]
After the movie, went McD to buy ice-cream! And went to Gurv's house again. I just lepak there larh. Nothing to do also at home. Then at 6.30pm, her mum sent me home. Suddenly my body feel so hot, so I took a bathe and wanted to sleep. But then feel hungry at the same time. So I decided to eat first and now I'm not feeling sleepy. Grats -.- But I'm still gonna sleep though ^^

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Peeps! I'm going for Confirmation Camp!

Scream and shout!

Lolx. I want it to be a blast kay! So lets break all the rules =x
1. Wear very short shorts.
2. Don't sleep at night.
3. Lepak at the beach for as long as possible =x
4. Fall asleep during sessions.
5. Sms during sessions.
6. Disobey the time table.
8. Be good to Fr Danny 0.o
9. No fighthing and arguing between boys and girls.
10. Be Ourselves xD

So that's practically what we should do if we wanna make it a blast. One more thing. You know usually they don't let a girl and a boy to hang out late at night together right. Lets choose one guy and purposely walk in front of Sandra in a pair xD She'll go crazy man! Wakaka.
Okay larh, we're not that crazy. Doing all those stuffs might just get our names deleted and erased from the Able-to-be-confirmed list! So we will all be the goody-good humans there. No rules breaking. But number 2, 4 and 10 surely will be broken xD
I can't wait for the camp! =) This will be the last organized camp for our batch.
I heard there will be cries in it. Hopefully I don't cry xD I hope we can share beds and rooms like last time ^^

Final thing to do..let's go shop for dress together! I know we all will love it damn much! =)