Friday, January 02, 2009

Wee~ I don't have enough money to top up. Mum gave me rm60 for 2 months but I finished it. Sigh. And I forgot where I put some of my money, so it's just too bad that I can't be smsing for 7 months T.T So if got anything wanna find me, just give me a call ya! Like always, I will be bringing the IKO biscuit to school like everyday T.T Sad but, what to do..It's only the beginning of the month and I'm pokai-ed. Cool huh -.- My brother gladly lectured me yesterday bout money income -.- Okay, so I spent more than I earn, so what dude? Sigh. No more spending money anymore. So please, people that owe me money, please please please pay back. I seriously need money now! T.T Please...hui min, son yeing. Leng luii, if you want pay then pay larh, don't want then nevermind larh.

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