Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another achievement in life :)

Now I can update my resume with a new education level :)
A Diploma in Accounting graduate :)
Yes, I graduated with distinction!
I am quite happy with it cause 4.0 and me, no difference =x
The only difference is that they get award and I get the name distinction. HAHAHAHA!
Anyway, I am happy enough :)

So, finally Diploma ended after 2 years + 
Friends parted :(
Some chose different course and some decided to stop their journey and start earning kaching already!
Yes, they have to belanja us the next time we meet =x

Advance Diploma for me is, new classmates, new environment and tougher time :(
Like my English lecturer says, "AFA students got no life!".
Yes, no life!
So, in other words, I AM IMMORTAL!
By having no life meaning I won't die.


Monday, September 10, 2012

RM1,300 worth of vouchers!

Hello :)

Recently I won something from BCard :)
They have this Quiz Time Giveaway every week on their Facebook page.
HERE is the link.
And yes, I won it! :D
I won in Week 1 itself and I didn't even realise until the results for Week 2 was released!

So, after that I sent in my details and all and today I finally got the vouchersss!
This abx express is really express.
They deliver their parcel like early in the morning. LOL.
I got it at 10+am.
Good thing I woke up early today!
 The inside.

 BCard message :D

The giftpack worth RM1,300!
 But too bad I am not a fan of everything in it.
Only a few that caught my eye and I will definitely be using them
They are:
1. Starbucks 20% off!
 2. My favourite Kenny Rogers Roasters!
 3. And also Krispy Kreme! :D

Another one is Wendy's.
But the nearest outlet is Times Square and I rarely visit Times Square so am not sure if I will get the chance to use it :(

Anyway, thank you BCard for giving me this giftpack!
Really appreciate it! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Job interview.

Since it is my sem break, I thought, hey why not find a part time job.
So I went on parttimepost.com to look for jobs.
Then I started sending my resume to apply for jobs and I got one reply.

This is the first reply.
They ask me to choose a date and the place for the interview to be held.

 So, okay, I chose Thursday at Times Square.
 And then I didn't get any reply from them at all.
In the previous email, I asked a few questions regarding the job but there weren't any confirmation on the interview nor any answers for the questions.
So I decided to send them another email asking if the interview is confirmed or not and who am I suppose to meet.

 And they replied me this =.=

I don't know who I am even emailing to and he/she replies saying he/she will be the person interviewing me tomorrow and he/she will sms me the venue THAT TIME.
Like, dude, what time is it?
No time, no venue.
Only date.
Am I suppose to like wait whole day in Times Square and not do anything in case you call me or sms me to go for the interview immediately?

So after considering, I finally decided to email them back to tell them that I am not going for the interview because I don't know what time roughly the interview will be and I can't be sitting there whole day waiting for one interview which I am not 100% or even 50% sure that I am definitely gonna make an earning out of it.
So, yeah, experience =.=

You do the judging.

Lifeless days are gonna be gone!

Life's great! :)

Did braids last night cause I was basically having insomnia probably due to the Teh Ais I had for dinner-supper =.=
And the result in the morning!

Btw, completed Mandarin for Beginners Module 1 :)

Isn't this just beautiful and warm to the heart? :)
KL scenery from Federal Highway in Connaught :)

I got invites to RE: Retribution in 3D!!
Thankiu Nuffnang! :D