Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have no idea why I'm here.
Just got so fed up of something.
I hate going to school.
I hate going out of my house.
I hate leaving my room.
I told mum that I will not be going anywhere until my problem is gone.
I will not go anywhere else but school and tuition.

Call me names, tease me all you want.
I tried to put up a smile to remind myself to stay strong.
But all I did was to remind myself that I am hurt, deep down inside.
Can you see the smile on my face?
Trying hard to keep it there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomorrow is someone's birthday ^^
Read back my last year post and you shall know whose birthday it is =)
It was like just yesterday that we prepared sandwiches.
Gosh, see how fast time flies.

Btw, mum keep saying that I have H1N1 =.=
Should I continue skipping school? =P
I wish I can. xD
Would love to =D
But I don't think it is larhh.
So, I will be going to school tomorrow.

2 more days and here comes July =)
Gin the Great Monkey's birthday is COMING =P

I'm freaking bored now cause I am super lazy to complete any of my homework and super lazy to do any other thing than blogging =P

The world is not gonna end.
There will be a cure for every problem, every sickness and every sadness =)
You just gotta stay strong and believe in yourself =)


Finally back from camp =)
Camp was pretty tiring.
2 days of camp and both days also we have to stand and do our activities under the rain =(

So started with registration early in the morning in school field.
Then off to Lembah Genting. Lembah Genting is actually located below Genting Highlands.
Wow, something I didn't know.
And the journey took us more than 2 HOURS! Woots.
Hehe. Thanks to Ija for sharing her breakfast with me. Wasn't planning on eating that day =x
Slept almost the whole journey till the bus stopped at somewhere steep =.=
Cause got other bus rosak dy.
Altogether 4 buses lerh.
We reached at the campsite at 10am something.
Then had some taklimat and BREAKFAST AGAIn!! =D
Our theme song for this camp was "Warisan" and "Gemuruh" WITH ACTION. LOL!
Our first activity was Flying Fox and Obstacle Course.
We were told that this camp would be 90% outdoor activity and 10% indoor activity which is SLEEPING AND EATING =P
Participants were divided into 10 groups.
Heh. I was in group ITEK!
I have no idea why is it spelled like that xD
But my group only had one person that I know =.=
But nevermind larh. Make friends marh =)
Ariff was the group leader =)
All the groups were divided into 2 groups.
One went for obstacle Course and the other, which includes my group went for Flying Fox.
We had to walk through a river to go to the flying fox place.
When we reached, there were almost 90 participants waiting for that one pathetic flying fox.
Lucky I had hui jun that time.
So we good-kind-heartedly let all the others go first =x
Haha. It was also awarded as the "Best Waiting Moment" LOL.
Cause we sang till the rain fall.
Sang till the rain stopped.
And kheng gai-ed till one of us left xD
Owh yea, we fed mosquitoes too =.=
When it rained, we didn't know what to do.
Then we go hide under one tree. Holding a huge dead leaf on top of our head. =)
It was really a memorable memory for us =)
We waited from 2.30pm till 6.30pm =.=
Reached the ground at around 6 something.
The one and only thing I hate going to camp is there's ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS no water =.=
So we had to wait and wait and wait =.=
Whoosh, I only used 2 buckets of water to bathe xD
Then we had dinner =)
Skipped tea time though =.=
Then there was some talk thingy. Wasn't paying attention AT ALL =P
Too tired.
I bet half of those who were there fell asleep =P
I didn't sleep but was NIGHT-DREAMING xD
Then we were asked to go and get ready for Night Trekking =)
We started the night trekking around 12am-ish =.=
Everyone were tired and exhausted but they still insisted to carry on the activities =.=
I thought night trekking would be like night walk but I was wrong =.=
It wasn't scary at all.
And when we were trekking, we stopped at one dark place and everyone had to sit down.
Then the incharge person gave some motivating talk which wasn't that motivating =P
Most of them cried and blahh blahh blahh..
I have no idea why I didn't cry or get any nearer to sobbing xD
I was thinking "Adui, when is this gonna end??!" =P
This time got one girl pok mong on Ariff xD LOL!
Damn funny larh.
That girl so gatal =.=
So then we reached which we call the-end-0f-the-jungle-a.k.a-the-road-side xD
Everyone had to walk alone along the highway back to campsite.
It was a long queue of course till our turn =.=
So basically most of us slept in the jungle while waiting for our turn.
Same goes for me. Haha. We sat on the wet wet, hard hard, yeecky-yicky-yucky ground and slept =)
I thought it was scary. But it was only cold. Real cold to be walking alone along the highway =)
But great experience.
That guy behind me walked damn fast, he caught up to me and teacher thought we were walking together =.=
Reached campsite nearly 4am.
Then need to wait for the others.
They did one prank on us. BLAHH!
It was lights off at 4 something.
There was no sam-si-talk at all.
Everyone was just too exhausted to even open eyes....

Teacher screamed at the front of our door at 6.30am! Argghhh!
Why?? T.T
So we had to wake up feeling all grumpy and still wanting to sleep more T.T
Started with morning exercise.
It was still RAINING eh T.T
Had 'line-dance' and also some aerobics =)
Woots, thanks to Ija for teaching me line-dancing =)
We did morning exercise together with SMK Kelana Jaya =.=
After exercise, had breakfast. I was really really hungry that time.
Then we learnt a bit bout the compas and then had jungle trekking =)
Fun fun fun.
Especially where we need to go into the river =)
Damn damn damn cold eh xD
And when we need to cross the river using only one string.
Reminded me bout Junior Camp @.@ and my scar xD
When we reached the other side, we had to walk through one damn slippery pathway.
It was damn slippery!! Nearly fall like so many times. Thanks to Sheryl for holding me =)
Woots, bakat terserlah! =)
Not me larh =.=
Girls' work only cari kayu api =P
But still damn tiring cause that place not much resources and damn dangerous cause above us were durians =.=
Yazid's bakat terserlah as a scout xD
He damn yeng sia. Kept doing everything cause all the others don't know what to do =.=
Including me larh =x
Heh. He cooked potato for me ^^
Finished cooking at around 2 something. We only cooked Sardin, rice, tea, potato and egg =.=
On our way back, the food finished =.=
We had to cross another river. But this time we were given a chance to play in the water after crossing! =)
Some more the water damn cold.
Then clean up and LUNCH =)
During lunch, the in charge people were talking something like appreciation speech which I don't think anyone listened cause we were all concentrating on eating xD
After lunch, the muslims had to pray and we sat in the dewan.
It was raining very heavily.
I slept off.....
Then after that had closing ceremony.
Blahh blahh blahh like normal.
Some slept off =.=
But I didn't =)
Then prize giving.
And had gotong royong.
Duhh, of course I won't do larh =x
Left the campsite at 4 something =)
The in charge people keep going up the bus and say he wanna follow us back =.=
Woots, most of us slept the whole journey back to school =)
Hui jun asked me one question..
"You got em seh dak marh?"
I answered..
"Nahh, I wanna get home ASAP!" =P
It was really tiring.
Reached home around 6 something, nearly 7pm.
Bathed and had dinner.
Slept off even before 11pm x_X

This camp I didn't learn anything =x
But it was somehow fun =)
Besides waiting, waiting and waiting =.=
And thanks to camp, I have headache T.T
Will be going back to school tomorrow =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Went through a long day today.
When I reach school, I heard Pn K shouting at every Indian students asking them to proceed to Dewan Seri Angsana @.@
Then I went inside class. Angela over there laughing =.=
Tk also.
Apasal larh dua roti orang nih =P
Then Angela say go canteen. Got some program for us x_X
Then marh go lorh. Saw Puan Rosmaini there.
Then she halau us!!! Arghh T.T
Why lerh? Cause we SESAT =.=
There only for FORM 4 =.=
Haha. Teacher ask us go Block C xD
Then Tk, Angela, Boon Jun, Wen Bin and myself walk lorh.
Walk walk walk, got one turn.
Then we turn behing. BIN BIN DISAPPEARED!!!
Mana diaa??!! LOL
Angela freaked out =.= HAHA!
We were searching all over for him eh xD Damn childish =x
Angela say go in the middle of the taman there and shout "BIN BIN! WHERE ARE YOu??!?" LOL!!
Then finally saw him =.= He took another turn.
Then all masuk one class @.@ I don't know what class. KC like forcing people to enter =x
Then alfa-rians + lok yee sat together at one spot.
Tk was predicting what I was gonna do or something like that =.=
Then I don't know what happened, Lynn lao gai-ed @.@
Then when enter class, got taklimat for those going Integrasi Camp.
Ija and me went. Then call hui jun and Sheryl.
Err, wasting time nia larh that taklimat.
Till finish Physics masa some more =.=
Blahh..blahh..blahh..RECESS!! =x
Angela and I went canteen.
We bought food. I took that lidi thing then she also want take =.=
Then when go toilet, she ask me hold marh.
I wait outside for her. Then I don't know how I hold, hold dao poke dao people =x
Lucky she didn't scold me xD
Then back to class. All kena halau out xD
Then after recess, BI was a waste of time =.=
Then Vanessa, Gin and I kept singing nursery rhymes =.=
Then I edited "Oh when the saints go marching in" xD
Damn yeng lorh =x
Everytime I see tk, I will sing that song =P

After school ended, tk, ky and I went outside school geh chinese shop =)
Then went for lunch with Jian and Mel =x
Then had GROUP STUDY in tk's house =x
Haha. We studied nothing wei!! =)
Tk's bro's attitude same like him eh =.=
His bro is like a smaller version of him =.=
And a cuter version xD

Everything has it's first time ^^
Well, thanks to you, I have my first =)
And I'm glad that my first was with you ^^

the owner of this blog is getting baby-er and lazier to blog
or even do that long-time-ago-tag =x

blogging while schooling now XD
here's a song to encourage the owner of this blog to blog more often ^^

i love bread =x

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hema's blog is always, always, always a reminder of all those great times we spent together.
Even as a class.
4 Alfa drama ROCKS! =)
Thanks to every single alfarians that contributed.

Cempaka school down.
Whens Perimbun?

This stupid headache is killing me!

Do not judge a book by it's cover!
Wow, this is like so so so true.

Been through so many things today.
And all of it had really opened my eyes about what and how life goes.
It's weird how love and hatred can sometimes drive people crazy.
It's just a feeling.
But somehow it affects humans way beyond the expectations.

I just hope that prayers prayed are answered.
God, do guide those who seek You for advice and help and lead them to joy and forever happiness.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I am here! Semangat-ly TRYING to blog =.=
I can barely remember anything from school.
Other than cute cute cute cute Pavi that hugged me when I went near her and baby Angela that was so freaking cute after she finish crying ^^
I only remember those crying babies. Haha.
Pathetic brain of mind.
Can't even store a bit of memories to be shared.

Anyway, I'll try to remember as much as I can @.@
Started off with assembly right?
Was freaking sleepy larh.
I was sleeping during assembly.
Then had taklimat for those going for Integrasi Camp =)
So basically I missed 1/4 of Bio class =.=
Woots, add marks!
I can't remember what happen during Bio class =.=
After Bio was Chem =.=
How pathetic is our time table. Sigh.
I was freaking bored during Chem!
Cause I didn't bring that holiday package thingy.
*Not that I did it =x
Ky and Teck Kien did some stupid lame experiment with the pen cap =.=
None of us (at the back table) were paying attention at what teacher was discussing about @.@
I was really really really restless =.=
Kay, then for no reason we talked bout menopause @.@
Eh wait, that was during bio @.@
LOL. Cause tk claims to have osteoporosis =.=
Kay, what so ever!
RECESS! My favourite subject! =P
Tk ask me help him buy food. I ask him what he want me to buy.
He reply "I don't know" =.=
So end up, I didn't buy anything for him.
Mana tau I reach class he go scold me T.T
Then I shouted back at him..
"You told me you want to eat I-don't-know!
I went canteen, the kakak ask me what I wanna buy, I said I want I-don't-know!
The kakak say here x jual I-don't-know!" =.=
After recess had BM right? 0.o
Add marks =)
Then went for oral check =.=
But end up didn't do anything.
So Angela, Brigs and I skipped half of physics =.=
We entered blurr-ly.
And I did nothing.
Then Irfanah gave me a nice massage. Damn nice! =)
After that was erm, sejarah @.@
Well, I guess that's it larh for schooling hours =)

After that we picnic-ed in 7-11 =)
Thanks to Cm for this idea.
We bought drugs maggi mee and sat in 7-11 to eat @.@
Each of us bought two packet =.=
I feel damn guilty for going for duty late T.T
It's like damn late. 3 something only enter PS eh!!
Arghh..but at least we did something larh =)
I tebus-ed back my kesalahan ^^
Then went back.

....can't remember all but at least some =)
Thanks tk, for reminding me!

Sometimes things that are plan might not work out.
Pretty emo now.
I don't know.
Maybe what others see is more accurate than what I feel?
I don't know.
Han Jon, help me T.T
My faith is breaking =(
I'm afraid to face tomorrow.
I don't know what will happen.

Those tears,
they are right in my eyes,
but why doesn't it fall out?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My brain is very blank now!

Just wanna wish...

Happy Fathers' Day

all FATHERS out there =)

Hehe. This year at least there's something for my dad.
A muffin ^^
Thanks to 2009 Confirmation Students for selling muffins in church yea!

Just wish oral goes well this Tuesday.
I wish Friday will come faster! Faster! Faster than usual! =)
I wish camp will be fun.
I wish I can see you now T.T

Sigh. Speechless.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesh! Song picked xD

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion ^^

Heh! This song kinda nice =)
But Briggita wanna sing to someone =x So I teman her sing larh xD

These few days, school was kind of meaningless.
I know I damn noob.
Today Brigs got BK exam. Well, good luck!
She was trying hard to study in class today. Haha. Too bad she was sitting next to me xD
But today I guai a bit larh. I go behind buat bising xD
Then ran to Mana there xD
We were talking bout craps. Haha. As usual, Brigs was talking bout her oh-so-special someone xD
Then we asked each other, who we think will change after secondary school.
I said VINOD!! Woots!
I think he'll be a damn cool, smart, good looking and gentleman adult!
Today we had emergency lisan xD
Damn chun wan.
Mana wanted to talk bout guys for lisan =.=
Btw, I just realised I damn fierce T.T
Yea T.T Omgosh!
But good what xD
gahhh...lazy blog dy =.= Whatever happens, happened larh......

Happy Birthday to Yee Lian!! =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After the holidays..

Basically class ended up different after that 2 weeks holiday.
Yep, those broken bonds were glued back together again =)
Glad that happened ^^
I just wish it will remain the same, well, till school ends or longer.
It's sad to see how much friends change as years passes by.
5 Alfa and maybe 5 Beta will be missing the most cheerful teacher ever. Zaleha =')
But still our lazy teachers still remain in class......Haha, tau tau larh siapa =x
And we still have our Father and Mother of the class ^^
*LOL, I actually ter-call tk DY today =x =x*
Lucky he wasn't listening to me that time =P
Cause mummy and daddy were arguing, me, as a daughter, cannot stand them arguing. So I ask them to stop. But that bad bad lui, Angela ask them to start fighting =.=
Finally, mummy gave up =P
Omgosh, it's so freaking cute. My class, my family ^^
Many 1 Amanah students really changed throughout the years xD
Haha. 1 Amanah students, open your eyes and look around and you'll realise the changes! =)
It's really amazing how humans and relationship can change in a few years.
I'm writing bout 1 Amanah student cause they were the ones that I met since the first day of my schooling days. Sorry to those not from amanah k.
And something that Brigs kept telling me =.=
"Eh, you realise x? It's like finally! Me, you and Gurv are liking guys from our own races!"
LOL. That's a false statement though =P
I have no idea how the conversation today went til the time I cried in class during Form 1 =.=
Haha, I got all stuck there =x Cause, I don't know what to say. It was embarassing and somehow it brings back BAD memories. But I got over it in Form 3 =P
Haha, it took me 3 years to get over it. LOL.
Anyway, I know I have changed too.
Physically, I'm not that vacuum-ed-hair girl like what Lynn says.
I'm not that emotionless girl.
And I'm not that dependent girl anymore.
I'm more to myself lately.
Trying not to care bout what others think.
Living life to the fullest and not being so pessimist, although sometimes I might over-react =.=
Now I do think of all the consequences before I do an act.
Laughing out as loud as possible incase tomorrow never comes =)
Believing that today is a gift.
Learning to be a responsible person.
Changing my last minute attitude.
And lastly, loving everyone beside me.

Suddenly feel like listening to this song back.
Played it damn many times dy xD

Got back results.
A few results larh.
Hmm, some dropped. Some improved =)

Currently finding for songs to sing during talent time.
Yes, I MIGHT be entering =)
With my dear dear dear guitarist xD
We're gonna do a duet but we have no idea what song to sing =.=

Attending school was sorta wasting time these two days.
Yesterday we had a small group of jokers =.=
Then today everyone split.
Okay, maybe not everyone. Haha.
The group was still behind there.
But less people.
Today was kinda boring. I don't know why.
I know today the PS table glass broke =.=
Pn Sakinah bad mood. Sigh.
Anyway, Zaleha visited us today ^^
She said she will miss us =)
Zaleha, the only model-liked teacher, the only one that called us "misguided souls" and the only one that smiles broadly even when she is scolding =.=
Will miss her.

Well, that's all for today.
Nothing much to elaborate about.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nowadays damn malas blog.
Maybe there's just nothing to blog bout.
Tomorrow school reopen. Sigh.
As usual, IHATEMONDAYS! Arghh..
Anyway, I still can't wait to go to school and meet my cute cute cute cute cute Pavi xD
Can't wait to see her face when I give to her the thing I bought for her xD
Omgosh, I can't wait xD

I got nothing to do now.
Way pass my sleepy time =.=
So now I'm just browsing through Mabel's photos taken in Genting! Woots!
Heard lotsa stories bout that camp =P
M&M?? Hmm? Explanation please!! =P

Anyway, 10th and 11th July booked! =D
When's camp btw? 0.o
I forgot =.=

Gosh, I can't believe I'm in the same BEC with Bryan Arul.
Well, weird larh.
Same age, same cathecism, now same BEC some more.
And my new BEC is like so few families.
During Prayer Meet, can count using fingers also.
That day was the first Prayer Meet for this year xD
Their last one was in Janury 2008 xD
Woots! A start of something new =P

Erm, I damn malas do the tag eh people.
When I free I will do kay.
That might be erm, on Thursday x_X

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe being all good is actually not that good x_X
Sucks lerh.
Life's like that =)
But being good is always better than being bad ^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nothing to say. Just wanna wish Chee Ming happy birthday. Sorry this year nothing special for you.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Total Randomness

Holidays rocks! Rocks! Rocks! =]
Owh yea, forgot to post something.
We saw Zhen Feng in Times Square that day. =)
Ehem, with his girlfriend!! LOL.
Yes, I am not a fan of him.
It's so weird!
Okay, we're not sure whether it was his girlfriend or his younger sis cause there was also an aunty in front of them.
We were basically chasing him to see who the girl was =P
When they pass us, we only saw HIM. Like why?? Cause his face is kinda attractive =P

So anyway, I wanna hang out with Sheryl and Hui Jun again someday =]
It's so fun and hmm, comfortable xD

Sigh, today is the 9th of June.
Guess what?
Bible knowledge students are off to Genting for their 3 days trip today.
Sigh. I wonder what they are doing now.
What they chatted during their journey there.
I miss miss miss miss them so freaking much.
And MABEL! You x ajak me go Leisure punnnn!! =(
Lain kali must call this babe also larh. Always you and Francesca nia.
Hmm, hope they have fun in camp =)
They'll be back on the 11th of June.
Hehe. Hope to get updated bout the camp.
And MABEL, do post pictures of ya'll kay? =) LOVE YA'LL!

Basically spent my whole morning till noon in front of the computer again =.=
Watching ANTM. I can't wait for it to END.
Went tuition late again today =.=
I have no idea why though.
But addmaths tuition is always fun =)
Today learn addition formulae. NICE....
Then went to pasar malam with parents.

Anyway, I have no idea why dad just ajak-ed me to Leisure Mall tomorrow.
I thought he going work? 0.o
Tomorrow hibernating day for me larh =P

Monday, June 08, 2009

TS! =)
On Sunday, Hui Jun, Sheryl and I went to Times Square.
It was a rather last minute plan =)
But still it worked out.
Who say last minute plans don't work out perfectly?
Well, I can say this is one of those perfect last minute plannings =)
Morning woke up early and watched cartoon ^^ as usual.
Then got ready and went to Sheryl's house to pick them up.
Reach TS nia we go buy ticket.
Hui Jun, you forgot to blog bout something!
That guy with the 10, 000 BC hairstyle xD
Hui Jun keep saying, "Eh I wanna touch his hair" =.=
And she keep wondering whether got kutu or not =.=
Sheryl had free ticket for movie. NOT FAIR!
Then nevermind.
Movie started.
More elaboration view here.
Yea, I hate that small girl too =.=
After that went gasoline =)
We took damn long just to pick the food =.=
Here are some pictures with my owh-so-lame-and-low-quality-phone =D

This picture says it all wei!
Sheryl SOT-ing one baby =.=
That baby really kena sot till cannot sot dy =x
His family want leave the place dy then he came over to our place and cry =x
Really damn cute lerh ^^
Then sing k in Sg Wang.
Then walk walk yi xia.
This part damn funny.
I have no idea why we splitted =.=
Sheryl walk damn fast, I walk moderate speed, Hui Jun walk damn kinda slow =x
Then I catch up with Sheryl and look behind.
We saw Hui Jun go turn lerh!!
She simply walk de!!
Then I look from behind her.
She walk then can't see us dy, she PANICKED =x =x LOL!
Funny dao xD
But after that I go take her larh =P
That whole day I kena call "dai ga jie" eh =.=
Just cause my birthday earlier than those 2 dao gei =x
Then walk walk walk, walk dao Times Square le.
Then at 6 something dad send them home =)

That was 7th June =)
Last minute planning rocks! =P

8th June =P

Had the longest midnight I could ever imagine. Sigh.
Thanks TK =)
Woke up damn early. Like really early ^^
Then got prepared and waited for Kah Choon and Brigs.
Wow, for the first time I ask my gor go sleep my room, he actually got up and moved to my room @.@ Thanks gor ^^
Then discuss lorh bout the EST thingy.
Kinda fun =)
Cause watch Youtube the whole time.
And of course crapped xD
Then 12.30 dad sent them back.
Dad went out. Before that he ask what lunch I want.
So I waited =.=
And waited.
And waited =.=
Till I slept off zzz
Till 4pm.
I woke up and saw no food =.=
Then slept back.
Till 5pm.
He's still not back yet =.=
5.10pm, he's finally back.
With nasi lemak =.=
Fine, I'll just take my lunch at 5.15pm.
Then rushed for tuition.
In tuition.
Common topic.
Food =.= Chocolate =.= And Movie =.=
But today got add more. Something call MARTINI =P

Tomorrow addmaths tuition =)
Sure gonna be fun ^^

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Can I bang myself on the freaking wall???!!! T.T
I'm sorry to all my dearies T.T

Anyway, tomorrow, I hope, I will be fine =P
But I don't want take picture tomorrow T.T
And sorry cause late inform that my dad will send us tomorrow x_X
Really sorry T.T
Anyway, hope to have fun tomorrow =)
Get a LIFE! =P

First and foremost,
Anson Lim GET A LIFE!
Blogging is not wasting time.
It's called memories written down and SHARING with others! =P
You selfish lamo! =P

Gosh, weather is killing!
You get into the bathroom to bathe and come out realising that you've just came out from "sungai peluh" =.=
Anyway, today BB kinda tiring x_X
Wow, I didn't do anything and I'm complaining that I'm tired =.=

Grats to Ban Kok for successfully becoming a song leader =)
His first time is way better than mine.
Maybe you really need to be charismatic to get on stage. Sigh, just what I don't have.
Moving on...
Bible class.
Two way communication ^^
Halfway kena panggil keluar.
Basically missed half of Bible class and the whole of Computer Knowledge class.
Someone! Please tell me what ya'll learn kay =)
This time, I'm gonna pass up my homework like EARLY! xD
Then went around looking for my lost bag.
Haha. Lynn say with Jes.
But finally Anson walk to me holding my bag x_X
After that had drill.
Today gabung. Like why?? 0.o
Had squad activity after that.
Squad 5 fun eh =x
All small small, active active and cute cute members there xD
Combined with them today =)
Cause our squad leader and assistant didn't come =(
Today our squad got Cm, Bk, May San ^^, Tk, Ks, and me nia.
Today I help May San with her belt =x LOL.
As usual, went home early =(
Straight to bathroom as usual.
Then went church.
But today different.
Cause I was freaking exhausted T.T
Today had a priest from Sacred Heart church =)
Woots, today Daniel Jude be commentator xD LOL!
His voice LOL.
So not clear xD
But omgosh, he's so tall =.=

Anyway, after that we rushed home for one freaking lame reason =x
Then I was rushing up to my my room.
I go kick the stairs =.=
Not the stairs, the last step, THE WALL! ='(
Pain dao!
Some more want go out dy got phone call =.=
Then rush rush rush...
Go Cheras Awana eat.
Eat dao 9.30 =.=
Damn many funny things happen =.=
But all kinda lame.
I go wujudkan a taman call Taman I don't Know =.=
Anyway, I hate cockroach =.=
Then back home =)

Another memory crafted on the concrete wall =)
5th June ^^ No wait, exact a bit, 6th June =x

Friday, June 05, 2009

Holiday =.=

The holidays are erm boring-plus-fun =)
Just finish my back-to-back movies xD
Morning started with Camp Rock, then to Monster vs Alien (Yes, I watched it several times already but I still find it funny xD), then Bride Wars and then Hotel for Dogs! =)

Next week will be kinda a tight schedule. Yea.
Monday I hope we'll have that discussion =) Heh.
Tuesday I hope I'll go for camp =)
Thursday I hope I'll be back safely =)
And friday...well, I don't know what to expect xD

Anyway, weekends are here.
So that means, bye bye to the first week of holidays.
So far, what I did?
Yea, I completed Maths, English and EST holiday PACKAGE =.=
YESh! =)
Still got Bio, Chem, Phy and Addmaths. Ouch, homeworks.
Ikky, Yikky, Yucky stuffs that are called HOMEWORKS =(
But i still will finish it =)
Cause it's the only thing that has become a reminder to me that SPM is coming. Sigh.

I'm definitely blessed =)
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Inspirations =)

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am AWAKE!!

It is now 9.43am. Today is the beginning of my HOLIDAY!! Woots! =)
How Teck Kien!! Mana luu??! =(
Ask people come online awal pagi but I don't even see you online!
Babi Lasilaham-tua-dumbo-defenseless-gay! =x
Woots, I'm extra happy this morning. heh!
Why lerh why lerh?
Cause I got down on the CORRECT side on the bed ^^
Anyway, has been waking up at 6.30am for the pass few days.
I forgot to blog bout yesterday =.=
Nothing much yesterday.
Woke at 6.30am.
Cm's mum came at 7.30am.
Then go pick up one aunty and off to school =)
Reach school, Bilik Guru lock =.=
Then saw Maha. I kena tegur =.= Swt larh.
As usual, last minute work sure not complete de larh.
No pictures and passport size picture. Sigh.
Cm and I bought breakfast outside school and ate at opposite church there.
Then song practice started.
Walao, damn cold lerh yesterday morning =)
Anyway, sorry to my Big Didi T.T SORRY!
Song practice ended and went home.
Damn sleepy eh that time.
Ate maggie mee ^^ After so long dy =)
Then I went on Youtube to search for the video Sir Vinod intro-ed.
Haha, that guy kinda funny. But not really really really funny!
Then ANTM-ed!! ^^
Too bad no leng luii and no pro's =.=
Watch till kinda sien. And no huge girl fights like all the seasons before.
Gin, if you miss this season, it doesn't really matter also. It's kinda boring zzz
So after that I went to bed =) At 5pm =.=
Woke up at 6.45pm. Felt like sleeping back cause had a terrible slight headache xD

Memories building up upon a hard concrete wall.
I hope it never breaks or crack.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Day sucked.

Woke up at 6.30am.
Left home at 7.30am.
Ate breakfast with cm.
Reach church at 8.30am.
Song practice till 10.30am.
Meeting a while with musicians and song leaders a while.
Change to pj baju.
Walked to school using hulu langat way cause mum say kampung way too dangerous.
Stopped at every damn traffic light cause it was red for pedestrians.
Damn those traffic lights!
Reached school at 11.30am.
Went up to PS.
Can't see any buddy.
Called Brig.
She say in Bilik Bahasa.
I thought PS got work to do there.
Went there, went to wrong stairs, walk to another stairs, wasted damn much energy and time!
Went bilik bahasa, they help Pn K instead of PS!
Damn shyt! Went back to PS =.=
Saw Mana and Irfanah. Lie down on floor a while, too tired, too exhausted to even speak =(
Then teacher came in, ask to do work.
Continue labeling.
Then went out buy food.
Then went in back.
Insert data into computer.
Somehow something happened.
Was planning to walk back.
Kinda pissed. WHY? Cause I was super exhausted and angry of something.
Told Mana and Irfanah bout my toe =.=
They say will grow bernanah. Gosh, who cares =.=
Then walked to Irfanah's house.
Slept there =)
Di-woke-kan by 2 babies xD
Cute cute, very cute ^^
Eye big big de. One more like koala bear xD
They kept crying.
Baby de cry cause hungry.
Toddler cry cause err..baby cried? 0.o No wait, cause he made something spoil =.=
Anyway, her house kinda chaotic with those BABIES around zzz
But somehow fun.
Mum fetched me home.
Reach home a while nia then went tuition.
Late for tuition =.=
Sir taught some trigonometry identities.
He ask, can remember or not? I terus geleng head xD
He say "Wah, this girl arh, haven't salin finish already say no no no Sir" xD
Then dad fetch back.
Then ran away from home went out without informing parents.
Got busted Dad found me.
Brought me to pasar malam to sell to buy stuff =.=
I lost direction =.= Parents walk so damn fast. Mum one side, dad went another side.
I got damn fed up. Waited in the middle.
Saw Nic, Ric, Josi and Josh =)
Then mum want go buy dinner. Dad like damn freaking blurr don't know want go where.
Again I got pissed off. Walked straight to car.
Then go pick mum.
Reached home.
Asked dad to help take picture of me and mum washing dishes for Moral project.
Dad say don't disturb him watching show.
And he scolded me for rushing to do my moral project.
I don't even know what's the reason I got scolding =.=
He don't want take? Nevermind larh. Tomorrow ask gor take!
Then I ask mum take for other photos. He damn sibuk wan take.
I ignored him and ask him please don't help.
Then here I am blogging =.=
I still got 2 kerja amal to do T.T
Sigh. Holiday suck to the max!
Gosh, I haven't inform Gin that I'm not going tomorrow.
Getting ready to be called a ffk-er again =.=

Monday, June 01, 2009


=P nsm sucks wei. I think mine currently having some problems =.=

Happy Birthday


Huggie buggie Gurvie ^^

Love you to bits!! =)

And thanks for the memories of FUTSAL-ing xD
Although I sucked big time in it. Sigh. LOL!
So I walked to Gurv's house in the morning and we waited for half of the gang to reach and headed to Challengers after that :)
We found some weird biji-biji stuff on the ground. I was like "It's SHYT!!"
Haha. Don't know who say it's FERTILISERS. LOL. Weird.
Anyway, game started.
Then ended =x
And we had lunch ^^
Thanks for the lunch ^^
Btw, just somthing entertaining here =.=
the DOTS `` is me..and..
the TK is tk =.=
. `` says:
btw, u done moral?
TK says:
TK says:
1am do
TK says:
. `` says:
owh kk
TK says:
. `` says:
erm, tonite lorh
TK says:
night or midnite?
TK says:
. `` says:
err, morning @.@
TK says:
lol -.-
TK says:
Felicia Kok says:*erm, tonite lorh
. `` says:
. `` says:
. `` says:
. `` says:
. `` says:
morning x kira nite ker? =P
Okay, it's just plain dumb. Anyway, I wasn't concentrating on the conversation okay! =x
Kay, anyway, continue, craps, distractions =.=
So Gurv's mum sent me home. Bathe and slept.
Now all my stuffs (pillows and all) are in the guest room =.=
Why? Cause noon can't sleep. Gor kept blasting the music. So I went downstairs to sleep.
Woke up right on time for tuition =)
Today tuition was all bout Chemistry!! Arhhh =.=
Sir let us do one trial exam paper. Then as usual, when discuss time suddenly jump topic wan.
From water bath to ESSENTIAL OIL BATH to SPA =.=
And then to chocolate and also PERFUMES. WTH LOL!
And then boys and girls. LOL. Leng lui and Popo =.=
Anyway, Sir kept talking bout Terminator =.=
Arrrhhh T.T Sad larh =x
Back home. Mum cooked dishes that I can't eat =.=
BEANS. Sigh.

Not going out anymore for holidays ^^
Staying at home and maybe hibernate? 0.o LOL.
Tomorrow gonna be a long tiring holiday day =(
Yep, I wish I will be back safely ^^
Aik, I thought I had sorethroat that day? 0.o Apasal today bo liao geh? Weird.
Anyway, I'm still having headache. Wee~ ^^
I hope I don't pass out in the middle of the road tomorrow when I'm walking to school.