Friday, October 25, 2013

One, two, three.

First trial, second round and so on.
If you never learn from your mistake, there would definitely be more of it.

Wanted to rant more but..
I am working towards my life mission which is:

"Being the positive energy provider to those who have negativity within them."

Well, life's but a temporary road.
If you leave footprints on the beach sand, they would just fade away.
But if you walk the road guiding others and walking with them, you leave and create memories.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

When hunger strikes!

If you are having a growling stomach a.k.a an empty stomach a.k.a a concert in your stomach, do not continue reading.
Images attached might make you more hungry, angry and run for food.

At 9-ish pm I ate these.

And at 11-ish pm, I ate this.

And now at 1-ish am, I am feeling hungry again.


Metabolism and digestion rate increase as age increase?
You gotta be kidding me.
Where did all the food went?

Well, hope all the food went to my brain cause I need more energy in my brain to absorb whatever I read and practice.

I think I should sleep more instead of eat more.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm not different, I'm just special.

It's weird how I like being under the wings of my parents.
I (of course like other children) like to complain about not being to do this do that, go here go there and join this or that.
But at times, I actually ASSUME that my parents wouldn't allow me to.
My parents are one of those that doesn't really prohibit me from doing this or that.
At most, they will just keep shooting questions at me (especially my dad) but end up giving me the permission to do it or go somewhere.

Now that I am actually living outside of my home, there is definitely a sense of insecurities at times.
I might get home sick at times and miss my dog but I only have less than a year to go only!
I can go through this.
There is no more permission seeking routine anymore and I have to find breakfast, lunch and dinner myself.
I have to get to college and get back myself and no one would ask have you eaten or bathe.

There is always 2 sides of the coin to everything.
Well, look at the bright side.
Now I can stay up as late as I want, go anywhere I want, with anyone and at any time.
But being the oh-so-risk-averse me, I am still pretty conservative and laid back.

Few days back I actually went up to Genting with a couple of friends, which I don't think I would usually do if I was back at home.
First, cause I am afraid of travelling to a far place without my parents.
Second, because Genting is up, up, up there. Which means it would be dangerous.
And we actually departed at 7 in the evening and the mist was super heavy and my heart literally skipped a beat when we were on the road that we could barely see!
But when we got up there, it was freakingishly AMAZING!
The strong wind and heavy mist was something that I've never experienced before in my entire life!
Despite being looked at as 6 silly kiddos standing on the road when the wind was blowing like mad and the temperature was so low, we had fun.
Well, I had fun :D

And on top of that, I definitely went against my norm of "should be at home by 1am"!
We were actually still in Genting when it was already 2am!

Looking forward to so much more adventure after external papers :D

Should be getting ready for war soon :D
Finals in less than 3 weeks :\
Should I be feeling the stress now?