Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Smiling =)

Oh yea, I'm Smiling =)

No matter what happens in life. The smile on my face will remain there. Forever and ever. It will not disappear from your sight.

Sigh, mum's advice, how not to follow? Nevermind, my first goal already achieved. Will remain it until after SPM xD

Written by the quiet & timid one =P

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pheww, I just finish reading something xD
I feel so damn relieve, happy and RELIEVE! LOL
An end of something is the beginning of something xD
So where am I suppose to begin? 0.o
Gahhh, I'm so relieve xD xD

So so so..yea, I've achieved my first goal, that is to talk less, play less and online less ^^
Goal achieved! =)

Let the pictures do the talking =)

Before experiment! ^^

The poor poor frog a.k.a new 5 Alfa student =x

Too much blood dy, so need use tap distilled water to wash away the blood.

Dissection of frog.

Actually I don't know which is my group's frog also -.- Cause Ham Han Jon took my handphone and took photos =) Thanks small big didi ^^ So that wraps up the whole dissection-of-frog-without-me during bio class ^^

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally Maxis can use dy ^^ Today Thursday, hmm.
Dissection sucks. Don't wanna tell the reason. Some might know, those don't know don't ask.
I wish some people may just shut their mouth cause whatever they say might just hurt others. And whatever they think and say is so not freaking true.
Class problem. Actually not class, is PSS. Sigh, dissapointing larh T.T Btw, today during physic's class, they call PSS out to tell bout 'sumthing' but I was talking to Mana the whole time, then suddenly ask to masuk class dy. I was like, 'huh?'. I langsung x tau what happen -.-
Then masuk class dy, teacher say, "Chinese girls right, normally very quite wan. Girls are suppose to be seen not heard."
Then Pavi suddenly look at Ginny, put her hand over Gin's shoulder and say, "Gin, I think you're an Indian." LOL man. Gin's Indian. I said no too. Then Pavi shouted at me, "Eh, you diam, you 1/4 Japanese, x kira Chinese dy." -.-ll LOL

So I came back with an empty stomach. Eh, today I sat with someone in the bus xD Normally I sit alone, suddenly only got people sit with me @.@ kaka...
Reach home, no food, wanted to go da bao food, started raining -.- Fried rice. Then after eat damn sleepy, went and sleep. At 4pm, Brigs called..woots, finally get to hear her voice. She sound okay from the phone larh. But that time I damn restless, I wanted to put down the phone and just continue sleeping but I tahan ny larh T.T So then kheng till 4.30 cause got a lot happened in school and a lot happened to her.
Today sucks larh. Sigh..maybe too tired dy.

Anyhow, yesterday had Sports Day ^^ Our last Sports Day! So most of us took part in perbarisan and went for it. So I reached school late -.- Almost everyone was there already. Rushed to 5 Alfa. Asked everyone to berbaris at tapak perhimpunan and count people. At first less people de. Then tetiba more people dy @.@ Swts larh -.-
Then started raining. All go laluan there. Don't know why, somehow naik bus time got some people tercicir and some naik other bus -.- So we I was all panicking cause Josh Ong didn't wear black shoe and have no tie -.- Then some more the person tercicir one, sigh. Damn speechless man. Perbarisan start dy also she not there. BECAUSE OF HER we kurang one person -.-ll Damn shyt larh -.- All of us damn angry, and she didn't even apologize -.-
Nevermind, after keluar baris dy, Me, Mana, Shagee, Brigs and a few other people rush to the toilet to change. Then suddenly my friend say she don't wan run for 100m -.- Last minute ask me masuk, I DON'T WANT LARH -.- Then we lepak-ed first larh, ate breakfast and got ready for acara larian 4x100m ^^ I was the first runner, it has been 3 years and every year I run first -.- When they say 'ke garisan', heart sure pump damn fast de T.T
But we got 2nd place ^^ 2 years in a row -.- Anyway, this year got 2 medals ^^ Huge improvement =x

So then hari sukan ended with sunburn -.-
And I met 'dumbass' in school -.-
He say he went Perimbun just to show his McD -.- Damn SWT larh DUMBASS! xD
Just imagine if piggie was there. LOL Sure damn chun =x
Miss that tall coconut tree. Overall Hari Sukan was kinda meaningless larh. Nothing much also. Congrats to Rumah Jati and WOW, ANOTHER HISTORY MADE! RENJER PUTERI WON PERBARISAN MAN! =D

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been FIVE days since I last blogged ^^
It's not that long. Just 5 days =)
So yea, like the other blogs you have read. Pathetic week, tiring week, hectic timetables and stressful yet encouraging situations.

Heatiness strikes me now -.- I have no comment on that. Weather keep changing kot. Yea, blame it on the weather =x Lolx. Correct larh, the weather kejap-kejap rain then kejap-kejap damn panas de T.T

Today had raptai at Stadium Bangi. I remember that place, owh yea! Two years ago, the place, the track, the particular line that Brig's tapak kasut came out =x =x Sorry Brigs but that's what I remember xD Memories larh babe. Not sengaja wan =x And that place totally sucks! I remember that time it was drizzling and I ran without shoes -.- I know, I was REALLY smart dumb. Haha, the past! =)

Tomorrow's Sports Days! Yippeee! =) Just love sports day so freaking much. Other than kawad, some more can run xD Hey, you don't always get to run on the track okay, unless you're an athlete ^^ And and and, I get to wear that NUMBER thingy xD And be with my team xD I hope this year win again larh ^^

I don't know what to type dy. The only thing I know now is...I love myself, my friends, my family, my life eventhough it is stressful and God ^^ I'm satisfied with myself eventhough I don't get enough rest and have a broken finger -.- Owh yea, lupa say, I can't move my right hand 4th finger. I don't know call what finger. But when I move it up, down, left or right, it hurts. So I assume it's broken. Wee~ Ciao..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

School was "HOT" today xD Real hot!
Started off with Program DEAR. Then penyampaian hadiah to those winners, including me. *ehem*
Btw, today when I reached school I asked ky "eh how larh the 'pelanduk' not yet take" -.- It was suppose to be sepanduk.
Then I say, "Come go to 'Puan' Zailani to take it". It was suppose to be Tuan, not Puan -.-
So then perbarisan rehearsel at 8.15am. Go til padang there, OMGOSH, damn freaking hot! And when masuk baris all facing the ultraviolet (the sunlight), it's like directly at the SUN!
Okay, it's extra Vitamin D, but too much! From 8.15am till 10.30am! One hour and 15 minutes. Okay, I'm not burnt but still so damn hot and I was thirsty okay! So everyone SUFFERRED! Sigh, kesian all of us xD
It finally ended and off to recess and then Physics class. During physics I nearly slept off -.- Was so sleepy and erm, I have no idea what teacher was teaching -.-
Then EST, ada semangat dy, cause NO NEED STUDY! For the first time, EST got experiment xD Do what? There, that thingy. I don't know whats that, but I did it xD
Then late for Bio =x Cause was so into doing the experiment xD Bio finished Chapter 1 dy ^^
Today balik awal, yay! =) So I went and put the sepanduk in PSS and walked out with KY ^^ Haha, he helped me cross the busy road xD
Then makan with Kavi and Shageetha and entered school at 1.40pm.
Sat with Irfanah to kheng gai a while and tie my 'DAMN NICE SHOELACE' =x LOL I was so into tying that I didn't even realise Irfanah left -.- So then went to where they wait for ky place. Sat there, kheng gai-ed with the juniors ^^ Damn nice wei!
That time rain a bit then Jean suddenly shout, "Nvm, we kawad in rain, sure very fun, can play rain ^^" Haha, she so damn semangat. Then suddenly all look at Sree Shiva, don't know who suddenly say "Eh, sree cannot larh, he wearing white, later zhao guong and we all can see kek lapis =x" LOL!! Then they start kawad under the bumbung. Suddenly add dao so many people @.@ But okay larh ^^ Good also, now some more got reserved xD
Then I go take list..then ky ask who don't know kawad, Joshua Ong say he don't know kawad. Ky say want tell Sir Loh xD
Won't larh, he so geng ^^ Then Ze Ean and I train Tiana, Joshua and Mun Yee ^^ Ze Ean don't know how to give command but he volunteer to teach -.- Damn cacat man him. Some more keep calling "FELI FELI FELI" -.-ll Then finally join the main group. At first front slow then back fast. Then terbalik pula. But in the end damn nice ^^ Walao, you wouldn't believe that was their FIRST practice!! Seriously damn cekap!
So everyone damn happy and get to balik awal ^^ I went up pss to write the new namelist for teacher, Pui Sze was beside me to talk and accompany me ^^ She say if bj be our commander sure all die xD AGREED! LOL
So then I had to take back the sepanduk cause x sempat do in school. When I went down, Shagee say her dad taking her by motor so I no transport -.- Brig volunteered to walk back with me ^^ So Brig and I walked to Suntex xD Damn freaking hot man that time -.- This time cannot call Vitamin D dy -.-
Then singgah at Nyky bookshop to buy Japanese card, Brigs wanted to buy books also. So then we split at one lorong there. I was holding the sepanduk which was almost taller than me on my left hand =x And right hand one plastic bag of manila cards xD Haha. Reach till front gate, I realise I didn't bring house key. This morning mum reminded me to bring, I thought it was in my bag, now I have no idea where it is -.- So then I campak everything into house, climbed the gate and opened the door with my secret technic xD Then here I am, chao chao-ly xiang xiang-ly writting this blog xD

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wee~ Happy-plus-sad-plus-exhausted.
Happy cause I finally will get a MEDAL! Eh wait -.- Every year also get medal de larh =x LOL
Yep! But this year for 4x400m which I've never participated before! I'm so freaking happy!

Thanks Awiff Ariff for the encouragement!! ^^

When I was running I could hear him shouting from the side, "Felicia, lari cepat sikit xD" Eventhough he wasn't from Meranti xD Ehem, Mana, Brigs, jgn jeles =x

So my team, which consist of Mana, Ina, "kecik" and myself won 2nd place!! ^^ Wee~
Tomorrow got penyampaian hadiah, be ready to see us up there xD Or maybe only wakil will take -.- Btw, congrats to Mana for winning 3rd place for lompat tinggi ^^

Btw, today when jalan in school suddenly saw Pn Gnanambal. She ask Shagee and I stayed back for what. I say larh, got acara larian, then she pointed at me and say "Huh? You arh?!" -.- Then I say "yea, 4x400m". Then when get number 2 I go tell her I get 2nd place. She ask me back, "Eh, how you cheat arh?" -.-ll Do I look like a person that doesn't run much or do I look like those unactive girls?! LOL I think I look active enough xD

Sad part is....I lost my bao bei calculator T.T Sigh. I so so so so like that calculator so damn much larh T.T Cause can type damn banyak things T.T I so want a new one T.T But kumpul money sin ^^ So at the mean time borrow xCm geh sin ^^ Thanks deEr! =)

So I followed Shagee back, mum at home, told her I lost my calculator and I kena flame larh, what some more -.- Haiz, she say I x reti jaga my things T.T I'm hopeless T.T

Sigh, another problem finally SOLVED! Wee~ Kawad finally got enough people dy. Got extra some more ^^ Thank goodness that my walking-around-school today was WORTH IT! =) It doesn't matter if I wasted energy for it cause the result is fabulous ^^ But, the pelekat -.- Damn larh. X ambik, macam mana? T.T

Btw, H.O.A.B thinks PAVI IS CUTE!! =D Hehe, she is super duper cute, but HOAB?! Omgosh! LOL No wonder hoab is always treating Pavi so nicely. Brigs and I didn't wanna kawad for BSM and we kena marah for that, but Pavi, she never enter anything else and teacher let her off just like that with a SMILE! Wow! Fascinating man!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Damn my laptop!
I don't know what to say anymore. Everything that's happening sucks to the max!
I hate my bro. I hate the person that creates problem. I hate tiring and exhausted days. I hate the one that thinks I'm freaking lying bout my exhaustion and I hate comparison!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kan bu jian ni de xiao wo zen me shui de zhao.
Ni de shen ying zhen me jin wo que bao bu dao.
Mei you di qiu tai yang hai shi hui rao.
Mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou.

Just came back from Leisure Mall ^^ Happy Belated Birthday to Wei Seng the cute one and also Yong Sin =) Both of them were borned on the 14th February 1992 ^^ Nice right? Hmm, Valentine's day boys eh ^^ I feel so sleepy and tired, maybe cause of my sleepless night last night. Not that I didn't wanna sleep, it's cause I couldn't. Sigh, I wanted to get it off of my mind like so badly. After what he/she asked me that day. I kept thinking of it, whether it was true all this while or really it was an illusion and because of desperation?

Rumuors spreading around, it doesn't benefit anyone yet defeats some. Making some hesitate to make the first step or even doing what it right.

I'm just very tired, feeling moody these few days, if only someone noticed. Don't really care who cares.

"Boyds will be boyds" ROCKS! xD
Try listening to "my funny friend and me" by Sting.

In the quiet time of evening
When the stars assume their patterns
And the day has made his journey
And we wondered just what happened
To the life we knew before the world changed
When not a thing I held was true
But you were kind to me and you reminded me
That the world is not my playground
There are other things that matter
And when a simple needs protecting (*see below)
My illusions all would shatter
But you stayed in my corner
The only world I know was upside down
And now the world and me, I know you carry me
You see the patterns in the big sky
Those constellations look like you and I
Just like the patterns in the big sky
We could be lost we could refuse to try
But we made it through in the dark night
Would those lucky guys turn out to be
But that unusual blend of my funny friend and me
I'm not as clever as I thought I was
I'm not the boy I used to be because
You showed me something different, you showed me something pure
I always seemed so certain but I was really never sure
But you stayed and you called my name
When others would have walked out on a lousy game
And you could've made it through
But your funny friend and me
You see the patterns in the big sky
Those constellations look like you and I
That tiny planet in a bigger guy
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry
Just like the patterns in the big sky
We'll be together till the end is nigh
Don't know the answer or the reason why
We'll stick together till the day we dieIf I had to do this all a second time
I won't complain or make a fuss
When the angels sing that that unlikely blend
Are those two funny friends
That's us

Disney song xD Cute and nice ^^

Valentine's Day pass le ^^ Thanks to Pavi, Irfanah and Gin Gin for making it special and sweet ^^ Love you guys to pieces. Hehe. Thanks to Irfanah for creating a chance for me but too bad I did not take it. Thanks to Pavi and Gin Gin for being monkeys and making me looked all 'guai' xD Haha. Appreciate it a lot ^^
Sorry doink we didn't go your school T.T
Today whole day course. Walao, damn tired and sien -.-
Go school need wait in bus damn long then only bertolak to UKM. Then some more went to the wrong 'dahan' =x LOL Don't know who say de. I think is Uthaya xD
Reach le all go dewan, suddenly stomach pain dao T.T
Then we learn bout everything bout the BLAK -.-
The whole gang sat behind. My row had Angela, Gin, Me, Pavi and Gurv..front had Kavi, Shagee, Uthaya, Lynn and Irfanah =)
Before the course end, I was so caught up with the rubic cube Mun Kit brought -.- I was rebut-ing it with YY -.- So sure he rang me lorh ^^ I do till didn't look where I was going, when want balik time I tripped and nearly fell into the drain =x Then got one f1 girl ask me whether I was okay or not. Walao, damn gila malu T.T I terus run to Irfanah xD
Then naik bus time, I was kinda sleepy dy. Wanted to sleep but 2 chairs, 3 people sit -.- So all like monkey-ing around with songs, dances and also 'boys calling' xD
YY! Mun Kit and Boonie XD Cute cute ^^ Then finally reached school at 7pm -.-ll I asked dad to come pick me up at 6pm. He say he will be in school before 6pm. Sigh, sorry daddy T.T
Then rush home to bathe and all -.-
Hmm, don't feel like continue-ing. Night went hj's house. Thanks for lending your house to us ^^
The last time I went, x dpt stay there longer T.T This time nice ^^ Haha.
So there Valentine's Day went. =) At least I spent it with sweet memories and friends around me ^^

I don't know why I feel so damn fan bout school things. It's always in my mind. I'm afraid I can't finish all my work and cope with my studies. Thinking bout it makes me wanna quit or maybe just burst out in tears. Maybe those rumuors weren't true all this while, just an illusion brought to life. It will be gone when I finally wake up and realise the truth. You mayb take over my part if you want to, I don't really mind now. I just wanna be myself and be alone. The girl that DON'T NEED ANYONE ELSE to support her from the back. I believe I can handle everything myself. Even if I fail, it will be the beginning of a new adventure and learning from failure may just lead to success. Trying to stay as happy as I can and believing that I can do it without anyone there ^^

Friday, February 13, 2009

Today whole day didn't enter class. Not ponteng, just doing some work. =)
PBSM sell apples and Candy, but I didn't get any! T.T Haha, don't care also. wee~
12.35pm only I enter class xD
Sukan tara was fun. I ran funny-ly and I got Number one! LOLX!
Sucked badly in lompat jauh, wrong leg and that's it. GONE! T.T
I didn't know I could lontar peluru @.@
And so..I'm participating in 4x100m and 4x400m in Kesukanan Olahraga on 25th February. Hehe ^^ What day is it anyway? 0.o
Okay, just checked the calender, it's on a Wednesday. Cool, then Thursday sure HOLIDAY =)

So I got tag-ged by my dearie ^^ Thanks, I guess? Hehe. So here I go..

RULES:1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!--

(This might not work cause I don't know some of the title of the songs in my WMP -.-)
- Baby you're mine -Mano Negro & Manu Chao [WTH -.-ll]
- Love Story - Taylor Swift [?]
- God is a girl [w.e.i.r.d]
- You are the music in me - Troy and Gabriella.
- My Alien - Simple Plan [0.o]
- My Best Friend - Hillsong. [A ha?]
- Words - Bee Gees [xD]
- Umbrella - Rihanna ft. Jay Z [Wth? Why umbrella?]
- Me and You - Cassie. [Shiat]
WHAT IS 2 + 2?
- I'll meet you there - Simple Plan.
- Here without you - Three Doors Down [T.T I miss you]
- I knew I love you before I met you [0.o]
- Xian Zai Hen Xiang Jian Ni - Daniel Lee. [cacat dao -.-]
- Big big World - Emilia.
- Bu xiang dong de. [0.o]
- Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli. [Haha xD]
- Wo Men Hui Zai Jian [0.o, doesn't make sense]
- Bei Pan/Betrayal - Gary Cao Ge. [Wakaka, so true!]
- Love for a child - Jason Mraz. [Err?]
- I can't live if living is without you. [Aww, so sweet =x]
- Gai Bian Zhi Ji - Wang Lee Hom [0.o, I change or you change?]
- Zhu wo sheng re kuai le/wish me happy birthday. [eh, it's not my birthday yet larh, wish me Happy Valentines Day better xD]

So so.. I tag everyone in my link list! =D Better do it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just received an sms from kayu. He ask me how was my date with hoab?! Wth -.-ll
And so it was a happy morning. At least I had a few 'suap' of fried rice before I went to school.
So I reached school happily, went into the class happily cause I know I finished most of my homework ^^
So first masa was English, teacher did not enter -.- Then BM, was fun ^^ Yep, BM is ALWAYS fun =]
We had komsas today, Brigs and Vanessa 'rap-ped' the syair xD Pavi so totally rock-ed out the syair man! She use 'lovebug' tune xD Joachim tried to deklamasikan sajak but ha ha, nice try xD Brig volunteered me -.-ll I know I sucked but haha, I sang 2 baris then I got all shy and I sat down xD Brig continued for me. Haha, thanks a lot ^^
So then again got people kena denda for speaking English during BM lesson. Then PJ, played congkak with Lynn ^^
And history was erm, okay I guess, nothing much. Then recess, no recess for AJK BSM -.- We had meeting during the freaking recess, like the time I get to eat. And some more today my mum woke up early to make 'bekal' for me T.T So we skipped recess and also half of first masa of Physics. We entered late and teacher kinda ejek-ed us. Damn shyt larh -.- She called herself 'wacko' -.- Owh, like whatever -.- Then for the first time I sat at the back for Physics -.-
I was 'trying' to pay attention larh. She was explaining bout the peka thingy which I did not complete cause I knew I wasn't a artist so I did not draw the diagram -.- Then I keep going in front to ask teacher whether my drawing and all correct or not.
Read Lynn's blog for more info. When I was about to leave the lab, teacher suddenly say, "Felicia, pay attention in class kay?". I was like, huh? okok -.-
So tonight I need to complete the peka and pass it up tomorrow.
We were late for EST, teacher got freaking pissed off so she don't wanna teach, good larh -.-
Then she ask us pass up the homework tomorrow, it's like OH MY FREAKING GOSH! So damn much. Siao man! Then Kc x berani say "terima kasih" to teacher when habis masa cause scared teacher angry xD Then Bio, erm, FUN! ^^ I was bullying Vanessa xD Haha, cause she's scared of all the scientific bloody stuff xD Okay, I left my money in the lab -.- My money fell on the floor then during lesson I malas bend down and take resulting to forgetful me loosing my money -.-
After school I fast fast eat the fried rice in front lab -.- Cause was waiting for Kavi. Then 2pm dy I go muhibbah square there. Then go see HOAB -.- She got work, ask me wait for 20 minutes. So okay lorh, I told teacher I got kawad practice, want go down. She say okay. And so the waiting started till it was 3pm. I was frust! Real frust! Her 20 minutes is like FOREVER, wth man -.-
Then she finally came down at 3.30pm -.-
Then Hanis and I followed her to Suntex there geh pasar borong to buy all those candies -.-
Then I walked to Nyky bookshop to buy manila cards to make those cards -.-
Then walked back. You know, when I was walking home, I suddenly wished someone would just drive the car pass me and say, Hey, hope on, I'll send you home -.-
But that obviously did not happen. So here I am feeling all tired and pissed at the one and only

Work for today ..
Est homework.
Sejarah notes.
SU work.
And the first thing I need to do tomorrow is to go open the computer lab and wait for her freaking car to come and shift all the freaking things into the freaking lab -.- She's a freaking FREAK!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And so I continue blogging. It's already my 270th post ^^
So, any improvement in life? Yep, totally. Less emo, actually no more emo just moodless at times. I'm glad I've changed ^^ Guang Liang bear bear rocks ^^
Kay, I'm crapping again -.-
So life goes on. I'm still that happy go lucky girl we all knew since form 1. Yep, she's the girl, the one that listens and will not speak unless being ask to.
Slacking in class T.T I miss being that "goodie good girl" in class T.T The one that pays attention to the teacher when he/she is teaching and the one that completes all the assignments assigned to her, but somehow there is nothing that pushes her to complete all of it.
Is she lost? Kinda, I'm guessing. Future unseen, making visions blurred and unrealistic.
Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open. The one and only thing that has been missing in me for a couple of weeks. PRAYERS.
PMR year was a hectic year for me but I got through it through prayers and that's what I'm gonna do again this year.

Pray more.

Play less.

Listen more.

Talk less.

Today for some reason Chem teacher got angry -.- Some people didn't pay attention in class causing the whole class to kena. Sigh. I bet one of them was me =x But she teach too damn soft and I have absolutely no idea what she's teaching neither where she is teaching in the freaking chemistry book -.- I seriously need some catching up in chemistry.

Haha, I noticed that I didn't camwhore for like damn freaking long dy. No time I guess. Or maybe self appearance doesn't really matters anymore.

A few weeks more till exam. My first target is to pass everything. I wanna pass, just wanna pass. It's so freaking hard for me to concentrate in my studies with all these additional works and pressures.

Gonna shift house soon, yada yada yada, been saying the same thing for more than a year =x So, yea, finally gonna shift in March. Will I miss this house? Will I miss the experience I had in this house? Will I still come back here and stay? Will the memories fade or will it remain untouched and remembered always?

Time always being occupied, it is sure to be tiring but at least I have fun and somehow scars starts to be removed. Being loyal to PPS and trying to cope with everything in hand and about to reach out for ^^

Tomorrow is someone's birthday. Happy "sexyback" seventeen to that boy. That leng zai that was born on 12 February 1992. A gift from God. A perfect guy that every girl dreams of or dreamed of xD So we all know his birthday is tomorrow. So remember to wish this dude tepat-ly at 12am tonight ^^ Yesh, it is Anson's birthday! Woots~



DUDE! =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kay, holiday just ended. School started AGAIN -.-
So lets start my story from Saturday (7th Feb 09) morning ^^
I got up, erm, actually mum woke me up, went and bathe and wished my mum Happy Birthday together with 2 prezzies ^^
Then everyone got ready and off to Johor by 9am =]
So was in the car, freaking bored -.- Then mum got a msg from doink, wishing her happy birthday and all. Then mum got so happy -.- She was like teasing me never wish her happy birthday. HELLO, I WISHED YOU IN THE MORNING!
I couldn't sleep no matter how tight or loose I closed my eyes T.T Was freaking suffering. Anyhow, I fell asleep afer a long time. Then suddenly my mum woke me up -.-ll I baru fell asleep, head was paining like don't know what ni -.- Then got down of car, then saw Ee Lyn xD xD Mood jadi good dy..
Btw, we were at Ayer Keroh pit stop. There got playground so go watch them play. Walao, there geh wind blow damn COLD! Seriously cold. I was freezing -.- Then my aunt laugh at me, wth -.-
Then after a while, all went in car and teruskan journey. Then slept off again till reach Kulai, our destination. Like FINALLY LARH! =D
Then one aunt say wait at Shell, relatives from Kulai will pick us up from there, but x datang-datang -.- Then they say wrong Shell -.- So all damn kelam kabut cause we don't know the roads there. We 3 cars all like sesat-ers -.- So then after a while Angeline Jie come and direct us to her house. Go there then eat. Then I lupa what I did dy. Then mahjong, makan, house warming...bla bla bla...saw Ting Jie geh new bf -.-ll How could she change bf larh T.T Her ex was like so freaking nice -.- Last time some more brought us go YC at mamak till 2am -.-
Nevermind, human change. Then gamble with gor, dad, ah ku and 3 ah tiaos..Win win win lose lose lose lorh -.- I don't know why when I say that everyone laughed -.- So gambled till 3am something then went and sleep at Jasmine Jie's room. She sleep on same bed with her bf -.-ll
Oh yea, when we reach the house there, mum received another msg from doink and I told her it's from a guy, then my cousin sister ask who lei geh. My mum say from her bf. Omgosh, wth -.-

Then Sunday morning le. Woke up at 9am. Wanted to watch spongebob de, but my younger cuzzies all wanna watch other Singapore cartoons -.- So rang ta men -.- Then I didn't wanna eat breakfast but dad forced me T.T Then don't know what I did le. Till noon I beh song mum then went and sleep xD Then after I woke up, go pasar malam. Me, gor and Ting Jie thought walk to pasar malam, manatau Angeline Jie say need sit car de. She drive damn fast sia -.- Then reach pasar malam, bought one dvd, "Mirrors". Erm, I will not talk bout it cause I will be scaring myself if I do -.- Then go back, ate all the leftovers of dinner -.- Not enough sia -.- Then bathe and watch DVD ^^ Till 11 something. Then had this meeting -.- Family meeting thingy -.- Till after 12am. Then go in room. Slept in the same room with gor, Jasmine Jie and her bf -.- Then we all kheng gai larh till don't know what time. From education thingy till clubbing, wth -.-
Then finally all fell asleep.

The next thing I know was morning, mum suddenly at door waking me up -.- Then don't know why mum always scold me de -.- Then go eat breakfast with everyone. Exchanged phone numbers and all. Then back to kl. On the way back, uncle's car rosak -.- So from one waja, 1 wira, 1 van, became 1 waja and 1 van. Lucky I shifted to the van. Can sleep properly =x Then go uncle's house in Puchong. Then ate chicken rice there which I thought wasn't neccessary -.-
Then on the way back, go light shop. Then go new house there, all painted dy ^^ My room geh 3 layered red + pink so totally worked out xD Then reach home at 6 something. Damn tired dy. Didn't wanna do hw -.- So lepak ni..

Till tuesday, that is today. Woke up in the morning and went to school. Kinda sien, ponteng-ed class, went library for like the whole before recess subjects -.- Sien. Then after recess went for Phy, teacher erm, kinda erm, talking too much -.- The whole class she taught bout antinodal line and nodal line, wth -.- Then moral, nothing much. And ended with Addmaths which I kena stand in class cause didn't do homework -.- Well, I don't get much of punishment, I mean, wth, felicia need to stand in class cause didn't finish her homework, wth -.- Then stayed back for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING -.-ll Too little people came for latihan rumah sukan so didn't do any freaking thing. Wasted my freaking time. Then.....don't wanna cerita dy. Damn lazy, gotta go complete my homework T.T

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm pretty moody now. NOT EMO. Will not emo *smlies a little bit*
So I'm so freaking moody lazy to even blog. Sigh.
But today was a FUN day. Yep, real fun. Thanks to people that made my day bright ^^
Yea, it was all kelam kabut in the beginning. Real kelam kabut. But in the end everything went smoothly. Go with the flow is so fun and nice =D
Pink Panther II rocks okay! No arguement allowed here!
Okay, I went crazy in Popular bookshop and also in the car. That was the only time I didn't care bout anything else in the whole wide freaking suckish world and just laughed my lungs out. My jaw so totally hurt after laughing =D

When I got home, I gave my mum the cake I bought for her. After a while mum ask me whether I brought a dog back. I was confused. Then I went out and saw a dog @.@ The dog was afraid of me, me! Nevermind~
Then it eventually went out larh. Forget it larh -.-

Night time was pretty hectic. Yea, the all duty thingy. Don't wanna spill it out here cause it involves moody stuff. So just leave it in mind. And I will try to forget it immediately everytime I remember it @.@ LOL

Secrets hidden behind me. Deng, hc-ness -.- Hate that unknown feeling. But I'm afraid to face the truth T.T Whatever it is, sooner or later I will have to face it larh. Sigh. Just hope I can forget him A.S.A.P. But how? T.T Teach me larh someone T.T

Gonna be gone for 3 days. Anything sms or call me kay ^^

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Finally I get to use the computer. It has been like a thousand years since I last touched it =x Kay larh, not that long. Maybe just a week or two, but it was hectic okay!

This time I will share some photos that will make our hearts go "Awwwwww~!" =D


This is my precious precious cutie Ee Lyn =D The one and only small cousin that I can actually go near xD Cause the rest just cries -.-
She's so damn freaking cute! I remember on either one day of CNY, I went her house, then when she was sitting and eating, I went and sat on the same chair she was sitting, simply go sit larh. Then she suddenly got off the chair, I thought she scared of me. Then she go near the drawer there then ask my dad to take for her a spoon. Then she gave me the spoon ^^ Then my aunt ask why she so good to me de. And say that she never did that to any of her elder sisters before. *Bangga sia~*
And and and..that day I went to her house again. My whole family went marh. But when enter her house time she call me nia xD xD
Addition to CNY event, now my younger cousins all call me "sweetie pie" -.-ll Why? Cause got one night we, the small cousins (okay, I'm in the small cousins group -.-) ate roti tisu which had like so much sugar. They say the next morning we wake up we will be so damn sweet. But I have no idea why they ONLY call ME sweet -.- When my cousin brother call me "sweetie", all stared at him and did that "phewweet" whistle -.-ll So okay, back to Ee Lyn the baby ^^ She's cute lerh. I think when she grow big dy, sure got many 'guys' kao her de ^^
So this is a puppy called "Pacchy". I think that's how they spell the name. I know how to pronounce but I'm bad in spelling T.T This is how it looked when it was a puppy larh.
Then it eventually grew into this! ^^ Still cute but very 'gong gong' wan this dog =x
Me and my elder cousin sister tried throwing the small tennis ball and ask it to fetch, it just stood there like we're talking to it's tail -.-ll LOL But cute larh. According to people, cute dogs are DUMB -.- Talking bout dogs, it reminds me of Hema's dog, Sita xD I still remember the time I was there, when I was washing the dishes...andd.....LOL...secret! xD

So the pictures of 'aww-ness' is over. Let's post some of Nic's pictures =x LOL Don't think it's neccessary -.- Didn't see him for don't know how long dy T.T Since my confirmation day T.T

Anyway, keep Briggita in prayers peeps! She's having a brain nerve injury. Her right hand just moves by itself. I witnessed it with my own eyes people! It's scary T.T I sit right next to her and one day it just started touching my hand, I thought she was calling me or something, I kept asking why and eventually screamed at her =x But she just pulled her hand away and told me that she didn't even know her hand was touching mine T.T SCARY! So just keep her in your prayers kay! She's eating so damn much medicine -.- I see also I want vomit -.- And she was like shivering today in school. I see also want cry -.- Okay, I know I over sensitive, but really kesian larh T.T And she's my BFF T.T

Okay, change topic, since I didn't blog so long dy, this might be a very long one =D
Today BM was kinda fun. Teacher made it compulsary for every one of us to speak BM during her classes. So Sree was suppose to present bout Konserto Terakhir's Bab 3. He kept using BI, so teacher say one BI word, kena denda 5 cent -.- So he kena like rm3 -.-ll All the money goes to the class tabung. But for today's money, goes to the derma for Palestine de =)
So then Lynn and Shageetha kena also =x Then Mana was "pasang-ing telinga" to Brig's and Pavi's conversation cause seriously when they speak BM, it's kinda VERY AWKWARD! So then I ask Mana why is she staring. Then she reply, "Nak dengar korang speaking" So then Mana kena denda also xD Then Pavi go shout "YESH....Stupid!" LOL Pavi want kenakan people, she sendiri also kena xD Then when masa finish dy, Ky and Tk they all say, "Lepas Pn Melati keluar, sesiapa yang cakap BM kena denda" xD xD

So that's what practically happened today. Sigh, another kursus kepimpinan to go on VALENTINE's DAY T.T Why owh why??! T.T But I don't even have a date, so who caress~ Wee~ =D Pavi will be my loyal date on that day ^^ She had always been ^^ One day kursus mana cukup de -.- Form 2 time damn nice ^^ Get to stay there for one night then mandi sungai some more =D But made someone angry at me T.T But after 3 months later that person okay back dy xD

Gosh, my blog is becoming an essay -.- Enough of writing dy. I can write damn freaking long for my blog but can't for my essays -.-

2 more days~~!! ^^

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am finally BACK! =)

I will NOT post about CNY cause I can barely remember anything other than cute cute Ee Lyn ^^ So lets leave it as a 2009 MYSTERY =P
It's cool to be mysterious and suspicious ^^

I just wanna thank xCm for listening to my problems on the 2nd of February ^^ Thanks for advising me. Eventhough normally I don't take your advice but I'm quite sure I'm following yours this time. *Be proud of yourself DUDE!* =D

I'm declaring that How Teck Kien LOVES PINK!! xP
I know I damn bad but I love disturbing and annoying you. =P *Blekk!*

What else? Hmm..Parents meeting class teacher is such an embarrasement. Btw, my English is becoming suck-ier as day passes by -.- I can't believe I got a 30/50 for my freaking essay -.- I suck -.-

Who cares, hate English anyway. BM is way better =D

CNY passed so damn freaking fast man. Wish I could just sit down and enjoy it to the max T.T

*K I'm freaking annoyed with this lame labby, just now I typed damn banyak, manatau dc dy -.- So all tak save. And I'm sooo lazy to re-write all. So I will just leave it here. Beh song dy T.T
Once again,

I cnt blog for this few days T.T

cuz labby and pc sot dy -.-

I'll post abt CNY asap