Saturday, January 29, 2011

Human cycle.

I have to much to complain about but I guess this is not a place for me to say out anymore.

Let's see and analyse some situation.

1. A complains to B about C.
Soon B will start observing C and notice the bad thing about C.

2. A complains straight to C.
C feels all guilty and down for the whole day.

Which is better?

In situation 1, A complains to B because A does not want C to feel bad and down the whole day.
In situation 2, A tells C cause A does not want to get anyone else involved.


I don't know. YOU TELL ME.

& what if A does not have any other choice but to tell straight to C?
Will A feel pressure?
Put yourself in A's shoe and tell me.

It has been so long since I last complain to any girl about anything.
Girls usually have their friends around them to talk about their love life but I guess I'm no ordinary girl because whatever I do stays with myself and I don't tell anyone about it.
It feels so weird.
When I was in secondary school, I use to share all my joy and sadness with my friends.
I use to tell them everything and I use to blog everything.
Now it seems impossible.
Because, 1. if I write it here, people will feel guilty and bad.
2, there are so related viewers.
3, the range of people that care for me is like 1-3 people.
4, I will feel bad if I make other people feel guilty.

& one more thing is.
In BB, we learn to behave ourselves outside.
Even when we are at our peak of anger, we can't express it because we are examples to the younger ones.
So basically, how are we suppose to express what we feel?
We can only express our happiness and never our anger?
What's the use of bad word?
It is used to release anger.
It doesn't mean anything in particular.
It is just a way to release the bad emotion.
I believe no one will get hurt when someone types the F word on their Facebook status aite?
I know it is not polite but it is not good either to store all the anger in one's body.

I feel so lost everytime I feel down and sad.
I need a girl by my side.
Yes, I admit, I need a girl.
Not a guy.
Now I realise that guys don't understand girls most of the time.

Life sucks, for the moment.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lovely days that will be missed.

My week was quite rough.
There were lots of roller coaster.
On Monday, I was pretty down the whole day.
Feeling bored and lonely at home.

Then came Tuesday.
Had an outing to KLCC with the girls from Perimbun.
I felt it was quite short.
Hope to meet you guys more often.

On Wednesday, Brigs and Francesca came over :)
We Skyped.
& webcam-ed with Mabel on MSN.
She's still so funny!

Then Thursday arrived ^^
In the morning Mel called me.
I answered with my sleepy voice =.=
That's terrible.
He laughed!!
He invited me to go sing k with him.
So I told him I will think about it and then went back to sleep =x
Then I asked mum when I woke up and mum sent me to LM to update her bank book =.=
& then I went Neway with Mel ^^
I told him about Megamind!!!
Yes! I watched this on PPS!
It was funny and really nice!
Except it wasn't much of a 3D =.=
Oh yea, our time for Neway was suppose to be from 11am-1pm but we ended up singing till 2.30pm =x
It was incredibly FUN!
Pure fun!
And then we had Sushi King.
I don't know why that's there.
Then we noticed the huge change in LM =.=
The Voir shop was enlarged!
There were Soda and G&H inside too.
And Soda had 50% off.
So Mel bought his shirt there.
Then we went to Fireworks again =x
So now we have around 300+ tickets =x
I feel young again.
Although I've never played it when I was young =.=
At night I went and did my specs.
I only changed the lenses because my power increased.
So, yeah, I still have my nerdy look 8)
That was my really really fun Thursday.

Then came Friday!
Mel was suppose to send Jes and Lois to college so I tagged along :)
We watched Homecoming.
This movie is funny!
But the story is kinda useless.
The bloopers are nice!
But basically the whole story only have 3 main actors =.=
Others are like backstage actors =x or in other words KELEFE.
Before the movie, we had brunch at the Chinese Shop =x
Then after that we went over to Sg Wang.
Wanted to eat Twister Ice Cream but no more :(
Then we walked around in TS again.
Then I received a bad news :(
Uncle passed away.
Will be going to Penang tomorrow night.
The funeral will be on Sunday at 2.30pm.

So, that's why I said it was a roller coaster week for me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The girls :)

I don't feel like blogging about my daily life @.@
That's a weird decision.
Anyway, I miss playing The Sims 2 & 3 :(
I have no idea why I can't installed it in this computer.
This sucks.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blind dating.

I'm not here to talk about blind dating!
It is a movie's title!
This movie, to be exact!
It is a nice, touching and funny movie.
It is about a guy named Danny who is blind since he was born.
He listens to his elder brother's advices which is ridiculous =.=
It is a must watch movie!
This is him!
And he ends up with this girl =.=
Epic larh =.=
Choose a better actress marh =x

Midnight fun.

So basically I will be blogging about what I did last weekend :)
Saturday was kind of a headache day, don't wanna mention why.
It was just a plain Saturday with usual activities.
Then, Sunday arrived ;)
Woke up in the morning and watched Meet the Spartans!
I can say, it was a kind of dumb movie =.=
Not very funny and a little waste of time.
But nevermind because I was waiting for time to pass anyway.
At 1.25pm, I left for choir practice ^^
We chose a Cantonese song.
Erm, to me, it was a little bit alien-ish =x
But it is a nice song, not sure if it is suitable for a choir to sing it @.@
After practice, we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan xD
Ate lunch there.
It is always fun when Mel and Jes are around xD
Then I had to come back :(
In other words, back to wasting time =x
Mum said dinner was at 8.30 so around 7.45 I wanted to bathe and dad say NO, it is at 8.
So I didn't bathe and went for prayer meet =.=
Then had dinner there.
It was basically a prayer meet + farewell for Uncle Daniel and family.
They are migrating to Australia.
I don't really know them so I don't care! =P
Dinner was nice!
All the food there are food that I was suppose to restrain from =.=
Like sambal chicken, sambal egg, sambal wild boar, mutton and prawns fried with cili padi =.=
The only food I was suppose to be able to eat was vegetables =.=
End up I ate everything xD
Then we got back home around 10pm.
Helped mum make nga ku.
I can't say fry because I didn't help to fry, I just filter the oil and put them inside the tin :(
After frying, dad suddenly asked whether we wanted to go Carrefour.
Mum say ok and dragged me along.
So we bathed and went to Carrefour at 11.15pm!
YES! 11.15PM!
It closes at 1am!
So we went there, grab whatever we wanted and shopped!
Mum decided to let me change my shampoo from Rejoice to Pantene because Rejoice is not suitable for my hair anymore =|
Then I got Oligo Coco =x And a free Mickey Mouse bag =x
And so much more stuffs which worth up to Rm128.
Before we went to the counter, we counted how much the things worth because above Rm128 got RM8 cash voucher rebate.
We were lack of around RM12.
So mum went and grab the pineapple tarts, and tadaa, it was Rm128.25 :)
And when we left Carrefour, it was super quiet because it was already 12.30AM!
Reached home, decided to go online (which was a bad choice) and stayed on until 2am =.=

Hoping for a better week :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First holiday week.

First week almost gone and I'm not getting any inspiration to blog YET.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happily Never After.

Watched this movie!
Very short and not very nice.
But kind of funny ^^

A day out with the GUYS.

So yesterday I went to Times Square and Sungei Wang again!
Morning I was kind of lazy to wake up =x
Got ready and all and waited for Chee Ming.
He was late =x
But good thing about him being late was, we walked out of the house, before crossing the road, the bus came!
It was truly a good sign for the day.
Because usually the bus would take up to one hour to arrive =.=
Anyway, got up the bus and Chee Ming asked me, "Eh, actually today we go for what?"
Okay, then we arrived at Hang Tuah LRT station and started walking heading to TS at around 11am.
And Teck Kien who went up the bus from his place first reached after us! =x
After he reached, we decided to go eat first.
Teck Kien's food was rather special to me because I've never tasted it =x
No pictures of food, sorry!
Then we walked around to shop for Teck Kien's mum's dress! HAHA!
Then met up with Jessica and Lois ^^
The whole day was fun!
We get to step on tk's long-sweeping-the-floor-trousers ;)
We talked like the "can-try" promoter =x (inside joke)
And we gave each other plenty ofopinions!
Like, A LOTTTTTT of opinions!
Tk still didn't manage to buy his big size t-shirt.
Anyway, so I spent like more than RM61 yesterday!
Yea! :(
Kinda sad.
But it was worth it, I guess.
Let's see what I bought.
2 singlets worth RM5 each.
Purple shoelace to match my sneakers, RM5.
A dress worth RM15 ^^
And a hair treatment spray for dry hair worth RM25 :(
I used RM6.50 for fried rice, RM1.30 for some herbal drink.
So that totals up to RM60+ :)
And CM treated me McD's Twister ice-cream!
It was superb! ^^
Thanks a lot!

I noticed, every guy has their own style!
CM buys normal sneakers.
TK buys Supra =.=
And mel buys a matured shoe xD

Oh yea, mum brought back 3 sneakers and 1 flat shoe for me.
It is all my size!
Grats to me xD

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Going the distance.

The ending is so hilarious!
Continuing my movie marathon! :)


This is my first day of my 2nd semester holiday.
Yesterday was my last paper.
Yesterday was really an enjoyable day!
First, I got to have lunch with Chee Ming and Joshua Ng.
And guess what?
I saw a staff seargent in TARC!
He took a look at me and said, "BNTS right?!"
Everytime he sees me, he says that!
The last paper was quite tough, for me.
I crapped a lot, but hopefully my craps turn out to be something important ;)
It was pretty amazing that in 45 minutes time, there were so many people that left the hall!

After exam, Chee Ming, Mel and I went to Times Square!
CNY clothing hunting! ^^
Then we wanted to eat at the regular Chinese shop, but we went there and it was replaced with a clothing shop =.=
So, we decided to go Leo's instead.
After eating and all, we walked.
2 shops away from Leo's was where the Chinese shop shifted to!
I wanted to scream so badly!
Nevermind though, tomorrow I am going again!

Mel bought a pair of shoe, it looks great! :)
And it comes with 6 pairs of socks!
How come girls' shoes doesn't come with socks? :(
I don't know what I wanna buy for CNY.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The last battle.

Tomorrow will be the last day of exam for this semester.
I do not have any plans for the holiday.
But I'm sure that watching movie on PPS and engaging myself into more Facebook games is in the list xD
Even during exam weeks I am already so into Facebook games and watching movie.
I know Cityville is a dumb game. Like seriously =.=
Building a virtual city? =.=

Oh yea, that day before ITS exam, I suddenly remembered that the letter I wrote in English exam, I didn't include a name =.=
WTH larhhhh~
I wrote a letter but did not enclose it with a name.
After like one week then only I realise!
See how slow I am?!
I guess in this few coming weeks, I will be realising all the mistakes I've done in the exam =.=

Btw, I am feeling so lazy to read up for the last and final paper =(
I am already in the holiday mood.
Okay, I started saying this even before the exam started =x
Anyhow, good luck to all TARCian for the final paper!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Young time song.

This is one of my favourite song!
I listen to it everyday when I was a small kid :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya.

So, 2 finals paper are done. Those are the two easiest subjects among all.
Recently the weather is kind of damp and chilly.
I can sleep every night without the fan on and with my blanket =D
So, today is Sunday. Hmm..
I have no idea what I want to do.
Kinda bored of studying already =x
I am so in the holiday mood!

Somehow and somewhat, I do not have any inspiration to blog.
So let's just talk about exam, shall we?
So, the first day of finals, I was late.
Late as in, I went in the hall only, everyone was already there.
The last one minute before exam started, I got to cool down myself, and the next minute, the invigilator asked everyone to start doing their exam =.=
Like what the heck? I'm not even cooled down yet!
So I rushed to fill in the attendance slip.
I don't know what seat I am in, don't know what's the date of the first day of exam =.=
I felt helpless!
But then I got through it, duhh, I'm a genius =x
First section we had comprehension. Facebook was the topic! =x
I guess all the time dumped on using Facebook isn't a waste anyway! ;D
So then, we had letter writing, kinda suckish.
Then essay writing, I don't like my essays to be all serious, so I did an INTERESTING argumentative essay =x Hope the person that reads it enjoys it :)
I guess we need to elaborate 4-5 main points in an essay right?
I could only think of 3!
So I skipped the 4th point and the conclusion to do the last section which was the cloze passage.
That was like "white peanut"! =x
So, I hope that paper I score well.

Moving on to the next paper.
I reached college early :)
As in like 35 minutes before it started.
Then the chaos happened.
My friend forgot to bring her calculator! Aduiii~
It was Macroeconomics paper that day.
So we went to the charitable office and the generous clerk lent her a NORMAL calculator xD
I was feeling superbly nervous before I enter the hall.
I know I had every single answer in the cell of my brain, yet adrenaline rushes down my vein, wasting a lot of energy producing adrenaline instead of focusing on the exam =|
Okay, I admit, science is so not my field. I suck in science!
Anyway, then exam started.
MCQ was easy, it was basically like a bonus for us @.@
Then comes the essay part.
Our paper wasn't quite expected because by looking through previous years' papers, they were all similarly different from ours.
But I think I managed to nail it :)
So, all that's left is to pray that the examiner will understand what I write and give me higher mark and I pray that I will get at least 3.9 for my CGPA this time!
God bless me and my friends! ;)

Whoa. That's tiring. Signing out!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

2nd Semester Exams!

So, today is the first day of finals.
Wee ha ha wee ha ha! =x
English went well.
Oh, and I saw Joshua Ng!
Surprising much!
This morning I was kinda late for the test.
It was raining.
And I went there by motor.
Got in the hall with water all over my face and with wet hair.
Great day though =D
So, I'm gonna share some exam joke =)
Click to enlarge.
Final words to all TARCians.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


So far, movies that I've watched in December and recently.
Easy A on PPS.
Gulliver's Travel in the cinema.
Rapunzel on PPS.
And the last one, She's Out of My League, on PPS.
This movie is so funny.
Main actor, Jay Baruchel, he's like a thin guy!
It is a must watch movie!
He is also one of the voices in How to Train Your Dragon.
Main actor! =D

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year post.

So, 2011 is here.
I don't know why but I don't feel any changes.
I know, I'm old.

The only change I feel is that I am once again disconnected with the world and I lost inspiration to blog.

Exam week. Gosh, this sucks cause I do not feel nervous or any urge to study.

So, life goes on, suckishly x_X