Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The silliest thing that happened today was..tat tada tat tada tat tada...
When we were walking out from school, there were these bunch of chinese girls waiting there don't know for what and they were talking about "MASYARAKAT AGUNG". Guess what's that? Not bout humans, it's a bout meetings. WTH man. It was actually MESYUARAT AGUNG -.-
I don't know how to say bout today but..She (HOAB) talked to me. Sigh, what did I do? Just ignore her =x =x wakaka. She told me something bout discipline, for me CRAP -.- Cause I don't like men-denda-ing other people. They teng wa then enough le ^^ This year want tarik more people come for meetings. Walao, the chinese gang didn't wanna come for all the meetings cause they say teacher don't let come if no uniform -.- False statement. Ti Jing got it right, LAZINESS xD
After pendaftaran for Unit Beruniform, here comes the boring but not boring part, Rumah Sukan -.- Went behind the blocks there, they took so long just to arrange the students. Plus, it was soooo disorganise lerh. Mana and I kept playing around and just joking. Walao, this year she my class, damn song jek xD Then they were choosing all those AJK stuff. I've been doing it for 4 years, wa mai liao. But don't know why no people nominate chinese student, so teacher say need one chinese student, so she pick me. First time in my history, no voting sessions, just simply tetapkan a jawatan -.- Wth man -.- I didn't even bother to see what the teachers and students were doing, just stood aside, but suddenly from far, Pn Sakinah shouted my name. Wth -.- She ask Pn Chong take me as Ajk Papan Kenyataan LOL Just to get marks but not do anything =D My professionalism! xD
Then mana and I go hantar the hayler thingy. Macam itu spell ka?
Then back to class, Melati already in class @.@ Just sit larh.
A while of BM then recess -.- Hema brought 2 huge tupperwares of sandwiches. Walao, damn freaking SEDAP man! Thanks Hem! I ate damn much today =x =x LOL
Then suddenly CM call me and say ZIP -.- I was like, WTH??!!
Then KY ask how CM know de. I say I also don't know xD Then Lynn also ask bout it, but I don't want tell cause, WHATEVER HAPPENS IN ROLLER, STAYS IN ROLLER!!! *our mouths are SEALED*
Then EST, I don't know why, but I was sleeping and was actually dreaming -.- Brigs also taught me how to sleep, but my way easier larh, cause really unnoticeable de xD Suddenly teacher call my name. I was like, Huh?? Then she ask for book -.- I thought she gonna marah me or something -.-
Then ADDMATHS! Owh yea, after rumah sukan pendaftaran thingy, I met up with Sir Remi, I told him bout the marks in the slip. He like so scared nia -.- Then say, "Bukan saya, bukan saya, bukan saya punya salah, saya dah bagi markah yang betul, so mesti pihak yang taip itu yang salah. Itu awak pergi cakap dgn guru kelas awak". LOL First time see him like so scared xD And it's REMI -.-
Addmaths time, Sir showed us a video of girls fighting and smokers. Then he say, "Eh, sebenarnya I'm not suppose to show you all these" -.- After he showed us the video of girls fighting, suddenly he ask us whether we got watch girls fighting before or not. Erm, dude, we just watched it! LOL
School ended nicely today =D YEAH! When reached home, I was freakingly tired, I have no idea why. Ate and straight went to sleep.
Homeworks flooding!
Btw, was it a nightmare? LOL I also don't know larh. But I was damn worried when I woke up xD Only hjon and Brigs know bout it T.T Dream only right??? LOL Brigs keep pushing me to say it out -.-
Hah! Btw, class arrangement of tables change AGAIN. Thanks to MAna xD Now 3 4 2. All focused to the middle. Wee~ I'm in the middle again and next to 2 big jie jie =D Happy and glad! Got 2 pro sitting next to me! But, aiyo, sure I damn dependant again this year. Since got 2 jie jie that always jaga me de sit beside me T.T

Owh yea, one more thing. We did manicure in class today. Girls and guys! Haha. All becoming gays dy xD And thanks to my itchy fingers, mine all kena scrap keluar xD Only left one perfect finger -.- Eh, Brigs only did for me on two fingers larh for goodness sake -.-

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