Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Bi, as titled.
Means bisexual.

No, I am not a bi. But not denying the fact that I like hot girls. HAHA.
I don't get jealous, I just admire.
And to my surprise, most of my guy friends have pretty sisters =.=
So I like to stalk their Facebook page, not to see their faces but to see their sister's faces. HAHAHA.

Coming Monday exam.
Exam non stop.
Hidup macam robot.
But not completely like robot.
I feel so relaxed.
I feel like the sem haven't even started =.=
No stress, no gain, no pain.
Just letting time pass.
Becoming lazier and lazier x_X

And on top of that, now got night classes =.=
Itu college manyak far you know!
Take me 2 hours to come back.
Class until 8pm, reach home sudah 10pm+ =.=
Some more almost everyday 8am class =.=
Tiring giler.
No time to digest what I've learnt in lecture pun.
Every morning jalan like zombie in 8am class.

Anyway, current addiction! :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Time wasted.

4 days of holidays! :)
No regrets although I didn't touch the textbook at all :)
The weird thing is, even though I rest so much but yet I am having a headache @.@

Gahh, anyway, new cover :)
Payphone has been in my head for many many many weeks already.
Okay, in this cover, like all the other covers, sure got something wrong.
This time, timing wrong =.=
And the lighting, somehow got problem =.=
I don't know why but I use the same camera but the quality seem to be different everytime.
Anyway, enjoy! :)

Oh and, I love this picture! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012

Venue: Prescint 3, Putrajaya
Time: 6.30pm
Flag off time: 8.40pm

First 10km run in my life!
This time I was actually running alone.
Great experience.
Although I was kinda slow but it's alright!
There is always NEXT TIME!
And as every run passes by, I try improving!

Pictures during the day.

Signature look!
Darlie ad!
FAT! :(
To be standing beside a thinner person.
Finally, a normal picture =.=
Oh, and this is my placing and time.
578 =.=
You gotta be kidding me.
Guess who are those people that overtook me on that day.
Like, seriously.
FAIL! :(
Gotta train more!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012


I need a new pair of spectacles :(
Somehow eye power increased tremendously.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mimi is the culprit!

OKAY. Things just got serious.
Remember my previous post regarding the damn rats?!
Mimi, my dog, dug the garden!
I actually placed 3 tiles at the usual place that she used to dig last time to cover it up so that she will stop digging.
But today she dug below the tiles.
It was a MESS I tell you!
So I went out, wanting to clear up the mess.
There was actually a hole dug below the tiles and when I lift the tile, this is what I saw!
My dog actually dug a hole for the rat to stay in it.
LIKE WHAT THE HECK is wrong with her?!
Is she like adopting a pet rat? =.=

So so, when I lited it up, the small little mouse was actually just sitting there and staring at me @.@
It did not even try to run.
It actually look cute!
It actually look evil!!
So I called my mum and told her about it.
She attempted to catch it but failed and I got scolding for that =.=

So, the conclusion is, the rat is still around!!

Bad wake up call.

Saturday night.
Slept so nicely because it rained whole day on Saturday.
Nice weather.
I felt something on my hair/head. I immediately woke up!
Guess what I saw?!
A freaking rat jumped off my head and ran!
WTH =.=
Then I on the lights to see where it went.
It disappeared into thin air already :(

So, then I decided to sleep in the living room downstairs, away from the rat!
I took my stuffs down and slept on the couch.
The one beside the sliding door.
And then, I heard noises from the curtain.
There was another rat climbing the curtains!
What the heck is wrong with them?!
Can't they leave me alone?!

They do not look like this.
They look like this!


When all else fails.

After about 7 years of suffering from acne, finally decided to visit the local pharmacy for advice.
According to the doctor, my case wasn't ordinary pimple case. It was bacteria infection and it was inflammable which makes it spread from one place to the other easily.
So, I was given anti-biotic which he said I need to take for 10 days to kill the bacteria and return to the pharmacy after that to see the result.
He said that the effect can definitely be seen after the 10th day.
I was also given an acne cream for acne (duhhh) to be applied on my acne everyday.

So, I took a BEFORE picture of my face.
And I will definitely take the AFTER picture too.
Maybe if I am free, I will take for alternative days.

Well, hopefully this might work.
Cost me RM20 bucks for the antibiotic okay!
And RM10 for the acne cream :|

Really hope it will work.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Life goes on, with or without anyone else.
Time never stops, not for you not for me.
Turning back is not an option but looking back is.

I'm a neutral person.
I don't hate haters nor lovers.
Everyone has their own views on everything.
Whether you like it or not, it is their thought.

There are so many weird people in this world that sometimes their action is unpredictable and unexplainable.
Being in a new environment is good because it trains oneself to adapt to new situations :)
But some people do not like coming out from their comfort zone.
They want to be around people they know well and dislike being in a place filled with strangers.
For me on the other hand, likes strangers because I can portray a new side of me :)
A different side which the people I once knew don't know.
Bad or good, well, it depends on who the strangers are :)

Thursday, October 04, 2012

It is just the beginning.

Should I categorize my life as hectic life or no life?
Students of Advance Diploma in Accounting in TARC is well known for their NO LIFE status btw.
Actually we do have a life but due to the awesome screwed up timetable that my group got, I feel lifeless =.=
Most of my classes start at 8am, therefore, I need to wake up at 5.55am and leave my house at 6.30am!
On top of that, I have classes up to 6pm on the same day as the 8am classes so I reach home around 9pm =.=
At the end of the week, I feel super exhausted.
I have one class that is 3 and a half hour and it starts at 8am!
That class is HELL!
Thank goodness we have a 5 minutes break every one hour or else I guarantee that I will fall asleep =.=
Other than that, Tuesday I have 4 hours break and on Wednesday, 6 and a half hour break!
You gotta be kidding me right?
What kind of timetable is this???

3rd week only.
And I already feel like dying =.=
TGIF, seriously!
Saturday is the happiest day of the week for me because I get to sleep more.
Sunday is quite depressing cause Monday is the next day after Sunday =.=

So, to avoid sharing the depression to my readers.
Time for some entertainment.
I consider stalking as a hobby btw :)

Gonna miss this girl badly!
My signature look! :D

Oh well.