Sunday, January 18, 2009

First choice,
Ignore it and walkaway, just act like nothing really happened.

Second choice,
Say it out, accept the truth (whether it is positive or negative) and just live my life.

Last choice,
I don't know what's my last choice! T.T

Do I have any other choices other than that two choices? It's so killing me -.- Jealousy! Shiat!
Hate it larrrrhhh...
Btw, NIC's super duper CUTE! xD But too bad he's not MY TYPE larrrrhh..thanks to Suzanne who ACCIDENTALY introduced him to me -.- LOL

Haiyo, haiyo, haiyo, I so want him/her to know -.- But wheres the courage?!

I ate ICE-CREAM today! Wee~
Handphone credit died. Yup, it officially died -.-

Final announcement...
THANKS to CM, HJ, Jian, Jes and Doink for attending my confirmation! =D
And to those who intended in coming but couldn't make it, it's okay, I know you were there to support me ^^ Thanks so much! =]

Head hurts like having a needle poking through my pitiful brain. Sucks but life still goes on. Tomorrow will be a long day for me since I'm staying back and parking my ass on the counter. Besides that, I have to stay back on Tuesday and Thursday too. I'm just freaking glad next week is HOLIDAY! At least I have a full week to rest and just lepak around not worrying bout homework and stuffs. Well, I'll miss him for sure. But who cares. My left hand muscle pain. Did I bang into something or someone today? Weird, I have no idea. It just hurts. Eh, I can't say I bang-ed into someone larh, cause it wouldn't hurt if I did -.- Unless that person is a hard-concrete-bricked-stoned-muscular human!

I don't wanna be different,
I wanna be special.
I don't wanna be abnormal,
I wanna be unique.
In other words,
I don't wanna be you,
I wanna be ME!

Signing out for a good night sleep beneath my xiang xiang blanky ^^

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