Sunday, January 04, 2009

BLAH! School re-opening.
Life's misserably-ing.
Days becoming routined.
Hours online lesser-ing.
Handphone being thrown aside.
Books taken out for SPM preparation x_X

Wow, when I say bout school's starting, I tell out all the negative thing.

Kay, nevermind. Now let's think bout the good things..
Get to meet friends.
Get to meet those loveable teachers.
Get to sit bus @.@ WTH -.-

Wait, I can't think of any other things than GAMMA RAY!!!!!!!! xD xD xD xD xD xD
Kay, CHILL! =D
Btw, Tk's blog's song is so stuck in my head -.-ll

Main SCHOOL goal thise year..
1. Get as many A's as possible.
2. Get to know Gamma Ray =x =x (this should be my last goal )
3. Hand in less homeworks =x
4. Leg heal faster.
5. Take part in merentas desa and win something -.-
6. Take part in sukan tahunan and be better than last year.
7. Don't argue with teacher -.-
8. No more bad memories in school.
9. Graduate!
10. Graduate with STYLE xD

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