Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just got back from cathecism. Guess what? I went there to re-sit an exam cause I failed by 1 pathetic-foolish-unfortunate-lame mark -.-ll
Even Francesca got off the hook with her -0.5 marks xD Me? Man, I'm just so patheticly-unfortunately-lamely-kesianly having a bad luck T.T Well, nevermind!
So yea, I reached exactly at 11am. Chat with Brig till Mabel "oit" me for exam xD Then went to the class, no place for me. PATHETIC!
So I was the only one joining the class which uncle Nelson was teaching, so I get to attend class and sit for exam! COOL huh? But eventually after that a few late-comers *ehem* came, so they joined me larh. Exam was, erm, how to say? Like a repeat larh. Something done before but doing agaian. Damn swt. I got separated from Mabel T.T I wanted to share table with her but Uncle just have to separate the lovebugs xD
So then write write write, isi-ed the blank tempat and pushed Christina to hand in my paper xD xD SORRY DUDE! Hehe..I didn't wanna be the last one xD
So then duduk back at same place with friends. Then just lepak, we talked and the teacher was like talking in front. Erm, we like didn't even give a damn what he/she was talking about. Wth. LOL
Then then then then then...Uncle called francesca to the front and chatt-ed with her? 0.o It's like omgosh? LOL Then he was talking bout the exam paper larh. And he asked her whether I am her very best friend! A ha oh yeah! Of course larh. I knew her since like std 3? We use to play at the playground together xD Okay then then then...MABEL GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!! Wee~ Okay, they so guessed I will post this. And OH YEAH I'M SO POSTING THIS!! xD xD
Haha, but I won't sms him larh. It's too risky xD Obsession's over anyway. So heck!
So, next week? Rehearsel for confirmation, and SHOPPING!! Erm..WHITE DRESS!! Man, no short skirts and no pants for those who always wear skirt T.T But who wanna wear pants when you can wear skirt??! LOL
Anyway, we learnt a new word today! BLUFFOLOGY!! wee~~

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