Thursday, January 01, 2009

I still have a few hours more till the lights goes off and no one will be wishing me Happy New Year anymore. Ever wonder why people only send wishes only on 1st January and 31st December? Aren't 2nd January a new year too?
Kay, let's not waste any of my precious time. I'm here to post bout Junior Camp since it's at a very high demand from all my blog viewers, well, I guess 0.o

Okay, like what officers said, it wasn't a well planned camp. In my point of view of course. I sucked big time in organising stuffs. But at least I learnt something out of this camp =D

The day before camp, hj, Jian, Mel, Yang, Jes and myself were hmm, how to say? Staying up very late? LOL Yep, we were at Jes' house having a little chat time and STAYING UP LATE. Okay then we were all suppose to be in church by 8am the next morning, that was what I thought larh. But that morning I woke up at 6.30am cause the FnB peeps (SY and myself) were suppose to go to the market to buy some FRESH ingredients, Lye tagged along with us. Here's where the fun really begun. We walked all the way to church to meet up with Lye then we walked all the way to market. A dog follow right behind us when we reached suntex. It followed us from Suntex to market. When we entered the wet market, some man shoo-ed it away and we were just thankful that it ran away. Lye was actually quite afraid of the dog. So we continued marketing and when we went out of market, here comes the dog AGAIN -.-ll It followed us till we reached church. Man, the dog loves us. xD So then registration counter for Junior Camp opened. I had my breakfast. Everything started right after fall in. Okay, since it has been 6 days ago, I think I forgotten everything that happened! Great! And I have to do a report about it. I'm in great shyt -.- How the heck am I suppose to recall everything? Okay nevermind. So we'll just forget what I forgot and remember what I remembered 0.o Is that even a sentence? LOL
At 10am something SY and I started on our work in the kitchen. He's familiar with the place so he kinda took all the 'stuffs' out. So we started. Yea, he cooked the spaghetti inside and I had to cook the sauce outside. Cooking took us a couple of hours. Phew, I've NEVER cooked so long before. My longest was only 2 hours. Then everything finished, juniors ate up and continued with their scheduled activities. I can't believe I rode the bike all the way home to take the paper and I did not pokai xD It has been quite a while since I rode a bike. Physical training exam was kinda tough for me. What you expect? Just recovered from fever, still having slight headache and sore throat. But I'm glad I passed it. Nothing to brag about cause it's just basic. Surprisingly my knee did not give me any difficulty on that particular time. But right after skipping rope, my leg muscle had to cramp -.- Humans, I DID NOT cry -.- Don't know from who you guys got the information that I cried -.- Physical training exam was really tiring. I was really exhausted at that time. But after pt exam, we had to start making dinner. Okay, I sat for a few minutes before starting work okay. I rested! =D Actually there's nothing for me to talk about in Junior Camp but for works in the kitchen. Nevermind, let's skip to the 2nd day..

2nd day of camp..
Woke up with an aching leg. You will never imagine how stiff my muscles were that morning. I can barely lift my legs. But luckily I woke up early, so by 6.30am, I can already lift my heavy like rocks legs =D So we washed up and got breakfast ready. 2nd day was a one day trip to Sg. Congkak. I don't know why but I felt that the trip was kinda fun. For dry games Yang and I kept walking around and visiting other stations xD Problematic day. Lunch bad, very bad. I know T.T Sorry guys. I told you, I suck in FnB stuffs. Man, I really suck. Anyway, for wet games, I took charge of tk's group. I love tk's group like soooo much! =D The main problem bout his group is some was too loud and some was just tooo soft. Some just shout when they want but some just never speak out at all. But overall they were kinda easy to take care off and I had fun being their mentor for like 3 hours? ^^ Brandon is so cute!!! On the way back from Congkak, we had this long walk to the bus stop. Lynn, Ta and I were the people at the back. Yep, we had fun! Real fun! =D I got crazy, Lynn followed me being crazy, Ta got caught between 2 crazy people and yep, she became crazy too =) Haha, tell me it was fun xD Especially when that guy in the car suddenly look at us and laugh LOL And then I continued laughing my lungs out like crazy. Not forgetting me tripping for like more than 5 times. Damn, I'm so clumsy -.- And me shouting "I got banana" instead of "I got umbrella". Whoosh, how lame was that? Remember the tongue twister I did? Not in words but action? LOL Memories babes! Better keep that in mind =x Haha, the video still with me xD So then we got on the bus. I was standing at the place 'she' was sitting, then suddenly Yang pushed me and asked me to sit there >.<
So I sat beside her xD I kept asking her whether she was tired or not in the bus. But eventually I slept off -.- Then when got back to base, I wanted to stand up, guess what? Leg muscles stiff again! -.- And I nearly fall -.- Then when get into church, saw Miss Lim cooking, yay, thanks a lot for the help!
Sy was sleeping LOL Then when I was washing the dishes, tk's group members keep coming to me and asking me to lead them in skect. Sigh, I'm so damn sorry I couldn't help, was busy, and tk was busy taking care of the toilet =x =x LOL So sorry sq2 T.T Then after that finally I had time to practice with sq2. Haha, lee yi is so so so so tired that time. And he was kinda mabuk xD But okay larh, the girls all kinda semangat =D Then when special activity was going on, I took over sq1 for a while xD I was kinda blurr cause I don't know who is who. But after a while all like kinda guai dy =D walao, the pizza they make damn nice sia. Tong yuen they mix colour, damn nice =D After that was supper, discussion, Sir Tan's mee hoon, i was tired, and Lynn and I slept at Daniel room.

3rd day of camp...
3rd day was kinda okay, woke up a lil too early, sorry Lynn xD I biasa dy, must be earlier than others =x So then got ready and prepared breakfast and all. Then I forgot what happened. Skip to lunch. Fried rice. Sy, Sir Tan, Hj, Seph and I cook. @.@ Lolx, 5 people cook xD After lunch had closing ceremony. Then last meeting. Then clean up, then balik. Nothing much on the last day. Well, nothing that I can really remember larh. Balik rumah dy then I online a while and off to sleep. I slept from 5pm to 9.30pm, woke up to bathe and eat and then continue sleeping from 11.30pm till 5am. Sadly I woke up cause I keep coughin, didn't wanna disturb my bro, I went to the living room and sms xD Then I went back to room to sleep and woke up at 10.30am the next morning. Wow, sleeping marathon xD

So that's my days in junior camp 08. Nothing much from me cause I was most of the time busy in the kitchen, I didn't have the time to spend with the juniors. Well, I wasn't assigned to. So hmm, that's all I guess. So now I have to recall everything so I can write the report. I have 2 reports to write. But I can't remember a thing. Wake me up!

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