Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Holidays! :)

Try listen to this song :)


Friday, May 29, 2009

Holiday Schedule

Sigh. Holiday pun ada schedule =.=

Week 1
Monday : FUTSAL!!! and tuition.
Tuesday : Song practice, PSS duty and tuition T.T
Wednesday : Song practice...and..maybe lorh =x
Thursday : Nothing gua..go CM?
Friday : Resting day ^^
Saturday : BB.
Sunday : Resting day ^^

Week 2
Monday : Tuition.
Tuesday till Thursday : BIBLE CAMP!!
Friday : Resting day ^^
Saturday : BB.
Sunday : Resting day ^^

*Resting day include Addmaths project and sms ^^

Woke up at 8am only to find myself sleeping again at 10am =.=
Haha. Pig betul xD
Went to Wei Seng's house at 12pm =)
Then pick Kz also.
Walao, he enter car also didn't realise I was there =.=
Noob betul =x
Reach LM 12.15pm.
Lepak-ed outside toilet =x
Went A&W while waiting for the rest.
Wait dao damn sien.
At 1pm went to Neway.
Everyone gathered there.
Anyway, there's nothing to blog about...
Just wanna wish another friend happy birthday..

Happy Birthday Jun Ming!! =)
Sorry x bawa ribbon today =x

Eventhough today you made me disappointed but there's always another chance ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm addicted to 911's songs again!

First favourite boyband in my life =)
Started falling in love with their songs when I was 4 years old xD
Too bad they pupus dy =(

All I want is you
"All I want is you,
I'll give you my heart and soul.
All I want is you,
I'll be there when you call"

"Time waits for no one,
Sure as the tide pulls the ocean.
Sure as, the path that's been chosen, cannot be changed.
In my life's destination,
I searched for the explanation.
For some kind of reason,
For my sorrow and pain.
But in my isolation I learnt to listen.
To be thankful for the love that I've been given"

Night to remember
How do you want me to love you
Love sensation
The day we find love
Don't make me wait

Ouch, ouch, OUCH ='(
My inner lips hurts.
Stupid balitong =(
I will never eat you ever again =(
Worthless yet priceless

Morning went school like normal.
I reach nia all line up dy.
But I see Alfa line so little student geh @.@
I got scared =x
But after that Angela, Shagee, Uthaya, Hema and Lynn appeared. Pheww~
Then enter class. Three quarter of the class people disappeared =.=
Noob tk can't control the uncontrolable class =x
Then I emo-ly went to Sudut Nilam there and sat =x
Yesh, I admit! Em0-ly =x
Haha, Lynn thought I was angry at her =.=
No larh. Just some matters last night that was still bothering me ^^
But after that Lynn, Tk and Ky came to entertain me.
Thanks a lot you guys =)
Anyway, told you guys the magazines there were EDUCATED =x
Quizzes and Jokes pumped up my mood. Heh!
Thanks to those mags also =)
Woots, I'm a guddie good girl to my parents ^^ Proud of the result ^^
Not fake de lorh T.T
Then another stupid "emotional or stable" quiz =.=
Walao, the joke. I say dao half, can't continue dy xD I can't even SPEAK eh!! xD
Then breakfast time for me =x Biscuits ^^
I don't know why Lynn and Tk was actually shocked of something =x
Then don't know why pulled Lynn away from us T.T
Left ky, tk and me =(
Then ky left =.= Stupid ky.
Left Tk and me. Ohh, desperate moments =x
Shagee the "mother of the class" asked to start gotong-royong as early as possible.
So we started before recess.
FUN? LOL. Mana and I photographer xD Use Ija's camera. Sad, no pictures. I go snap a close shot of Angela, Bj and Ky xD Damn chun xD
Then I snap a picture of Ky jumping to sweep the fan =.=
That one, erm, how to say arh? Ballet? =x
We damn stupid! Yesh! Damn stupid!
We swept the floor then only clean the fans.
Then after that need sweep again =.=
But we had free MILO =)
Alaa, I wanted to take two de lorh T.T
Then sing k time =x
Haha, thanks to tk =.=
From recess till 12.30pm eh!! Long dao. Some more whole day didn't drink water =x

Btw, Angela's hypothesis bout me is so not accepted. Yesh, I know most of you don't know what it is.
But if you know bout it, IT IS NOT TRUE!! =P

The whole day only Tk, Ky, Angela and me in class nia =.=
Angela high dao xD High-er then me sia xD
She say the higher she gets, the smarter she is xD CUTE CUTE CUTE!!
At 12.30pm we rushed to Bio lab to gao tim our peka xD

After school went outside school wait.
KC and SY damn funny eh xD Kesian KC xD xD
Then go LM.
Lunch and movie. No further elaboration =x

Btw, I haven't ask dad bout this Saturday thingy =.=
I confirm I can go but bout the transport, I will ask first.

Willrememberthisdatealways =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just lying there makes the world look like it's spinning way too fast.
Sometimes what you see and hear might be fake.
But when you yourself experience it, then you will know the truth.
Walking alone doesn't mean that you're ignoring nor avoiding others.
It just means that you're willing to be alone with only the guidance of God.
Willing to be tough, independent and strong hearted.
There is nothing perfect in this world.
So why waste time just to achieve perfection?
If only I can open my heart and mind,
I wouldn't be sad alone anymore.
But why? Why is it so hard to share?
Maybe it's the fear of backstabbing.
I'm confused.
Is telling the truth backstabbing?

The feeling I had when you stood next to me.
You gave me adrenaline rush everytime our eyes meet.
Heart beat faster than usual when you stand right in front of me.
My mind just go blank when you start talking to me.
You're one of a kind.
The jealousy I face everytime you speak of another.
You're definitely one of a kind.
I can't deny the fact that my feelings are unexplainable, indescribable and undeniable.
Fall for You.

Humming it all day through. Even during exam T.T
Today is just as bad as yesterday. Sigh.
Exams are over.
High-ness in class is over.
Today saw some sweetness in class =x
Teck Kien help Shagee shout in class to let her make announcement ^^ Damn sweet =x
Anyway, this is her xD
I don't have her posing for a picture but hey, this looks nice too ^^

Happy Birthday Dearie Shagee!! =)

No further elaboration bout today. Another lonely day at home. Sigh.
Btw, today Pavi brought Apollo for me ^^
I'm super duper happy =D
Today kinda down.
Early morning kena scolding from mum. Sigh.
It has been quite some time already since I last got scolding from her.

Kay, whatever......

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hope it's true.
I hope it last.
I hope it will never fade.
I hope it is real.

More than hope, I wish! I pray for! And I believe ^^

Friendship lasts right? Hmm..
Exam is NEARLY over.
Tomorrow last day =) Well, for almost everyone ^^
Today wasted damn much time in school =.=
Went school feeling so so so so so sleepy.
Arhh..x payah blog larh T.T

"Sometimes I wish I were an angel,
Sometimes I wish I were you"

Btw, Pavi is still so freaking-ish-ly CUTE! >.< Omgosh, she's so cute!!!
Today KC said something to make her angry but she didn't even hear it =.=
He even repeated it for like 6 times xD

Blaahh, today in school x fun. The only fun was during exam =.=
Sir kept asking us to re-check our papers =.=

Happy Birthday EVE to MY DAI GA JIE ^^
Too bad tomorrow she going temple, x dapat celebrate in her house T.T

The reason I don't go to school on this year's Teacher's Day is because...erm, LAZY LORH =.=

Monday, May 25, 2009

Environment ROCKS!

Musshhhyyy!! xD

Discovered that yesterday when I was snipping through the grass ^^
Today we had Chemistry 1 at 12.25pm. We went to school just to sit for that 1 hour 15 minutes paper =.=
So before recess we were just lepak-ing like usual in 5 Beta. Irfanah and I, both Chem noob were discussing Chem. WTS.
With the help of a pro of course, Angela meow chiu =x
Then went to Physics lab. Mana tripped =x LOL. Something I would normally do, but today not me xP
And we did nothing there =.=
I don't even know why the heck we went there.
Anyway, recess-ed in class as usual. But today without biscuit xD
Then we continued Chem =)
I couldn't absorb anything. So I decided to erm, play around larh.
Irfanah and I kept staring at Pavi xD
Damn chun wei. She is DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN expressive! Seriously!
Haha. Love her damn much >.< My cute lil boy forever =x
Then Tk kacau-ed =.=
Dude, your staring at me won't work anymore! =P LALALALA...
Then finally exam started =.= We waited for so long. Belum get paper, my head was already on the table =x
I turned to Mana and say, "Wei, mengantuk arh T.T"
LOL. Don't know why.
Overall paper 1 ok I guess. Not that difficult, unless I got confused larh =.= Which always happens =.=
Got back. Bathed. Lunched. And bed time.
Today can't sleep. Can say half awake, half sleeping. I still remember my dream, if I dream means I was sleeping right. But I still heard the thunder and rain =.=
Haha. I dreamt I rared dogs, rabbits and don't know what else animals. Really damn swt wan that dream.
Then alarm rang. Didn't wanna get up T.T
But terpaksa larh. Went tuition.
Today whole two and half hour learn Physics nia ^^
Damn little student today. Don't know why.
I realised something. The most common topic in tuition will always be bout FOOD =.=
Today bout ba gua which I don't really fancy. But sir say dao damn tasty sia.
Apple + ba gua? 0.o WEIRD MUCH! But really gotta try xD

Tomorrow Phy1 and Maths1. Gambateh gambateh everyone.
Wee~ Tomorrow going Lynn's house ^^
Wednesday dai ga jie's birthday.
Next Monday huggie buggie Gurvie's birthday ^^ Which fainted twice and kick the police man's xxxx on Saturday =P

SomeonemissesmeandI'msohappy =P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lifeless Syndrome

Dreams that woke me up this morning.
Yesh! It was a NIGHTMARE!
Anyway, volunteered to trim the grass today ^^
Yes, I realised work is much more easier when you volunteer to do it rather than being ASKED to.
I hate being asked to do stuff =.=
After trimming, I terus sleep xD
Whole day I only slept, ate, bathe and do NOTHING! =)
Mum ajak-ed me to pasar malam in cheras awana today.
We walked all the way there! We didn't even know where the pasar malam was.
Haha. I ask mum..
"How if we can't find the pasar malam??!!"
Mum calmly answer..
"Erm, then walk back larh xP"
When we walk time kinda bright cause that time 7pm nia.
Walk till Shell there, I keep asking..
"Where's the pasar malam??!!"
Haha. Need to turn larh =)
Reach pasar malam dy just walk lorh. FREAKING hot sia =.=
Then go Econsave there. FINALLY got aircond!
Buy things le then go buy dinner opposite Econsave.
While waiting, I put my plastic bag on one table. Suddenly the table closed by itself and fell.
Whoosh, I faster faster take away my stuff and act like nothing happened xD
Lucky no one saw. Malu dao T.T
Then wait till 8.30 le. Then walk home ^^
Damn dark eh xD
Some more no light.
Got lamp post but no light =.=

As titled. Lifeless syndrome xD
It is a kind of sickness that only Felicia goes through xD

Saturday, May 23, 2009

=) Smiles that brighten anyone's day.

I wish the day will not end. Another hour more till 23rd May 2009 will be gone =(
Anyway, haha, enjoyed half of drill today xD
Sorry Ric, for keep asking you to repeat =x I really can't follow sia =.=
But in the end, thanks to Lois, I finally get it =)
Wah, today song dao. No need go back early after BB ^^
And and and..I got a free SWEET ^^
Haha. Cm say he give girls nia @.@ No gua.
Balik liao then bathe and cook together with mum ^^
Too bad the food we cook very heaty, so I can't really eat =(
Sorethroat T.T
Arrrgghhh, I'm so lazy to blog.
There's so much to blog, yet it's hard to put them in words.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Believe it when someone says..

"You can go very far and make wonders eventhough you're an underdog because of your mindset"

When you set your mind on something, no matter how difficult or complicated it might be, somehow or somewhat, you might just make wonders.
Believe that you can. Even if you do not trust others, trust yourself. The biggest sin in life is to not believe in yourself.
It is okay to have doubts about your ability and will power but it is truely a sin to not trust yourself and have the courage to go further.

Sigh. I don't know what to think now. Mind's kinda..I don't know what to say...BLANK? Nah..not blank, a little messed up I guess. It's hard to just focus on one thing when you're facing a million and one problem while you're trying real hard to fix the other. Maybe it's the time of my life where I start to learn to let go of some and accept the others =) Well, who knows what we let go might bring us success tomorrow. But will try hard to not let go of those that already brought me success and will help me reach the top the next day.
Need HUGE LUCK I guess.
Signing off for another hmm..tiring much day.
Yea..hope and pray for another better day tomorrow. Well, at least less tiring =)
It has been great being alive 0.o Haha. Yea. It has been GREAT.

Even an underdog can be the topdog.
Have faith and believe that you can.
Maybe it's just me that's feeling the pressure. haha. Funny.
I don't know what to write here =.=

Kay, no title today T.T
Damn random.
Today woke up kinda early. A few minutes before alarm rang ^^
Then I realised I have no uniform to wear =.=
Went down to realise parents weren't at home. Sigh. So I went and bathe first.
Came out and search for uniform. Mum haven't iron my uniform eh T.T
So terpaksa wear to school =P
Fyi, mum does not let me use the iron cause....heh! =P
Anyway, got ready early but went school late =.=
Nevermind. Today no assembly ^^
Studied Bio with KC, TK, Angela and Monkey Gin =P
I realised my hypothalamus and medulla oblongata kinda DAMN active =x Heh!
Then I realised I ffk-ed T.T
Sigh. Bio exam time keep thinking of it. Sigh.
I think I screwed Bio1! T.T
Anyway, after that was recess. No one want puii me go canteen T.T
Then I saw Sheryl! YESH!
Go tarik her go canteen xP I know I damn bad xD
Then she go kheng gai with me >.< Damn nice lerh. But she say I very bad, cause of something xP Sorry lorh ^^
After that TK and I had this front-and-back talk =x
Haha. HOWWWWW~ Teck Kien =x
Haha. Forget it! It's so so so so so OVER! =)
Then we scribbled on BJ's exam paper =x Sorry dude! Your paper was the first prey on the desk, so we kinda had to use it xD
EST2 was erm, sigh. Wrong one question dy T.T Stupid eyes, don't know how to read ka?
Or that word landed on my blindspot? T.T
Haha. I saw Pn. Nancy JUMP today xD
Damn cute sia ^^
Then after school. I damn beh song.
After lunch go Lynn's house ^^
Go there sleep =x
Damn hot sia. Then some more walk to tk's house =.=
then blah blah blah...back here le ^^

Btw, MY PINK BOTTLE is not for marriage okay!
Please go and search your own bottle!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Declan Galbraith!! x3

Listen to him. He's amazing xD Small kid's voice. LOL!

Hmm, exam still on. Today had erm, what we had today? 0.o Owh yea, physics 2.
Funny paper wei. I opened the paper and started doing. Did till question 6 and stopped. Then I ask myself, Eh till question 6 nia merh? 0.o I didn't realise question 7 and 8 are not choices question =.=
And there's no such thing as section C in the paper =.=
Overall okay I think 0.o
Anyway, after recess no paper dy. So we just kept ourselves MUTED =.=
We had this ROLE PLAY after recess. The theme was SCHOOLS FOR MUTES (or DUMB) Including the teacher. Leadership by examples. WTS is that? 0.o
Damn sien lorh. Can talk but I didn't have anything in my mind to speak about. Sigh. Till the bell rang.
Gin, Vanessa and I went on Uncle Dav's bus. Cause we were on our way to brig's house ^^
Went there and ate =)
I took one hour to finish my food =x =x
Then had small discussion bout something. And poof, Gin and Brigs were stripping =x
Haha, they were trying on some clothes larh. I was reading magazines and Vanessa was weight lifting =.=
I'm afraid of those dumbells! SERIOUSLY! They are scary!
Then I had to be the test subject for make up =.=
After Gin went home, Brig wanted to show vanessa how to make up. And I was the mangsa.
Then Uncle Paul sent me home ^^
Thanks for the ride! =)
And now I have a major headache. Hmm, I wanna go to bed as early as possible cause I'm feeling kinda moody now. So good luck tomorrow peeps! =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pink Flower Pictures, Images and Photos

pink flower Pictures, Images and Photos

pink and pretty Pictures, Images and Photos

PINK flowers is so pretty and irresistible xD

Anyway, last night this morning house suddenly no electricity.
Some more rained very heavily last night. And I had nightmare =)
A not-so-scary nightmare =)
So I woke up early this morning cause no LIGHTS were on.
Then went for a candlelight bath ^^
Went to school super early today cause I wanted to go school to read addmaths =.=
Haha. So much for reading addmaths, had assembly which I had no idea what were the announcements =P
Entered class and started Addmaths 2 T.T
Difficult! x_X I only can do the first question. That also not sure whether correct or not. Careless person like me might just get the whole thing wrong =.=
So the misery ended at 10.25am and recess!!! =)
Haha. Classmates jumping up and down cause they couldn't answer the paper =.= Childish! =x
After recess, Addmaths 1 started. Whoosh, quite easy! :D
So nothing interesting happen today T.T
Boring day.
Tomorrow Physics 2 =)
This should be fun xD Prepared by Zaleha ^^

I still like writing my blog this way ^^

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wee~ Tomorrow whole day addmaths =)
Don't know what to expect! First time sit for FULL FORMAT paper x_X


Days filled with crap! Yesh! The whole day I mean!
Anyway, I finally have the time to blog! =)
Tomorrow we'll be sitting for both our addmaths paper and here I am blogging and wasting time -.-
So so so..yesterday I was really really really exhausted. Whole day out. X exhausted ker??
Haha. So I slept early last night ^^
Went school in the morning and read a bit bout the two novel with the help of Mana =) We stand outside class and read xD
Then BM2 start. No comment! First question rumusan marh, I read dao damn blurr. Damn difficult to find isi -.-
Read dao half I feel like sleeping dy. LOL. I don't even know whether what I wrote was isi or not.
Wah, all the berikan maksud some more die larh. Don't know what is what. Then peribahasa time I can't think of any. I simply write words on the paper =.=
Novel question, HAHA! I don't know what to say =.=
The last one perbandingan quite easy. Konflik, wa x tau T.T

Then recess ^^ wee~ Today ate chipsmore ^^
Pavi, sorry can't reply your sms cause you're using maxis =.=
So erm, I don't mind you taking my food kay ^^ Cause you're PAVITHIRA!!! =) You should eat more!! Hehe. Love ya!! =)

After recess, Angela, Mana and I wanted to do rombongan to tandas =.=
Wanted to go out dy suddenly say the WOMB =.=
I don't know why that time I forgot his name. I go tell Angela,
Haha, I keep forgetting names =.= Don't be surprise one day I might just forget your name =x
BM novel, I forgot Hayati's tunang's name. I thought his name was Zulkifli =.= Then that Penghulu Ali also I forgot =.=
Haha, toilet trip damn nice =x In toilet keep laughing nia =x

Then got time study for EST =) I keep saying got time got time but end up x read also =.=
Go Mana there les kheng gai =x
We talked bout roller coaster and how someone died =x LOL!
Quite fun larh =)
EST started. Haha. I wanted to do essay part first. But I keep flipping the page from front to back like a sakai without even starting to write =.=
Finally decided to do the front part first. Stupid!
But that time I already started the essay part a bit =x
LOL. I don't even know what I was doing =.=
Haha. TK, I really thought you really wrote that for teacher. LOL.
Overall EST I wrote crap. Harap-harap get A xD Yesh! I wish to get A for EST, SIVICS and PJ!! Why??!!=) PM marh =x
Then my helper lerh? =x Hehe.

Anyway, today Jian fetch me back from school. Thanks Jian.
And I lied down on my bed so long but couldn't sleep =.=
Damn restless eh. Then went tt =)
Tt halfway suddenly no electricity! Wooo~ Hehe.
Then Sir stood in front of the whiteboard and keep asking..
"Ya'll can see arh??!!"
Duhh, of course our answer is NOO larh! =)
Then after a while came back dy. So continued addmaths =)
Fun as usual. So now off to dinner and addmaths ^^

Good luck peeps for tomorrow!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

He's NOT leaving!!

Samson is NOT LEAVING!! Cheers!! =)
I had a pretty nice day today ^^
Morning wake then go down, leg terseliuh =.= What a great start!
Then went back up to sleep. LOL.
Breakfast then watch Monster vs. Alien xD Funny eh. B.O.B cute. And Doctor Cockroach actually damn smart and cute and clever and attractive xD His head damn big and cute =x Owh no, I'm gila-ing over cockroach T.T wth. LOL.

Then polish, bathe and walked to Cm's house =)
Eh I x notice go your house need naik hill =.= Tiring eh =x
But your house very nice. So worth it xD
Haha. Then go BB. Wee~ Love Bible class =)
Drill time damn blurr. Nevermind. Don't wanna talk bout it xD

Went church today. Sit upstairs. Kinda shuang xD
Song sang today also damn nice xD

Happy World Nurses Day to all NURSES!


Happy World Teachers Day to all TEACHERS!!


Thank you for your service to humanity ^^
10th May!!
Someone's birthday. I forgot to wish T.T Sorry! T.T
So now, bayar ganti rugi. Cause yesterday that someone angry, some more kurangkan my one ice-cream =.=
So here is your WISH...

Happy happy happy

Birthday birthday birthday!!

To the Piggie!! =)

Berserta gambar buruk kau yang ku curi =x

So lalala...happy belated birthday piggie! Hope you won't forget mine and remember the date =x
And my ice-cream!!!


No Greater Love - Don Moen

A New Commandment - -

A New Commandment - Keith Routledge

Friday, May 15, 2009

I wonder why some people looks so perfect yet they think they're not.
Hmm, girls, try going in front of the mirror and shout "wah, leng luii worh xD"
LOL. What you feel? LOL.
Sot dy. Nevermind x_X
I miss Pavi T.T Shiat, I'm attracted to her cuteness again T.T
LOL =x I wanna buy that something for her. Love her to the max!! Love you Pavi!!!!! ^^
That day exam time, want pass up time she show me that she never answer one page. Wah, sam tong dao =x
Btw, long time never gila with her dy. Nowadays go school like no time hang out with friends x_X
Hah. 3rd post for today.
Being unwell sucks. Like, really sucks.
At 6.30pm, too hot to even close my eyes.
So I decided to continue watching movie.
Watch till halfway, I fell asleep.
Now that I'm awake, damn freaking hard to breathe. Haha.
Tk's friday sickness spreaded to me T.T
I shall continue sleeping, if I can after bathing and eating.
I feel so freaking weak x_X Lord, save me. I still have exam next week T.T
EXAM FEVER! [real fever T.T]

Rest more. Sleep more. Read less. Sure will Ace the exam wan =)
Bio =D I don't know what to say x_X
Ok gua..
Anyway, first week of exam DOWN!
8 days more ^^
Hey! Last day guess whose b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y????
Hehe ^^ My dai ga jie's birthday larh =)
Heh, I'm still in my school U x_X
Who cares. Off to my bed ^^
Nittie nites!! =)

Words of wisdom.

Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.
If you want your dreams to come true, you musn't oversleep.
The best vitamin for making friends....B1!
The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
One thing you can give and still your word.
You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself.
If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.
One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.
Ideas won't work unless 'You' do.
Your mind is like a functions only when open..
The 10 commandments are not multiple choice.
The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been.
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Friends are like balloons ; Once you let them go, you might not get then back.
Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away.
Sometimes we are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong.
Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Unlucky or LUCKY?
Last night morning rain damn freaking heavy. Lightning and thunder like playing kejar-kejar =.=
Tepat 3.30am I woke up. Window opened! Arghh..I know I sure damn freaking scared dy de. So I beranikan diri go close the window T.T
I dare not look out, but ter-look. I saw some light =x Ignored it.
Then I lie down on bed back. Suddenly got lightning. Omgosh, damn bright wei! Some more my cupboard got that reflective cover. Wah, I don't know how to say.......

Morning wake dy still raining. Told mum..
"Mii, still raining eh ^^"
"So? Don't want go school??"

=.= Exam sia. Xkan don't want go school.
At 7.15am finally decided to go school =x
Reached at 7.35am. Masuk class, no chair =.=
Then go next class. There Wani also no chair. So I go Delta hunt =x That tingkat no chair =.= Go up some more.
Form 5 class all no extra chair =.=
Then go Form 6 there. Saw Pn Melati there ^^ Ask for extra chair, she say no. Walao, that time I was thinking of just sitting on the freaking floor and sit for the stupid exam =.=
Then Pn Melati ask, "Siapa xde kerusi?"
Then I say me larh =.=
Then she say, "Ahh, ambik larh kerusi sebelah meja cikgu tuh" ^^ Thanks teach!!
Finally got chair dy. Reach class, Lynn say, "Eh feli, I took your chair =.="
Haha. Before exam start I did something stupid dy =.= Shhh =x
Then exam start, moral =.= I damn malas wan do eh. Fai fai do then want sleep de. But so freaking cold eh =.=
Then I decided to go jalan-jalan. I ask Sir, "Cikgu, boleh gi tandas?"
He took up his hand I thought he want slap me =.= Then he say "silakan" @.@
Go toilet some more kena soal =.= Got some people ask me for answer =.=
Recess, nothing happened x_X
After recess. NO CHAIR AGAIN!! WTH WTH WTH!! My chair keep getting taken by people =.=
Then after standing for a LONG LONG LONG time, finally pavi say she took my chair =.=
Then Tk tell her.."You steal her chair?? She steal your Jonas then you know!" LOL! I x minat Jonas larh. so ugly =x
Then she pulangkan my chair time, the chair hit me leg, I screamed =x Very loud merh? 0.o
Then I shout at Pavi, "I hit your Jonas' leg then you know xD" Haha.
Then Mana, Irfanah, Me, Gin and tk sat at MY TABLE to study Chem xD
Ehem, got anything happen merh? Nothing marh hor xD
Btw, after recess Angela teach me how to sit pula =.= Thanks to tk =.=
Tk perasan he COW owh =.=
Eh I can't remember what to write dy. Sigh.

Anyway, in Moral paper got one q..
Apakah sumbangan or cara Malik b. Mydin menjadikan Malaysia terkenal. Or something like that.
Brigs answer damn nice..
LOL eh! xD I just left it blank x_X She really thought Malik Mydin tubuhkan kedai Mydin. =D
Chem suck =x

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still having EXAM FEVER =)
3 days passed. Glad! =)
Today History and Physics 3. History was okay I guess. I don't know why I so scared for essay part. So I go answer 4 questions =.=
Then got one question, "Nyatakan kaedah buruh China memasuki Tanah Melayu"
At first I was thinking bout Sistem Kangcu. But my brain told me that Sistem Kangcu is that pengutipan cukai at the river wan. Then suddenly Chulalongkorn came into my MIND =.=''
Like WTH??!! WTH was Chulalongkorn??!! After passing up the paper, I told Mana bout it. She laugh till like don't know what nia. She say Chulalongkorn is a Raja. WTH? LOL!
I go write don't know what kontrak x_X Haha. History "Batu!"
Btw, the whole test time that song kept going on in my stupid mind. I kept shoo-ing it away but still it don't wanna leave T.T
After recess had a few minutes for me to study Physics x_X
But too noisy, I couldn't concentrate. Thanks to some people =.= And my book was with Angela and Lynn, I SOOOO GOOOOODDD go lend it to them x_X Haha. It's okay larh.
Then I went to sit with Gila Gin and Worried Brig =.=
Then as usual, Brig tell story larh. I pun dengar ^^ Then I went and took back my book. The moment I open the book.
"OK, pelajar, simpan buku dan beg di belakan..."
Walao eh T.T I baru open book sia T.T
Late dy T.T Nevermind larh. Sigh. Mid-xam nia marh T.T
So overall okay. But kira salah T.T Concept betul larh. And carry-forward answer got marks wan right? 0.o This time another song pula in my mind x_X Argggghhh! Go away larh T.T
Anyway, came home, bathe, eat sleep. Then wake time I found something while searching for my Bio notes which until now I still can't find =.=
This is my masterpiece ^^ last year, for my leng luii ^^
As you sit in silence
Wondering why
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
Until your tears run dry
When you've been hurt
And can't believe what they've done
If you need someone to talk to
I'll be the one
If a close friend hurts you
And you don't understand
Remember I'm here
I'll lend a helping hand
Burdens are lighter when carried by two
And I just want you to know
I'm here for you!
Friends for life is what we are
Through thick and thin you were my friend
Leaning on you, you gave me support
The strength to get up and go again
If my heart was shattered, you'd heal it
If my heart was happy, we both rejoice in it
You are my best friend
Always and forever
It's been good
The best friendship ever
Never end, now and forever! =)
F - Friends till the end, is what was once spoken
O - Or is that just what you wanted to say?
R - Really, I'd be heart broken
E - Everyday, I thank God for you in every way
V - very often do I forget to say "I love you"
E - Even when I don't like it
R - Remember me when you're scared abd renenber I care about you too
N - Never take anything for granted
E - Even when there was a fight or two
V - Very lucky am I, to have you as my leng lui
E - Everyday I think about you
R - Remembring we're gonna be friends forever
E - Even if we're both scared
N - Never will I say goodbye
D - Didn't I always say, "Forever Never Ends"?
S - So please believe me when I say, "Forever Friends!"
Tomorrow Moral and Chemistry 3. Sigh, chemistry again T.T CHULALONGKORN ROCKS! =x

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Tk, thank me for this name =)
It's the nicest, pro-est, coolest, yeng-est name I've ever given someone okay! =)
Haha, i received a vacancy =.= Swt lorh. Really swt.
Okay, I think nothing happened today. Morning woke up on the wrong side of the bed =x
First paper, Maths 2. Okay gua. Don't know why I can answer @.@
Then recess. Then English 2. TOTAL BLANk! =S
I don't know why eh. Formal letter. WTS =.= I didn't elaborate any points. Just copy paste. Then continuos writting. I looked at the question so damn freaking long =.=
All 5 questions I also not sure want do or not. That time 12 something dy. 1.05 time end. Finally decided to crap one sad story =.= Damn crap larh that story =.=

Btw, read Lynn and Cm's blog. Sigh. Both talk bout J and Samson. Sigh. I don't know what to say. Btw, I got so so so so many videos of Samson in my phone =x He's a super cutie man! He talks cutely, walks cutely, acts cutely, jokes and smile cutely ^^
Memang super sad larh he's leaving. But we need to be happy that he's returning to his family right =) We cannot be selfish just cause we wants him here with us =)

Saturday might have Addmaths extra class x_X Actually I damn happy. Addmaths really damn fun lorh =)
Tomorrow history and physics 3. Good luck kay! =)
Hopefully I can finish reading history by tonight x_X

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!!

Slept super late on Saturday night cause of someone =x
Woke up super early on Sunday a.k.a Mother's Day because of someone! YESh! That someone is MY MOm!! =)
Woke up at 7.30am, made breakfast for the whole family =) Yesh, I suck in frying egg =.= I don't know why, that's the only food I can't fry. Stupid egg! Fried french fries, nuggets and also scallops =)
Glad mum enjoyed it ^^ Basically I spent my whole Mother's Day on the couch studying Chemistry which I totally screwed the whole paper today T.T Sorry T.T
Then night went to Taman Orkid to eat dinner. Thanks to gor for belanja-ing us ^^
Yesterday night had some stupid arguments larh =.= Mum, gor and dad =.= Damn freaking noisy sia. I couldn't even concentrate =.=
Slept off at around 12am, praying that everything will go well the next morning ^^


SUCKS TO THE MAX! =.= Well, for me. BM was okay. But section B I do till haflway suddenly blank =.= I just hope my marks cukup-cukup makan larh x_X Don't want get B eh T.T Neither A2 T.T
Will do even better in Paper 1 =)
Blanks and craps on my paper. Written and erased. Either written or left blank, no marks will be given anyway. Why want waste ink? =x
Thanks for those wishes =) Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Headache please go away T.T
Flu please come back =x

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Haha. I just finished my lunch. Got back from song practice. I terus took my chemistry notes and lie down on the hard sofa. YESh! The wooden one. I thought that would kept me going for a few hours.
But NO! I SLEPT OFF!! Seriously. With the papers on my hand, eyes closed! Then I suddenly woke up and went to the soft and comfy sofa. Some more larh tido =.=
Then I dreamt! That dream was the nicest, sweetest and coolest dream! Haha. Stupid.
I even dreamt that Lois, Jes and Hui Min came to me new house @.@
It was a messaging dream again. We were messaging each other and I suddenly woke up @.@
My handphone was right beside me. So I click on one button to check whether got message or not. NO message.
I stupidly thought he not yet reply and went back to sleep =.=
Then that stupid dream continued! Omgosh!! It was so stupid that I actually thought it was real.
But when I really got up I really felt so dissapointed. Sigh. Draems. Which will never ever come true. It's okay. Now that I'm awake, I need to face reality! REALITY THAT I HAVE MID-XAMS NEXT WEEK!! ARGHH!
Anyway, I studied the timetable again, again and again. I finally realise that we only need to read for first week of exam only! So this week and next week all form 5-ers bermati-matian kay! =) One week only! Then the 2nd week can chill a bit dy. The 3rd week quite important! GOT PJ AND SIVIC!!! LOL!
Read larh, jangan ikut jejak kaki ku. Ingat apa yang cikgu ajar. IAITU BAGAIMANA CARA NAK KAHWIN =X So go baca text book untuk tahu macam mana nak kahwin. Especially those who wanna take SUK a.k.a Sijil Untuk Kahwin.
Anyway, I got slight FLU! Yesh! Long time didn't get dy. Happy happy happy!! =D

"Without direction, you will not be lost. You will only be directionless. So find your goal and aim towards that direction"

Cia's quote =)

Trying hard to believe that she can do it T.T

Friday, May 08, 2009

Nora and Vince - Di Persimpangan Dilema.

I sang this song today in class ^^ Can say my first favourite malay song =)
Other than SKBS school song =x =x
Weather nowadays very hot eh. Mood pun x stabil. Sorry today in school mood x stabil x_X
Haha. Last masa damn fun =.=
Sej teacher don't know go where @.@
Then as usual, our papa of the class, mr how teck kien had to control the zoo class cause his wife, Shagee didn't come school =x
He couldn't even control his own self larh =.=
Go steal people's shoe some more. Apa la lu =.=
Then some more want eat people's socks =x
Aiyo, I have nothing to say bout today. But I'm just glad I finish hafal all the nilas =)

Thursday, May 07, 2009


For more info bout that sistahood thingy, click HERE

So I woke up as usual today. Slept late last night. Like real late =x
Watched a true story based movie. Kinda nice. But in the end no one died =.= Sien lorh. Always like that wan.
Went school kinda early today @.@ I also don't know why exactly.
Then Mana and I kap zai again =x And luii larh =x
Can't really remember what happened @.@
English time always crap time. So nothing I guess.
I know we masuk class only, Angela, Lynn and I kept talking bout CARTOONS! YESh! CARTOONS! The colourful lights in the box-like thingy that brightens every kids' day! =)
Then BM. Teacher teach bout teknik menjawab soalan. I was bored larh that time =.=
Then teacher ask to do ayat tunggal.

Pavi say,
Joe comel.
Then got people say...
Pavi tipu.
Teck kien gila. and..
Cikgu cantik..

Then teacher ask to do ayat majmuk.

I say,
Teck Kien gila sebab Pavi tipu bahawa Joe comel xD
Lynn say,
Cikgu cantik I forgot this teck kien gila sebab pavi tipu Joe comel x_X

Then Pavi go complain to teacher bout something.

She say,
Cikgu, TENGOK teck kien!! Dia.......something don't know what...
Then suddenly like so diam. I thought what larh happen. Then Pavi keep screaming at teacher some more.
Then teacher say,
Eh, kamu nih, suruh Cikgu tengok teck kien kan. SAYA DAH TENGOK DIA LAMA! (She blinked her eyes showing that she's looking at tk) LOL!

Btw, today Lynn say my hair long le ^^ YESh! Good! Can cut hair dy =x
Then Pj! Here's where the fun begins!
Angela and Lynn went around fighting for one stick =.=
Then I went Beta larh. Hjun say my eyelashes long =.=

I say..
Grow yours also larh ^^
She ask,
I say,
Keep cutting it, then will long de =x
She say,
Really arh??!!
I say,
Of course NO larh!! LOL!

Then Mana and I danced =x
After that Mana bumped into HIM. Ehem ehem. Damn funny lerh xD He so blind xD Or purposely de =x
Then suddenly Angela ran out shouting,

Where's my stick?? WHERE's MY STICK?!!

She go chase after teacher to see her hands =.= LOL! Damn cute wei! ^^
Recess time we had a FEAST =.=
I don't know from where Uthaya dapat so much food =.= So we HELP her eat ^^
I told her,
Eh Uthaya, whatever don't want just throw here kay! =)
Owh yea, I go hide Boon Jun's food. Then I purposely ask him whether can have some, then he gave me the tupperware's cover =.= He thought his food still on the cover xD Damn funny xD
And and and..I was eating biscuit marh, then Angela and TK teach me how to eat ^^

Angela keep saying,
Okay, bite bite =)
I don't know why that time I put biscuit in mouth but x bite =.=
Then she say,
Bite okay.
Then I bite dy..
Then tk say,
Then I wanted to swallow! =x
Angela stopped me and say,
Eh, chew chew, chew dy then only swallow kay!

Then Pavi talk in chinese! WALAO, damn fluent sia! I teach de ^^ LOL =x
Physics time. That time my stomach damn pain. No mood. But too funny le. Cannot no mood!
Walked to lab with Tk and Mana.

Tk, suddenly look at Mana and say,
"Eh, masa Form1 cikgu selalu panggil saya How kan? =)"
*Some more can smile =.=
Then Mana pun angguk =.=
Then I look at tk..
"Huh? Teacher call you How?"
Then tk say,
"Eh, you not same class with me that time, you don't know de larh!"
Then I looked at Mana! And ask..
"Eh, mana, dulu awak mana ada sama kelas ngan TK?!"
Then tk look at Mana,
"Eh Mana, dulu kau........Eh, kau pun bukan kelas aku larh!!"

I laughed till we sampai lab =.= Today Physics teacher mood x baik larh. So nothing really happened x_X
Btw, EST teacher damn lazy de =.= Write on whiteboard also lazy =.=
Bio =.= I shall skip this part =x

Today Wei Seng came with Cm also. Haha =)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Who in the world does not need assurance?
It is definitely something everyone in the world needs.
Something or someone to count and rely on. The comfort and kelegaan to know that it exist =.=
Crap, I'm crapping.

Anyway, Physics teacher WANTS to take whole year leave. Why do I even bother =.= I keep telling others I don't listen to her in class. But why am I afraid when she said she's taking a whole year leave??!!
Her reason.."Saya rasa nak ambik leave cause I'm too commited to everything =D"
Haha, remember that huge s.m.i.l.e she gives everytime she finish her sentence? =)
It just brightens some people's day. Well, I can say she brighten my day, sometimes.
Back to the main topic. I'm also commited to everything. So I pun nak ambik leave!!
Anyway, I remembered something..
Yesterday in Physics class..
Theres one question that says "assume don't know what what what.."
Then kah hoe say, "Teacher, after I do the question dy, then I will write below there, ASSUME MY ANSWER IS CORRECT!"
Then teacher say "Okay~~ I will mark and write below there, YOUR ASSUMPTION IS WRONG!" LOL!
Someone say, "teacher will say, assume I gave you marks" xD

Today no school Today I didn't go school. Stayed at home. I realise Chemistry really sucks larh. Sejarah is way better =x I know many sure won't agree with this statement xD

There won't be house warming for friends in June. Mum canceled it =.=
I will be going to Johor instead =)
Mum wants to throw a birthday party for me and gor. I WILL REJECT IT. I don't like party celebration with friends. Seriously. Haha, but I enjoyed the outing with friends when I was in form 3. And thanks to ex-gangfrenz for throwing a nice one for me last year. Really appreciate it a lot =)

Not in the mood to study now. It's weird that I feel sad cause the sun is going down. WTH =.=

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time Flies~~

Yup, time definitely flies damn freaking fast!
Exams are in 5 days! YESH! 5 days! I can't believe it is already May =.= Well, I still can't believe I'm already form 5. But I do believe that I'm born =.=
REGRETED going to school today =x
I didn't know todat had assembly =.= Why did we have assembly today???
So teacher crapped during Sivik, I didn't listen to that lady larh. Don't know what badan she talking about. BUT~ got something funny happen! TK ALMOST FALL WEIIII!!!~~ LOL!!
I laugh loud merh? LOL! Really funny lorh! How come he never fall? =x
Then KY were talking bout someone that made me cannot write =.= Seriously, I couldn't continue writting the notes teacher gave. Stupid ky!
I skipped PJ? 0.o The moment I entered 5 Beta for PJ, krrrriiinnnggg, the bell rang =.= WTH.
Then English. Told you English was a waste of time. She gave exercise and POOF, she disappeared from class =.=
Recess, weee..FOOD! :P
Chatted with Gurv and Angela in Beta. Brigs disappeared =.= Vanessa got her DA cd. Grats =)
Btw, Hem, keep reminding me to pay up kay! Cause I got bad memories =.=
Physics. Brig skipped Phy =.= I sat with Angela today. We both damn quiet. Observing those around us xD I ADMIRE Jaleha Zaleha's patient! Seriously! I'm speechless. Maybe Alfa-rians would understand. Well, maybe some.
Moral. Erm, spent most of the masa outside class =.= Helping teacher =)
Addmaths, wee. FUN! Ok, I gotta get something right here. Walking out of Hexagon room time. I didn't see that kah hoe stopped ok! So I bang-ed into him and moved a few steps behind! It was not because of the elasticity of his butt!!
Off to addmaths again =)

Monday, May 04, 2009

I really wanted to do homework now since I didn't finish it during BM and also the other FREE periods which we had A LOT today =.=
Wasted my time by kheng gai-ing. Omgosh, I'm so mad at myself xD
Someone's repu tercalar wei!! I can't believe that happened larh. I'm 70% happy and 31% sad. Eh? 0.o Why got extra one percent de? 0.o Nvm. Weirder is BETTER!! =))
So so damn damn damn damn many things happen!!
I baru walk into kotak muhibah Muhibah Square, kena panggil go up. Tahu dy larh siapa punya angkara x_X ANGELA LIM a.k.a meow chiu =x
Wah, today damn sat bai =.= Don't wanna talk bout that sat bai stuffs xD Then BM bout TELEFON BIMBIT. I don't know why I so dumb go say "Eh saya x tau macam mana nak jawab larh. Saya x guna handphone punya T.T!!" I know damn swt =.= Btw, Pn Melati actually borrowed Pavi's handphone for some "important issues". It's super weird for a TEACHER to borrow handphone from a PELAJAR! Eh, I forgot what's pelajar in English =.=
Anyway, then APD crew kena call to the "womb"s room =.= Lalala..over dy, don't want ungkit. Then maths, I blurr-ed as usual. Did BM during maths =x But still x complete =.= Then recess-ed in class with Tk, Lynn, Ky and Angela xD Damn funny eh!! Tk was pin yin-ing Dou Shi Ni for ky =.= Ky noob dao =.= Go google marh.
Can't really remember anything much during recess, other than me giving away my food!! =)
Han Jon stayed in 5 Alfa for some quite IMPORTANT discussion =x LOL! We supported it anyway, so we're half culprits xD
Then we were talking bout bad words =.= Sigh. I don't know why and why and why I even took the initiative to EXPLAIN! T.T Habis larh!! I don't know and I don't wanna know who and how many people heard what I said larh T.T It's so adult-ish =.=
Then then then..very noisy. So tk angry..AWWWW =x
Then I don't know why I suddenly jadi manja =x I go call "Teck kien".......~~~~~~
Then he still I call again..."Teck kien~~~~~~~~"
Then he start smiling....then I "awwww~~~" =x =x
Then kc laugh at me xD Then tk angry again =.=
Then I "teck kien~~~~" again =x =x =x =x
Then after that I can't really remember what happen dy. I know after school go duty damn damn damn freaking tired dy.
Sheau Huei saw me straight ask "Felicia, you SICK arh???!!"

Anyway, if anyone notice =.= yesterday night my mood kinda good. But I feel weird XD
Then I was chattting with tk...
"Who you calling noob?"
"The person behind you!" (Actually I was just trying to scare him or what larh =.= but manatau....)
"Woi, behind me mirror eh! Means, my image is noob??!"

LOL! I can't believe it was so damn ngam man!! Grats tk, your image is a NOOB!! =)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wee~ Having the whole house to myself the whole day =)
Watched Marley and Me just now. Yup, I did cry the whole movie.
It reminds me of my first kitten. Sigh.
Then, I TRIED to sleep. But failed! =.=
Why? Cause the phone rang. Then after that can't sleep dy. Haiz.
Stupid phone. Why must it ring???!!
I still got at least 5 hours alone!! YES!! =D
Hmm, what should I do???

Yesterday had house warming. Beginning nice, but ending emo =.=
Haha. I'm damn speechless. Mum say I was selfish. MAYBE? Hmm..

*Dogs outside house barking!!
Goes downstairs to check it out.
OMGOSH! So freaking dark!
ON THE LIGHTS! Okay, no more dy. PHEWW! Nothing, nothing, nothing harmful =)
Comes back up and continue typing =)

Haha. Today Angela ask me whether I'm gonna study or not. Sakit kelapa kepala larh. Macam mana mau stardi?? =)
Tomorrow ba. Should I go for the test tomorrow? Hmm..
Stop all the crap.
All of it is fake.
I knew I shouldn't have fall so deep.
I should have avoided the fall.
See, now I'm lost. Lost, with no direction!
Think bout it night and day. And finally I realised it today.
That I was a fool. AGAIN!
To see it happen right in front of my eyes hurts more than listening to it. FINE.
Thanks for the memories.