Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So days passed on whether you like it or not. People change, it's not that you've never experienced it before. It's something called adaptation. Yep. Experienced it a couple of times before. Somehow got used to it. Adaptation to a new environment and changes =)

I'm still the happy go lucky girl that you people knew since Form 1 or for some since young, I mean very young =]

Today's kinda tiring. Stayed back for like so many things? 0.o Suppose to but ended up only going for singing and latihan rumah sukan xD

So I reached school, selamba-ly, like what Lynn said, put my bag in class eventhough it wasn't allowed xD Then walk to the side and sat right next to Irfanah without a word, then she left me and I was there just sitting alone. After a while I was up at the staff room, I don't even know how and why I was there @.@ But then Pavi came running to Pn K to ask her to keep her handphone, so I did the same. Then classes continued. PJ wasn't really PJ cause we just lepak-ed in class and chat-ted. Then rehat Irfanah and I ate nasi lemak, she claimed that it was super duper spicy but I don't know why, I say no taste -.- Cause REALLY NO TASTE! I put damn much sambal also no taste -.- Then after that had moral. Teacher used red marker, I couldn't see a word she wrote -.-ll So I had to copy from someone else, and that person would be HEMA! =D Thanks lot! Then EST, bored to the max. Was feeling to damn restless, I nearly kick Brigs out of her chair xD I kept beating her like no one's bussiness =x LOL So then addmaths teacher forgot to bring whatever he was suppose to bring, so learn nothing -.- He was trying to talk bout the concept, but somehow he said, "I know some of you are thinking, what the hell is he saying". Then Pavi say, "Sir, this is call crap". Then Sir say, "Yes, this is crap" -.-ll Wth man -.-ll

When school ended, me, brig and pavi wanted to go take phone from Pn K. She in front of the whole staff room teachers, she go hand to us our phone -.- We 3 were like @.@ @.@ @.@ WTH man -.-ll Pn Siti Salmi from the other side were like staring at us..COOL!! xD xD

Me, brig, angela and pavi went and bought ECONOMY rice after that. I don't know why but I find it funny when we call 'chap fan' economy rice xD After eat, eh wait, I took 15 minutes to finish the whole box of rice! Argh! So proud of myself xD Then rush to PSS for singing practice -.- When I enter, I was like wth, it started and I don't know the tune of the lagu xD Then I simply sing, me and Mana were like giggling our heads off xD Then blahh, ended dy. Latihan rumah sukan started. Didn't pass lompat tinggi -.- Then I go try lompat jauh, for once I knew how to land xD Then lompat kijiang time don't know what happen to my leg. Don't want talk bout it -.- Then balik dy. =D Did my previous Eng essay xD

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