Sunday, March 27, 2011

Burger Ramly!

Let's see what's on the menu!!
Burger ayam special BLACK PAPER?
Anybody wants to try?
Alam Jaya burger stall, outside KK mart! :D

Friday, March 25, 2011


This made me SMILE broadly!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm a slacker.
I slacked.
Way too much.

Gonna be more this time.

Not yet.
I will not be.
Now that I've noticed.
That I can't count on people.
Not anymore.
Knock and the door and it shall be opened.
No one but the Lord.

Tepuk dada, tanya selera.
Siapa makan cili, dialah yang rasa pedas.

I never, and I will never.
In college will I cheat.
I hate cheaters unless they work together to cheat.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd semester.

So, college life is kinda fun but the education kinda sucks.
All my coursework marks are bringing my entire marks down.
Coursework 60% and final exam only 40%. WHAT THE HELL?!
So basically, my coursework all got kind of low marks.
I have to strive a lot harder in my finals T.T
Every single subject, I need to get at least 75/100 to get an A.
I want all As!!!
Rough day.
Sleeping soon.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Weird cup cover!
Only in KFC! xD
Only in Malaysia!
Ignore the serious face.
I was actually trying to pay attention to teacher! xD
New semester dates!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Camera!

Last Saturday had Camera Fair in PWTC.
So, dad invited me to go with him.
So I tagged along.
Massive jam!
Parking was RM10 or RM6 per day!
Of course we chose RM6!
They were like next to each other!
So, before we entered PTWC, many people were lining up for something.
Without knowing the reason, dad innocently lined up =.=
Then he asked me to go in front and see what was up.
I went in front and I saw this!
Obviously it wasn't him but they Turkish guy at PWTC did something similar!
But their ice-cream is not sweet!
I think it is because sugar makes the ice-cream melt easily, so they reduce the sugar so that they can perform tricks with the ice-cream! ^^
Anyway, so we went in after that.
Went to almost every kiosk in the fair.
Started with Canon, then Nikon, then Samsung, then Sony and finally Olympus.
Then we had this short meeting discussion and decided to go back to Nikon.
We then bought a camera!
Nikon CoolPix S8100!
You can check the functions out, just google it!
I wanted Olympus XZ-1 a lot!
But the price was too high :(
I shall start saving money to buy that camera!
My so-called Baby DSLR ^^
But I'm quite satisfied with my current camera anyway.
So, here is a few pictures taken with the newly bought camera! :)
Shopping tomorrow! ^^

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Blood donation is Love donation :D

So yesterday I went and donate blood.
Guess what?
It affected my health.
So, I think I have low blood pressure.
I only donated 350ml and I used more than an hour =.=
Its like, I'm the first to be seated but I'm the second last to leave the hall =.=
So I met a girl there ^^
Her name's Jade :D
Taking Diploma in Quantity Survey this year :)
Sweet Sarawakian.
So anyway, after donating, I spent around half an hour in the library sitting and singing =x
Then walked to Melati LRT station.
Everything was still normal.
Until I reached Masjid Jamek =.=
As usual, I like to walk all the way to the end and enter the coach which when the door open, the stairs would be right in front of it.
But when I was waiting, my vision started blurring.
I thought it was probably something normal due to the hot weather.
I'm guessing the weather was hot @.@
Can't really remember the weather.
So I just stood there leaning on the wall.
But suddenly I was sweating, cold sweat to be precise.
This time vision black out.
I noticed many people staring at me like as though I had something on my face.
But no one actually let me sit down =.=
So I walked to another bench, and saw a small gap between 2 men.
I walked nearer and asked the Nigro guy to move and let me sit.
So I sat at the end of the bench and tried clearing my blacked out vision.
Took out the soya bean I got from blood donation and drank it.
Until I reach Tasik Selatan, I was still drinking =.=
Soya didn't work.
Was waiting for Mel.
And still my vision blacked out again!
Thanks Mel for picking me up on time!
Before I fainted :)
Got in car, kena marah.
Reach home, kena marah.
Today went college, kena marah again.
Since yesterday, after donating, I have difficulty in breathing.

So, I'm wondering, should I donate blood next sem?

Pure randomness.

The other day had SBS Carnival in KTAR.
So we had Hot Air Balloon Ride!
Didn't get to ride on it though.
Due to class and presentation :(
Waited for more than an hour lerhhh~
Anyway, took pictures of it :)
And then that day we discovered this!
On the way home, a lamp post without lamps =.=
Ever seen a wooden tv?
Here is one :)
A joke I cracked..
Why do termites love wooden tv?
Cause they can eat while they watch tv! :D

Short, I know :)

Add : Please watch Flipped.
It is a great movie :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Winter to spring.

For entertainment purpose.
Other people have winter, spring, summer and autumn.
In TAR college, we have hot and cold.
But this year, we have autumn. LOL!
Weather is burning hot and this happens!
Japan Nombor Dua!
My new trend to college.
Snoopy everywhere!
I took this photo on Tuesday.
This is a multi-purpose court.
Netball, basketball, futsal, badminton..apa pun boleh! xD
Line all also got!
One word, GENG!
Friday, 2 test, 1 presentation!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Today lecture went well.
Lecturer resigned @.@
Not because of us for sure.
We are great students =x
So yea, today is her last day :(
She asked a question in class and the person that answered it was rewarded a text book!

After lecture, we had discussion.
Lotsa things to do.
And I am so pathetically fatigue :(

So, as titled.
Today I was teased and laughed at.
I was waiting for the LRT at Masjid Jamek.
2 malay girls were standing beside me.
One of them looked at me and then started telling the other girl something.
Then that girl looked and me and started laughing.
Then I heard the first girl saying, "wei, hidung dia! besar doh!!"
Then they kept talking and laughing about my pimples.