Monday, August 27, 2012

Early bird catches the worm!

I am currently selling my stuffs away.
Both pre-loved and new ones.
So, do have a look ya!

I prefer COD of course.
Posting is way too troublesome.
But if you are living in other states then no choice right? :)

Here are some of the items I am selling.
You can have a look at MORE HERE!

NEW soft blue flat ballerina!
Peach pink color combo nail polish! (Tested once)
 Elianto Bisque nail polish! (tested once)
 NEW Silkygirl roll on perfume!
 NEW Pink elegant dress!
 Oxy 5! (Used once, too strong for my skin)
 Vintage bracelets!
 Silver ring! (not my size)
PRE-LOVED Floral top!
NEW Pink ribbon dress!
PRE-LOVED Black and white dress!
NEW Cute brown polka dot dress!
PRE-LOVED Cropped top!
PRE-LOVED Larrie Red ballerina!
RM30 (Ori price was RM49.90)
NEW Cotton On Rubi hi-top shoe!
RM40 (Ori price RM69)
PRE-LOVED Albertini black loafer!
PRE-LOVED Black ballerina!

Email me if you are interested at
visit the website and leave a comment! :)

Or you can leave a message at my Cbox :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Songs that inspire.

There are many singers out there that do write and sing inspiring songs.
I prefer listening to those type of songs rather than love songs :)
Singers such as Pink, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and so many more actually didn't get famous overnight.
Read their life story and you will see more than what you see when they are famous.

Anyway, here is a song that is inspiring too :)

Like it if you like it!

Btw, look at this picture below.
Yes, it is me!
So slim right?! :P
HAHA! Just joking.
Anyway, got this dress from FriendlyFashion.
Got it from Miyuko!
 I actually bought it because I saw the tag on the dress that it is from F Block.
I absolutely love everything from there.

Look at this.

So funky right? :D

When things around you go wrong and turn dark, find the light that will lead you through.

Hello people.

You know sometimes it is better that you don't know anything than to know everything.

Seriously, thanks to Nuffnang, I have been pretty happy and surprised recently.
Seriously, thank you so much!

Just now I went for one of the premier I won.
Which was Katy Perry: Part of Me movie.
At first, I thought, okay, it is another life experience boring movie.
But then, it turned out to be different.
It was actually superbly nice!
It was inspirational and warm to the heart :)
And on top of that, it was in 3D!
Everything look so real!
Who says we need to go to concert to see her in close up? :D
Anyway, life being a superstar is not that easy.

I mean, generally, life isn't easy.
There are so many ups and downs that comes like the wave in the sea.
All you gotta do is stay firm; enjoy the ups and learn from the downs.
Without any downs, you won't know that any ups even exist.

Anyway, picture time!

The tickets! :)
 I sat in G15! :D
I like the effect of this picture.

Too lazy to wait for the rest of the photos to be uploaded!


Friday, August 17, 2012

When it comes to an end.

Started it back in May 2010.
It was 2 years ago.
When I first got culture shock!
Yes, culture shock!
Huge shock!
Shocking shock which I was depressed about for MANY MONTHS =.=
Yes, TAR College is FILLED with Chinese!

Okay, now you're thinking.
"I thought you're Chinese?"
Yes, No?
Of course I am a Chinese!
But I've never been around SOOOOOOO many Chinese before.
And on top of that, the medium they use for communication is Mandarin.
Gosh, it was nightmare way back then.
I couldn't even understand basic Mandarin.
How was I suppose to mix with Mandarin speaking people?
That was one HUGE culture shock and depressing moment :(

But 2nd semester gone by and I got used to it :)
Now I can understand more Mandarin words and I don't get offended anymore when people start speaking Mandarin to me.

I actually learnt a lot from being around DIFFERENT type of people @.@
On top of that, I learnt how to be more patient and NEUTRAL.
I got over being a pessimist and a risk adverse!

But one thing I still could not overcome was being unsociable =.=

Anyway, YES!
Finals are finally over.
Just in time for the Hari Raya holidays! :D

And all I wanna say is thank you to my TAR College friends!
You guys have really been great friends!
Sometimes I may get angry inside.
Of course I won't show my angry face because I don't show my angry face to outsiders :D
And I bet you guys enjoyed my lameness and JOKES! :D
I  know I am really funny! =x
Oh ya, and my acting! :)
Thanks for saying that I am a good actress.
Thanks for thinking that I am thin :D

All I wanna say now is....

Hope to see you guys soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I need a doctor!

Friendlyfashion is super addictive!

So many things I wish to buy!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Gosh, seriously, I was so happy when my menstrual came yesterday night.
1. It was after my exam and not during my exam.
2. Today is a holiday.
3. Do not have exam today.

The bad thing is, it hurt so bad!
I couldn't sleep at night because my leg cramped the whole night =.=
And today, my stomach cramp started =.=
I was lying down the whole morning till just now! Like a few minutes ago.
And besides that, I kept vomiting what I ate =.=

Then my friend told me to make myself feel comfy to let go of the pain.
Traditional medicine?
Take pain killers?

NO. My only way to cure this pain is to sleep.
I have law exam tomorrow!
How to sleep and sacrifice my time to study?

Yea, finally I decided to go to sleep too cause no use reading and revising cause nothing entered my brain.
Better sleep, let the pain go away and then strive to study.
Hmm, yea, that's a girl's life!
SUCKS big time!

Anyway, I AM FINE NOW! :D
Gonna take a shower and continue striving!!!
LAW, I will get an A!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Abandoned blog.

Finals is tomorrow!!
Exactly 7 more days till my holidays begin!
And holiday means the end of Diploma :)
Finally graduating after 2 years and 3 months+! :DD
But first, I need to go through this wave of exams.
This is gonna be a tough one.
As usual, in order to end exams in time for Raya holidays, exams are cramped up again!
This week at least it is a little loose.
A week to study for 2 subjects and an additional day to study for the 2nd one.
But next week, 2 days to study 2 subjects and one exam after another x_X
Anyway, I just hope I'll get at least an A- :D
To maintain my CGPA and scholarship :D

Anyway, since yesterday, I've joined FriendlyFashion!
It is a site where people clear out their wardrobe and sell stuff they can't wear or don't want anymore.
And at the same time, refill their wardrobe by purchasing from other sellers :D
Okay, so I got obsessed with it!
I started taking out all the clothes from my wardrobe and taking pictures of them and putting them up for sale!
But until now there are no buyers :(
So, anyway, (yes, I am promoting) if you are interested, here is my profile and you can PM me anytime :)

I will always be available :D
Cause I've got nothing better to do, except study. HAHA.
Most of the clothes I'm selling is actually quite new.
Either I've never worn them before or worn once or twice.
Take a peek and let me know :)

I find this picture very funny! :D