Sunday, June 29, 2008

29th June 2008
I slept kinda late last night I think. I also forgot d. But in the morning. I remember my dad woke me up at 7am! Walao! Damn early. My dad say get up now, want go church. My first sentence. Go so early for what. Wah, I damn em song that time. From what happen yesterday. Haiz.
My mum woke up at 4am cook mee hon. Wah, kesian her. Then when I bathe time my dad keep asking ok mei ok mei. Zadou. He just stand there some more didn't help and wanna rush people some more. Then I get ready lorh. Last minute me, finding all my SS materials xD
Then ready liao just sit on the couch mumbling to myself. Hmm, then dad keep asking mum whether can put the mee hon inside the car mei. He ask like more than 3 times in like 5 minutes? 0.o
Then mum got so fed up she ask dad go himself to church first. Haiz. Dad go start car than ask me take the 2 pots of mee hon to car. ARgh! Why can't he do it??!! I dah larh em song him. Some more he ask me do work. I putting in time, he just stand there and look! Then he force me go early with him to church. Then I shouted at him something. Viewers shouldn't know. Hmm...
Then reach church liao. That time I damn em song lorh. He stop the car at green house there, I just carry everything out without a word coming out from my mouth. Then he ask me where to park. I just ignored him and walk away with my SS bag. I go there just stand and look at my BEC people do all the food packing. *FYI, today my BEC incharge of breakfast sale*
So when my dad parked the car, he saw me standing there, he automatically asked me to do something larh. Normal larh. He will force eventhough I don't want. So then I helped larh. What else can I do. Xkan I wanna say no right. Haiz. Helped till like 11am then go SS. Today class suppose to have an act. Haha. I understand the passage xD
But in the end didn't do cause teacher canceled it. Then continue with lesson and ended with community service discussion. Yupz, the girls are gonna visit the children home while the guys are gonna do soup kitchen for the Myanmar people =)
And we are all gonna go to somewhere together larh. Not sure where. They plan thing damn funny larh the guys. They planned to cook fried rice. But didn't discuss who bringing salt and oil.
Macam mana mau masak?
Then teacher remind them to cook the rice before bringing it to church. Then got one person ask, then the rice will become basi. Teache replied, put in fridge larh. Student replied, will become hard. Wah, their Q n A session damn funny wan. All so like 'uneducated' bout food thingy xD
After class dizmiz, YOUTH MEETING! First time they letting 17 and below join. =)
So went hall and had lunch. Then begin. First worship. Got One Way and also Power Of Love. Wah, that 2 songs damn nice lorh~
Then Fr Andrew talk larh. He ask to go evangalise other youths. Next week must bring someone along. Erm, not next week larh. Some other time. Next time I want make sure Frances goes! Btw, got another session on inter-religion thingy. Damn lazy to go. But interested in going. Learning bout other religions wan. Like very nice nia. Every Friday night. Hmm. Then continue with games. The game was a memory game. Okay larh. Quite fun. Especially the punishment. I didn't kena larh. My memory so good =x
Meeting end at 3pm I think. Or earlier larh. Can't remember. Then tumpang Brigs home.
Wah, got one girl stay at Wangsa Cheras wan. She walk home nerh! From my church. Just imagine. Some more so hot that time. She walk til the PGA then Brigs mum ask her get in the car xD
Then send her home also larh. When I reach, wah damn sleepy. Straight sleep. From like 3.15pm. Then 3.40pm I woke up. I don't know why. I feel like my house damn noisy. All the noise like disturbing my mind. I feel so frustrated and annoyed. I couldn't continue sleeping. Head like spinning.
Then I listen to Bapa Yang Kekal. Then I feel calm a bit. Don't know what happen larh. Then my parents wanted to go Uncle's house in Old Klang Road take the car. So I woke up and saw the sky so dark liao. Mum ask not to go for CB, she say sure rain. Mana tau really rain xD
Then just do homework lorh. Nowadays I damn rajin do homework. Don't know why.
After finish, here I am. Blogging. Haiz, use laptop can't open my bloggie link T.T Can't open chatbox lerh. Damn sad.
Tomorrow Kavi birthday.
July got 12 people birthday. Haiz. So many eh. I pk lorh T.T Btw, please don't buy anything for me if can. Cause I hate to owe people things. But I don't mind if people owe me things.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally opening this again after 4 days. I know 4 days isn't that long. But for a blogger like me, its kinda long. In these 4 days. Many things happen. Either for good or bad. Nothing really changed.
Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.
Life's bored. As for what Hema said. Life is bored. She say get married -.-
I don't wanna get married -.-
I think I'm getting God's calling LOL
Only Catholics understand what it means xD
Lets change topic.
Actually I damn lazy blog. Eventhough many things happened but nothing seem to be important for me to blog. Nowadays always blog bout emo-ness. I think all the viewers also read till sien d. So for what want blog some more. For those come here, think my post too long. Then better don't read larh. Its my life. I can write bout anything I want. And I can screw my life the way I want. My parents don't even bother. Why do you all care so much? You all are not even related to me. I rather be like last year. Eventhough its nice to have friends around. But sometimes they just disapoint you. And you really get damn hurt. Seriously. You trusted them with all your might.
Its just unbelieveable.
Haiz. Don't want talk too much bout sad things larh. Its just a waste of time to be sad.
Like the bible says. Your life on earth is only temporary. So why bother?
Someone said love isn't forever. So why fall in love and get married and live happily ever after and somehow die one day? Better just be alone for the rest of your life so that you won't be afraid of hurting others when you fall out of love with them.
So here comes stories.
On 26th June 2008, I went to bed at 12am. Right after saying bye to CM tru sms. Right after I fall asleep, here comes a dream.
It was night, at my school bio lab. My friends and I were hiding there cause we were afraid the teachers will find us and rampas our handpon. So then Pavi ask me run. I say no, just buat bodoh. She held my hand and I started running with her. After a while, she changed to Mana. After that, she let go of my hand and there I was standing in between tall and huge blocks of classes. Without any lights on the sidewalk nor on the ceiling. Suddenly I saw someone with a white aura on that person. Normally when you are alone and afraid, you tend to follow the crowd right. So that time only got dat person. So I ran and chase after that person. But to my surprise, that person was running as fast as lightning -.- After chasing him over few block, I saw another image on the other side. This time that person had a red aura. I was confused on whether which should I follow. I know my dream's weird. So then I just continue walking alone. Till I reach one slope. I was up on the edge when I saw one image with long hair and wearing red long dress. I wanted to check whether she was a human or a ghost. So I took out my handpon and started recording. Trying to see from fon, to real life, from fon to real life and from fon......
The next thing I know she came flying right in front of me. I quickly turn back and run. While running I was SMsing someone with the message...
I know that time I was only half asleep so I force myself to wake up and YES I finally got up.
I was so scared that I took my fon and sms CM. Omgosh, thank goodness he replied! If not I think I would have cried!
Other than that, the next day I had another quite bad dream. But in that bad dream got good also larh.
Btw, that morning I went school after my first dream, I told my friends bout it. The next day. Vanessa say she couldn't sleep after hearing bout my dream. Hema and Pavi had nightmare.
Just cause of one silly dream? LOL
We all had our nitemare and shared it together. Glad we did that. =)
Really thankful that they were there for me.
So Friday arrives. Today had PJ. I didn't know PJ can be so fun. Today bincang bout teenage's probs.
Teacher gave a lot of advice which I will put in mind. I know that's what we are suppose to do. And I know my parents will be glad if I follow all their rules. So from now onwards I'll be their guddie gud girl. I will remain at home, studying, reading, writting and listening. I love my life. Who in the world say I hate it. Just gotta face some halangan. So far I think everything ok. Hmm.
After school, home, eat, wash tent, got bitten by 3 red ants -.- learn how to play that star chess, back home, online, bathe, eat, emo again then blog. And...sleep gua~
NEXT week palang merah exam. Haiz. Pls forget bout all these emoness and get studying girl! Haiz. Hope I pass larh. The history so damn long larh!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Its Monday again. Old lame monday!
The day me and Leng lui hate the most -.-
Cause gotta stay back in school. Spend almost the whole day in school.
So school starts. Slept during assembly. Damn sien. Don't know what the heck happen larh.
Wanted to go up APD help de. But too many people liao. Then don't want go up then create problem lorh. CM! HJ! I want tugas with you all lerh! Haiz.
Start school time. Wah, Sej bo finish -.- Normal larh. Reach class rush to do lorh. Till teacher came in. Then started lesson. I was rushing to do Chem too. -.-
Went library do. Then me and HJ discuss bout the sq activity -.-
Btw, HJ, Shagee say thanks for helping her draw ^^
After school. Ate with Shagee.
Then start duty. Actually I susun book de. Then Chun Kit ask me go jaga counter. Then, yay! No need susun worh. Damn happy lorh =)
Yor, Hj! First book fell on my face -.- Then himpit me to the shelf -.- Stupid didi! Then sumore ask me susun book worh! -.-
Cm! Don't tell Hj our pss secret! xD xD
Let him ask desperately xD
Bet he not gonna ask anymore..LOL
Today duty damn syok lorh. Me, HJ and CM talk talk talk nia. Didn't really do anything also. I just write I duty counter nia. But most of the time not there also xD
Then the girl come disturb CM again xD xD
HE damn scared. LOL. Don't dare to look at her also. Then we shared our small time experience lorh. Tadika wan damn funny lorh.
Then balik liao. I tumpang Shagee so wait with her. Wah, we talked bout so many things. Mostly bout future. I ask her larh. If 2 people get married, get children, become old, retire, children have their own family, everyday the old couple sit at home, face same person everyday, got nothing to talk about liao then what happens...
Guess what she said??
She say......
Change partner larh ....Wah, zadou!! -.-ll
She damn anti-boys de lorh. But she say Cm all very good boy de =)
Cm, she praise you arh! haha.
Then come back liao..Fast fast do homework. Then can online =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

21st June 2008~
PROGRAM JADI! Woke up at 6.25am -.-
I lie down on the bed kept on thinking what day was it. Whether I should be going to school early in the morning or I should sleep. Hmm, after 10 minutes then finally agree to myself that I should be getting up at 8.30am -.-
Thats me again. Old lame me!
Then woke up again at 8.15am. Just get up and nothing? Hmm, yea. Doing nothing is kinda fun. You get to relax your brain =)
Then get ready and off to school for Program Jadi. Like usual. Dad brings me to school. First, go to Gor geh class. He didn't follow though. Hmm, don't know for what reason.
Then Pn Sakinah, Mariamah and Gor class teacher were there. Then I sat beside dad to hear Gor's class teacher's comment on Gor. Hmm, wah she keep praising him. She say his attitude in class very good. Damn polite and all. But playful and not serious in studies. Thats all? Wah, good comments lerh! Damn proud of him =)
Teacher say if he try harder he sure can make it de. So after that off to my class. So many people. Waited lorh. My turn reach liao. Can't find my file -.- Zadou. Stupid teacher lerh. She put one pile here, then one pile there. So luen wan. Shyt her larh.
Then found liao. She just show my dad the result. Wasai, she didn't change my marks! -.-
Hate her man! I ask her. Kenapa cikgu tak tukar markah saya. Then she terus say, Owh, maaf. Saya lupa. Wah, sabar je larh me. Then she show then she straight ask to sign and....thats it? Yea, then she didn't say anything liao. Assuming my dad will leave his seat. You think he will arh?
He's the one that will ask the most question bout everything!
So he ask bout me larh. Then he keep comparing my marks with HEma -.-
Then teacher ask me to ask her how she study.
Then teacher say larh. You must be close with all the teachers. Then ask all the teachers for tips on how to score. She say tak mungkin the teachers will tell the whole class ma. Wah, then that time I thought to myself. Hmm, if the teacher really care for the class she teach, sure she will tell the whole class ma. For what that single individual wanna be close to the teacher for? 0.o
Stupid man!
Me and my dad planned to eat at mamak outside school geh. Then saw got nasi lemak stall. Dad want buy kuih. Guess what? He forgot bring wallet. So I paid for the kuih. Swts larh.
Then what owh? Go mamak merh? Go home larh! Also bo lui. Chiak ha mik larh -.-
Reach home. Dad say go Cuepacs eat. Ok larh. He take wallet. Off to Cuepacs mamak.
Wah, roti telur = rm1.70
Didn't know that.
Then dad say want go popular buy books for me. Just cause teacher say need do more exercises -.-
So went LM. I want go pharmacy. As in Guardian or Watson. Went there ask for recommendation on my face.
RESULTS = No recommendation -.-ll
Sales girl comment = Rest and drink more water.
Mum = Sleep early
Dad = Errr....its normal for growing teenager.
So just leave it lorh. Then went Popular bought a few books. Then balik.
Reach home at 1pm. Start polish. Dad go buy lunch. Balik, makan.
Then BB. Hmm. As usual. Love Bible class. DOn't know why though.
Then drill. Wah, damn long. But fun =]
Love drill!
After dismiss suppose to meet Seph for discussion for the worship team de. But no time. Straight rush home. In the car stripping =x
Not as in stripping strip.
Nvm. No need explanation I guess.
Reach home at 6.10pm. Then bathe and get ready already 6.25pm. Straight leave house. Finish mass at 8.30pm. Send gor to CC then go Tesco. Wah, I got hold of the trolley. Damn sien. Everytime shop also I sure alone de. So I use the trolley go ronda here and there. Push like damn fast. Too sien nothing to do xD
Then dinner at 10.30pm -.-
Actually I after BB also hungry liao de. Remember HJ, right after dismiss I told you I damn hungry right. But ate dinner at 10.30pm -.-
Then reach home at 11 gua~
Then forgot what I did liao. No memory at all -.-
22nd June 2008
Then morning wake up at 8am. Do homework. Cause mum say if want go youth and song practice then must do homework first. Ok lorh. Wake up do till 10am. Then get ready for SS. 10.45 leave house. Change class liao -.-
Now at St. Clare room. Today Sandra teach. Wah, she so serious -.-
Finish at 12.30pm. Dad was waiting at the field. I didn't know. When he drove down I ask him why didn't come down take me. He ask me back why can't go up -.-
Just tiam lorh. Then on my way back, wah lecture again. He ask why nowadays BB got Friday and Sunday wan. I just tiam nia. He say make sure it doesn't effect my studies lorh. Then ma agree lorh.
Then reach home at 12.55. Dad ask to eat something. I only had time to eat 2 oreo. Hehe.
Then go church. Youth then eat. I ate 1 bun, 1 small piece of cake. Then start song practice. Then finish, Sir send me home. Hmm. Reach home, mum ajak go out. Walk lorh. Go suntex town buy stuffs. Wah, I felt like fainting for one moment -.-
Then reach home. Online. Do nothing. Sien liao. Haiz.
WAh, til here I lazy explain liao. Sleepy liao. Still got homework to finish. Haiz. Better go do.

Btw, my mum finger don't know why eh. Like this de. Kesian her lorh. Can't do work.
Today I help her wash the dish =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Today many many funny things happen lerh.
In school damn sien. Go school do nothing. Such a waste of time -.-
Today got sesi penggambaran for badan pengawas. Shyt HM.
She say which prefect not in picture will kana sack! Sack her larh.
So damn boring lorh in barisan time. Btw, I convinced HJun to join BB. Hope she join larh. Hehe~
Then sure got SOMEONE very happy de. What owh? That person is me lorh. Not that other person xD
She say she will try. Yorr, she want join SOKA. I also want lorh -.-
Don't want talk so much bout the sesi penggambaran. Think of it also naik darah -.-
Then after that sesi was PJ. Hmm. Nothing much. Then recess. Recess time no where to go. Want go up class suddenly saw Pn Noraizan tegur the student. Hem ran down. 0.o
Why suddenly everyone scared of her? xD
After recess is BI. Wah, sien dao. Wanna sleep liao -.-
Hem like halfway asleep liao. Btw, Lynn the book you let me read corrupted my mind dude! Like what Hem said, It's like teaching us all the steps xD
During Bi our class so dead. So many students not in class. Wah, Sree sat alone. Kesian him. Ask him sit beside me, he don't wan. SHUEn~
Then MA. This time nice. No study. She busy with her work. Me, Hem and Brig sang songs xD
Normal larh. All those melodious songs =)
Then Sree. Haiz. Don't know what to say. He sit on the table. Chia Voon say like mermaid. *Correction, is merman.* xD
Then after that balik liao lorh. Wait for mum.
Reach home. Mum tell story. She say in newspaper reported got one 2 year old girl died cause internal injuries after one man sat on her. Wah, damn kesian. That man not even her dad or related to her. Innocently died! T.T Then makan makan. See my food.
Then was online time. After a while got sleepy liao. So sleep. Till 7 something. Suddenly my room fan so fast de. Woke up ask what happen 0.0 xD xD The biasa me xD
Then my gor say he on the fan de. I ask why. Rupa-rupanya the people come spray the mosquito thingy. My mum say my housing row got a few people kena denggi. My neighbour got one guy. And the last house got one more. Wah, kena denggi woh. Can die de lerh.
Then my mum close all the doors and windows like so funny nia. She and my gor peeping outside to see what happen. I went to my mum side wan see then she ask me go away -.-
Then I go couch there lie down xD
Then my mum suddenly came out of her room, Whispering "Aiyo, my towel!"
Haha. It was outside xD
Then in 2 seconds the whole house was full of that gas thing. I was gasping for air. Did some stupid stunts. -.-
Normal me at home again xD
Damn funny larh. My mum look at me and say I gila d. Lol.
Then dad came home. He opened the front door. I rushed out and gasped for fresh air xD
Then continue online-ing. Then me, dad and mum at living room time suddenly gor inside room shout..
"woohoo, kachat, kachat!"
Haha. So cute lerh >.<
Then dad took and threw it away. So gross. Gor scared like hell nia. LOL. He ran up the bed. So funny.
Got a lot more to talk about. But too bad I forgot. Haiz.
Finally got a few pics from course. =)
Others haven't get. Got one perfect picture with one malay girl. She haven't come online yet. So didn't get yet ^^

I look so blurr in all the pics -.-

Zhi Lin's smile so fake sia!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yesterday. One day after the course. Can't forget bout the course. Damn nice =)
So went to school. Scared of missing out anything. Was damn freaking sleepy in class. Especially Bio class 0.o
Can't really recall anything nice that happened. Just remember I stayed back after school for meetings! Perjumpaan in other words. Hmm.
So then the last period was Sej. Teacher let us out early cause we wanted to go out of school and eat. When school ended, it started drizzling already. Ran out. Bought pau and also ate Tom Yam. Damn little larh -.-
Not full also. Then that time rain heavily after lunch. Ran back into school. Got wet. Had fun. Too short ka my words? Lazy larh. Watever larh. DC.
Then started meeting. PSS. Dealing with newspapers, scissors, glue and pen = sux! Hate that kinda job. Btw, we have been doing the same activity for like 2-3 times d.
Before that, I was playing with Mana's watch. Man, I ask Shagee to ask me what was the time and I figured out how to read her watch after like 10 minutes -.- lame.
Then after meeting, went for ChoralDra. The next presentation for Bulan Bahasa. Damn, I just gotta sacrifice something. And ChoralDra it is. Shyt man. Got to caught up by activities and end up falling sick and hating myself. Blame my damn self for that.
So then I gave up ChoralDra for PBSM meetings. T.T
After that was netball meeting. No playing today cause it was raining. So sat in class. Thank God I collected the yuran. If not I'll be the one to be blame again -.-
So, tumpang Shagee again and went home at 4pm.
Reach home. Cm sms me. Ask me go church. FYI, not invited. Don't want go. Sit at home, sleep. Become zhu liao.
Then till 6pm something, mum arrive home. She came in my room and saw me sleeping. 7pm I woke up. Mum sounded me. She say I looked pale and white like a dead girl! -.-
She say she don't like me being all tired and sorrow. She say she don't like the idea of sleeping whole day or for a long period of time the next day after trips, course or either camps.
Haiz. I just stfu and listen.
After a while, dad arrive home. I asked him.
Me : Dy, you think how many A can I get?
Dad : Erm. How many subjects are you taking?
Me : Hmm. 10.
Dad : So 10 A larh.
Me : You know how hard is it to get 10 A arh??!!
Dad : Hmm. So how many A u got?
Me : 6 nia.
Dad : Owh, quite good what. Okay. How many B?
Me : 2.
Dad : How many C?
Me : 2.
Dad : How many D?
Me : Oi, 6 + 2 + 2 is 10 larh -.-
Dad : Oh yea. Hmm. What you got for B and C? (not looking at the A i got T.T )
Me : Er, Physics and Sejarah B. Biology and Chemistry C.
Dad : HAR??!! All your science subject you didn't get A? Do you need tuition?
Me : NO! I don't! Btw, I got number 12 in class.
Dad : Oh, what bout Brig? Who got number 1?
Me : Brig got 2-3 A nia. Hema got number 1.
Dad : Do I know Hema? Oh, that Alam Jaya girl?
Me : Yea, that girl.
So then I complained to my mum.
Me : Mi, you see larh daddy always like to compare me with other people wan. T.T
Mum : Yea lorh. Why you always like to compare Ah Girl with other people wan arh? You cannot just be satisfied with whatever she get wan merh?
Me : Haiz. (So I told them bout what Pavi and Hem told me)
Dad suddenly burst.
Dad : I just want Ah Girl to get good results so that I can apply scholership for her larh. I don't have the money to send her to university okay!
Mum : She didn't say she wanna go U also. (Thats kinda true)
Dad : You all don't understand larh. You know how important education is nowadays arh.
K, I'll stop here. Then at night....Me, in my room doing homework and online-ing...Dad suddenly appeared in my room and..
Dad : I want you to at least get more 2 As in your end year exam. (Means more than 8As)
Me : Can you shut up and get out arh!!! =x =x =x =x =x =x =x =x =x =x =x
Eventually dad went out. Hmm, was I mean?
Anyway, that wraps up 18th June 2008.
19th June 2008.
Morning like usual got up, went school. In school a lot happened. Chemist, haha I understand.
Teacher talk bout colon cancer. Shyt man. Same class people. Listen, shut up and keep it to yourself. I have the symptoms. Listening to what teacher told flooded my eyes. Haiz. So far only 2 people knows bout it. Haiz. I looked at her. And she stare back at me. She knew what exactly was in my mind. She quickly comfort me and say everything's gonna be alright. So I was okay at one moment. But as teacher carried on. I became afraid. And scared at the same time.
Recess time find Gurv. Told her everything. She comfort me again.
Finally I forgot bout it.
Then moral time class teacher enter. Aiyo, the list I got 2 wrong marks. Haiz. Teacher say can't change liao. Shyt her larh. She write wrong then say cannot change. Haiz. No one helped me change to my real marks. Haiz. Damn sad lorh. But after that teacher say can change marks but not position. Shuen. I don't care bout position, just care what my dad gonna see on Saturday! Damn, grade also different lerh. WTH! So teacher say write using pencil on the paper. So I counted if follow percentage also I still same position. DC lorh.
Then after that was addmaths. The fun-nest addmaths class ever man!
En Remi acted like a clown today! =)
He makes me smile! ^^
He teach log. Damn funny man!
LOGa8 = 3
8 = a^3
He say a don't want 8 liao cause too sexy. So went to 3 cause 3 half sexy nia -.-
So then got something sad happened. Shagee cried. Reasons no need mention. I also don't really know what happen. Just know Ky ask Hem to ask her shut up then Hem ask her shut up. that gua~
Then go back time. Shagee don't know go where. Reaching her house time she told me everything larh. Haiz. Pity her.
Wah today lunch at 4.30pm. Geng xD
"Sometimes whatever is done, cannot be undone"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from course. Among the things I did there.
16th June 2008
Leave for school like normal in the morning. Cik Emelia say be there by 7am but eventually we left school at 7.30am. Then reach PPD at 7.40am I think. Wah, saw everyone wearing school uniforms. Arif and I damn shocked. Cik Emelia also don't know that must wear uniform. Then nvm larh. Just buat duno oni xD
When I first reach there, I see, wah all malays de. Only got 2 chinese guys and 1 indian girl, + me, 1 chinese girl. Then at 8am all go to the small field to group up. Then muncul 1 chinese girl one a few more moral students. So then all were divided into groups. I'm in group 5.
Leader - Zhi Lin (male xD)
Asst. Ldr - Idani
- Iman
- Aina
- Tahirah
- Johan
- Faiz
- Danial
So then got 2 busses. Teacher read out the namelist for bus A and B. I was in bus A. So same with the chinese girl. So we sat together. She damn quiet lerh. Kinda hard to communicate with quiet people. So then we started talking. And erm, the bus started moving at 9am something. Talked and then erm, after a few minutes then reach one stop liao. Then eat larh. Then got up the bus again. Heading to Kota Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri 9. As usual, slept in the bus. And reached Muzium Kota Lukut at 11.20am.
There we were given some question sheet to fill up. So we ran the whole place to look for answers. Hmm, ran? Nah, just walk like no one's bussiness xD
So then there was this huge and high flight of staircase. Leading to the 'Perigi Raja'. So we decided to go up. Haiz. Wasted our energy. That time the sun was boiling hot! So then we left the muzium at 12.30pm.
Went in the bus, watched 'Charlie Chaplin'. Haha. Funny show. Again I slept xD
Then reach 'Tempat Peranginan Negeri 9' at 1pm.
Went and wash up and gathered at 2.15pm.
So teacher selected our room mates.
My roommates are...
Idani, Tahirah, Qilah, Shazana and Haizum. Hmm, all malays huh. But still we got along pretty well =)
The room had a medium-sized living room with a sofa set and a tv, 2 rooms with 2 beds in each room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Like hotel xD
Some more got aircond. So then after clean up go down for ceramah.
They talked bout the duty for Pengerusi, S.U and also Bendahari larh. Kinda bored wan xD. Everyone was hungry so...
Then my favourite time, EAT! xD xD at 2.45pm.
Then regather in the hall at 3.15pm and sat in groups. Me sat with my grouppies!! =)
First day I damn quiet wan xD
Then discussion time. Do 'perancangan tahunan' and also must bentangkan. I didn't give any idea I think. I just sat at the side and erm, buat duno? xD xD
Danial's spelling sux! He spell music, musik xD He say its unique -.-
Then they bentangkan. As usual I just duduk diam xD
Then tea time at 6pm.
6.20pm went up to take a shower. Moral students suppose to be down at 7.15pm if I'm not mistaken. But Me and Sharon(the chinese girl) went down at 7.20pm but the teacher weren't there. We look at the sky for no reason and there was a RAINBOW there!! Haha. She forgot to take a few things so we went up to her room. Then from my block we saw Avusha on the other block. She was giving signals to ask something but we didn't understand. To our surprise, she ask 'bu shi yao xia chu de merh?' Omgosh! She speaks mandarin way better then me! Shyt, I gotta improve my mandarin! So then we said we went down but no one there. So thats it xD
So we went down to the waiting place again at 8pm.
Hmm, damn cold man that place. Started moral activity. Only got 10 moral students lerh!
me, sharon, avusha, assivin, natisha, chen wei, Jia Fuo, Zhi Lin, Alvin and one more indian guy, I forgot his name -.-
Then this Alvin guy damn funny man! He cannot sit at his own place wan. He keep walking around. When sir ask him whats wrong, he just keep quiet. So meng him he's cold and shivering. So then the activity started, sir gave us a few papers to fill in to understand our self leadership more. So after that he explained everything larh. Then he say, okay, you all can do whatever you like xD
So then everyone sat near each other and started asking IQ questions. I kept laughing cause Alvin keep making noise! Just because he's cold doesn't mean he can make noise xD
So then they say I gila -.-
Nvm. Then had lotsa fun larh.
Then dinner at 9pm -.-ll
9.50pm start ceramah again! Wasai, damn sleepy!
They teach minute mesyuarat and kertas kerja. So discussion again. Did minit mesyuarat larh.
Then that time damn sleepy. So just did meeting and S.U catat down what we discussed. Then 12am something jorh. Teacher say end everything and go drink and go sleep. I don't want eat larh. So just go up sleep. Wah, when we leave the unit, we left the aircond on, wasai, damn cold man! So me, Idani and Tahirah slpt in the living room cause we planned to watch football. But x jadi cause I slept nicely xD
Slept at 1am something.
17th June 2008
Woke up at 6.25am. Suppose to kumpul down there at don't know what time. Let all the malays go first cause they must pray. So then when I was washing my face, Sharon came and gave a knock on my door. Hmm, so early?? Yea. Left the room at 7am and they were already down there doing their exercise. Went in haflway and started a game. That game kinda lame though. But just join for the sake of having fun larh. After game, went wash up and actually me and Sharon wanted to go beach. But sir say after breakfast. So we ate and there were 5 minutes left til gathering time. But sir ajak us go 0.o
Went with a few malay girls and also Jia Fuo and Zhi Lin. =)
Then we took some pics, but too bad not with me. They'll email it to me though. *hopefully*
Then started ceramah again at 9am. This day I damn semangat. Don't know why xD
So then our places changed larh. Haiz. Then nvm lorh. Start discussion bout the resit rasmi, baucer, buku tunai and also penyata kewangan. I'm the bendahari so I'm suppose to divide the assignment among my group members. Hmm, so I divided. Aiyo, that Danial and Zhi Lin arh. Keep pushing their work to poor Aina. Then I go tegur them, then they do xD
Then finish liao. All I have to sign -.-ll
Then we were waiting for our turn to do pembentangan. Hmm, Zhi Lin fell from his chair! Aiyo, I didn't change that moment! Wasted! I was laughing my head off! It was Danial's fault! He tripped Zhi Lin! Poor ketua xD
Finally we didn't do out pembentangan cause not enough time liao. So straight on to acara penutupan. So giving out prizes. Hmm, my group won for the best answers for quiz in Kota Lukut wan -.- Lame.
Everything finished at 1pm. Went and eat our last meals together. Then off to pack our bags and gather and wait for bus. So finished packing and went down to wait. Hmm, took a lot of pics! All nice nice and memorable ones =)
Can't wait to get them back! ^^
Then 2.30pm leave the place. Went to one place in PD oso larh. The place last time my BEC stayed wan. Damn nice wan that place =)
Then me, Iman, Sharon, Jia Fuo, Zhi Lin, Chen Wei, Idani and Aina went to the beach!! ^^
Got lil crabs there ^^
Then Zhi Lin was emo-ing. Haiz that emo kid. Then we go kacau him xD
Took pics again -.-
Them me and Jia Fuo go walk walk at the beach. We were playing water larh. Actually sand -.-
Then Sharon go take out pics -.-
I didn't know that larh. Then I did my trademark. Wrote FEL on the sand but got washed away by the waves.
Then I accidently went too deep into the water and got my legs wet. Haiz. Nvm larh. Then go buy water lorh. Not I buy larh. Sharon and Idani. Then got up the bus again. Aiyo, the show 'God must be crazy' was on tv -.-
I don't care larh. Damn sleepy. Slept the whole journey back town. Reach PPD at 5pm something. Then said godbye to everyone and Pn. Maimon came and fetched us. So she sent us home and ah....finally...HOME SWEET HOME. Then here I am writting this! ^^
Btw, got my position in class liao. According to Brigs, I got number 12th..hmm..okay I guess ^^
Tired, want sleep..tatax
(will update on the photos next time)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bored. Look what I did?

The phrase for today is..
"If you can't face the problem then solve the problem" do you rephrase that? Haiz.
Hate emo season man! Eventhough it has never occured in my life. Somehow it existed in my life recently. Damn all those problems that can't be solved! How am I supposed to face it? And I can't even solved it. Its like an addmaths question larh. Damn hard. And its only basic. How to go deeper? Go deeper liao den ma can die jorh? T.T
CM say I always got probs don't want tell him. And I don't show if I'm sad or happy. So next time you guys wanna know whether I'm sad or happy, read my pm larh. Everything is written there.
Haiz. Today nothing happen also. Say nia Father's Day. Didn't celebrate. Morning dad got meeting. After meeting, dad and mum went out. Buy car. Haiz. Another car -.-
So what I did whole day? Nothing. Tomorrow going for course. Haven't pack anything also. Haiz. Ah girl! Why you so lazy geh?? Jason gor gor say you cannot lazy de arh!! T.T Miss him damn much man! I love his advice! Haiz.
Omgosh, my voice!! Now got flu liao worse larh. I don't look like myself, I don't sound like myself.
Who has conquere me? Omgosh, I'm regreting for everything larh. When will it come back? Or can I say, when will I come back? Miss me!! T.T
Got nothing else to say. Til tuesday. Chiows for now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My 100th post! =)

Story time kidssss~ ^^
Another trophy to my collection =)

Happy days...Today morning woke up at 6.30 FOR NOTHING!! =(
Brig larh. She told me must be in church by 7.30am. So I went before 7.30. No one there geh. Only a few anties. Haiz. Then help them do things larh. Sandra say community service. All form 4 has to do 10 hours of community service?? 0.o so much arh? Haiz. Sandra's rule. Gotta obey -.-
So did some tying of balloons. Then there was prayer and the games begun.
My team mates -----
1. Thanusha
2. Sharon
3. Asha
4. Sarah
5. Anne Marie
6. Teresa
7. Joanne

So then the games started. First game draw. Second game my team won. Third game my team won. Overall my team won champion! =) Nice!!~~
Hehe. So then game with teachers. Hmm. What comment? They say don't play rough but they're the ones that push all their way through to get the damn ball -.-
Nevermind larh. Play for fun nia ma. Then eat lorh. My favourite part xD
Eat nasi lemak again!! =x Morning eat hotdog bun ^^
I 5 days in a row eat nasi lemak liao xD
Then suddenly they call take prize worh. Zadou, I eating lerh -.-
Then take lorh. Get trophy and CHOCOLATES!!
Hehe. So then it all ended at erm 11.3o? Called my dad but I reach home at 12pm.
Then I realised I haven't memorise all the lyrics and I'm the back up singer. Damn.
Then start looking for it larh. Open youtube for 'Hari Ini' and also 'Still'.
Couldn't find 'Qu Shi Xian' though.
Then saw Hjon online. He also can't find. The good thing is I did not gave up. I kept on searching til I finally found it on Imeem! =)
Then practice til like 2.05pm. While singing I practice. While practising I polish xD
Do two things at once xD
Then go BB lorh. Today didn't kena pump =) Haha. First time in sq 2 xD
Then greet Sir Tan time suddenly he ask me I okay or not. Erm, don't I look okay today? 0.o
Then when fellowship time suddenly the LCD can't use lerh. Haiz. Then Sir Loh try to lengahkan masa. Then me, Lye and Hjon over there practice xD
Damn last minute lorh we all xD
But ok larh. But sing wrong. Ps gila. Then started Bible class.
Before that Ric gave me 2 pieces of paper. One mine and one more TK geh. Guess what?

Haiz..see larh what happen??? -.-

Tk wan wrote there 'Copy cat' xD zadou -.-

Then start bible class. I remember learn bout the 5000 and 4000 people de. Then watch the slide show. Then got badge class. Fireman lift. Haha. I don't know what happen. I think I pulled my damn vein -.-

From arm, go to left back -.-

The pain moves xD wakaka.

Then drill. Today Sir Tan teach. Nice. Strict enough =)

But most of it I also don't know de. So just follow. Anyway, I love drill, so no problem for me ^^

Then after drill go back liao. No dismiss, no sd T.T

Haiz. Was supposed to go to church for mass but dad didn't make it home in time. So x jadi go. Stay at home. Want play maple de but damn lagg. Don't want play. Eat. Lolx. Then now online lorh. Anyway, that day forgot to upload a few pics.

Eventhough this pic is not perfect but I still love her =)

A bunch of crazy people who just love to post! =)

From left, Gin's half, Brigs, Hema, Gurv and my half ^^

Sweet memories. Although we did not get 3rd, 2nd or 1st but we got 4th =) Among 10 schools!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another boring day that's coming to an end
Without no doubts its boring and meaningless
Another 10 minutes walk around the park
As I enter my house my mum greets me with a big smile and a 'hi'
Walking in like nobody's business I look back at her and smile
Hiding everything behind those smiles and words
Another rushing day in my life
After a while I got use to it
Not leaving a single minute nor second for me to breathe
To see my friend in confussion and depression
It breaks my heart to look at a joyful yet funny girl like that
But what is in her mind?
To be depress in such a way
Eventhough I knew but how can I help?
I'm not an expert in everything nor anything
What I know is to comfort her and spend time with her
She tells me everything but why is it so hard to tell her anything?
Maybe I've changed but I've never notice it
If only I knew what tomorrow has in store for me
If only I can read people's mind and take action before everything disappear
If only I think before I act
If only there was a machine that can turn back time
I would go back and change everything
But if I go back I might not be here anymore
Being alive and loved is a blessing for me
I once was near death
But thank God I'm still here to write and express
Theres no twist and turn in this post
I got bored and decided to make it more creative
Its all straight to the point and somehow meaningless
My voice is gone and my writting skill improved
I'll be writting more than I will be talking
Reading more is better than listening
Again another phone call from her
My beloved friend
Telling me all her difficulties in life
I told her to forget bout it and move on
She told me she can't forget bout it
But I know its easy for her
Like how she forgot her first, second and also third
But now she's like drowning in an ocean
Waiting for someone to pull her up
But she knows I'll always be there to be her guide and to hold her hands if she falls
Giving advice is easy but to put it in action myself is more difficult than opening a coconut with your bare hands
A change in life often happens more than you ever realise
Either change for good or for bad
Whether others accept you or not
Is not for you to decide
Everything is in God's hand except you don't believe in Fate

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today another boring yet sien day -.-
Woke up as usual and went to school like normal. In school nothing much happen. Again, the whole gang eat nasi lemak together in class. Again no teacher scold xD
Yesh!! Finally APPROVED! =) Get to go for the course! Yezza! Get to be away for 2 days! Hehe.
Hmm..what happen today? Aish, I remember seeing Cm for like twice nia. After that he disappear -.-
Other than that, Pn Gnanambal say I'm cute. Omgosh, she said it in front of everyone. I was blushing I think xD [Ignore this!]
Then I remember Pn Melati asked me to read my karangan to the whole class. Damn larh. Haiz. I don't why but the last time feeling came back. Don't wanna explain panjang lebar. Those who often read will know larh. If don't know then too bad larh.
Hmm, then En Remi did some stupid joke larh. He's so damn funny larh xD
He let us out early. Haha.
Btw, get Bio result today. Haiz.
Updates on results....
Bm - ?
Bi - 77
Ma - 73
Mt - 75
Bio - 54
Chem - 52
Phy - ?
Est - ?
Moral - 76
Sj - ? far 3A damn cha lerh!! T.T
Today reach home at 2.15pm. Damn late! Then wanted to eat. Taking rice time Brig call, then dad call -.-
Take rice at 2.30 but start eating at 2.55 -.-
Then Yang call, ask what time go church. Zadao, that time I baru start eating xD
Then after I eat str8 go church lorh. Wash the tents. Then sit and lepak xD
Then go back and rest lorh. Nothing much larh. Damn boring. I miss chatting with Hjon and Cm!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today CM birthday!! =)

Happy birthday to u.

Happy birthday to u.

Happy birthday to my dear CM.

Happy birthday to u.

There you go. Leng zhai ma? xD Ps I stole your pic without telling you =x

Wish you all the best in life and do not give up easily! When you need me I'll be there for you always. DUDE! =)

Anyway, today's drama competition. Represent district lerh! GO HULU LANGAT! xD

Yesterday slept early, around 11pm cause wasn't feeling well. Had sore throat and also headache. Today still got larh. But less liao. So then woke up at 5.15 today cause mum say she want send me to school. So then reach school at 6.15am gua. See no one at gate de. Damn scary!
So then go in. Lynn practising her voice projection. Wah, from koko room shout xD
So funny =)
Then slowly people come liao. Gin come then we went buy food. As usual, I bought nasi lemak lorh. Hehe.
Then we left school at around 7am. Wah, damn early -.-
Reach SMK Tmn Sea at 8.05am. We thought we were late. But other schools more late -.-
So ate breakfast first lorh. Too bad the five of us didn't get free food so we gotta buy our own food. Haiz. So eat finish liao go for competition. Hmm, first few not very interesting larh. Like damn lame nia. Got one bout the plane crash wan damn nice. The girl so damn cute lerh. Haha. She f1 nia. Won best actress! xD
Geng lorh.
Then wait and wait and wait. Finally our turn. From inside we see. Suppose cannot video record wan. But me arh, normal larh, bad girl ma. So I go record! xD
But in the end we didn't win larh. Haiz. Nvm larh. Top 10 ma xD
So after comp, we all waited for bus like normal larh. Play limbo xD
So lame man! Then got up bus, me and Gurv sat together ^^
But after a while Gurv and Lynn started taking pics of people sleeping. Gin first victim! Then Brig, followed by Hem and Irfanah! Hehe. Then the guys larh. After Gurv left her seat, I took the whole 2 places. I slept larh xD
Then reach school before 5 or after 5? Not sure larh. Then put the props in the school. Then Hem's mum reach liao. Follow her home lorh. Her mum left me at Nyky bookshop cause I wanted to buy things. Then I walk home lorh. Tired? Nah.
Btw, results..hmm..
CM and TK say I got quite high for bm paper 2..hmm..if its true then good larh. Sree also said the same thing. Btw, I think I going camp. Arif Fikri also gua. Not sure. If not why he called me? But I was rushing home so didn't stop to ask why. Hope I can go lorh. First time representing school lerh!! =)
Thats all for today I think. Nothing much happen also de.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shud be =) larh. hehe.
K so....
so far....
bi - 77 -.-ll SO LOW MAN!
ma - 73
mt - 75 Wakaka, actually 74 then En Remi gave one more mark
chem - 52 -.-ll Nvm larh. Pass enough d.
phy - not sure yet. 64-65 xD
svk - 65 No comment =x
pj - 66
Sj paper 2 - 52 quite okay I guess
Hmm..thats all the updates for today. Hehe. Btw, next week maybe going camp luu.. No time update. Haiz. Hope can go lorh! =)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Today carnival!! FREAK OUT CARNIVAL is in town beibeh!! xD
After a day of preparation on 7th June 2008, finally everything's done and its time to open the gates and let the guests in!! So lets see. Woke up at 7am!! Lolx. Then I got ready larh. Bathe all and put everything I need in the bag. 7.25 woke my gor up. As usual, he won't get up. Then went to my parents room and woke my dad. Again as usual, he wont wake up. So I gave up. Went and eat breakfast by myself. Ate oreo with milk. YUMMY!! Then at 7.45, finally my dad and mum got up. Mum made hot drink for herself while dad went and get ready I think. Gor haven't wake up. Was raining kinda heavily that time. Mum say sure no one will be there cause its raining. So then there came a few phone calls from people. Rushing my dad. Then you know larh what happen. My dad as usual get all freak out and started panicking. Haiyo, that man I tell you. He late then blaming everyone else pula -.-
So then my gor woke up at 6.50 I think. He arh, always make people late de.
So then we left the house at erm...7.30?? Yea, then went and fetch one aunty larh. Then that time still raining. Sumore church compund don't allow people to park car. So my dad left us at the entrance then I ran in cause late liao!!! So reach there fast fast get ready.. zadao, I forgot the freak out house start at 11am -.-
I thought same with the carnival, open at 9am -.-ll
I always damn blurr wan..haiz..
So then got ready by 9 larh. Then all the ghost just lepak and snap pics!! Like usual larh. Used Francesca's CYBERSHOT fon ma! So then she bluetooth to me!! Heres the pics!!

This is 'Chipmunk Audrey!'
'Cry til die Asha'
'Sweety Frances' (she looks sweet huh)
And....'Funny and Cute Ghost' ME!! =) I don't look scary larh -.-
Heres a group photo. Brig not in cause she was busy with others' make up -.-

So after that everyone went to their position. I was suppose to be behind the table but after a while I shifted. Went to Frances's place cause I got bored standing and scaring alone. Asha went to the staircase -.-

So then me and Frances keep thinking of what to scare. I mean the way to scare them larh. First we did like hanging our heads. But that was kinda lame and un-scary xD

Then we slept on the floor and act dead 0.o weird! But that one scared many!! haha. After a while Piggie and Seenu came. Dude, you not suppose to make me laugh larh. I see you guys' face then suddenly I laugh -.-

Then theres one group of indian boys came in and messed everything up -.-

So we stopped at 1pm. Haha. FINALLY!! Me and Frances had lotsa fun behind there. xD

We kept talking and not scaring the people xD But got larh. A few screamed. Got 2 girls damn funny. Between my place and Asha's place, they got scared then they just stand there and hug each other xD

They don't dare to run out also.

Then shift finish, go wash up. Ran all the way up to Padre Pio there. All the way, people looking. Damn paiseh! Then wash up liao go find food!! Ian gave us free tickets!! Hehe..

Aiyo, I just finish clean up want go put bag near mum there then got one aunty ask me help with the food stall. I just buat tak tau and ran away. xD Normal me larh.

So then met up with Audrey and Asha, so eat 'apam'. Damn nice. Then bought 'Itali' and one more 'apam' for my mum. Then went and bought spaghetti and ate xD

Then walk around larh with Frances. Lost Audrey and Asha. Don't know they hilang where d xD

So then went to the games part. Sien!! Then went and buy candy floss and went into the freak out house. Lepak there. Then they started the next shift liao. I didn't do the second shift larh. Got bored of being ghost. So just lepak. Me and Frances went into the route but halfway I ran out. Damn freaking scary man!! Marcus larh. People walking suddenly hold people's leg. Then Greg suddenly touch my neck! I can't believe the kids can walk pass everything larh. Reach Greg part i straight run out liao T.T Then after a while me and Frances went and buy ice cream!! Went in freak out house again. Then I slept!! xD Thats me larh. Slept for like a few minutes. Aiyo, the sound system damn freaking loud man!! It kept waking me up. Zhu zhu wan slp lerh!! T.T

Then wake up cause Benedict kakacaucau! xD No larh. He damn bored larh I guess. So he come kacau. Hehe. Then wake up liao go out lorh. Go finish my ticket. Buy spaghetti again -.-

Then that time 4 something liao. Sit at the staircase with Frances. Wah, I whole day with Frances man! Cool. Then after the freak out house finish liao. We went and clean up a few things larh. I just pick up all the dead skins. Then chau. Go mum there. Watch lucky draw ticket. Zadao, they delay the draw til nearly 6pm -.-

Then after draw go home lurr!! Reach home at 6.30pm. Straight on laptop. Save the pics. But can't upload to blog. Didn't edit the size so can't upload. So went to comp, edit the size upload it in fs then come to laptop and edit it..damn dumb right? haha..too desperate! Anyway, love today very much! Had lotsa fun with my church friends!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Today really has been a tiring day for me.
Woke up at 8am. Hmm. Quite early for a Saturday. So then get ready for church. Suppose to leave at 9.30am!! But piggie just woke up at 9.25..zadou..
Then nvm larh. Cause I didn't wanna go early also. So he came at 10 sumthing. Brig kept calling my hanpon. xD

Then go fetch dumbass and off to church. Reached there at 10.30 I think. Then couldn't start doing the fake blood cos no starch..hmm...

Then ask someone go buy. Then it arrived at like erm 11 sumthing. Haiz.

The process done by our sifu dumbass...

Mixing of starch..

Mixing of flour..

Putting on the model (Natasha)

She sibuk go touch touch xD

Creating the wound


Nicer one!

Nicest one!! xD

While waiting for the ingredients to come, we ate mee hoon! For breakfast. After done we ate rice + chicken sambal + egg sambal + mix veges for lunch..hehe..

After that continue doing again..Then piggie sent me home at 1pm sumthing. Reached home at 2.15 I think. Then I couldn't make up my mind whether want go BB or not. Suddenly I shouted say wanna go xD

Then my mum say up to you larh -.-

Then get ready lorh. Fast fast polish. Then couldn't find shoe polish..zadou..duno where my dad kept it after using. -.-ll

After finish 2.30 liao. Find Bbile. Don't want use the Christian wan cos wet. Find my Good News Bible, can't find. I think my dad took it -.-

Aiya, don't care liao. That time 2.45 liao. Ask my mum fetch me to BB lorh. Go there damn tired. Sumore stomach pain. Zadao, no one believe. All think i joking -.-

When its the truth, they think I lying @.@

Nvm. Then continue with BB activity. Loved the fellowship! Songs rocks!

Then got games and sd lorh. Then fall in and finish BB. Rush home. Like usual. Get ready for church again. I going to church again -.-

Leave house at 6.30pm. Geng lerh xD

Then mass til 8 sumthing. Then go KFL buy food. Reach home at 9pm. Eat dinner. Then watch RV. Halfway the movie I went and on pc. So got a few parts I didn't see -.-

But nvm larh. Watched til finish. Then now sitting here. Tired?? Nah..kinda down. Don't know why, don't care also. Tomorrow carnival. Hope nothing lame gonna happen. lolx.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Was sitting and resting at the back stairs of my house just now. Just staring at blank space. When all of a sudden memories started coming back to me. The place where I sat contains lotsa memories between me and my lovely cats and kitties. They were the most loveable and caring friends and companions I've ever had! Honestly. They were there when I was sad and down. Always willing to hear my every complain and storied I told. Never running away or leaving me alone. Always there to 'act' cute and making my day a little brighter.
I remember there was one of my favourite cat. Everytime I put a bell and colar on it, the next hour I look at the cat, it won't be there anymore. I have no clue how it open it -.-
But I'll be so freaking sad that time and just keep scolding my cat. But just looking back at it now, if I can be there I won't even scold or shout at it. Other than that, I still remember that me and my brother would just spend the whole day together without any worries. And ah, one more. Making new friends. I remember I always ride my old bicycle carrying my cute little cat around the whole garden and bringing it to my friends' house. Haiz. Kinda miss my friends too. Don't know how are they doing now. They left without even telling me. Haiz.
I think they were in a hurry or emergency larh. Just praying that they are fine.
Kay, suddenly there came a cat. White with grey spots. From afar it look fine and healthy. But as it came near to the staircase, it was walking like it was under esctacy -.-
I was staring at it the whole time and finally it replied my stare by looking into my eyes with those pitiful eyes and 'miow-ing' at me. At that moment, tears flooded my eyes. I don't know why but I think something is wrong with that pitiful cat. It looked so familiar as though I've seen it before. It then walked pass the stairs. Thank goodness its not the cat I knew. But still this cat has melted my heart. But there were other cats there too. So it was time for me to just forget the sadness and just carry on. My mum say when I grow up, I have the freedom to keep as many animals as I want. Hmm...can I?? Do I have enough commitment and love to keep them? Am I a responsible person? Think before you act! Remember, what you do definately effects others. Hmm..tired of thinking d. Chiows!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Haiyo...i totally forgot tomorrow got PBSM also got meeting. Sien lorh. Haiz.
Just now Brig call me.. Wah, away for 3 days so many things happen liao. Yerr damn shuang lorh. Anyway, I can't believe what she say larh. I was like laughing my throat out man! It was damn funny and unbelieveable!! CUTEZ!! wakaka. Alarh, Tiana went for the retreat and I didn't go! Haiz. Miss Brandon!! DUDE, I MISS U!! xD
Miss everyone there larh. Haiz.
Yerr...Brig!! I can't believe it larh. Its so damn unbeliveable..How do u expect me to believe it??
wakaka. Anyway, last minute me again. Rushing to tell everyone tomorrow got meeting. Siao larh me. Nowadays all also do last minute wan. Haiz.
Woots! This is my 90th post for my blog xD
This blog existed since I was F1 but I update it this year nia..
Actually I damn lazy to update bout AC de..Cause HJ wan same like mine nia. Both same sq what. What to expect more. But somehow got a few differences larh. So here it goes.
On 30th May, wake up at 6.40 I think. Before the alarm ring I was already up. Guess I was too nervous for camp. Haha.
Then get ready and HJ came and fetch me at 7 something.
Then register and got into sq. Played a few games in church. The games were kinda lame.
I don't know larh. For me its lame larh.
Then left church and head to Broga Campsite. In the bus, Lynn were telling me stories bout her Church Camp and bout Jack..aha...
Lolx. He's a sweet guy according to her. Haha. Sending all those sweet messages when he only knew her for like 5 days until today.
So when reach everyone fall in and got into their own tents. My tent leader was Lynn.
Tent members was Jes, Mei Jing, Samantha, Candy, Wan Ting a.k.a Cute Melissa.
So then everyone put up the tent. My first time nerh. But kinda cacat larh our tent xD
Don't know why. So after that was erm..lunch? I have no idea. Lolx. Biasa larh I got STM. Can't remember much larh. Haiz. I remember after that was Flying Fox and Water Rafting.
First my sq played Flying Fox larh. Go up there damn scary. But come down time damn sien. Here nothing much larh. Before out turn all just sit down kheng gai only.
Then when Water Rafting time, all build the raft together. Peter wasnt there though. He help Sir Loh so stuffs. So only hj, me, mel, lh, mj, hamson, eugene, chen feng and wai hong. All seniors helped. Can't blame the juniors larh. They also not strong enough right. But kinda em song lorh. I was doing then suddenly Eugene shouted at me, "Oi, you don't know how to do don't do larh! Let me do ma." Then I say ok lorh let him do. He hold the string then pass it to some other people. Zadao lorh. He always like that to me de -.-ll Sei mou min lorh me. But don't care larh. Just keep helping lorh. Some more Eugene over there keep complaining bout every single person. And keep saying our raft build like this sure gonna lose wan. Then Hj sound him saying you wan lose or win? You not helping some more wanna complain so much.
Then he tiam awhile then continue complaining again -.-ll
Then started water rafting competition. The other 2 sq started even before my sq got ready -.-ll
haiz. Nvm lorh. Just try our best. Me, LH and Peter keep paddling in the water. I know they damn tired liao. They damn good lorh. Thank goodness Eugene were sitting bhind. He can't complain xD
Then Hamson sit tiam tiam bhind oso. Omgosh, he damn cute lerh!!
Lolx. Then we won lorh among the 3 sq. But I don't know the end result larh. Then clean up, all the senior keep the bamboo sticks and the container then the juniors take the strings and throw larh.
So then fall in again. HJ was busy so I ma go in front ask sq 3 stand straight line lorh. Guess what.
Eugene again scolded me!! He say "Who are you owh? Why you stand in front? You got no rights. Go behind now." Walao, zadao lorh!! NVM!! I TAHAN!!
Peter was looking at me!! AGAIn MOU MIN!!
Haiz. So after that we had like a few minutes to clean up lorh. Most of us didn't bathe cause got no water supply. Let all the juniors bathe lorh. The juniors bathe halfway then no water. Damn kesian man! Then me and Lynn just change clothes nia. Then after that was erm I forgot. SHyt! Hmm..I think had dinner and singing larh. After that we did group discussion on what out vision in 5 years time. All the juniors damn tired liao. Hamson was sleeping..hehe..then all the juniors say larh want build this build that. Some more got swimming pool. Damn geng xD
After finish then got "who do you trust" geh game. All the girls got in a group. Erm, no comment. Then Sir Tan got in the middle. Lynn drop him!! Haha...
Then after that had sharing. Wah, everyone damn sleepy liao. Some more the talk in mandarin. I damn blurr lorh -.-ll
Only understand a bit a bit. Then after that was lights off. So I went to the tent with the juniors to arrange the sleeping place with them. Opened all their sleeping bag and let them sleep first. Jes and Lynn had meeting. Haiz. So there was me again. Putting them asleep in the middle. Then I sleep one side and Jes and Lynn on the other side. I had no idea when Jes and Lynn came in. I wasn't really sleeping that night. Was thinking bout many things. I think I fell asleep a while. I keep looking at Jes's hp to see what time it was. The time pass damn slow. Then at 12 sumthing it rained. When I was closing my eyes, I felt water pouring on my leg. Biasa larh side person right. So then I saw people coming to my tent with torchlight and keep saying we hafta build this thing again 0.o Then suddenly got people ask to go out. Then me and Jes woke up, open the zip but saw no one. That time damn heavy rain d. The whole tent like gonna fly off only xD
Then suddenly the tent runtuh. I tahan the tent then Lynn got up. Bring all juniors out. Someone got no slipper so wore mine. After everyone got out then only I can go out xD
Without slippers I ran to the gathering place. Then they find sleeping bag for the 3 juniors to sleep. So then me and Lynn went to the other end to 'rest'. Then she was like "I hope the juniors are ok".
Then I THINK again. Woots. I was thinking! xD
I told her "Eh, out tent got 4 juniors larh!! Why there only 3??!!"
Then both of us panicked. That time I have no clue where Jes was. She was helping out larh I guess. Then both of us run here and there like siao lang nia!! Looking for Samantha!! Rupa-rupanya she was with Sir Loh! DAmn worried sia~~
Then relieve lorh after saw her!! Then saw HJ, his leg terseliuh. Put him at the side. Then me and Lynn share one sleeping bag, then got 2 juniors came without sleeping bag so we gave them ours. Then saw one sleeping pad. I took, open it and sat on it. Then suddenly Shook Chin came. She slept on the sleeping pad. So me and Lynn just sit there. Haha.
Then I think that time 3am liao. Rain a bit nia. Many all sleep liao. Left me, Lynn, CF, Miss Tan, Nic, Yang, Seph, Sir Tan, xl, josh and Jian I think. Others I can't remember. Then we kheng gai lorh. Then me and Lynn went toilet. Then saw CF, Miss Tan and Yang eating maggi. So me and Lynn went to the tent to take ou food. I took my oreo and she took her cup mee..
So then we ate larh. After eat finish went back to the sleeping place. Then start kheng gai again lorh. Then Yang came and sound us. Ask us to sleep. So I went to Josh's place xD
Haha. Then he can't sleep liao. Lynn was beside me. She 4am then sleep liao 0.o
Josh at the other end also sleep liao. Left me, seph, yang and nic. Nic was talking with me de, I can't remember what happen then he don't know go where. Then seph went and took a few pillows larh. Then me, Seph and Yang sleep on 2 pillows and kheng gai. Seph ask Yang bout his future, then seph talk bout what he wanna bcome larh. Then he ask me also. Then when he ask Yang another question suddenly no answer de. He sleep liao. Haiyo. Then nvm lorh. I say larh, ok larh lets sleep also larh. Wah, that time I can sleep!! tent time damn hard to sleep. Here terus sleep nia. Then don't know where Nic went larh. Yang sleep on the floor -.-ll
Then morning liao. Suddenly the hp ring!! whose hp?? HAN JON!! it was in the slpng bag case.!
Ring damn loud man!! Yang was sounding me! Then off liao lorh. MAna tau after 2 minutes AGAIn the hp rang! So I off! Then another 2 minutes later again it rang! Argh!! I off again.
And for the 4th time it rang again!! Argh, this time Yang took the torchight and hit my head!
Zadao! Hj geh fon but i kena! So then I gave it to Yang then he took out the damn bateri!!
Then finally quiet liao!
After a while, I think that time 6am liao. After one hour of sleep, I woke up. Walao, damn cold man!! I was shivering like hell! Then Shook CHin saw Lynn shivering too. She ask Lynn to share sleeping bag with her. Left me alone with Seph -.-ll Then seph saw me shivering, he pick up the sleeping bag and cover me lorh. I say no need de but he say nvm larh. Then he slept on the floor. So then I have no idea what time larh. Everyone got up and brush teeth lorh.
Then started the second day..
31st May...everyone went back to their tent to clean up. All the towel and sport shoe wet! Used everyones towel to wipe the tent inside.So everyone got no towel lorh..morning had obstacle race. Kinda sien larh. Nothing much to do also wan. Not really that tough also. Then had sketch practice. Hj saw all the juniors damn tired liao. So he say no nid practice or discuss, just sleep. So me and hj slept and all of them slept also I guess. Not sure also larh. I got time sleep then straight sleep liao larh. Then lunch. Then had Amazing Game. 7 station. All damn blurr xD My socks was soaking wet so I borrowed Nic's socks..
I like Lois and Jes geh station. At least can run around. Others kinda sien lorh. The bean wan also quite nice..hehe...xl station master..hehe...Mel and Jian geh station damn -.-ll
Wanna build human pyramid, hj say i bcome base..again Eugene commented!! He say "she damn weak where can be base!!" zadao zadao zadao!!
Nic tipu us..zadao..
Then after was cleaning up time again. This time I gotta bathe!! Everyone was waiting for the bathroom. Me and Mei Lan just use the tap water to wash hair. Don't care liao. Then I use the toilet pipe to bathe 0.o
No one dare to use the toilet also. Why don't dare owh. Got water ma enough larh. Want so clean for what. Camp ma. Go back then man man bathe larh.
I don't know why after Amazing game I damn no mood.. really really damn no mood that time. Then singing and had bbq and also porridge..
I like the porridge a lot. Hehe. Then Nic, seph and hj bbq for us lorh. Ate 2 chicken wing! hehe.Then had discussion of mission again. Everyone gave idea this time. But all look damn tired. Then after that was Super Mafia 2008. Wah, this wan kinda hard cos our group the juniors too young liao. Jes say our sq no respond de. Only me and hj got responds. -.-ll
Hamson didn't play. Again he slept early. Hehe.
We screwed up the game though. But the time we finding for bus stop was really really really funny! Until now I still remember! That dude that was so fake man! He was just standing there to watch stars.So then we thought he was one of the PIC. DAmn larh. We were chatting with him for like 20 minutes I think 0.o
The way he talk damn fake larh. Some more he ask bout 'ah kao'! Haha. Omgosh. Only those who were there know larh! xD
Then again we were the last I think to come back lorh. Then havent discuss anything, PIC ask to pass up. Zadao! Then they changed plan. Say tomorrow. Hmm..don't care larh. Just simply write then hantar liao.
Then 11 sumthing liao. Everyone went back to tent. There were so many wet stuffs all over the tent and all those plastic bags..haiz.. Lynn had meeting again -.-ll But ended early..So everyone just clean up larh. I mean just put everything one side then sleep at the other side. This time Jes slept beside me. I don't know how they can fall asleep so damn easily. I couldn't again! Til like after 1am. Then finally I slept.
1st June...woke up at 6am..alarm was at 6.50am..Hmm..the weather was so freaking cold..cannot tahan liao..some more nothing covering me. No blanket at all. I just wake up and sit there looking at everyone in the tent. I wanted to go out of the tent to walk walk. But I don't wanna go alone. I wanted to wake Jes, but don't need larh. So I just sit there and shiver lik hell!! whole body shivering.
After 45 minutes of shiver I decided to wake them up. It was 6.45, 5 minutes before the alarm ring. I woke Jes up and she woke the rest. So I say lets go brush teeth and all. Went to the first wc, no water. So went to the next one. Outside got water, got 2 pipe. One guy use, one gal use. I fast fast brush all larh. Then wait for them.
Then Lynn told me she have to do sharing so she went and prepare for it. Then suddenly Yang told me I also have to do. So I blurr @.@
Then Jes went and help out somewhere..the kitchen?? not left me and the juniors again.
I went to keep my stuffs after the juniors. Omgosh, the tent. No one there but all the sleeping bags still open -.-ll
I ask Mei Jing go call all the juniors come help to clean up. After 5 minutes, no one came bck. No more wasting time, I just fold everything up and put one side. 5 sleeping bags I do alone. Damn tired. After that had breakfast and sketch practise. Haiz. Our sketch kinda lame larh. All also my and hj idea. Haiz. Again hj let them rest -.-ll
So we 2 think and think lorh. Then finally sketch time. Acted and comment? Too many cut scene..haiz..
Then after that had cb..don't know what to say. Play all out lorh. Had lotsa fun, that's all I can say. Then lunch. And clean up. YOU SEE!! ALL THE PLASTIC BAG THEY DIDN'T CLEAN UP.
Cleaning up time me and Jes keep asking whose wan whose wan lorh. Haiz. Then finally clean up and pack bag. Went to own sq. Naik bus. Slept in bus. Reach church was raining. Called my dad. Went home.
Got scolding from mum. Sms a few people. Sleep til 7pm.
My mum say wan go out dinner she ask me no need go. So after they left I wake up, use gor's pc online. Til they come home I off and bathe. Then eat lorh. Like that nia.
Haha..then at night slept at 12 sumthing.
1. Teamwork! My sq didn't really had this so gotta improve more in this.
2. Punctuality!
3. Respect! You gotta respect those elder or higher post then you dude! Don't just do what you want.
4.Responsible! If you have a post please do your job. Don't push your work to other people.
5. Helping one another! Thanks to those who helped me a lot in this camp. Cheering me up when I'm down. Appreciate it a lot.
Can't think of others now. But I really learnt a lot larh.
Hope to go for another camp again. Hope my dad will let larh. He got lotsa excuse wan everytime -.-
CHiows for now =)