Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Close minded. Not blank, just don't wanna think too far. It just annoys and disturbs the peace and harmony of the mind of felicia aka the sabar and peace one ^^
Today class totally sucks. Feeling lonelier as each blardy day passes. Just being there, sitting like a puppet and somehow not even listening to a word that came out from all the teachers' mouth. The fun and excitement of going and just being around a bunch of monkey friends are gone. SO GONE T.T I'm just assuming that the class is just too blardy huge and the amount of students are blardy many. So here's where adaptation comes in again -.-

Okay, so one funny thing happened today. Who's involved? Mana ^^ Nowadays she really can brighten my days, other than that Shagee that can brighten my any minute xD So we kinda ran out of class during English lesson =x Then we went to the Koperasi to buy colour paper to do a card for Pn Haslina *credits to dear dear Lynn* and also kad koko. The kad koko green de -.- Sucks man. Then we basically jalan-ed the whole school xD Just trying to waste time. Then when walking back to class she gave me a sweet, she had 2. So I opened and tadaa, half ONLY! Then I was like, "Eh, mana, kau potong separuh ker?"
Then she reply,
"Eh, macam mane aku nak potong separuh, xkan aku potong den aku letak masuk balik -.-"
I was asking a damn blardy stupid question LOL
Then nevermind larh, I just ate that half sweet -.-
Then her turn to open hers, and TADAAA! She had ONE AND A HALF sweet inside -.-
Then she screamed, "Eh separuh kau kat cni xD xD"

As usual EST was super boring, Brigs was sleeping half of the class till someone called her for the Bilik Seri Pagi keys, then she went out. Left me alone. Real alone. Had no one to talk to. Turn behind, Angela and Lynn were discussing bout their EST group thingy. Then Hema and Pavi also talking bout something, Shagee urus-ing the EST thingy. After EST, I went to Mana's place, she straight ask me What happen xD I say nothing larh. But she can read straight from my face that I was blardy down and bored. Addmaths was okay I guess, blurr at first but then could eventually got it. Then balik time waited alone outside school, suddenly I wanted him to be there -.- I was daydreaming bout how it would be like if he was in our school -.- blardyhell -.-ll

Btw, my previous post is not an oath nor promise =x LOL

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