Monday, June 28, 2010


"Sometimes humans are just so weird, they refuse to take easy roads because they think easy roads are tricky roads."

I just don't understand man.
We're doing something that is not even necessary =.=
Additional marks?
Impossible =.=
When does English take counts in accounting?

Anyway, sometimes people just gets on my nerves. Can't they just chill?!
Btw, college is so cramped up.
Schedules are tight. Tighter than highschool I can say!
Exams are one after another, like WTH!
And I can't stand getting instructions from people.
Like, dude, I have my freaking own brain and it is working perfectly.
I don't need orders from people.

I'm just freaking glad that all the assignments will be over by this week.
But, there are still presentation. Like wth.
I hate hate hate hate all these group assignments man.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Still malang =.=
Woke up 1 minute before alarm ring today. GAHHHHH!!~
Wasted one minute of sleep =(
Reached college, eye lash went inside my eye =.=
Damn pain!
Then got lost, don't know where's our tutorial class =.=
After class, went for brunch =D
Then went library to discuss IA assignment.
Blahh~ More homework to do.
Okay, I'm still blur like last time.
Do wrong question 2biii but I go erase the whole answer or 2biv =.=
End up need to do 2 answer again. Gahh!!~
Then stole ate NS1's food xD
He brought man tao with bacon, end up we help him eat everything =x
Then went to another tutorial class. Same subject =.=
Cause had replacement class in the morning.
We were scared by some stupid man =.=
Actually it was a loud noise xD
Anyway, after that we went back by LRT.
Today 5 people go back together =D
Kinda fun.
But tiring.
Cause time of travel = 1 hour and 45 minutes T.T
Super tiring.
Now I need to complete my freaking annoying never-ending homeworks.
Headache since yesterday.
Why is this happening to me?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh so malang week x_X

Started off yesterday.
I got on the wrong LRT and ended up in Maluri.
Luckily my mum was not working. I took U40 to outside PGA Camp and asked her to fetch me.

And then today, reached Wangsa Maju Lrt, went and bought that small purse and saw 2 TARC bus and Rapid bus =.=
Then took the wrong Rapid bus. For some reason, Rapid bus is not going to TARC, it was going to KL.
Quickly got down the bus and walked back to the bus stop, just in time to catch a TARC bus.
Crappy days.

Anyways, tomorrow is my first test =D
Hopefully I'll be lucky in it ^^
Studied for half an hour dy =x
Should be enough.
Since it's only 2 chapters.
Whole day again tomorrow in college.
Gahh, I wanna go swimming, but I don't have the time =(

I also wanna go shopping.
But, no time and no kaching. Sigh.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In a blink of an eye, it has been 4 weeks =)
4 weeks in college.
Getting use to it =)
Tiring schedule and traveling time.
It is indeed tiring.
Enjoyed secondary school better =P
Wonder how's my other ex-schoolmates going with their own schedule and life.
Lost contact with several friends from school @.@
And so, my life is cramped up with all those assignments and homeworks.
Why do I still call it homework?
Cause assignments are courseworks and homeworks are basically homeworks xD
I'm starting to like my tutorial group xD
Filled with people that communicate weirdly.
Yes, they are so-called grown up guys =.=
Yet, they still shout and scream at each other like a bunch of 10 years old kids @.@
AND, in a blink of an eye, first test is next week!
Starting off with the 2nd toughest memorizing subject, Microeconomics.
Well, the 1st goes to Hubungan Etnik! Millions of words that we need to remember =x
Anyway, had open book test the other day @.@
And I haven't completed the test, we were allowed to bring the questions back with us to complete it at home. How cool is that?!
So, it's still on the floor, calling and wailing to me to finish it but I'm just too freaking lazy =x
We didn't get our IA tutorial questions this week, so I'm kinda free =x
But I bet I need to rush and finish it maybe on Monday when the printing manager finally realize what she/he had missed out =.=

Yesterday was dear Deer CM's birthday xD
The good thing was, I get to go out and hunt for present with Mr Perfect =x
And I get to meet up with Hj, Bk and most importantly, the birthday boi =)

Anyway, I think I'm encountering memory lost.
Both short term and long term!
I saw my tuition friend yesterday at the library.
After half an hour, then only I realize she was from tuition =.=
And, I met another guy who said "hi" to me.
Was wondering who he was.
I know that I knew him, but couldn't think of how and where @.@
I only could remember during the night =.=
Damn sweat!
They look so freaking familiar, yet I can't recall.

Lalala, funny life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I saw her today.
2nd time.

Another long day in college today.
Yes, HE folio is almost done =)
Going out for interview again tomorrow.
My MP3 player is dead =.=
Can charge but cannot on. wts.
Working on the sketch dialogue.
Tomorrow need to let teacher see.
So dead, so dead, so dead.
Next week first test =.=
Haven't even get a hang on anything, and EXAM.

Btw, I'm still hating TARC for being so damn huge =.=

Monday, June 07, 2010

It's yesterday once more.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm feeling so cranky now.
Is it cause I'm tired?
So, lets just recall what happened today.
Life journal...

Woke up and watched TV @.@
Then got ready at 12 to go Kajang =)
Bought Kajang satay to Kem Millennium Beranang xD
So, reached.
Suppose to write in the visitation book.
And my friend ask me to write "Melawat semua wirawati Dorm D"
I thought she was joking, so I just write.
When I was on my way into the dewan makan, suddenly I heard the shocking announcement.
"Semua wirawati Dorm D, sila turun ke dewan makan kerana kawan and sedang menunggu"
WTH =.=
LOL man.
Dad only bought 30 sticks of satay cause we thought we were only visiting 2 friends xD
But they already had their lunch, so it was enough for 8 people @.@
Now dorm D left 12 people, and according to them, they're the noisiest Dorm. Haha, grats to that.
Every night ends with argument between Archana and the others. And the issue is the LIGHT =.=
Anyhow, their company is currently 2nd place =)
So we chatted and all till 3 something.
Then went to Metro Point, went searching for goggles @.@
But there don't have.
Wanted to buy shoe, RM22. Dad say too expensive @.@
Then went Mydin. Bought little things but spent RM80+. Wow!
After that we wanted to walk to Metro Kajang, but got lost =.=
So decided to drive there.
Bumped into amazing race groups.
Finally bought goggles in Parkson.
Skipped lunch =.=
I think I got thinner cause of skipping lunch and walking for so long hours =.=
Although I don't feel tired, but I know I am tired @.@

Anyway, I'm just jealous. No other reason.
I'm a freaking freak. YES.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Suka-nyeeerrr! =D
Dad wanna buy me a camera worth more than my phone @.@
He ask me to study the usage of the camera @.@
I xde masa larh.
But, any camera pun I akan hepi larh =)
Been waiting for so long, finally getting it ^^

Friday, June 04, 2010

Wee~ Another update.
So now I have my monthly bus pass, I can go anywhere I want for free =D

Let's summarize everything.
Currently rushing to finish my college assignments and homeworks =.=
I do not have enough time =( WHY?
Anyway, saw 2 accidents last week.
Let me get this right, not accident, the victim of the accident =.=
Saw blood, wounds, and victims lying down on the road. WOW!
Yes, it was pretty cool =x
Anyway, had Family Day carnival last Friday at Bukit Jalil.
I'm proudly announcing that I did not win anything for Jogathon =x =x
Anyway, still had fun larh. Running and bumping into church members xD
Cause that jogathon had competitors from other churches members as well.
I think majority St. Thomas church win =.=
After that went IOI mall with Jes, Mel and their mum xD
Would like to thank their mum for lunch =)

On Saturday, went LM with dad. Awkward MUCH!
Dad spent nearly an hour at the 2nd hand book store =.=
Ended up only buying two books @.@

Sunday! Wee~
Went Pavillion ^^
With Cm, Tk, Mel, Jes and Cf =)
The program ended at 11.10am =.=
Got lotsa goodies =)
And and and, ate McD that day!!!! After so long, finally get to taste the double cheese burger xD
Had dinner with relatives that night ^^

Did our first journal writing xD
Title : Problems I am facing xD
Btw, I hate waiting for T405 =.=
Takes me one whole hour.

Sorry sorry sorry sangat sangat cause of Wednesday =(
I regret sangat sangat =(

Anyway, thanks Yang for fetching me and taking me back from college =)

And, I thank God cause I didn't kena anything cause I was late for tutorial for half an hour =)
I believe I am still LUCKY!
Going out with parents tomorrow. Wee~
Happy with my current life.
D.o.n.t.w.a.n.n.a.c.h.a.n.g.e.i.t =DD