Thursday, January 01, 2009

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Okay, so now I have to list down 15 littlest fact and truth bout myself? Great. Let's see how much you and I know bout this little blogger.

1. I always doubt my ability.
Alamak, siapa x tau yang ni xD

2. I like being quiet and alone.
Bukan selalu larh. Just when I'm tired and nak rest.

Ngeh ngeh. Ice-cream is the best food/dessert ever created!

4. I thinks it's damn hard to fail BM and BI =x =x =x
Kk, don't belasah me xD But that's a fact =x

5. I seriously love my form 3 life =)
Hehe, form 3 life rocks to the max, for some particular reasons xD

6. I always have crush at first sight -.-
Swt, crush tu akan hilang larh. Yang kekal cuma muka2 beruk itu sahaja =x

7. I hate being tegur-ed 0.o
Yea, I hate being tegur-ed but I get it so much till it don't really bothers me la la

8. I hate BFs that lie behind a girl's back.
Buzz off unfaithful/unloyal guys! Note that I'm single and unavailable. LOL

9. I somehow regret not going to asrama. @.@
Yea, I regreted. Cause I think by going there I might not even get involved in any relationships/problems and I might even be smart, not like a dumdum now -.-

10. I love my friends A LOT.
This is an obvious fact, I THINK xD

11. It has been a while since I shouted and scream.
Wait, what's the difference between shout and scream? 0.o LOL Yea, it has been a while.

12. Loves planning thing last minute.
Ohhh, this is so me xD But normally all of it turns out perfect =D Just some a lil bit cacat..

13. I don't wanna graduate from high school T.T
If can, I wanna stay in high school forever T.T I'm so gonna miss the assembly 0.o LOL And also classes where teacher would get bullied by us xD xD xD

14. I still don't know my ambition, hopes and dreams..
Still blurr, never thought of wanting anything, never thought of being anyone. Just living a normal life and moving with the flow =D

15. Believe it or not, I love cards more than present for occasions =D
Alarh, but aku nak present jugak xD xD

Aku nak add more but they ask for 15 sahaja. So takpe larh =D Btw,

Happy New Year to all!!!!

Wish you ALL, semua yang tau aku, and aku kenal one, especially all the Form 5 students, gooooooooooodddddd luuuuuccccckkkkk in EVERYTHING!! =D

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