Friday, May 24, 2013

Take one step at a time.

"Take one step at a time. 
There's no need to rush.
It's like learning to fly, or falling in love."

Internship is AWESOME! :)

Finally have one day holiday to blog about the one week I went through.

Well, the first day was pretty much orientation day.
We had activities like introductions, group activities, office tours, etc.
On the second day, we were assigned to our respective client and audit team.

So I had to travel all the way to Wisma Akademi which I had no idea where it is and how in the world does the building even look like.
I was told to take the LRT to Asia Jaya and take the bus from there.
So, okay.
Reached Asia Jaya and the particular bus doesn't go there.
So the bus driver told me to go to the bus stop at the highway to take another bus to the place.
So, I hopped on to the bus told.
And this happened..
Me: Bang, bas ni ada pergi 3 2 square?
Driver: Errr, takde takde.
Me: Dekat dekat sana ada?
Driver: Err, kejap eh, saya fikir..........(still fikir-ing)....Oh, ada ada. Tiga dua, tiga dua.
(I thought he ask me to hop on the U32 bus =.= So I wanted to get off the bus)
Driver: Eh eh, pergi mana? Ada lah!
Me: Bas ni ADA pergi 3 2 square?
Driver: Ya ya.
Me: Okay, saya berdiri di sini, bila sampai awak suruh saya turun ye.
Driver: Okay okay..

So he started driving and somehow he kept telling where we are every single bus stop he stopped at @.@

When we were almost there..
Driver: Mana Wisma Akademi ni?
Me: Saya pun tak tau.
Driver: So, awak sampai 3 2 Square, member datang ambik ke?
Me: Err, tak kot. Kena jalan gi Wisma Akademi.
Driver: Awak tau ke Wisma Akademi tu kat mana dan rupa dia?
Me: Tak tau.

Then the driver started yelling to the passengers in the bus.
Driver: Perhatian! Ada sesiapa yang tahu Wisma Akademi kat mana tak???

Omgosh, that seriously scared me! LOL!
But too bad no one responded :(

Me: Takpe lah. Saya turun kat 3 2 Square, saya akan kol kawan saya.
Driver: Oh okok. Make sure you call kawan you ah. Jangan hilang pula. Apa lah, nak pergi tempat tu tapi tak tahu tempat tu. 

So then he let me down and I thanked him for his help.
Awwww, there is still good and helpful people around in Malaysia :)
Felt so enlighten on that day despite waiting for the bus for one  hour zz

Anyway, yes, back to internship.
I think I shall leave it for the next post because I need to get myself ready cause I am going to watch Fast & Furious 6 laterrrrr!! :D

Will talk about internship in the next post!

A few pictures.

With the group of interns and 2 of the permanent staff on orientation day :)

With the "Tallest Tower Building" team :)
 First day of work.
 AFTER the 3rd day of work x_X

Monday, May 20, 2013

First day of internship.

First milestone step.
First day in the corporate world.
First time being late for half an hour for a job.
First internship.

Anyway, yes, first day of internship today.
Well, basically a lot of briefing and activities.

But this post is not dedicated for internship...

This is about one of my fear.

So after intern today, I went to Maluri AEON to wait for my dad.
He went in to AEON to go to the washroom =.=
So I waited for him at the main entrance, right beside Starbucks because I thought of stealing their Wifi again =x
And then, suddenly a stranger approached me, smiled at me and said HI!
Here was how our conversation went..
Shall call him Stranger. He has a very strong English accent.

Stranger: Hi!
Me: Err, hi?
Stranger: I like your hair colour! It looks really nice on you. Suits you very well. Where did you get it done? Like which saloon did you went to to dye it?
Me: Err, I did it myself.
Stranger: What? You did it yourself? What brand of product did you bought?
Me: Err, Liese.
Stranger: How much is it?
Me: Err, I'm not sure. You can actually get it inside. (pointed inside AEON)
Stranger: Oh okay, thank you. Anyway, I actually just came back from the US. So what are you doing now? Are you studying or working?
Me: I am studying.
Stranger: Oh, which college?
Me: Tunku Abdul Rahman. (I was assuming he would not know what college it is and just leave me alone)
Stranger: Oh, UTAR?
Me: No, college.
Stranger: Oh yes, college. Yes, I know the difference between UTAR and TAR College. Yes, yes. I didn't catch your name just now, what was your name again?
Me: Err, Felicia. (Told my name reluctantly and kept looking inside AEON to see if dad was coming out already and hoping he would not ask for my number)
Stranger: Oh okay, nice to meet you. (Showing his hand, wanting to shake hands with me)
Me: (I did not shake his hand because one hand was holding the file and the other was holding my phone)
Stranger: You don't shake hand?
Me: Err, my hands are kinda full.
Stranger: What about pinky? (Showing his last finger -.-)
Me: Err, no, sorry. (After thinking for some time) I am actually waiting for my dad.
Stranger: Oh alright. I understand that you do not want to be judged. (He then walked a little further away and then his worker/driver came out calling him).

Anyway, I told my mum the story and she was like, you wasted an opportunity to get to know a rich person. LOL.

What to do, I am afraid of strangers.

Will update about my first day of internship soon.
The day I went half an hour late zz

Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Random post.
Just realised that I have lotsa fears.
1. Crowd
2. Strangers
3. People's thoughts about me
5. Lightning
6. Thunder
7. Foreigners :\
8. A place filled with too many girls :\
9. The road less taken
10. Standing in front of a crowd
11. Talking in front of a crowd
12. People listening to me
13. Singing alone in Kbox zz
14. People whispering to another person in front of me
15. KIDS!

So far, that is what I can think of  :\

Anyway, just a few group photos :)
Good old DAC18 buddies.

& tadaaaa, first time appearing in my blog, the all new AFA11 :)

Internship begins tomorrow till end of July.
All the best to every intern from TARC! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of Advanced Diploma Year 1.

Well, today marks the end of my Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) Year 1.
What I can say is that, drastic change comparing Diploma and Advanced Diploma.
You can call me lucky in Diploma but luck doesn't get you far when you are in Advanced Diploma.
Don't even think it is sufficient to grant you a pass in exams.

 Studying life in Advanced Diploma has been really, really, really tough :\
But well, without the falls, you won't know the pain.
& without the pain, you won't know the mistakes to learn from.

I have NEVER EVER take the time to study in the library before.
I know last minute studying will not work in Advanced Diploma.
Well, NOW I know.
Hopefully it is not too late YET.

Anyway, what I can say is that, I really like that I have a new tutorial group.
I mean, compared to Diploma.
New friends, new style and new environment.
They are freakingishly COOL!
*Somanylengluisandlengzaisssss! =x
Entertainment to the max every tutorial class.

Alright, internship starts on Monday.
2 days of sembreak.
Yes, 2 days.
So, enjoy larh apa lagi!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Reduction.

After doing work outs for 2 times, my waist line reduced from 63cm to 61cm.
Just imagine if I were to do it continuosly for 3 months. WOAH!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Why guys should be extra thankful for being a guy?

One word, period.

Troublesome, disgusting, painful, emotional!

Even after Day 4, still having the cramps.